BabyKicks 3 Pack Prefold Diaper, Large

BabyKicks 3 Pack Prefold Diaper, Large

The BabyKicks Hemparoo Fleece Prefolds are handmade in the USA with the softest, thirstiest hemp fleece available. If you’ve been looking for an extra absorbent diaper for your super soaker baby, look no further because you’ve found it. Nothing absorbs like hemp fleece and nothing will last as long. Use our Prefolds alone with a cover or trifolded in your favorite overnight diaper for dry sheets and happy mornings.

Main features

  • Handmade in the USA; Large, toddler measures 145″ x 20″
  • Super absorbent hemp fleece and certified organic cotton blend (2 3 2), great for nights
  • Soft against baby’s skin, with just the right amount of stretch
  • Wears in, not out, and will last through multiple children
  • Gentle on sensitive skin, naturally antimicrobial

Verified reviews


Absorbent, but they shrink.

WARNING: Do not use an enzyme spray on these prefolds, it will decrease the absorbancy.PROs: DurableCONs: Shrink in dryer, take too long to dry.

Minerva Lazbuddie, TX

Absorbent, but don’t use Snappi fasteners!

These are nice and absorbent, BUT the Snappi fasteners, shown in the photo, do not work once you have washed the diapers a few times. Well, not without trying over and over again. This is hard to do with a squirming baby that wants to put her hands near those sharp things!update: I ordered safety pins and they don’t penetrate the material without pushing so hard that I may possibly stab my child. I now only use these in a pinch, I use BumGenuis mostly and other prefolds instead. I use these to lay on the ground when I want to give her some naked time.

Elisabeth Humboldt, KS

Bummed by the BabyKicks

I really wanted to like these prefolds. They ended up being really expensive spit-up cloths. It says they work w/ Snappis but they pop right off. It becomes more vexing when baby starts squirming! Snappis just don’t work with these diapers. We are sticking with our Chinese prefolds and our favorites, Bummis Prefold Diapers.Oh and we tried them with safety pins – ugh trying to get pins through thick diapers is not fun. Don’t waste your money on these diapers 🙁

Joy Conshohocken, PA

for night time baby kicks ROCKS!!

I was completely redoing diaper stash and have never tried a single prefold. I always used all Bumgenius all in ones, or Flip diapers. But I wanted to get some diapers that last child after child after child. So I started doing some research on prefolds. I am a picky cloth diaper’er. 🙂 And for a diaper to be bulky is rather a big deal to me.But that being said, I did want a diaper that would last all through the night. My babies sleep all through the night from month 2 on. And my 16 month old girl wakes up every morning with her disposable diaper loaded, and close to leaking. She goes to bed at 7:30 PM and wakes up at 7:30 to 8:30 AM. So you can see her diaper has to work overtime. I despise soaked sheets and fussy babies because their diaper leaked and woke them up.I bought one 3 pack of the BabyKicks Hemp Prefolds. I bought size Large for my fairly short, very fat 16 month girl. I bought them with the intention of just laying the trifolded lengthwise diaper in a Thirsties Duo Wrap OR a Bummis Super Whisper Wrap. Well first of all I had ordered one size bigger then what I needed. It is an inch or two longer then a size 2 Thirsties Duo Wrap on the biggest snap setting. And due to the bulk, its just not practical to fold it down in front, It makes a huge hard bulky knob in front. So I have been trifolding it and laying it in a Flip diaper cover, The Flips have a little extra piece of PUL in the front that makes it perfect for tucking a diaper in, therefore reducing the chances of it coming out and getting babys clothes wet.I was very apprehensive the first night I tried the BabyKicks Hemp Prefolds. But I put her to bed and hoped for the best. I have not had very good experiences with overnight diapers in the past.The next morning she slept as late as usual, and when she woke up I excitedly opened her diaper and was shocked to see it still had absorbency left! I could hardly believe it! And so she has been wearing these as nighttime diapers and she has a very very happy Mommy!Would I recommend these diapers? For daytime? No… For Night time? YES YES YES and YES!!!!I also strongly recommend these diapers for day trips, and traveling. The hemp has such a nice soft stay dry feel to it. Your baby will thank you! I will be buying more of these in the correct size Medium for my little Lollipop.

