BabyKicks Basic Cloth Diaper Hook and Loop Closure, White

BabyKicks Basic Cloth Diaper Hook and Loop Closure, White

BabyKicks Basic Pocket Diaper is a remarkably trim one size cloth diaper designed to fit approximately 7-40 pounds with maximum comfort, even on the smallest babies. Features a waterproof cover, a soft microfleece stay dry inner lining, and a super absorbent one size insert made with a combination of fast absorbing microfiber and thirsty hemp terry. You can even go natural by simply laying the insert inside the cover hemp side up. BabyKicks Basic Pocket Diaper has unbeatable quality and value (also available with Side Snap closures and in a variety of colors).

Main features

  • One size diaper fits 7 to 40 pounds, unbeatable quality and value
  • One size microfiber/hemp combo insert included
  • Microfleece inner lining is soft and protects baby from wetness
  • Go natural by placing the hemp side of the Basic insert against baby’s skin
  • Easy to clean (rinse, soak, hot wash, double rinse); Daddy and daycare friendly

Verified reviews


not bad

Im pretty impressed with this diaper. I would call it almost perfect but the velcro is cheap and I can already tell its not gonna last. I really think other diaper companies should take a lesson from Tots Bots on this. Aside form that for the price I think this diaper is a great deal. It is super trim and the insert is absorbent. I like the fact I can just lay it on the top and use the hemp side up and I dont have to stuff. I LOVE the fit on my gal. I would give it 5 stars but the velcro really is a buzz kill…

Pam Pall Mall, TN

Highly recommended

Great diaper. It’s really trim. If you have big hands it’s a little hard to stuff the insert. Definitely one of the diapers I will grab for first out of my stash!

Janell Corinna, ME

Superb Fit– A wonderful brand!

I love my BabyKicks diapers. I agree with other reviewers and say that like all other diapers, they may not work for every baby. If your baby is on the average size, or in my sons case, tall and skinny, they work beautifully. With all cloth diapers (and clothes, etc.) it takes a little trial and error to find which styles fit your child best. I also believe that you can have different diapers for different uses (bedtime only diapers, out and about diapers, diapers for daddy only, etc.). You do not have to have a stash of only one brand! I think this completely limits you! The BabyKicks diaper deserves a place in your stash.My son is very active, was an early mover in general, and needed a diaper that was not bulky or constraining. We have Bum Genius and Fuzzibunz (amongst many others) in hour stash, and while we like them, they do tend to be bulky and fit rather “boxy.” If you have to add absorbancy (which I did around the 9 month mark), they just get bulkier and boxier. I found that they stopped fitting well under some of his clothes, especially since he was starting to wear more “real clothes” and less one-piece layette items.Babykicks diapers come with amazing hemp inserts that get more and more absorbent the more you wash them. The combination of trim fit and combo stay-dry/hemp inserts means that my baby is able to wear even the trimmest jeans with no problems. The BabyKicks pocket was a perfect fit for my son in that they are just as absorbent as other diapers in a much trimmer package. He does leak occasionally (but this happened in all his diapers, not just BK’s), especially when he is sitting for an extended period of time (in carseat, restaurant, stroller, etc)– but this does not mean that the diaper is faulty, but simply means it was time for me to add a little absorbancy by putting in a doubler (Joey Bunz). The BabyKicks pockets take a little practice stuffing, but are worth it in my opinion since they enable my toddler more comfort under his clothes. The bright colors are great. My only wish is that they had some fun, vibrant prints to choose from! This is a great go-to diaper.**NOTE** Do not put the shells in the dryer or the velcro will break down very quickly! A friend of mine always dried hers on low and the velcro is curly and losing its grip. My diapers have only ever been air and line dried and are in much better condition and are older than her diapers!

Daphne Moorhead, MN

Simple, but a great product.

I would like to note that I did receive this product for review.I have the BabyKicks Basic Pocket Diaper with hook and loop in Meadow. During the prepping process, before I even used the diaper, I think I had it in my mind that this diaper would be of a lesser quality simply because it is a basic diaper. I have generally used the premium and 3g diapers from BabyKicks in the past, and they are all of amazing quality. I have to say that I was wrong on my first assumption with this diaper.As with all of the BabyKicks products, it is surprisingly soft! You really cannot deny how soft these diapers are. The inner lining is made from microfleece, which is a hydrophobic fabric. It wicks away any moisture quickly and it dries quickly as well. It can hold 1% of its weight in liquid while still remaining breathable! The insert is made from 2 layers of hemp-terry and 2 layers of microfiber. It is by far one of the most absorbent inserts we have used in our cloth diapering journey.One of the things I was most eager to test out is the Velcro closure on the diaper. I have heard many negative comments on the ability of this diaper to remain on baby without the tabs coming off. So far, this has not been an issue for us. I will note that the Velcro used is a bit different from that of say a gDiaper, however it does not necessarily mean a poorer quality. I personally enjoy having the Velcro closure and I am a die-hard snap fan! After using this diaper for approximately 5 weeks, I actually would not mind having a few more of the Velcro closures to add to our rotation. So, don’t let those negative comments deter you from trying this one out.Another point of feedback that I have heard is regarding leaks. I have yet to have any issues with leaks in our BabyKicks diapers. I belive that some of this stigma is derived from wash routines, heavy wetters, and fitting rather than the leaks being a direct cause of the quality of the diaper itself.In short, if you are looking for an affordable option to cloth diapering without compromising on quality, I believe this diaper would be a great place to start, or just to add to your already existing stash! Don’t be fooled by the “basic” title. It may be basic in its usage, but it is superior in every other aspect.

