BabyKicks Natural & Organic 10 Pack Baby Wipes, Blue

BabyKicks Natural & Organic 10 Pack Baby Wipes, Blue

The BabyKicks Hemparoo Washies (Wipes) are made with the same hemp fleece as our prefolds and are a staple for every diaper stash. One side is soft and fluffy for gentle cleansing and the other has more texture for easy and thorough cleanup of the unavoidable messy diaper. These versatile wipes are also perfect for cleaning little hands and faces after dinner, in the bathtub, or even grandpa’s glasses and camera lenses. With their generous size and oval shape it is impossible to go wrong with BabyKicks Washies. Keep a pile of these on your changing table along with a spray bottle containing diluted Dr. Bronner’s for a gentle, economical cleanup. Toss into the diaper pail and wash with the diapers.

Main features

  • Handmade with soft natural hemp and certified organic cotton fleece
  • Use as baby wash clothes and to clean little hands and faces
  • Perfect wipes when using cloth diapers
  • Gentle on sensitive skin
  • Great gift for baby showers
  • Gentle on sensitive skin, naturally antimicrobial

Verified reviews


Fuzzy pills stick to my baby’s skin

These wipes are very soft, but the fleece pills and they don’t wipe off any wetness. I use a bum spray to help get my baby clean and these wipes are the opposite of useful–they leave little fuzzy pills stuck to my baby’s bottom and it’s almost impossible to pick them off, even using my finger nails. I have some plain flannel wipes that I absolutely love and are super reasonably priced (Reusable Flannel (15) Baby Wipes 100% Cotton Bleached and Unbleached (Unbleached)), and could probably make myself or find a friend to make really easily–just cut up soft, quality flannel and serge the edges. These ones are just not worth the money.

Dayna Amagansett, NY

Giving as a gift

These wipes are HUGE – I can totally see the parents I am giving these to – using them a lot and not just for booty clean up! Makes a great addition to any baby shower gift. Very soft thick fabric, I love the fact they are eco friendly too!

Holly Farmington, IA

Great wipes

These wipes are great. We got them when we switched to cloth diapers. They are soft, 100% organic, recycled, and made in the USA. They washed well too. They are cute with the blue stitching around the edge.Since these diapers are made of Hemp they are VERY durable. And are still very soft after washing. We have found that hemp has a certain smell when it is wet though, and baby wipes are usually wet. I use them all the time, but don’t like the smell of wet hemp.

Marguerite Moore Haven, FL

great product

good quality, one side softer than the other, just the oval shape doesn’t help for storage (never know how to fold them!)

Esmeralda Sligo, PA

not sure why ppl have issues with the tag…

i just received these wipes in pink, i purchased 2 of the packs based on user reviews. i do intend to use these as both wipes and washcloths. the size is perfect, any bigger and they would get in the way, all over the place. the size is perfect to wipe the bum a few times..or to use for sponge baths and first sink baths. a lot of ppl seemed to mind the tag, and when i ordered them, i assumed they would be huge, whereas in fact they are not too cumbersome at all. they are about 1/2 inch wide on each wipe. mine had a tag on each wipe. they are located on the bottom of the long end, so u can easily work around it. and once the child is about 2 months old, they arent so sensitive and wont even be bothered if the soft tag brushes against their toosh. all in all, i would definatly recommend these. one side is rougher, im guessing it makes it easier to wipe up mess from #2, whereas the soft side iss just for a wipedown. i use my own wipe/bath solution using cetaphil, baby oil, and water. just a squirt of the first 2 and fill the rest of the squirt bottle with water. after openning the diaper, just squirt a few times, and wipe. easy. i gave this 4 stars only because i sort of wished the company would make a slightly darker color…perhaps a khaki or brown. just a bit more appealing with the pink or blue sttitching. also they shrink very slightly in the wash, so that was another point lost for these wipes. but i still would buy again if needed to.oh! one more thing, these arent perfect circles, they are elongated…which is better than what i expected! gives u more surface area to use when wiping!***UPDATE***I’ve been using these wipes for about a month and a half and found them useful for EVERYTHING!!! I use some as wipes, some as washcloths, and a few are designated as cloth diaper liners to use during rash time, or jjust to make cloth diaper clean up easier! cheapest cloth diaper liner u can find!

