Babykicks 3G Pocket Diaper, White/Multicolored Snaps

Babykicks 3G Pocket Diaper, White/Multicolored Snaps

BK202 Features: -One-size pocket diaper – grows with baby (7lbs to 40lbs).-Designed in Germany with one of a kind fleece gussets and fleece lining prevents wicking.-No blow-outs or inserts hanging out of the back of this diaper due to the front stuffing pocket.-Side snap closures are long lasting, user friendly and prevent wing-droop.-Soft waterproof outer shell eliminates need for a diaper cover.-Wonderful fit and incredible soft fabrics ensures your babies comfort.-Comes with a free Joey-Bunz one size hemp Insert – super flat, ultra absorbent and contoured shape. Color/Finish: -Multicolored snap closure.

Main features

  • True one size design, diaper a newborn and use as a training pant for toddlers
  • Colorful waterproof outer shell
  • Soft natural fibers against baby’s skin for maximum comfort and absorbency
  • Moisture repelling fleece gussets are soft and allow air flow to combat rashes
  • One Size JoeyBunz insert included (made with hemp and certified organic cotton)

Verified reviews


Very good diaper

I’ve got the blue diaper, it’s a very nice color. Im not a fan of these because of the stuffing but they are a good diaper. Very slim, soft gussets and waist band. I would compare them to GroVia except the elastic is more comfortable in these.Cons:I hate stuffing them. The stuffing is shaped larger in the back and it’s a pain to get in without bunching.They seem kinda tight on my chunky baby, but they don’t leave imprints indicating that they’re too small.Pros:Dry fastThis double row front snap type always looks really nice on.Like most others they feel very wet with one pee, good if you want to keep you kid aware of their bowels, but I like to give it a rest at night.- using Tiny Tush Elite at night.No leaking problems.The leg gussets are very soft.I can’t comment on poo containment and stain resistance, we’re doing Elimination Communication and it’s going well (check out “the diaper free baby”) I strongly recommend ECing for all parents but especially those cloth diapering- they go very well together. I don’t have to rinse poo out of my diapers- need I say more?

Grace Ogdensburg, NY

BabyKicks Love!

First Time ParentI first began using a lesser quality of diapers in the beginning of our cloth diapering journey, but after using the BabyKicks products I had much more love for the world of fluff! We purchased four of these pocket diapers and have loved them from day one. The first thing I would like to note about the pocket diaper is that it is extremely trim compared to other brands, while still retaining its absorbency. That is actually quite difficult to do with a lot of diapers. It helps the baby freely move around while being active. The second is that the snaps version of this diaper is easy to use, even for dads and not so cloth friendly caregivers! It is actually my husband’s go-to diaper when he is doing a change. The type of fabric allows the diaper to quickly absorb, therefore avoiding those pesky little diaper rashes. We have never had a diaper rash when using these diapers. The diaper offers side snaps which is much easier to snap on a wiggly baby than traditional snaps. It will also make potty training easier in the later years, which truly makes this diaper a birth to potty training choice. They do tend to stain a bit from time to time, but they sun out very well! Overall, I would recommend this product to others to use.We love our BabyKicks!

Sybil Middletown, OH

Cute and absorbant

This diaper is super cuper, very absorbant, and super trim. Did I mention it was super trim? I almost don’t notice my son has a cloth diaper on when he’s wearing the 3G Pocket. I love that this diaper comes with a hemp insert (without and addition cost).The only thing I don’t like about this diaper is that my son (18 months) doesn’t seem to have a lot of room to grow in this diaper. Where this concerns me the most is the side snaps and my little guy isn’t all that big… 25 pounds (40 percentile) and short (25 percentile).I’d probably be buying more but I think we’re getting close to potty training…at least I’m hoping.

Rhoda Hackberry, LA

Great for very small and very large babies!

I think this diaper is excellent for young babies and for toddlers. I have four of them and my 27 lb son and 12 lb daughter can SHARE the diaper, which is awesome when you pack a diaper bag!I should note that I have NOT tried this on a baby who is between 2 months and 1 year old… my 24 month old started wearing them at 13 months.I think these diapers hold up pretty well with washes. They take longer to dry in the dryer, so I snap them inside out and they dry in the same time as the hemp inserts (which also take longer to dry than microfiber).I agree that they are less easy to stuff than other pockets, especially when rise snaps are snapped down. I always unsnap the snaps to stuff, and then resnap later.Another interesting point that I like is how you can fold the diaper up so small, like paper diapers, when soiled. The reverse hip snaps do that!

