BabyKicks Natural & Organic 10 Pack Baby Wipes, Assortment

BabyKicks Natural & Organic 10 Pack Baby Wipes, Assortment

The BabyKicks Hemparoo Washies (Wipes) are made with the same hemp fleece as our prefolds and are a staple for every diaper stash. One side is soft and fluffy for gentle cleansing and the other has more texture for easy and thorough cleanup of the unavoidable messy diaper. These versatile wipes are also perfect for cleaning little hands and faces after dinner, in the bathtub, or even grandpa’s glasses and camera lenses. With their generous size and oval shape it is impossible to go wrong with BabyKicks Washies. Keep a pile of these on your changing table along with a spray bottle containing diluted Dr. Bronner’s for a gentle, economical cleanup. Toss into the diaper pail and wash with the diapers.

Main features

  • Handmade with soft natural hemp and certified organic cotton fleece
  • Use as baby wash clothes and to clean little hands and faces, great gift for baby showers
  • Perfect wipes when using cloth diapers
  • Gentle on sensitive skin
  • Assorted Color Mix: green (2), gold (2), pink (1), purple (2), blue (1), red (1), ivory (1)

Verified reviews


I just can’t recommend cloth wipes

I thought that I could be an eco-conscious mom and use these as wipes but it is a pretty gross experience and these towels being somewhat thick don’t make it any easier. You also have to be careful of which diaper creams you use if you want to put things in your washer. All of this was too overwhelming for me and I just ended up using wipes.

Loretta Spring Creek, NV

Very Disappointing

I bought these for our little one, who is about to arrive. I pre-washed them, and have been so incredibly disappointed, that I ended up just donating them to Goodwill. First off, the tag is horrible, so I cut them all off. They need to make these tag-less. Also, once they were washed they rolled up into little rolls (image a taquitos). Now, I could easily, wash them and lay them out to air dry, but what a hassle, and with a newborn on the way, who has that kind of time. Don’t waste your money, buy another brand.

Adrian Trumbauersville, PA

great single ply, annoying tag

I bought these along with some Thirsties Fab Wipes, and Charlie Banana Wipes. I have to say these are my least favorite of the three. They are made of hemp, so maybe that’s why I don’t like them but they are kind of scratchy after the first few washes, and I don’t anticipate them getting softer. The tag is big and scratchy but one can navigate around that, although it would be nice if it wasn’t so big. It is the most economical choice, but I would pay the extra $$ for the nice wipes, since you’ll still save money over disposables anyway!ETA:A couple months later I have to give them another star because while they do shrink, and the tag is super annoying, they are single ply with two textures which I have found preferable. Now, I use the thirsties or charlie banana dry to sop up the messy diapers, then I use a single ply either wet or sprayed with a wipes solution to clean her up. I found using wet 2-ply is very annoying as it separates as you wipe so you don’t have control over where it goes (messy)

Latonya Sicklerville, NJ

Flimsy & linty

I bought these for all purpose baby clean up (burp cloths, general baby facial mishaps, etc.). When I removed them from their package I immediately noticed how flimsy they are. They also shed large amounts of lint. I was afraid to wash them, so decided to simply return them. I can’t imagine using these for their intended purpose! Linty poopy baby butt!

Glenda Stidham, OK

waste of money

they’re cute little pieces of fabric, but they won’t be cute after they get stained with poo. seriously who need cute diaper wipes. Just cut a couple of old t-shirts up into small squares. If you have enough (like 100), you only need to wash them once a month

Lily Somersville, CT

Shrunk dramatically at first wash

Not very impressed, I washed before first use (on warm) and they shrunk from the generous sized ovals to very small circular cloths. I don’t find them soft at all – quite rough, actually! I don’t understand why there are so many good reviews for this product, I consider them a waste of money.

Reba Tariff, WV

Three wipe showdown!

