BabyKicks 3 Pack Joey-Bunz Premium, Small

BabyKicks 3 Pack Joey-Bunz Premium, Small

The BabyKicks Premium Hemparoo JoeyBunz are a deluxe version of our original JoeyBunz. These bad boys are 4 layers of absorbent natural hemp/certified organic cotton fleece and are super thin at only 1/8 of an ” thick. But, don’t let their lack of bulk deceive you. Hemp is well known for its absorbency and can hold at least 3x its weight in liquid. Whether you use one JoeyBunz during the day or two overnight, the contour shape is guaranteed to be comfortable on baby and practically bulletproof. BabyKicks Premium JoeyBunz make GREAT doublers or replacement inserts and will fit in every type and brand of diaper available including Pockets, Hybrids, All in 2’s, All in Ones, Fitteds, Prefolds, or alone inside a waterproof cover.

Main features

  • Handmade in the USA
  • Super absorbent hemp fleece and certified organic cotton blend
  • Contoured shape for maximum comfort and quick dry design
  • Gentle on sensitive skin
  • Compatible with every diaper brand on the market

Verified reviews


Not absorbent

We use Bum Genius, Happy Heinies, Fuzzi Bunz and Swaddlebees diapers on my daughter. These inserts are not absorbent in any of them (they are much too big for the Fuzzi Bunz). They have a good shape, however, we do not use them anymore because they become saturated in a short time.

Kristie South Hackensack, NJ

Our favorite insert

We use these to replace the microfiber inserts in our Fuzzibunz, and I have no complaints at all. It’s nice to finally have an insert I can just rely on. The medium size (which consists of 2 thinner inserts attached at the top, like a doubler) is the perfect fit and doesn’t hang out the back of the pocket like the larger size does, and it’s slightly wider so we dont get any leaks. These wash beautifully, and dry well in the sun (although we do pop them in the dryer for a minute to soften them up.) After over a year of use, they are in great shape and I plan to use them all again with our new baby, due in February! Definitely money well spent. (And no stink!)

Eleanor Springfield, CO

Serious absorbers!

If I could go back in time and tell myself to ONLY use these as inserts in our pocket diapers i would. my son is a heavy wetter at night. Even with these we end up with some dampness in the pjs, but not soaked. that boy could flood any diaper on the market. These are great, and don’t take a long time to dry in the dryer. I top it with a microfiber at night and we are good to go!

Stella Apple Grove, WV

These work..but they are very bulky

These are helpful when putting baby to bed with a cloth diaper. They are incredibly bulky, however. I prefer the Thirsties Hemp inserts, those are much thinner yet hold as much, if not more liquid than the joey bunz.

Wendy Duck Hill, MS

Very Nice

I’m quite pleased with my baby kicks. I use them as double-stuffers in my 8-mo-old’s fuzzi bunz to get her through the night. So far, so good. No leaks yet.These are two hour-glass shaped pads with two layers each, sewn together at the tag. Having them splay like this allows for much more reasonable drying times, and probably better washing too. I boiled mine, and they absorbed just fine after that. The hemp does shrink in the wash, but they’re sized quite amply to accommodate for that. Once wet, they smell a bit different than the microterry I was used to, but it isn’t bad. They’re also thinner than microterry inserts, but seem to absorb at least as much. I haven’t done a side-by-side comparison, so this observation is anecdotal and not empirical. Maybe I should bust out the blue liquid maxi-pad-commercial-style and see what does better.My only suggestion is this: for my purposes, I think I’d rather have two two-layer pads totally separate than bound together. That way, I could put in an odd number of layers if I needed to. I might actually snip the stitches at the tag to do this for myself.

Christina Talking Rock, GA

Work great. Very thin and absorbant.

I bought mediums and wish I had bought the larges. These work great with every type of diaper. The small, medium, and larges all are the same width so I wish I had bought the large b/c they would be easy to fold over since they are so thin. Might as well have the extra absorbancy. I boiled them for 20 minutes before using them to remove the oils. I pulled them apart to have 6 single layer hemp doublers but a lot of times I will end up using two at a time to get enough absorbancy. Work especially well to add absorbancy to Bum Genius all-in-ones. My son can’t wear them without the extra hemp doublers or he would leak.