Melissa Colebrook, CT

My new fave

This is my new go-to cloth diaper. I only have one but it’s the one I use first or when I know I’ll need one to last a long while. I prefer it over my Fuzzi Bunz and handmade dipes. I love the way it snaps, giving it a trimmer look around the leg. The insert is super absorbent, thin, and does take longer to dry but I don’t have an issue with that. The interior material wicks moisture away very well. I plan to buy more of these.

Trudy Andrew, IA

The trimest diaper on the market!

If you are looking for a diaper that is trim, absorbent, and full of natural fibers, this is the diaper for you.I love my BabyKicks diapers. I agree with other reviewers and say that like all other diapers, they may not work for every baby. If your baby is on the average size, or in my sons case, tall and skinny, they work beautifully. With all cloth diapers (and clothes, etc.) it takes a little trial and error to find which styles fit your child best. I also believe that you can have different diapers for different uses (bedtime only diapers, out and about diapers, diapers for daddy only, etc.). You do not have to have a stash of only one brand! I think this completely limits you! The BabyKicks diaper deserves a place in your stash.My son is very active, was an early mover in general, and needed a diaper that was not bulky or constraining. We have Bum Genius and Fuzzibunz (amongst many others) in hour stash, and while we like them, they do tend to be bulky and fit rather “boxy.” If you have to add absorbancy (which I did around the 9 month mark), they just get bulkier and boxier. I found that they stopped fitting well under some of his clothes, especially since he was starting to wear more “real clothes” and less one-piece layette items. I also didn’t like that many of my other diapers came with junky microfiber inserts that are less absorbent, more likely to leak, made out of country, and prone to stink.Babykicks diapers come with amazing hemp inserts that get more and more absorbent the more you wash them. The combination of trim fit, hemp inserts, and fleece gussets, means that my baby is getting plenty of air on his bum and he is able to wear even the trimmest jeans with no problems. The BabyKicks pocket was a perfect fit for my son in that they are just as absorbent as other diapers in a much trimmer package. He does leak occasionally (but this happened in all his diapers, not just BK’s), especially when he is sitting for an extended period of time (in carseat, restaurant, stroller, etc)– but this does not mean that the diaper is faulty, but simply means it was time for me to add a little absorbancy by putting in a doubler (Joey Bunz). The BabyKicks pockets take a little practice stuffing, but are worth it in my opinion since they enable my toddler more comfort under his clothes. The bright colors are great. My only wish is that they had some fun, vibrant prints to choose from! This is a great go-to diaper.

Noemi Brant Rock, MA


After reading reviews, I was so excited about this diaper and bought 2 to try. I wish I hadn’t spent my money. While they are super trim, they leak. The leg gussets never fully fit around my sons thighs, they always left a gap. My son is rather large for his age(3 mo), but he is proportional. He is in the 97th percentile for height, and 96th for weight. He is not chubby, or skinny… and the gussets just never were able to enclose his entire thigh area no matter what setting the diaper is set to. Gaps in gussets = LEAKS!!! I have never once put this diaper on my son when it didn’t leak. I kept trying it thinking that it would fit differently the bigger he got… but it hasn’t happened, and I doubt it will, unless he just gains weight in his thighs… On the bright side, the hemp insert seems very absorbent if put in another diaper…

Lakeisha Upton, NY

Trim, Great Diaper!

I love this diaper! The inside is so soft against my daughter’s skin, it’s SUPER absorbent and fits really well, she can even wear jeans over this diaper, lol. I had never used a side snapping diaper before this and was a little hesitant, now I’m glad I tried it! I love natural fibers for diapering my daughter and the hemp in this diaper rocks! I highly recommend this diaper!!