We purchased the Grovia, Charlie Banana and Babykicks Cloth wipes for use in our Prince Lionheart Premium Antibacterial Wipe Warmer. Our baby is currently 10 weeks old. We use tap water on our wipes. No “wipe solutions” of any kind. We have not had any problems with diaper rash since we moved to cloth diapers and wipes 5 weeks ago. Hands down, our favorite are the Grovia wipes. Here is the breakdown:Charlie Banana: Our least favorite of the bunch. When we bought these, the price was $17.99 for 20 organic cotton wipes. This seemed like a great value for 20 wipes! However, the cloth is a thin jersey type cotton (like thin tee-shirt material). The weave on these wipes actually repels liquids. With the other wipes, I just wet the stack under the tap and then load the stack into the wipe warmer. These wipes will not absorb water this way. I have to load the dry wipes in the warmer and then fill the warmer with water and they very slowly absorb the water over a few hours. It is a pain. Secondly, the cloth sticks to itself when wet. They are folded in half to fit in the warmer and pulling one out of the warmer and unfolding it requires two hands or a strong one-handed flick which sprays water droplets around the bathroom. Both of which are annoying when holding a squirming baby on the changing pad. Because the material is so thin, it does not hold heat from the warmer for very long, though it is usually adequate. Lastly, the material does not grab goo as well as the other two and we use more wipes per diaper change. The Grovia and babykicks usually get the job done with one wipe.Babykicks: Our mid-favorite. $14.50 for 10 organic cotton wipes at the time of purchase. The material is the same material found in cotton sweatpants; flannel texture on one side and a jersey knit texture on the other side. These are the smallest wipes of the lot so you have to be a bit more careful not to get your hands into poo. I also don’t care for the circular shape. Folded in half, they also fit nicely in our wipe warmer. Unlike the Charlie banana, these absorb water and baby stuff just fine. The fabric texture is grabby, but still soft on baby’s skin. They sometimes unfold themselves as we pull them out of the warmer, but they often need a little help.Grovia: The hands down winner! $10.95 for a dozen at the time of my purchase. 12 are a perfect fit in the warmer when folded in half. The thick baby-terry cloth absorbs water and baby goo beautifully. They unfold out the the warmer perfectly everytime. No flicking or extra hand needed. Because they are a polyester blend, they do not stain. This is a nice plus. They hold the heat from the warmer the best of the three and our baby loves the warm/soft feeling of these wipes. The terry is very soft and fine (baby-terry) and it grabs goo beautifully. We never need more then one of these per diaper change. The only drawback to these is the surged-edge fraying that other reviewers have also noted, however, these are still our hands down favorite.I am ordering more of the Grovia and tossing the Charlie Banana and Babykicks into the rag bucket.

Dena Whitmore, CA

Nice alternative to terry cloth wipes

I am new to cloth diapering, and this is the 3rd brand of cloth wipes have tried. So far, they are my favorite. They are 55% hemp, 45% organic cotton, which is unique to these wipes. They seem to be thin, single ply, but not thin enough that your hands will get messy. The textured side is soft and the smooth side is sort of like t-shirt material. These are holding up better for me than the other two brands. The only “down side” is that they are circles, not rectangles – so you may not be able to use them inside traditional wipe containers, in a wipe warmer, etc. That doesn’t bother me.

Geneva Westby, MT

Love these — so soft!

I got the assorted colors and use them with warm tap water. I use a wet one to clean the area and another dry one to pat the skin dry. They work great! The smooth side wipes off really well. The other side is fuzzy and soft and so absorbent, perfect for drying off. I’ve even set aside a few to use as washcloths in the bathtub, they’re the perfect size for washing the baby’s face, hands and feet. The colors are really tasteful. I love that it’s 100% organic cotton, great for my baby and for the environment. The baby loves them too!

Twila Fulton, SD

not too bad

The baby cloths are good but they are kind of small. I was more concerned about the price of cloths because some seem to be overly priced. For the price and the amount you get its a good deal. When dealing with spit up its hard to catch it all in one cloth and that’s the only thing negative I can say.

Kristin Westport, SD

Not helpful for us

I purchased these after my daughter had diaper rash and I read a bunch of reviews suggesting them. Perhaps I wasn’t using them right, but they weren’t particularly helpful for me. They didn’t clean well enough that I was comfortable using them alone, and they didn’t stay soft after multiple washes. I ended up just going directly to bath time after a poo and otherwise rinsing her under the sink upon changing.

Andrea Cluster Springs, VA

Absorbent and soft

We have a mishmash of types of baby washcloths we use for diaper wipes and these are by far the most sturdy and the softest. They cost more than the rest but are longer lasting and of much better quality. Except in the most extreme blowouts just one cloth does the trick. We should have registered for more!