Amelia Sandusky, OH

wow !

i am not using them yet.. a little concerned about the bulk.. they are super soft and seem very well made. folding them to fit the baby will be a challange for me i think.but the quality is very high standard and the shipping is excellent..

Lenora Tram, KY

absorbent, but not for small newborns

Bought 3 sizes of these before my daughter was born and ended up returning the 2 larger ones since they were unopened. (Side note: as with many baby items, Amazon took back all unopened packages beyond their normal 30-day policy with no questions asked and free shipping.) In retrospect, I probably could’ve saved them, using them for night wearing instead of all the time.What I liked: The diapers are very absorbent and the different colors would make it easy to see what size you’re grabbing without having to compare. These also worked well as nighttime diapers when we weren’t having to change her all the time and needed more absorbency.What I didn’t like: Some of this is my fault for not doing as much research as possible on cloth diapering beforehand. (1) Whereas the Real Nappies covers I bought to use with these (which work great with them and my current Indian pre-folds) came with both washing and folding instructions, the BabyKicks came with nothing other than a card with a URL on it. My fault for not investigating the site, but read via one of the reviewers that they needed to be washed & dried more than once before first use (the site says 3 times). In the process of multiple washings, the super soft diapers were no longer super soft (since you aren’t supposed to use fabric softener with them). (2) My daughter was 6 pounds at birth although we didn’t start using these (our only cloth diaper) until she was 7+ pounds (just under one month). Switching from disposables to this as cloth was a big change because of the thickness and she fussed a lot so we stopped. Also, my daughter is slim below the waist and she was upset that she couldn’t bring her legs together much less into the fetal position that she still sometimes favored early on (all because of the thickness). I ended up purchasing less absorbent unbleached Indian pre-folds to make the transition, then moved to the “small” BabyKicks as an in-between before regular-sized Indian pre-folds. (3) Snappis often slip on this material without “catching” which can be frustrating and somewhat dangerous while trying to change a squirming little one.Not a bad diaper, but I wouldn’t recommend for smaller babies.

Aida Cisco, TX

Another great product!