Selena Morning View, KY

Soft & Trim pocket diaper

Pros: This diaper is really trim. I love the fleece at the leg gussets to keep away those nasty elastic marks that are often left by other diapers. By nature the pocket diaper is very convenient because you can keep them stuffed and ready to use just as quickly/easily as you could a disposable. BabyKicks 3g have hemp inserts which are super absorbent. The bamboo (I think that is what it is) layer that sits against baby’s skin is so soft and fluffy — who wouldn’t want to sit in that?Cons: The pocket is a little harder to stuff (however, I believe that is just because the diaper is so trim and it’s not problematic, just takes a couple seconds longer than some other diapers to stuff). I don’t use these for overnights because sometimes the fleece at the leg gussets wicks a little bit and pjs end up damp (great for naps or any other time though).

Latasha Ralph, AL

Leaky and really small

The Pros: Colors are cute, style is cute, very trim, very soft on babies skinThe Cons: Pill when you wash them, leak with heavy pee (I change every 2-3 hours), run very small, hard to stuff (and the small size of the insert is in front=not good for boys)Not horrible but not my favorite diapers at all!

Audra Freeman Spur, IL

Super Trim Pocket Diaper

I have tried many different brands of pocket diapers and the Babykicks 3G is by far the trimmest diaper I own. It comes with a hemp insert so you aren’t compromising absorbency for trimness. This was the first diaper that I bought that had side snaps instead of the standard snaps in the front, and if I would have tried it out sooner more of my stash would be made up of side snapping diapers. On my long skinny girl side snaps seem to prevent gaping at the belly and she seems less likely to play with the snaps and pull her diaper off.

Evangeline Shepherd, MT

Great Trim Diaper

I bought this for my chunky thighed 10 month old. It fit her perfectly and still does 4 months later. This diaper also works great for my 30lb toddler with a little room to grow. This is the absolute trimmest diaper we have, it fits under everything. The PUL on this diaper is so silky soft as is the bamboo fleece inner. I love the fleece leg gussets. We never have red marks with this diaper unlike most of our others. The JoeyBunz insert is amazing. I holds so much. We travel a lot and this is always the first diaper I reach for when I know we will be in the car for an extended period. We never have leaks. The side snaps make changing my very wiggly kids super easy. My youngest likes to flip to her belly mid diaper change and I have no problems securing this when she does her flip. This diaper does take a bit longer to dry than some of our others but the fact that there is all natural fibers against my baby’s skin makes it well worth the wait. I have experimented with the newborn feature and I am excited to try it on our next child. It takes a minute to fold it down but the diaper gets super small and I have no doubt it would fit from bith. I really can’t say enough good things about this diaper, it really is my favorite.

Elsa Vernon, AL

Not for chunky babies 🙁

If this diaper had a little more room in the waist and thigh, I’d give it a 4-star rating.I normally sew my own but my son has outgrown his old diapers faster than I can find the time to sew new ones, so I’ve been looking for a few big cloth diapers to get by until I can replenish my stash of homemade diapers. This isn’t it for me.Even though this diaper is supposed to go up to 40 pounds, I don’t think it will unless you have a very slender, very tall child. My 11-month old is 25 pounds and 30″ tall and needs it on the biggest setting. There’s a bit of room in the waist and thigh but not much, especially around the thigh. My son has a chunky build, and I think he’ll be able to wear this to 30 pounds – maybe 35 if I push it. On the flip side, if you’re buying this for a newborn, it should fit well from day one because it has such a slim fit and is very trim for a cloth diaper (will put up a picture soon).Pros:-Very trim fit for jeans and tighter clothing-High quality construction-Soft material-Cute colors-Easy to use snap sizing system-Natural and Organic Fabrics-Snaps down very small. The smallest setting would have fit my son as a 6-pound newborn in the rise, waist, and thigh from day one.-The insert is trim and absorbent and would be good to use in other diapers.Cons:-After one washing, the fleece lining looked terrible-Not as “stay dry” feeling as my homemade dipes (I use 200 weight Malden Mills fleece)-The wide part of the insert goes in the back instead of the front, which doesn’t make much sense-Not absorbent enough for overnight or naps (my son is heavy wetter)-Not much room for extra stuffings-Very slim fit. My son has an 18″ or 19″ waist and already needs it on the largest setting. It’s a little bit loose but the next smallest waist snap is way too tight and the rise is fine as is.-The fleece gussets are prone to compression leaks and also make the leg opening a tight fit.Bottom line? Depending on what you need and what you’re looking for in a diaper, this could be a dream or twenty bucks down the drain. If your chunky baby is over 6 months, you probably won’t get much use out of it. If you have a heavy wetter or want to use it for sleeping, riding in the car, going out, etc., look elsewhere. If you’re buying this for a newborn or a slender baby, go for it. If you want something to grab to wear under tighter outfights, this is the one.Still not sure? See if you can borrow one from someone because it comes delivered in a hermetically sealed plastic pouch so you can’t try it on or look at it without ripping the bag open which means no returns if you don’t like it. I bought 2 but thankfully only opened one. I’ll keep the one I opened mainly for any future children, but I’m returning the closed one.