Britney Wishram, WA

these are great

At first I wasn’t too sure but now that they’ve been washed a few times I really see the absorbency. I did buy the wrong size but am still able to stuff the larges into my small pocket dipes so it worked out.

Bertha Uncasville, CT

Seperate for more value…

I got these to work as doubler in my baby’s night time diapers. I usually use either 1 Flip Organic insert or 1 Organic Bummis Prefold or 1 Hemp Baby Large along with just 1 layer of the BabyKicks. I just cut the 2 layers apart. So it’s like getting 6 doubler. Sometimes I throw 2 into the BG Elementals but I usually only need 1 layer. They are very trim yet, very absorbant.

Gabrielle Cannon Afb, NM

Better than Thirsties hemp inserts

The Joey Bunz are much better than the Thirsties hemp inserts: they dry in half the time, they’re contoured, they’re softer, and they’re organic. As others have said, you can separate the two parts, which are connected by some stitching. We’re planning on keeping some doubled and some as singles, for different types of uses. We’re stashing up on these. Highly recommend! We haven’t tried the one-size yet, but those seems like ideal one-size doublers.

Shelia Whitesboro, NJ

Another happy and dry baby

We had all kinds of overnight blowouts before we discovered these things. The large size fits perfectly in the bumgenius 4.0 pocket diapers. As I read in reviews here, we use one small microfiber insert to wick moisture, and then the babykicks underneath. No more overnight blowouts! They wash and dry really well thanks to the way they’re sewn together- though I notice some of the sewing coming apart on a couple of them. This doesn’t bother me that much. Incredibly absorbent. We couldn’t be happier.

Marissa Bath, SD

SUPER absorbant & TRIM!

This is a great product. Super trim so that baby’s clothes still fit, and super absorbent so that baby’s clothes stay dry. I like the contoured fit at the legs so that my baby still has free movement of his legs. Add a doubler (I use Thirsties brand) for overnight use! I like that they come in Small, Medium & Large as well so that I can get the right for my baby. I began using the size SMALL at 8.5 lbs with a FLIP diaper cover and at 14 lbs, we are still happy with this. Lastly, because it is two thinner pieces sewn together at one end, these WASH easily & DRY fast! Because they are hemp (what makes them so absorbent), I find that they do hold the stain of breastfed poop if used without a liner on top. I use a thin fleece liner on top (Bummis) to prevent staining.

Louisa Brownfield, PA

Great for overnight

We use these in my son’s diapers overnight (Bumgenius Elementals). The hemp is super absorbent, and very trim. It fits well in the diaper, and he is able to go 12 hours with absolutely no leaks. They wash well (with no stink so far!), and get even more trim as you wash them.

Blanche Scotland, SD

You will LOVE these inserts!

If you have only ever used microfiber inserts and have been debating the switch– don’t hesitate and get these inserts! Microfiber inserts get flat, dingy, and stinky over time. They are prone to compression leaks (compare them to a sponge) and can irritate baby skin. Hemp is a natural fiber that is not only easy to care for, more absorbent, and completely natural! They are much trimmer than microfiber inserts but hold way more liquid (think kitchen towel). If you clean up a puddle with a sponge, it takes a while and many trips to and from the sink squeezing the sponge out because it only holds so much liquid. If you clean up a puddle with a dish towel its absorbed much quicker and even when its absolutely saturated, holds onto liquid better than a sponge. That is the difference between a microfiber insert and a hemp! You will have fewer leaks in a thinner insert that is more comfortable for your baby. Best of all– its made in the USA and is natural! It’s a win-win! Ever since discovering these inserts, I have slowly changed all my my inserts into hemp and have never looked back. They fit in all my pocket diapers (Bum Genius, Fuzzibunz, WHAMies and more). This insert is a stash must-have!

Vicki Circleville, WV

Great for extra absorbency

I bought the smalls and I don’t think I will ever need another size. They fit in all of our diaper covers and under all of our inserts.