I would like to note that I did receive this product for review.I just cannot say enough good things about this product. Honestly, I don’t think I have received any BabyKicks product that I haven’t absolutely loved. I enjoyed the use of this product so much so, that I decided to donate all of our cotton prefolds and flats so that we could transition to these prefolds. I am always excited for BabyKicks mail days, because I know there is so much fluffy goodness wrapped up inside those packages!When I first opened the prefold I did feel as though it may be a bit too big for my little one, even though I did specify a size large (fits 18-27 pounds); but after trying it out, I realize it was a perfect fit. It is true to the sizing chart, although it did have a very slight amount of shrinkage which is expected. I have noticed in my adventures of buying some other products that a size large in one brand is not necessarily the same fit as that of another. My baby is roughly 22 pounds and this large fits just right.What I love about this product:1) It is velvety soft. So soft to the touch, in fact, that I was almost envious it was not going on my bum! Babies get all of the best things, don’t they? Since getting this product I have washed and line dried at least 15 times and it is still just as soft as the day I pulled it from the package to prepare it.2) The absorbency is unmatched by any other prefolds we have tried. It is made from 2 x 3 x 2 layers of hemp/organic cotton fleece, which means this prefold will hold up to heavy wetters, overnight wear, or extended wear during daytime and naps. To prevent any leaks it will need a waterproof cover, however I find that even overnight we generally do not have to have one.3) It is versatile. There are many ways that this prefold can be worn. It can be worn in a standard fashion and secured with diaper pins, a snappi, boingos, or the like. It can also be trifolded for even more absorbency and placed inside of a cover, fitted diaper, or a pouch (such as gDiaper) and also stuffed inside of any pocket diaper. One other use that is generally overlooked is for smaller infants. We all know that babies need to have air time to their sensitive little bottoms, and placing a large prefold underneath baby while they get tummy or nap time is a great way to accomplish this while containing any potty messes.4) It is a long-lasting product. Hemp is a durable fabric and will outlast any synthetic fibers. This means it is an investment to you. With disposable diapers, you buy and toss. With cloth diapers, such as the BabyKicks prefold, you purchase and use but you get to keep them for use over time. You can use these through multiple diapering journeys as well. One thing that most people do not consider when purchasing products like this is that you can recoup some of your costs. Just as recouping costs with selling a used car, you can do the same with cloth diapers. Babykicks, when in a good used condition, can have a very surprising resale value. Not only will the product last through diapering your child/children, but you will also be able to put money back into your pocket after your diapering journey is finished if you so choose.Cons of this product:While I do not feel as though the very small downfalls to this product affect its function, my love for the product, or its impact on my future purchases, they are of note for review.1) Dry time is more than that of synthetic fibers such as microfiber. Generally, any of the items that are made from hemp are the ones that require extra drying time in laundering the diapers. Even though this means a bit more time devoted to laundry in some cases, it does go to show the impact of its incredible absorbency.2) Stains are harder to remove. We get a new prefold to try out and what happens? I pooed mom! Go figure, right? These prefolds do wash up well, however they do stain a bit. Now, this is not out of the ordinary or something specifically targeted to BabyKicks diapers but more of something in conjunction with natural fibers. The good news is that they do sun out well if you use that method of stain removal. I can place them in the sun for a few hours while damp (or even in front of the window) and they will be stain free. This helps to speed up drying times as well as opposed to simply tossing them into the dryer.If you are considering the purchase of this product, I urge you to go for it. You will not be disappointed by its quality. It is an investment that you will be pleased with.

James Ironton, MN

Best Prefold

These are the softest, trimmest, most absorbent prefolds we own. When I took this prefold out of the dryer my daughter tried to use it as a blanket that is how soft it is.I love that they have a little stretch to them which makes getting a great fit easy. We use the medium with our 22 lb 17 month old and there is plenty of room to use a snappi on them. They really do hold a ton of wetness without being super bulky.

Millie Bend, OR

The best prefold around

I love these prefolds. I have a very big boy – a 22 lb 6 month old and I use the medium (green) and the large (red) on him. I have tried at least 3 types of prefolds and these are the most absorbent that I have found. They work great with Snappis!! What I like is that they are large enough to make it around my baby’s hips to catch the snappi easily. A lot of prefolds are just too small and I feel like I am cutting of his circulation to get the thing fastened. I also just fold these diapers in thirds and shove it into a Bummis super whisper wrap diaper cover for a quick change. They are priced a little higher than other prefolds BUT they are worth the extra money and they still are cheaper than a fitted or all-in-one (AIO). I loved my fitted diapers, but these prefolds made me consider switching entirely to prefolds because they are such a nice product.

Mai Cleveland, AL

Great but very bulky in the front.

I love to use these prefolds as a night time diaper, but only as a night time diaper. The hemp gets more stiff with every wash, as expected, and because it’s a pretty long prefold, you have to fold it down in the front. Because of the stiffness and the bulk in the front, I don’t like to have my baby in a sitting position in these. I can tell that it digs into her stomach. I specifically bought these as night time diapers anyway so I don’t mind that it’s not very versatile for active baby time. They are difficult to use with a snappi but it doesn’t really need it. The diaper covers usually hold them in place pretty well. They take just as much drying time as my indian cotton twill prefolds. I’ll definitely be getting them in the next size up because it’s so absorbent. NOTE: like any prefold that is made with a natural fiber, they must be “prepped.” Prepping requires you to wash these atleast 6 times in hot water in order to remove the natural oils inherent in cotton, hemp, bamboo, etc. If you don’t want to wash these 6 times, boiling them with a little bit of Dawn Original is a good short cut. Of course they still need to be washed atleast 3 times after that to wash out the Dawn. But this must be done before the initial use in order for it to be absorbent. Thereafter, they’ll only get better with each wash.Update after 5 months of use:I am still using the green edged babykicks and my daughter is in the 50th percentile for height and weight. It seems like I’ll be using these for atleast another month. They are very absorbent now and not as bulky since she’s grown into them. These are workhorse prefolds, no doubt. Although pricey, well worth it. I’ll definitely be buying the next size up.

