BabyKicks 3 Pack Joey-Bunz, Small

BabyKicks 3 Pack Joey-Bunz, Small

The BabyKicks Hemparoo JoeyBunz are the ultimate insert for your Pocket Diapers. These bad boys are six layers of absorbent natural hemp/certified organic cotton jersey and are super thin at only 1/8 of an ” thick. But, don’t let their lack of bulk deceive you. Hemp is well known for its absorbency and can hold at least 3x its weight in liquid. Whether you use one JoeyBunz during the day or two over night, the contour shape is guaranteed to be comfortable on baby and practically bulletproof. BabyKicks JoeyBunz make GREAT doublers or replacement inserts and will fit in every type and brand of diaper available including Pockets, Hybrids, All in 2’s, All in Ones, Fitteds, Prefolds, and even alone inside a waterproof cover.

Main features

  • Handmade in the USA
  • Super absorbent hemp jersey and certified organic cotton blend
  • Contoured shape for maximum comfort
  • Gentle on sensitive skin
  • Compatible with every diaper brand on the market

Verified reviews


Doesn’t hold much liquid

I bought the mediums and tested them next to a Flip Stay Dry insert. They failed to hold 1 level cup of liquid (even after 10 plus wahes and drys). The Flip is bulkier and wider betweeen the legs, but they WAY outdo these! You need at least two to three inserts to hold a 9month old’s 3 hour nap!

Dorothea Ponce, PR


These are 6 layers thick and take forever to dry! I also bought the joey-bunz PREMIUM large inserts, those are also 6 layers thick but are actually two 3-layer petals sewn together for better washing and drying. I highly recommend the premium inserts over these, they are worth the extra $2

Latonya Poole, KY

Awesome for nighttime

I bought these and the Thirsties Hemp inserts to compare, and I like these better. For nighttime, I pair a hemp insert with a microfiber insert on top in a Fuzzibunz OS Elite (Hemp can be slow to absorb, while microfiber is quick). First, the Thirsties are too wide for my pocket diapers (Fuzzibunz and Smart Snugs). The Joey-Bunz’s contoured shape is perfect. Second, my baby leaks really bad with the Thirsties, and hardly ever leaks with the Joey-Bunz (she’s a really heavy-wetter and seems to leak a little no matter what I do).Hemp inserts do take a little longer to dry than microfiber, but that’s just the nature of the fiber. I hang it over a heating vent overnight.The medium is a little tiny bit too long for my 20 pound, 26 inch tall five month old. But only a smidge. I would rather it be too big so she can grow into than too small.Overall, I love these and will be purchasing again when needed.

Pamela Millersview, TX

Super absorbent – Great for night

I love these inserts. During the day, I use mostly thirsties hemp inserts. However, at night these inserts are perfect. I have not had a leak yet, and I have put them in BG 4.0s, fuzzibunz, and Blueberrys, and Alvas. The reason I don’t use them often during the day is because I find them to be a bit bulkier than they thirsties. Keep in mind these are basically a double insert. They are like two inserts sewn together at one end. They dry fast (much faster then the thirsties inserts), and are very absorbent but not the trimmest option. They are not bulky, just not super trim. I love, love, love how dependable they are.

Marian Flatwoods, KY


So huge, you probably wont need a large EVER , unless they are for an adult in diapers , or perhaps a SUPER SUPER heavy wetter.Pros: They absorb A WHOLE LOTThey are HUGEThey are perfect for night timeThey fit into a pocket diaperThey don’t have stink issuesThey aren’t as bulky as other brands or microfiberThey are natural (unlike microfiber)ConsThey take forever to dry

Eula Kearney, NE

Great for heavy wetters

Two microfiber inserts just do not cut it for my little one. I now put one Joey-Bunz under one microfiber insert and we have no leaks. I was so pleased with my first pack I bought another. Unfortunately the second pack had construction issues. I believe the layers were not cut to the same size thus after I washed and dried them they were extremely bunchy and did not lay flat. I contacted Babykicks directly to see if they knew of a solution. After hearing my problem they sent me a whole new pack in just two days! So overall, I definitely recommend this product. The quality issue I had would not deter me from buying again since Babykicks customer service was so amazing. Please note: these do shrink 1/2 inch over time.

Elma Ellaville, GA

Most absorbant insert on the market – Must have for cloth diapers!