Fern Ionia, MO

Provides extra absorbency

I bought these to provide additional absorbency to my Fuzzibunz pocket diapers. We were experiencing more leaks as my baby grew (and his bladder grew) and the Fuzzibunz microfiber inserts were not enough on their own. In researching other inserts, I decided to go with hemp because they provide a lot of absorbency without a lot of bulk. I also liked that these have several layers but are separated into two inserts attached at the top – I think this allows better washing/rinsing and faster drying afterwards. It also gives you the option to remove the connecting stitching if you decide one is enough (I have done this with a couple of the inserts). I have puchased these hemp inserts new here and used elsewhere so that I have several on hand. What I do right now: for daytime use (not during naps) I place one detached hemp insert underneath microfiber insert when inside pocket diaper; during naps I place a double (still attached at top) hemp inserts underneath microfiber insert but I fold over one of the hemp inserts so there is actually 3 layers of hemp insert and one layer of microber insert in the front portion of diaper (providing extra urine absorption for my boy). My reasoning for placing the hemp insert under the microfiber insert in diaper is that the hemp while very absorbent does not absorb as quickly as microfiber when there is active peeing. We have had rare leaking during day since using this hemp & microfiber combo. We have not tried using at night as we are in the habit of using night time disposables, so not sure how many we would need to use or how they would perform overnight.

Tammie Ellsworth, IL


While I wouldn’t say these inserts are quite bullet-proof (I have a VERY heavy wetter), they certainly help, and I’m impressed with how much liquid they hold, considering how thin they are. Comparable to the Thirsties Hemp Inserts I would say, but much much less bulk.

Germaine Moran, TX

Sizing varies, unfortunately.

Update: I bought another 3pack of the small’s to use in my Fuzzibunz. What a disappointment! Once I boiled them (exactly as I had the others), they shrank in an odd fashion, as if cut off-seam. So they are now wider than even the mediums at the middle and have a “z” like shape. They, in short, suck: and are a pain to stuff.My husband who does more diaper changes than I prefers the thirsties in large. They seem to absorb more, which although a reviewer supposedly tested them and said the JoeyBunz were twice as absorbent, I am more apt to believe the commenter who thinks she got it backwards. Thirsties, per hub, last longer.I bought these to increase the absorbency of my Fuzzibunz Elite and not-so elite one-size pocket diapers. I have both the smalls and the mediums. I boiled them for about 10-20 minutes per recommendations to get rid of the oils (if this works as well as washing 5-6 times, why would I waste the time washing them? and the water? and the energy?). I never noticed a change in their absorbency power with subsequent wets, but I wasn’t scientific about it.For fuzzibunz users: I use the mediums in the Elite diapers and fold over in the front about an inch to fit better (I have a boy, so he’s a front wetter). The old-school non-Elite FBs I use the mediums and add the smalls on top, closest to his tush, to increase absorbency. We call these the “doublers”. The Doublers last about 3-4 hours and are great when he’s in the Baby Bjorn or other carrier, since with his legs spread about, he tends to leak in the single hemp insert only Elites after a few hours.The smalls are a PERFECT fit- length and width wise, once he was about 3 months. At 7 months they still fit the FBs much better than the mediums- which tend to bunch in the middle and thus not lay flat, and as above, are a tad too long. Now at 11 months I would say the mediums are fine alone, and with the smalls a bit bunched but not bad (see above about the bad batch we got).See above for the Thirsties right now. Since hubby prefers them, I will buy more thirsties (which just will take all day to dry- faster now in winter with the heat on) and make more doubled hemp inserts since they last longer than the singles.Why don’t fuzzibunz and other pockets just come with HEMP inserts?

Melissa Niles, IL

Great prefold

One of these paired with a 2 layer zorb insert gets my super fast heavy wetter through the night. They are not bullet proof, but 9 of of 10 times they work perfectly. They may stain a bit, but if you sun them outside for a bit, they look brand new. They get a little crunchy, but a quick tumble in the dryer softens them right up. I bought these used at a great price, but wanted to share my experience.

Eugenia Gowanda, NY

Must have for overnight

These are great for over night cloth diapering!! I cut the little threads that hold the 2 inserts together, so when I bought this pack I ended up with 6.

Kimberlee Alanreed, TX

Love These!

Very absorbent… soft, easy to clean, and fit nicely as an overnight booster in our bummis diapers with a prefold.

Mable North Woodstock, NH

Help my babies sleep

I useBabyKicks 3 Pack Joey-Bunz Premium (Medium)doublers withBummis Reusable Fleece Linersin my twins’Mommy’s Touch AIOsfor overnight diapering. As soon as I started using them, the babies went from sleeping 4 to 6 hours at a stretch to sleeping 9 hours or more. I highly recommend these doublers for super soakers and overnight use.