Pamela Winooski, VT

My fave prefold for a toddler. Super absorbent. A little tricky to care for.

These are great prefolds for naps and heavy wetters. Get more absorbent with use as long as you are very careful not to get diaper cream on them. We use Grandma El’s sometimes and there does not seem to be a problem. You need to wash them with liquid detergent otherwise detergent gets into little crevices and makes it less absorbent. They also tend to get stiff – at least in my washing machine – but they don’t seem to bother my son. They are too stiff to use as an insert, though – Thirsties hemp prefolds are a little more useful in that sense. Very nice product overall.

Ofelia Upland, IN

Not good as a diaper

In my opinion, these were terrible as diapers, they were thick and bulky, and they never folded properly. However, they are great as inserts! They are very absorbent when trifolded and stuffed into a fitted. However, after even a few washes, ours have developed small holes around the stitching. They still function just fine, but it’s disappointing.

Bridget Port Hueneme Cbc Base, CA

YES. I ALMOST didn’t buy..

But so-so-so-SO glad I did.Omg.These are so ridiculously absorbent, I don’t need anything other than this diaper and a cover at night for my 9mo’ old.If he didn’t poo in the mornings upon waking, it would probably take him from 8p.m. to noon the following day without: odor, leaking, rash, ANYTHING. These are so dry (absorbent) when changing. Also, he no longer gets that wretched teething-time rash with these.I make nearly minimum wage part-time, and work (very) hard for my money. Aside from the cost, I’m glad I finally found something so worth the ridiculous monetary expense.

Rena Carencro, LA

Love-Dislike relationship

When I first received these prefolds, I was excited. Soft, fluffy, natural, super hippy, awesome diapers! Then I washed them, and washed them some more, and some more, and all that fluffy fiber vanished and I was left with a scratchy diaper that didn’t fit my baby as it said it would. Lame. But I pulled the diaper out after a few months on time out and now it fits like a dream! It also absorbs a TON! And it’s very slim under covers. Still scratchy though. And it doesn’t snappy very well, seems to have become harder and harder to secure with a snappi with time, actually. Just note that this diaper may fit oddly to begin, when your baby is at the lower weight spectrum.

Leticia Unityville, PA

Super Absorbant

These are wonderfully absorbant diapers. They are a slim-fitting, absorbant option for me. I even use them as my second choice for an overnight diaper. I put a Thirsties cover on them, since the Thirsties covers are nice and snug fitting. In the begininning (about 3 months ago), I thought it was a drawback that it is nearly impossible to use a Snappi to secure these. Now, I don’t really mind so much, since I just use a snug cover. But thats why I didn’t give it the fifth star, since they are advertised as being able to use with a Snappi, and the material really won’t hold onto one.

Clara Hanover, MN

Great Cloth Diapers

I love these diapers! They are great on my supersoaker baby boy. They are a bit bulky but it has not been a major issue, all of his outfits still fit properly. I use these with a Snappi, which sometimes can be hard to secure to the diaper. I’ve found out that the snappis work best with 100% cotton diapers but the hemp in these diapers are super absorbent so it is worth it.

Eula North Chelmsford, MA

Good prefolds!

We have a few types of prefolds: sherpa cotton, hemp-cotton (the BabyKicks), and plain old cotton Indian prefolds; these tend to get used up first, because they are the best. They are far more absorbant than cotton on its own, although they are a good deal bulkier. Since bulk equals more absorbant, I’ll take it over a thin but flimsy diaper that is soaked through in seconds with a tiny bit of baby pee.We have them in the newborn size, which is pretty generously-sized. We have to fold the top down to get them on our 8-pound baby. This doesn’t bother me, it just means we’ll get a longer life out of them as the baby grows. They are easy to use and the snappis hook on with ease.So bottom line, yes they are costly as far as prefolds go, but they are worth it.