Letha Frederick, IL

Great wipes, easily washable, super absorbant

We have been using these wipes now for about a week. Our son is in the Bum Genius cloth diapers and he’s 20 days old today. We have a six year old and we didn’t use cloth with her. These wipes are very soft, super absorbent, and wash great. After washing a couple of times, they actually appear to be BETTER than when they were newer. They are also the PERFECT SIZE. We spray each wipe with witch hazel and then wipe him off. I have yet to have to use more than one wipe for any of his diaper changes. I can’t recommend these enough. Hope you enjoy them as much as we are!

Jennifer Rices Landing, PA

Cute and functional!

These wipes are great for bath as well as diaper changes. A little rougher than some organic cotton velour wipes we use, but still great size as well as texture. Reason for three stars instead of five: THE LABEL!!! It is large, gets in the waywhen trying to wipe baby, and impossible to remove without compromising beauty and function of the wipes. We really wish these came without any label.

April Wendel, CA

Great Cloth Wipe

I use these daily with thePrince Lionheart Warmies Wipes Warmer. They are so much nicer on my hands and my son’s bottom than the disposable wipes. They are also thicker than disposable wipes, so they make cleaning messy diapers much nicer. I use them with a simple water, baby bath soap, and olive oil mixture, which gets the clean-up job done great. I wash them on hot with a little stain remover as a pre-wash and they come out with no stains.

Marquita Avoca, MI

Using them for 2 years now

We started using these with our first daughter. We purchased 4 packs: 2 packs of cream and two packs of pink. One color is to pat dry her after diaper changes and another color is used to wash her face. Well made product. They are washed every week, sometimes twice a week and have held up for two years now. They are so soft for the delicate areas. Yes there is a tag on one side, but we don’t use that side. This has been a staple for us and has transitioned with her from infant to toddler. We recently purchased 2 new packs for our new addition and the quality is even better than before.

Hallie Cadott, WI

Use for cleaning and they do a good job

I use these wipes for cleaning my son in the morning. I use them with warm water (or camomile and jojoba oil which I make and put in a little spray bottle) and wipe his face, hands and toes and then throw them in the wash and so far they are holding out nicely with the every day use. They are very soft and seems to last very nicely. Super good for taking on the road to clean faces and hands with a little water or camomile/jojoba oil mix (wipes can cause allergy and often contain perfume and should really never be used on baby’s face).

Bianca Bates, OR

Great product, especially for the eco-friendly.

My husband and I love these reusable wipes. We use them in conjunction with the California Baby Diaper Wash. There is a different texture on either side of the wipes (helps with different types of diaper messes). The wipes are soft and the tags are very easy to work around. They also wash up really nice.

Ora Venus, FL

Stain Easily

I purchased these for use with my Prince LionHeart Wipes Warmer, which is designed to be used with reusable cloth wipes. My Prince LionHeart cloth bamboo wipes didn’t hold up well after washing, so I decided to give these a try after seeing the wonderful reviews on Amazon. Unlike the Prince LionHeart wipes, the BabyKicks are still going strong after frequent use and wash; however, they stain easily. All of them are discolored from baby’s dirty diapers. The Prince LionHeart wipes looked like new after every wash, but began to fall apart, which is why I decided to replace them. So… if you intend to use these on baby’s bottom, be prepared that they will look pretty gross before long!

Alejandra Bud, WV

decent wipes!

nice and soft (one one side) for wiping my boys hands, face and bottom. they do curl a little bit after washing, but it does not bother me.

Shari Stonington, CT


These are the first reusable baby wipes I have used and they are ok. At first I thought they were super soft, but one wash roughed them up a bit. I still use them but not as much as I thought I would.

Enid Big Flat, AR

great wipes

We use cloth diapers & these wash up easily with the diapers. They are really soft and I can use one of these wipes on a diaper change that for me would otherwise require 3 disposable wipes.

Rosalyn Braidwood, IL


These wipes are great and inexpensive compared to others. The tags are annoying and the stitching is a little sloppy, but who cares? They are just awesome, soft wipes.

Toni Gilchrist, TX

Great baby wipes

I love these, they are great well made wipes for baby. These can be used as small burp cloths, diapering wipes for early weeks when disposable wipes are not recommended, or as baby washcloths. I feel more comfortable that they are made from safer greener materials as well and love the fact that they are made in the USA! I would definitely recommend a pack or two of these to any new parents. This also makes a great shower/registry gift!

Angelica Heidenheimer, TX

Great product

Very soft, nice size for a wipe. Will purchase more if needed. Should work well as washcloths as well. Nice product.