When we made the decision to cloth diaper our daughter (now 8 months old), we didn’t have a clue. I read everything I could find on the internet about cloth diapers, but at the end of the day I selected a little of everything for my gift registry so that we could try everything out. Well, after 8 months of intensive testing (hee hee) I have to say I am IN LOVE with these inserts. They are AMAZING. Deserving of all caps. (!!!!!!) Deserving of ten thousand exclamation points and maybe even an Oscar. I hate having to get up in the middle of the night for a diaper change, so I put one of the Joey Bunz in with one terry cloth insert in a pocket diaper and she’s fine for the entire night–we’re talking 12 to 15 hours here (seriously). No dragging my tired legs out of bed with an unhappy baby who would rather be dozing off than laying on the changing table. Sometimes I need to use two, but the beauty of hemp, I’m finding, is that they really have an almost magical absorbing power. No leaks! Better sleep! And my sanity has been saved once again…

Elsa Isanti, MN

Great for pocket nappies & doublers in prefolds

These are great for pocket nappies or doublers in cover/prefolds. They absorb a ton. For my pocket nappies, I put one of these behind the microfiber inserts to prevent the soggy saggs of saturated microfober. For outings I do not use the microfiber and use two of these. I have yet to have a soak through. They do take a bit longer to dry but they are worth it.

Nola Carpinteria, CA

too wide and long for my pocket diapers

I do like the unbleached nature of the textiles used here, but they are not as absorbent as some of the other doublers I have and they are very long and wide. Stick with the smalls if you are going to use them with fuzzibunz, especially the newer fuzzibunz.

Melanie Aleknagik, AK

Good, stable absorber when used with fast-absorbing outer layer

I didn’t like this insert when I first got it and used it alone. It didn’t seem to absorb liquid quick enough and so the diaper would always leak out the side. I remedied the issue by wrapping it with a microfiber hand-towel (“Zwipes”). Now they are my favorite stable absorber. They absorb LOTS of liquid when combined with the microfiber and I now have fewer leaks than with disposables.EDIT: clarified that the Zwipes towels I use these with were made out of microfiber, not microfleece.

Sharron Glenwood, NJ

Too wide for baby.

I ordered the size small. Even with the hourglass shape I felt these were way too wide for between my baby’s legs. They are even wider than the feminine pads I buy myself. I’m only giving them three stars because size small should be smaller. However, they are nice and thin and super absorbent. I ended up cutting/sewing mine to make them smaller.

June Des Arc, MO

Best as a doubler overnight

I’ve used these both as daytime inserts in pockets as well as doublers overnight with organic cotton prefolds. I find it hard to use hemp inserts in pockets during the day because if the baby doesn’t pee sitting up or standing, sometimes we have leaks (i.e. he’s crawling around or rolling and maybe the insert shifts and doesn’t always line up right). That’s just my experience with pockets and these inserts. I do love these for overnight! Paired with a prefold on top, these are great absorbers and I never worry about them holding up over a long night. They also dry faster than the other hemp inserts I’ve tried. They were my first hemp and my most reliable brand that I always reach for first.

Mavis Peck, KS

super absorbent and trim!

I switched out all of the microfiber inserts for joeybunz inserts in our bg pockets. Size medium fit perfectly in a bg 4.0 on the middle rise setting. These are super absorbent and really trim! They do need to be washed and dried multiple times before they reach max absorbency. Once they are fully prepped they are the best insert out there. Totally worth it!

Etta Hawthorne, NJ

Helped a lot!

Was about to give up on cloth diapering for my one year old due to microfibers no longer absorbing as much for as long as before. Ordered these and they absorb what seems like twice the amount as microfiber. Expensive, but worth it.

Lucile Cleo Springs, OK


These are a must have for a cloth diaper stash! When I first got them, they seemed HUGE! At the time, my 7 month old was about 16.5 lbs and these were a little big for him. He’s grown a little, and they fit nicely folded into a flat for night time. Very absorbant, and they wash pretty easy. A little long on the dry time, but that’s hemp for you! I don’t think I’ll need to get the large size, we’ll see.

Marcella Oakland, MD

Great Doubler

So far these have been a great addition to my diaper stash. I’ve used them inside pockets in addition to the regular inserts to boost absorbency. They are nice and trim but don’t add too much bulk – which is great since my son has super skinny legs. Adding too much bulk to a diaper can cause problems with me getting a good seal around his legs, but not with these inserts. I’ve been using them in diapers that came with smaller inserts – they still absorb as much as they ever did but now that my toddler pounds sippy cups of water I needed to do something.When these arrive they are HUGE. but they lose about an inch in length during prep. They also become a bit narrower. The prep is easy but should be done separately from your current diaper stash. If you line dry these will take a long time – just an indicator of how absorbent they are.

Teri Hull, TX

Super absorbent!

2 of these in an overnight diaper work great. Much less bulky than even one layer of my best microfiber, which doesn’t make it all night. My only complaint is they really stink when peed in.

Jasmin Lodi, OH


I like the absorbancy but these are a bit scratchy and I don’t like them direct against baby’s skin.I prefer Thirsties hemp

Manuela Edgarton, WV

Pricey, but worth it!!

Ordered one pack of these to see if they are worth it, ordered two more packs a week later! They are so soft and thick!! These inserts will really absorb some liquid.. I’ve read up to 5 oz.!! A little pricey but definitely worth it after exploring the insert world some.. will be ordering more over time for sure… definitely recommend!!