Valerie Cedar Hill, TN

Our perfect overnight solution!

I was afraid I was running out of options for keeping my daughter dry overnight without resorting to disposables. These are great. I have started using them by tri-folding them, and placing them inside a wool cover.It’s been my experience that Snappis don’t stay well on this tightly-woven fabric. Traditional diaper pins are extremely hard to get through the layers, but tri-folding these and using them as an insert has worked quite effectively. I am a huge fan of these prefolds and wish I had found them earlier when we started our CD journey with a heavy wetter.

Greta Torrington, WY

Never Going Back to Cotton!

I don’t know why I didn’t find these prefolds sooner!I mostly use pocket diapers but do have a few prefolds that I use once in a while. Generally I just fold them in thirds and put them in a cover, because my baby is way to squirmy to worry about pinning. In the past I’ve only used cotton diapers. I never had any problems with the absorbency of cotton, but they are so bulky! After washing, they puff up and are huge.These hemp prefolds are just as absorbent, but they stay so much thinner when folded in thirds! I no longer dread using prefolds! The Medium size fits perfectly in my Bummi’s Medium covers as well as my Thirsties Size 2 covers. I also got a Small because I wasn’t sure what would be best. Turns out the Small prefolds are the perfect size for stuffing in my Babykicks Pocket or Fitted diapers! Now I swap out the regular insert for the small prefold at naptime and no doubler is needed!I will never buy any other prefold – and these are definitely worth the extra price over a cotton prefold.

Thelma Sinking Spring, OH

Good and bad

I tried several different brands of prefolds as I wasn’t sure what I would like. These were extra-absorbent, which I liked, but they shrunk so much they wouldn’t fit around my daughter, and were super-bulky, and the snappies wouldn’t catch on the fabric, all of which I didn’t like at all. I considered just buying a larger size, but they are quite expensive, so I decided to stick with flat diapers, which have worked out much better for me in the long run.

Etta Apple Valley, CA

Can’t beat the wicking power…. Hemp rocks!

I love these diapers not only for the green power of hemp, but also they are soft as silk on my baby girl’s tookis. They wick away moisture extremely well! They also have a bit of ‘stretch’ to them that allows for more give. The one problem I would note and the reason for four stars instead of five is that the Babykicks don’t like the Snappi diaper fasteners after they have been washed a few times. The teeth in the Snappi cannot find purchase. I refuse to use safety pins (are you KIDDING??!! squirmy 11 month old.. need I say more??). It all basically comes down to really having to muscle the Snappi in to grab the fabric. But otherwise, they are great! They don’t stain and shrink is nowhere NEAR the issue it is with 100% cotton prefolds…. I mean, let’s face it. Cotton prefolds are great, but you buy infant size diapers and three months later they are shrunk to newborn size and you have to retire them as liners or use them to wax your car.

Julianne Lunenburg, VT

Great Prefolds!

These prefolds are so soft and they hold up really well. I usually use these either tri-folded in a cover or I stuff them into a pocket diaper. These hemp inserts hold way more than any of my DSQ cotton prefolds of the same size. They are a great replacement for microfiber inserts that have gotten a little stinky.

Carole Saul, KY

I love these!!

I have only been using these for a couple of weeks and am new to cloth diapers, but I use them as overnighters with a fuzzibunz cover that would otherwise be too big. They are very bulky, but out of the items I purchased: fuzzibunz cotton inserts, osocozy cotton inserts, and these, they are the most absorbent. These are the best so far with a diaper cover.