Marylou Grubville, MO

thin layer of extra protection

Now that my baby is 4 months, she needs a little extra stuffing in her diapers. I use the medium size of these in my Fuzzi Bunz small and Bum Genius 4.0. I separated the doublers so I now have six thin singles instead of three dual ones. I pair these with the inserts that came with diapers (sometimes thick or thin depending on what we’re doing) and am glad to know that she’s got an extra layer that is not at all bulky. I will be ordering more.

Wilda Gainesville, NY

Wish I knew about these sooner!

These are a MUST HAVE for a cloth diaperer! I wish I knew about them before I had added all my microfiber liners. I have since replaced everything with these and I don’t have any leaks! I fold one and put it at the front with a thin microfiber liner on top of it. The hemp doesn’t absorb as quickly so the microfiber helps get it absorbed quickly. I cut all mine apart so it is like getting two for one! Here are the things I love about these:1- Super Absorbent2- Washes great3- Dries QUICK!!4- Very trimYou can’t go wrong with these and they are so worth the extra money!

Rhonda Rich Hill, MO

Great for heavy Wetters

I use these under one microfiber insert. My daughter is a very heavy wetter and she does not leak with these. I am very pleased in how well they wash too. One note, they do shrink about half an inch after the first few wash/drys.

Renae Alpha, IL

Solid product

Quality is excellent and fleece side doesn’t give my baby a rash like some other fleece doublers. SUPER absorbent.The only reason I didn’t give this product 5 stars is because it really isn’t necessary to have 2 layers. In fact, if I used two layers in my son’s diaper, it would be so bulky that he probably wouldn’t be able to touch his heals together and that can’t be a comfortable way to sleep. Plus, one layer is plenty absorbent.I used them when my son was nursing 3-4 times through the night and I’d change his diaper once in the middle of the night. Once he started sleeping through the night better, I didn’t have to change him at all. And no leaks!I recommend separating the two pieces and just using one layer. Each piece has one fleece side so they are identical once separated. And that way you actually get 6 doublers for your money instead of three.UPDATE: As my son got older and started sleeping 7pm-7am, he started needing that second layer. Fortunately, older also meant bigger so they weren’t as bulky on him by that point. I remained pleased with this product to the end. They are now stored away for baby #2, when that time comes.

Rachel Chilhowee, MO

Fantastic product!

I absolutely love these inserts. They have the versatility to fit in nearly any pocket diaper. I use them in many varieties of diaper brands (gDiapers, Bum Genius, etc…). They are extremely absorbent, although they do require quite a number of washes to achieve their full potential. They are great for use when we are going to be out and about, nigh time, or when we are traveling. I feel assured that we won’t have to worry about leaks as much as with some of the other diaper brands that we currently use. I especially enjoy that you can leave these inserts directly against baby’s sensitive skin and there is no worry with rashes and no drying out of the skin. There is no need for the added extra of a liner with its use. When laundering, they do tend to take a bit more of dry time. I do not mind the minimal added time for drying, as I can say that we never have any issues with staining. That is a rarity among the more natural fibers, in my experience. Overall, I would recommend that someone curious about this product take the time to try it out. I cannot imagine any form of disappointment in the product. Another consideration when purchasing new cloth diaper products is its retained value in the event that you would consider selling them. I have noticed that BabyKicks products to tend to hold a significant resale value as well.

Darla Mascotte, FL

double layer of protection

My second daughter is a heavy wetter. I got these thinking they were the same as the ones I already had. Nope. They are premium. I guess that means you get the double layer. The layers are a little thinner than the singles I have, but they work great. I actually split the layers up, so it was like getting 2 in one. But these are great for those with heavy wetters like me.

Janet Middle Haddam, CT

good for night time

Make sure you boil these before use to improve the absorption. These do very well most nights but surprisingly my baby still sometimes wets through every now and again!

Louisa Sullivan, IN

Go-to for nights

I throw one of these in a prefold, put a cover on, and we’re good through the night. We used disposables when my son was a newborn and they were constantly leaking. These stop my heavy wetter from doing any damage and they’re holding up great so far!

Young Olga, WA

Great for overnight use

I use these with older fuzzibunz as a night time doubler. They are too thick for the newest version of fuzzibunz, but I am very pleased with the absorbency for overnight use.

Aisha Fairdealing, MO