Gail Burke, VA

SO far so good

I like this diaper.ProsTrim fitWashes wellAbsorbs a lotConsTakes a little longer to dry, but it is hemps so that is expectedGot peed all over once when the baby was laying on her side while I was breast feeding. I won’t put this on her again while breast feeding until she is a little chubbier in the legs. LOL

Adela Lagrange, IN

Regret the purchase

I’m new to cloth diapering and decided to go for a big variety of styles and brands (diaper cover with insert, pocket and all-in-one diapers). I’m very satisfied with all diapers I bought except this one. After only two washes the diaper started pilling and it’s not soft anymore. The insert is even worse. I’m afraid that after ten washes it will turn into a brick. Also, the sides disappear underneath the front part which is counterintuitive and makes closing the snaps more difficult. The only reason I gave it two stars is because I didn’t have leaks the two times I’ve used it, however I would not recommend this product.

Audrey Arnold, MO

Cute, absorbent, and so soft!

I had been wanting to try side snaps, and I really wanted a RED diaper for my son! This one fit the bill. It was a little pricier than I wanted to spend, but I finally just gave in.It is so cute on him. I love the inside being so very soft also! I prepped it by washing three times, and then I put it on my son. He wore it for around 3 hours, no leaks (which is what I normally change at). I would like to try it at nighttime to see how good it REALLY is, but I will have to get a little braver before trying that. Currently I always just use Kissa fitteds and Disana wool at night.The only reason I gave it 4 stars instead of 5 is how long it takes to stuff the pocket! I would not want to own more than 2 or 3 of these for that reason. The insert took forever to get flat and in place. As another person mentioned it takes longer than other pockets to dry, but that is not a big deal to me really.The snaps are a little odd, but I am using it for a child about to turn 1. From all I have read, that would be for if I was using it for a newborn, so I don’t need to worry about that extra row of outward snaps!Try this dipe; I think you will like it! Just don’t make your whole stash up of them, as you will NOT like stuffing them!

Luann Wellington, CO

my favorite pocket diaper of 16 brands I’ve tried

Here’s what I love:-The #1 most important factor to me in a diaper is if it holds messy BMs. That was one of the worst parts of using throwaway diapers is the messy leaks up the back and all over clothes. Far and away, this diaper has passed the test on MANY occasions. Not once has anything escaped the back elastic or the leg gussets. I have tried 16 brands and these are the best, hands down.-The fleece leg gussets. It’s the worst to take off a diaper and find red marks on your poor baby’s legs. With the fleece, that issue is resolved. And these never wick moisture out onto baby’s clothes – leg gussets stay dry, always.-These diapers are TRIM. Again, 16 brands and these are the trimmest out there. They fit easily under baby jeans (which can’t be said about every cloth diaper brand).-The hemp insert and bamboo fleece pocket absorbs A LOT. These are always my “going out” diaper because I never have to worry about them leaking.-Clean up is easy. A quick spray with the hose and into the washer. Any stains have always sunned right out.-Fit a wide range. I’ve used these on my 15 lb. baby as well as my older baby from 25-32 lbs. I love that both can wear the same diapers.-Thin between the legs. Some cloth diaper brands are so bulky between the legs, it’s hard to get a good fit without gaps. These have a nice contour shape to accommodate that needed trimness between the legs.Cons:-I do find it a bit harder to fit these on the smaller babies because the wings almost overlap under the front pocket edge. Then we’ve had wicking through the wings. Using a hemp fleece piece as a mini soaker has helped combat this problem.

Elba Lowder, IL