Leonor Saint Jo, TX

Really expensive…. we ended up using them sparingly

Got them when I was pregnant with my first baby. Read all the reviews and wanted to order 20 of them! Glad I didn’t… We use them as burp rags 😛 They do not stay closed with snappis or boingos. You need actual pins for these to use them as diapers. When I use them trifolded in a cover they dont stay put. They are great as an insert in a pocket diaper though. They hold a TON of liquid without feeling soaked.

Phyllis Pleasant Grove, CA

Incredibly absorbent prefolds

I ended up with a three-pack of the medium BabyKicks prefolds and wow. We have a number of different cloth diapers, for the sake of trying everything, and these were impressive particularly when it comes to absorbency. At night I use them withBabyKicks 3 Pack Joey-Bunz Premium, Large, and they make it for 12+ hours without a leak. Plus they just look comfortable, so soft and fuzzy and squishy. When they arrived I remember telling my husband that I wouldn’t mind wearing them, if I had to. 🙂

Lindsey Strongstown, PA

good prefolds, but don’t work well with the snappis

These are nice, but I had really hoped to use snappis to close them. The two are just not too compatible and often the snappi pops off. Other than that they have great absorbancy!

Dona Pendleton, IN

Leaves no Wrinkles on baby’s skin.

This is very absorbent and folds easily. Leaves minimal marks on baby’s skin since the material does not wrinkle! I would recommend this to any one. Because of the thickness of the felt, I would recommend using diaper pins for fastening.

Leta Marysville, OH

Nice diapers, but not sure they’re worth the price

These are a nice, basic prefold diaper. The hemp material makes them more expensive, and is also (presumably) more antibacterial. They are heavier than cotton prefolds, and get REALLY heavy when wet. They also each have a tag sewn on to the edge, which seems like it would be scratchy when used on a baby bottom. I carefully cut it off each one.I used these as diapers a couple times (with Thirsties covers & a Snappi), and they were just okay. But I use them all the time as pads for the changing table, clean-up cloths, etc.

Sophie Copake, NY

Best prefold of 6 brands I’ve tried

These prefolds are the softest, snuggliest fabric I’ve seen so far. After multiple washes and runs in the dryer, they are so absorbent I wish I had all BabyKicks. From the website: “Made from 2-3-2 layers of luxuriously soft 55% hemp/45% cotton fleece, these prefolds are up to any task, from being pinned, folded in thirds in a snug fitting wrap, or as a pocket diaper stuffer.” I’ve used Bummis, GMD, Osocozy, Flip, Hemp Babies, and now BabyKicks and I wish I’d started with these. Hand-sewn in MD, USA and I’ll definitely be switching out some of my stash to load up on these. Obviously because they’re prefolds they’re a bit bulkier, but I only use them for overnight. My 10 MO can go 12 hours in these with no leaks (using the green edge medium on him). Another feature I love about these is even after baby might need a bigger size for nights, I can use them as an insert in pocket diapers. And from the quality I know I’ll be able to use these for multiple children. This company’s products are all of excellent quality, every product I’ve tried has been excellent.

Kitty Hannacroix, NY

Worth every penny

I love these diapers. For the first 6 months we used the high-end pocket diapers for my daughter, but by the time she outgrew those I was really looking to save some money and thus considered pre-folds. I was skeptical because my daughter is a very heavy wetter. These hemp pre-folds are far more absorbent than the average cotton ones, and we haven’t had any leaks. For overnights I use Fuzzibunz microfiber liners with these (had them left over from the pocket diapers, any type of liner would work).Pros:1. Very absorbent, no leaks.2. Soft material for sensitive babies.3. Dry quickly after washing.4. Don’t get stained by poos (my daughter is on solids now and still no stains).Cons:1. Thicker material is a little hard to fasten Snappis to at first- once you get the hang of it, not a problem.2. I think the sizing runs a little small, we’ve been using size medium since my daughter was 17lbs. She is now 19lbs, and there isn’t a whole lot of material to spare. I think they will still fit for awhile, there just won’t be an slack to fold the legs to keep them in a cover.All in all, I recommend these diapers.

Sonja Ellsworth, NE