BabyKicks Basic Cloth Diaper Snap Closure, Meadow

BabyKicks Basic Cloth Diaper Snap Closure, Meadow

BabyKicks Basic Pocket Diaper is a remarkably trim one size cloth diaper designed to fit approximately 7-40 pounds with maximum comfort, even on the smallest babies. Features a waterproof cover, a soft microfleece stay dry inner lining, and a super absorbent one size insert made with a combination of fast absorbing microfiber and thirsty hemp terry. You can even go natural by simply laying the insert inside the cover hemp side up. BabyKicks Basic Pocket Diaper has unbeatable quality and value (Also available with easy to use Hook and Loop closures and in a variety of colors).

Main features

  • One size diaper fits 7 to 40 pounds, unbeatable quality and value
  • One size microfiber/hemp combo insert included
  • Microfleece inner lining is soft and protects baby from wetness
  • Go natural by placing the hemp side of the Basic insert against baby’s skin
  • Easy to clean (rinse, soak, hot wash, double rinse); Daddy and daycare friendly

Verified reviews


A Fantastic Diaper!

I love my BabyKicks diapers. I agree with other reviewers and say that like all other diapers, they may not work for every baby. If your baby is on the average size, or in my sons case, tall and skinny, they work beautifully. With all cloth diapers (and clothes, etc.) it takes a little trial and error to find which styles fit your child best. I also believe that you can have different diapers for different uses (bedtime only diapers, out and about diapers, diapers for daddy only, etc.). You do not have to have a stash of only one brand! I think this completely limits you! The BabyKicks diaper deserves a place in your stash.My son is very active, was an early mover in general, and needed a diaper that was not bulky or constraining. We have Bum Genius and Fuzzibunz (amongst many others) in hour stash, and while we like them, they do tend to be bulky and fit rather “boxy.” If you have to add absorbancy (which I did around the 9 month mark), they just get bulkier and boxier. I found that they stopped fitting well under some of his clothes, especially since he was starting to wear more “real clothes” and less one-piece layette items. I also didn’t like that many of my other diapers came with junky microfiber inserts that are less absorbent, more likely to leak, made out of country, and prone to stink.Babykicks diapers come with amazing hemp inserts that get more and more absorbent the more you wash them. The combination of trim fit, hemp inserts, and fleece gussets, means that my baby is getting plenty of air on his bum and he is able to wear even the trimmest jeans with no problems. The BabyKicks pocket was a perfect fit for my son in that they are just as absorbent as other diapers in a much trimmer package. He does leak occasionally (but this happened in all his diapers, not just BK’s), especially when he is sitting for an extended period of time (in carseat, restaurant, stroller, etc)– but this does not mean that the diaper is faulty, but simply means it was time for me to add a little absorbancy by putting in a doubler (Joey Bunz). The BabyKicks pockets take a little practice stuffing, but are worth it in my opinion since they enable my toddler more comfort under his clothes. The bright colors are great. My only wish is that they had some fun, vibrant prints to choose from! This is a great go-to diaper.

Susan Somerville, VA

Trim fit and quite absorbent

This BabyKicks basic cloth diaper is a great diaper. I wasn’t sure what to expect at this price point but am pleasantly surprised at how much I like this diaper. The hemp/cotton insert/soaker that comes with the diaper is quite absorbent. The material is soft and durable. I really like the side snaps too! I am quite pleased with this brand and would purchase it again.

Selina Black Earth, WI

leaks every time

its thin in between the legs and it leaks every time with my boy maybe would be good with a girl .

Alma Millican, TX

Great diaper at a great value.

I tried out a lot of cloth diapers for my baby, and hands down Babykicks pocket diapers were the ones that fit the best. To break it down here is what I really like about these diapers.1) Trim fitting: These diapers are super trim and they fit great under clothes. More importantly, for my baby with chunky legs they were one of the only diapers that wouldn’t ride out onto her thighs and leave bad red marks.2) Side snaps: I think this is somewhat personal preference, but I really like side snaps. I find that they fit better and don’t get that wing droop.3) Absorbent: I like the microfiber/hemp insert – it is quick to absorb and holds a lot for a pocket diaper. And the insert is hemp, but the material against the skin is fleece which I like because my baby has sensitive skin and it is stay dry without having to mess with a liner.4) Price: This diaper is called “basic” but it really is not any more “basic” than other pocket diapers on the market. I found that it had everything I was looking for in a diaper and the fact that it was really affordable and a good value really helped me make the decision to go with a stash full of pockets.I’ve been using these for a few months now and am happy with my purchase!

Sally Donaldson, MN

Terrible diaper

Worst I’ve tried so far. Very little absorbency capacity, leaks. Don’t like the backwards buttons much. Looks good in pics but not so much in reality. The insert is too long for the pocket even on big setting. Diapers runs small.

Melody Gibson, GA

Awesome customer service

I bought 5 of these and LOVE them. Two months after I bought them, an elastic came unstiched on the leg of one of the diapers I bought while taking it off my baby. I called the company about it, and they repaired the diaper, refunded my return shipping, and included a free wipe! THANK you babykicks for the great customer service.

Eddie Barwick, GA

Good fit but leaky

I really like the fit of these and the side snaps but no matter what I do, they leak at the snaps. I have tried different inserts, washing in different detergents, nothing seems to fix this issue. The diaper is ok but will only contain wetness for a short time.

Debora Winter Garden, FL


I like this pocket diaper because it is trim and the lining is supersoft. It is good for daytime use, but because it is so trim it is hard to double stuff for nite time use. We have used this diaper about once a week for about six months, yet the elastic in one of the legs is already broken.

Heidi Limestone, NY