Avis Tujunga, CA

Take em or leave em

I don’t dislike these inserts but they aren’t my first choice when stuffing my pocket diapers. They are a tad too long for my fuzzibunz one size when on my toddler and way too big to use with my infant. They are also less absorbent after a few washes than my other inserts. Cloth diapering is different for everyone, I gave them a try based on reviews but they aren’t for me and I wouldn’t purchase again.

Rosella Cannon Ball, ND

Love These!

These are great overnight inserts. We used two of these wrapped in an OSoCozy prefold in a BumGenius 4.0 on our heavy wetting toddler. We’ve never had a single problem! We bought three packs and couldn’t be happier.To prep, we boiled the inserts in a pot on the stove for 20 minutes. Then I washed them by themselves as I would normally wash a load of diapers (rinse, soap & a bit of RLR, rinse again until no bubbles) and then dried in the dryer with some dryer balls. They took forever to dry but that’s a very minor problem. We rarely had to strip them and they worked great.

Frieda California, PA

Must-have Inserts!

These are my go-to inserts. Hemp is much more absorbent than microfiber, easier to care for, and much thinner. You also don’t have to worry about the dreaded stinkies! They do take longer to dry in the machine, but if you put them out on the clothesline or dryer rack outside they dry within 12-18 hours. This also helps keep them bright and stain free. They work great for my heavy wetting son with a little doubler on top. I was using two Bum Genius inserts on top of eachother at night and still having leaks and these solved my problem. One Joey Bunz and a doubler, and that’s it! The best part is that they start out much thinner than microfiber inserts, so even if you do double up, they make for a much less bulky diaper! They work great in all of my pocket diapers and I even sneak them into some of my fitteds (like the fab fitted duo by thirsties) for overnight use.

Therese Dubre, KY

A MUST in the cloth diaper arsenal

I had some FB that I had put away since I thought they had other issues (repelling, too small, ruined). I researched and came to the conclusion that I needed to try a hemp liner for my heavy wetter. I have added this liner with the small minky liner to the FB’s & VOILA! I even let my son nap with this on and he filled it, but NO LEAKS! They take awhile to dry, often aren’t dry in two cycles. That’s proof of the absorbency power. I just dry all my liners and hang these up with the dipes that can’t be dried. If I wash them at night, they are dry by morning. They have to be washed several times & that isn’t fun at first but then they start working. My only concern, not a huge issue to me, is that they seem to dry warped. So I just stretch them diagonally and let them dry, then they are straight. Doesn’t seem to happen when they line dry. I’m buying more for my BG’s

Sophia Berlin Center, OH

work great

I bought the smalls and don’t think I will ever need another size They work perfectly under all of our diaper covers and inserts for extra absorbency.

Reyna Cushing, TX


These are very absorbent and thin – win win! They work well as doublers for day or nighttime diapering. As usual with natural fibers, they take a little longer to dry but that’s expected. Highly recommended.

Claudette Mexico Beach, FL

Durable and they absorb

I’ve been using these as a doubler for 3 years now (same original set) for two children, and they have a lot of life left. I mostly use them inside a prefold for nighttime diapering, and I never even bought bigger sizes. They wash well – I like the two layers for better washing and drying.

Letitia Creighton, NE

They Work!

We use these for nighttime diapering of our now 18 month old boy. I put one of these with 2 microfiber inserts into a pocket diaper, top it off with a wool cover, and we don’t have any leaks at night. These inserts are thin, but they hold a ton of liquid. Over many washes, they have gotten thinner, but they have not lost absorbency. I’d buy a bunch more of these if they weren’t so expensive.

Marina Altair, TX

Worth the money!! Love them!!!

If you are looking for absorbsncy and no bulk this insert is for you! I boiled mine for 25 minutes and ran through 2 hot washes and dried once to prep. They worked immediately! I have them pairs w my bamboo insert or thirty doubler and no leaks. They do shrink after prepping they are the size of my normal inserts! I am purchasing more to soley use with my bamboo/doublers! Love them!!!

Charlene Hewlett, NY

Not Sure What I’m Doing Wrong

I want to love these since they’re super thin and help keep my son’s BG 4.0s from being so bulky. However, I just don’t. In my experience they seem less absorbent than the microfiber inserts that came with my BGs. I’ll keep using them because I don’t want to waste my money, but I don’t see myself buying any more.

Bertie Huntsville, AL

Love these for overnights

These have wonderful absorbency. We use them in our pocket diapers as boosters for overnights along with a microfiber insert. Our toddler can go 12 hours overnight without leaks. The only thing keeping me from rating them at 5 stars is just that they are about an inch or so too long to properly fit into any of our pockets without having to fold one end in, but that’s not a big deal. The mediums are quite a lot shorter.

Dianna Black Hawk, CO