BabyKicks 3 Pack Premium Burp Cloth, Baby Girl

BabyKicks 3 Pack Premium Burp Cloth, Baby Girl

The BabyKicks Hemparoo Premium Duz it All’s are even better than the originals. They have the same double layer of hemp and certified organic cotton jersey knit, but have an additional layer of our super soft and absorbent hemp fleece. This gives you the benefit of both amazing hemp fabrics in one product. Use as a burp cloth, cloth diaper insert, and emergency diaper (just in case). BabyKicks Duz it Alls are also perfect for diapering a newborn.

Main features

  • natural hemp 55%/certified organic cotton 45%
  • Made in US
  • Handmade in the USA
  • 2 layers of soft natural hemp/certified organic cotton jersey topped with one layer of luxurious hemp/certified organic cotton fleece
  • Use as a burp cloth, cloth diaper insert, and newborn diaper
  • Gentle on sensitive skin
  • Great gift for baby showers
  • Gentle on sensitive skin, naturally antimicrobial

Verified reviews


Best Burp Cloths

I’m a new mom (5 wo) and had no idea how useful “burp” cloths could be. Among the ones in our drawer, these are by far the thickest, most absorbent cloths. I always prefer these to my other cloths. Yes, they are expensive but they seem to be much more durable than the others and they are very high quality made with hemp fiber which is an expensive material. Anyway, not only are these good for spitup and general spills, I have discovered I need one constantly for my leaking boobs – these absorb my milk leaks without becoming sodden and cold (like my other cloths) and they are soft against my sore nipples. I’m ordering another 3 pack.

Brooke Galeton, PA

Does the job, but a bit overpriced

These soak up pretty much any spill or spit up very well, and I really have no complaints about them. Just find them a bit pricey

Alfreda New Freedom, PA

Super Absorbent burp cloth

These burp cloths are super absorbent – no worrying about those super big spit up explosions here. I love these burping cloths – (1) cloth does the duty of several, it’s like the Brawny of burping cloths. : Yes, too bad the color choices are slim – but that’s just aesthetics. Functionally – works great and worth the extra $$!

Mattie Marathon, TX

Best burp cloth out there!

Some babies do just fine with little burp cloths and your average receiving blanket. But my baby was very spitty, especially for the first 3-4 months. I’m talking copious amounts of projectile spit up where it doesn’t even end up on your shoulder, its behind you splat onto the floor. Sometimes you just need something more absorbent.I only came upon these recently, and how I wish I had them from the start! These are a good size, and are super absorbent. They really handle those big spit up messes easily. Now my baby is 7 months old and does not spit up as often as she used to, but they are great for all kinds of spills, and recently we’ve been using it to help with the clean up after she eats solid foods which always ends up a mess. They call it a duz-it-all, and it really does. I think this is a must-have.

Ollie Buchanan Dam, TX

Repeat customer

When I first received this item I was a bit disappointed. For the price these three burp cloths don’t look like much. Fast forward to three weeks with a newborn and I love them! Natural,so soft, perfect size, and launders well! Really like that sides are different texture. Disappointed no more- I’m buying another set today.

Eleanor Englewood, OH

Durable and perfect for a baby who spits up a lot!

I bought these cloths and loved them! I used them for everything when my son was born. He had very bad reflux so we used them for that. I also used them for spills and as a pillow when I was changing his diaper on a hard or flat surface. They are thick and durable. Perfect for a new Mom!

Gwen Carlisle, PA

Best burp cloths you can find

We use a lot of burp cloths and these exceed any others we’ve found. Super absorbent and made in the USA.

Carly Kingsburg, CA

Nice product but too small for me.

I bought this because it didn’t have a lot of chemicals and was not made in China. But it gets 3 stars instead of 5 because it shrank in the wash and didn’t hold up too well.

Hannah Springfield, KY