Mabel Gardiner, OR

Great Cloth Diaper

In retrospect, I would have put together my cloth diaper collection very differently (hindsight is 20/20, huh?). And this diaper would have been the foundation.Hook and loop closure. While I prefer how snaps look, the velcro closure is the easiest. Sure, there have been long stretches of time when getting diapers on my daughter was easy, when she would lay still while I snapped things or oragamied her into prefolds. But once she became more mobile, I had to give up on those and move to these. It was pretty much impossible to get her into anything else. So next time I would start with these from the beginning, with an eye on the inevitable squirmy stage we would need to get through at some point. The only downside is that she can take these off herself, and often does. So I usually (not always) have to put her into pants right after changing her so that she can’t get to the velcro and get this off and pee on the floor before I’ve noticed…Absorbency. BabyKicks diapers win all the awards from me when it comes to absorbency. Hemp is king as far as I am concerned. This diaper comes with a hemp poly blend insert, and it is lovely. Add a few ofBabyKicks 3 Pack Joey-Bunz Premium, Largeand you’re set for hours and hours without a change.Colors. I love the bright colors, and I love that this diaper comes in black. They all look darling on my little girl.Snaps. The snaps make it easy to adjust this to fit babies of all sizes. And though I haven’t been able to try it myself, BabyKicks have a pretty impressive trick for making all their diapers fit teeney tiny newborns. Hope to be able to test it on baby number two someday. 😉

Elaine Mill Run, PA

leaks and issues with velcro

Thought I would really like this diaper when I first got it, however it has been nothing but trouble. The Velcro tabs on this diaper stick to everything in the wash. No matter what i’ve tried to do to get them to stick to themselves, they flop off and cause problems in the washer and dryer. I’ve also had issues with leaks in this diaper. I would not purchase again.

Cora Sea Girt, NJ

Cute and trim

This is a great diaper. We have experience with other pocket diapers, including Bummis, Fuzzi Bunz, Oh Katy, and Bumgenius. So far, this one is one of my favorites. We have not had it for long, but it seems to be a good quality diaper. I’ve started to extend my stash to more all natural diapers, but also trying to keep it simple for my husband. You can use this diaper as a regular pocket, or lay the insert in the diaper hemp side up, for a more natural variation. The insert doesn’t have snaps like Bum Genius or Oh Katy diapers do to make it smaller for smaller babies, you have to fold it over and it’s a little more bulky than the before mentioned diapers. When you put this diaper on though, it’s trim as can be and the insert does not seem uncomfortable on baby. In fact, it incredibly cute because it fits so well. There isn’t extra ruching like with the other pockets that have lots of fabric to contend with, somehow this diaper tucks everything neatly for a clean looking fit. There are 4 rise adjustments and my 15 lb baby is on the second rise with plenty more room to grow. The crotch is narrow, and I’m not sure if this becomes and issue later as baby gets bigger, but the manufacturer claims that this is a 40+ lb diaper. We ordered black and the color is very bold. The fabric is different where the tabs are than the rest of the diaper as pictured. I think it looks a little odd on the colored diapers, but it looks fine on the black and I just ordered the all white. The only thing I’m concerned with is the thickness of the insert. I am afraid of it potentially holding the stinkies. If I were to change it I might make an open seam at the ends so it would clean better and air could get in to dry it faster. Or make it a two piece insert sewn or snapped at one end, sort of like how GroVia AIO’s are. But, it’s still a great diaper and hasn’t proven me wrong yet, so it gets 5 stars.**UPDATE** After using these for just a couple weeks, here’s an update.The velcro curls and gets tangled in the wash. The wash tabs don’t stay stuck through the wash and there can be some tangling of the laundry. The velcro isn’t as strong as Bum Genius velcro so it’s not too bad, but it’s still not great. The tabs have curled in the front so they stick out a little when wearing and don’t look great under baby’s outfits and they make noise like a disposable because of this. We have some of these diapers with the snaps and we prefer them.We haven’t had trouble with the drying time of the hemp inserts and we haven’t had the stinkies.The hemp side of the liner has become too rough to use directly on babies skin, so I can’t use this diaper “natural” as I previously said I might. I only use it as a regular pocket. The fleece is super soft though, softer than other pockets.

Bianca Bono, AR

finally, more diapers with this hook and loop style!

Since trying the Grovia hook and loop diapers, I’ve always wondered why no other company has used that type of closure. Finally, Babykicks has it! Blueberry/Swaddlebees touchtape stays nice and tight, but the tabs start to curl and that causes an issue. BumGenius, Happy Heinys, Rumparooz, and others have regular aplix or velcro closure that wears over time, especially BG. So far I love Grovia and Babykicks closures for this type of hook and loop they use. My 18 lb son has a small waist, and I prefer using hook and loop with him to get the best fit. I also like that the tabs on this can overlap for smaller babies. The pocket is larger on these diapers than the Babykicks 3G, so if that was a sore spot for you with the last style, it’s been changed here. The fleece inner is nice for the stay dry and the insert drys much faster because of the combination microfiber and hemp.

Deann Athol Springs, NY