Tessa Lyons, CO

So much better than regular wipes!

I’m not sure why, but I can clean a poopy but with ONE of these wipes instead of the 2 or 4 I have to use with regular wipes. They are durable, attractive and WORK! I love the slightly rough side for sticky business and of course the very soft side for gentle wiping – these are wonderful and would also work great a little washclothes.

Lidia Paulina, LA

So versatile – Keep 2 in every bag

I love these little wipes. I use them as mini burping cloths, as a mini pee tent, and for clean up after breast pumping sessions. Compact, soft, absorbent, and not such an overwhelming size that baby is engulfed. I also purchased the Thirsties wipes and these are much thicker and more absorbent.

Isabella Stratton, CO

Good Cloth Wipes

We own about 60 of these cloth wipes and really like them. We switched to cloth wipes when my son got his first diaper rash as a newborn. It didn’t go away until we got rid of the disposable wipes and switched to cloth. I’ve had a hard time finding cloth wipes and ended up buying a bunch of these. I’ve been happy with them. They’re a nice size and a nice, soft texture. So far, they’ve been holding up very well. Some people have complained about the size of the tag – I guess it is kinda large, but honestly, I never really noticed. The only thing that has kept me from giving this product 5 stars is that they did shrink a lot the first time I washed them. It hasn’t really been an issue as they’re still a good size, but do keep in mind that they’ll shrink.

Dayna Cornwall, PA

Small and Absorbent.

I really liked these, even though I don’t feel as if they were a necessity for me. My only complaint is that bc we hang dry our laundry, they were always a bit crusty or hard (that’s my own fault for not having a dryer). But they are a nice convenient size for stuffing into pockets and bags for inevitable baby/kid messes. Thick and absorbent. Too small if you’re looking for one of those drool cloths that you can hang over your shoulder (check the sizing), but perfect for wrapping a pacifier or wiping a wet mouth!

Mandy Deshler, OH

From baby to mommy– these wipes are good for everything!

I have been wanting to try these wipes for a long time now, and finally took the plunge to get them. I wanted to use them primarily as wipes for baby but have ended up using them for much more! They are my absolute favorite washcloth for washing baby. They are soft but also have enough strength to them that they can gently scrub off dirt and food from my baby’s face. I also love having a stack of them in the bathroom for myself to use. I dip them in coconut oil as the perfect make-up remover at the end of the day. I’ve even used these wipes to wipe down the tub/shower! They are a really nice size and shape, allowing for so many uses. A lot of wipes are too small to get the job done or too big to be convenient to use. These wipes are perfect! They wash up beautifully and are durable while remaining soft. I can’t say enough about these wipes! I am constantly impressed by Babykicks products!

Gertrude Caledonia, MN

very good over all

We have tried 3 different kinds of wipes and these are the winners so far. They roll up nice so we can pack the wipe warmer. They are soft enough for young skin yet grabby enough to get gooey infant poop off. We rarely need more than one wipe. They hold up better than the wipes that came with the Prince Lion Heart Warmer which fray. The FuzziBunz are too soft and stained. I gave the Baby Kicks 4 stars because they don’t hold the heat from the wipe warmer very well. We will keep buying these. Cloth wipes are also much better than disposable wipes. We can use one cloth wipe and get the job done. We use disposables on the go and always need more than one. Rubbing a baby’s bottom with a cold piece of wet paper is not ideal. We love our cloth wipes.

Amy Fort Gratiot, MI

Love these wipes!

These wipes work so much better than disposable wipes. I used to have to use so many wipes to clean my daughter up, but with these I only need 1 or 2. They work with warm water, or sometimes I use a California Baby spray. They are comfortable and have one soft side and one that is more textured for getting stuck on poo. They are also great multi-purpose wipes and can be used as a wash cloth, or even to dust your house. The label was not a big issue, but it would be better for them to print their logo on the cloth because it can get in the way.

Lucinda Shinhopple, NY

I use as washcloths

I love these – use them as washcloths for baths. I have washed and dried many times and they are holding up well. Would recommend.

Deena Surry, VA

Durable and Absorbent

I don’t know how I have managed not to stain these yet, they’ve done some pretty hard work and always wash clean. I think they get even softer with every wash. They have managed to stay together really well, a few loose threads, and they are about as big as my hand. Sometimes I think I’d like them to be a little bigger, but other times I think they’re just perfect at this size. One side is velvety soft and one side is less plush for… um… scrubbing. I go through the 10 in about a week. If you’re going to do cloth wipes, these are awesome. I could do without the tag – but, I haven’t cut the tags off the ones I have.

Bette Camp Dennison, OH

Nice organic baby wipes

These baby wipes are pretty cool to have because you can use them for all sorts of wiping up a baby and then wash them so you can re-use them – Green!! yes they are green! No tossing these out. The only little negative thing is that the tag on each one is sort of big as you can tell by the picture but other than that they are super wonderful to use. They are soft and gentle.

Bernadette Winterville, NC

Great Wipes

We’ve used these for the past two weeks with our newborn. They are great. We just get them wet in warm water from the sink and wipe down the babe. One wipe is plenty for most diaper changes for our newborn. They are useful for many other things as well–burp cloths, wash cloths, sponge baths, etc. We ended up with 40 wipes, which I think is a good number to prevent running out of them. The bright colors are nice. My spouse especially likes that they don’t have to be unfolded prior to use, just picked up off the top of the stack.

Polly Keene, OH

Great purchase

I registered for these wipes and the Thirsties wipes, and I like each for different reasons. The Thirsties wipes are much softer and thicker; however, the Babykicks wipes have a textured surface that helps during some messy diaper changes. I only gave them four stars because the serged stitching has been coming undone on many of the wipes. They aren’t completely coming undone, but there are loose strings that I need to cut off. Also, I can only use one side of the wipe it seems, the other side seems too rough for use. The Thirsties wipes are the same fabric on both sides. I am glad I registered for both wipes, but if I need more wipes I will be getting more Thirsties or maybe some itti bitt wipes because I hear good reviews for those as well.

Laverne Eagleville, MO

Use as Nursing Pads

I actually ended up using these as nursing pads. Nothing else was working and one day I just tried them out on a whim, and they are fantastic for sleeping! I fold in half and tuck in and I’m dry all night! Can’t speak to them as wipes, though, never actually used them. 🙂

Connie Martinsville, MO

Buy 2 packs!

Buy 2 packs. You’ll need them. I have these guys in my sons room, my room, the living room, our car, the diaper bag, and one in the car seat for good luck. Spit up happens. These soak it right up. Easy to clean. Can never have too many!

Beryl New Offenburg, MO

great wipes

Very happy with these wipes. They wash and dry well, and one wipe does the job, even messy jobs. I keep them in a Prince Lionheart warmer and they fit perfectly (folded and rolled). I just wet them with water and use a diaper spray on his bum if needed. Most times water is all we need!

Paula Guys Mills, PA


These are great wipes. I have these and GMD ones. I like these just as much if not better than the GMD ones. Soft, but scruffy enough to be good at wiping. They’re also a very nice size.

Stacy Mount Union, IA

Great wipes!

My son has very sensitive skin and eczema, so we have been looking for a very soft wipe. I’ve been hesitant to buy online without being able to feel it first, but I went ahead and bought it anyway. I’m glad I did because these are the softest cloth wipes we’ve ever had. My son loves them! I got the assorted colors because we have a baby coming in the summer and don’t know if it will be another boy or a girl. It came with 5 wipes, 2 of each red, green, blue, 1 pink, 1 white, 1 purple and 1 yellow. The only reason I gave it 4 and not 5 stars is because the tag can get in the way at first, but it doesn’t take long to figure out how to maneuver around it. I do think Babykicks should reconsider the tag being so large, or possibly print the tag information onto the product in the same place instead.UPDATE: Almost two years later, I am updating this from 4 to 5 stars because they are still soft! They are very clean and not stained after being used on two boys. My little girl will be here next year and we’ll be using them on her as well. I cut the tags off of them after about a week, so that it wasn’t an issue with them getting in the way anymore. I don’t really see that as a big deal and I’m not sure why I thought it was before. It took 2 seconds to just snip them right off. I love these wipes!

Morgan Riverside, OR

Good but not Great

Cute wipes, pretty soft but the tag is huge and rough plus they shrunk dramatically when I washed them for the first time. I would recommend Thirsties Fab wipes…they are so much better and extremely gentle.

Gayle Giddings, TX