Greta Livermore, KY

decided to use disposable wipes, but these are still handy

in our failed attempt to cloth diaper and cloth wipe-her, we ended up not using these as intended, but they have still been great as little spit up cleaners and booger wipers. they’ve washed well and yes, the roll up a little on the ends, but that’s not a problem nor does it affect the products absorbency or integrity. we like these just fine. they could even be used as smaller washcloths…we just have a ton of baby washcloths so don’t need more but point being, they could serve multiple purposes.

Marie Cornell, WI

Work Great!

These wipes work great! I did not want to use disposible wipes and was thrilled when I found these. They are soft and wash well. I just rinse them out after each use and put them in the diaper pail with the dirty cloth diapers, then wash them all together. The only design flaw is the tag. It is rough and big so you have to be careful not to wipe Baby with it. I eventually cut all the tags off since they were in the way. If the tags were designed differently, I would be thrilled. But I would recommend them to anyone as is.

Chris West Jordan, UT

Babykicks Review

My wife and I purchased our cloth wipes to replace disposable ones. So far, through 4 washes they continue to look like new and absorb really well. Two different textures also helps with cleanup. We use them with a Bootycube solution and keep them in a plastic container.

Hillary Wells, ME

Great wipes

These have been great wipes. I do agree that the tag is cumbersome, but not hard to clip off. The only reason I only gave four stars was because I was able to make wipes out of cheap flannel and those have been my favorite cloth wipes. But if you’re not able to make your own, I would definately recommend these!

Elena Prudence Island, RI

Perfect for those who are cloth diapering!

I love these wipes! They are amazingly soft, but yet easily clean up messy newborn stools. I know one reviewer commented on the tags getting in the way. I do sort of wish they weren’t there, but they don’t bother me too much – and they definitely wouldn’t deter me from buying these. I also like these better than other cloths I have tried. I feel they are worth the money. It is so much easier to just use these and throw everything into the diaper pail at once – and they should make up their cost within a couple months. I had purchased 3 packs of these, but since they are large and work well, I could have gotten by with 2 packs as I wash diapers every 1 – 2 days.

Ann Blue River, KY

Perfect for Baby Wipes

We use these for cloth wipes and they are perfect! They are really soft and absorbent. So far, we only need one wipe per diaper change. That may change as she gets older but for now, they are the perfect size. We also use them to bathe her. You can’t beat the price, too!

Stacey Cochecton, NY

I love BabyKicks

I love BabyKicks in general. These wipes are a great shape and size. They take about 5 washing before they reach their maximum absorbency. Don’t be surprised if they don’t seem very absorbent at first. AND they put a tag on every single wipe and this is strange. I really don’t like having a tag on every wipe. I should just cut them off, but I’ve learned to live with it. I bought two packs for myself and a pack for a friend as a shower gift. If you do cloth diapers exclusively and want to know how many to buy, I would buy at least 3 package of these to start with (that would be 30). My friend uses these in a wipes warmer, but I just use a squeeze bottle with a water/Burt’s Bee soap solution and wet the wipe as needed. Great product.

Jasmine Mc Mechen, WV

Great wipes! You’ll never want to use disposables again!

I never thought that I would be using cloth wipes. I really thought that is where I would draw the line with our eco-friendly earth crunchiness. I was totally on board with cloth diapering, but for some reason, cloth wipes initially grossed me out. It didn’t take me long to convert to cloth. I felt so wasteful tossing several wipes into the trash can after every change. I ordered several bundles of these, and we’ve never looked back. They’re great– they’re the perfect size, and we use 2-4 per change, and then just toss them in with our diaper laundry. We keep a Thermos with warm water on the changing table, and a little plastic dish. We dunk them, ring them out, wipe her, then toss the dirty wipe in the diaper pail with the rest of the diaper laundry. They’re natural hemp, very absorbent, soft to the bum, and they’re made in the USA. They’re way more absorbent than disposables, and you feel like there is a much thicker barrier between you and your baby’s poop. 🙂 They’re also great for cleaning spit-up incidents or using them as washcloths.My only complaints are 1) You have to prep them, otherwise they won’t be absorbent, and 2) The thread at the edges unravels after minimal use. I don’t really care so much about the latter issue (I can just snip the straggling threads off), but the first one is a slight pain in the rear. If you’re not using cloth diapers, or if you wash these separate from your cloth diapers, it’s not an issue. But if you are planning on using these wipes in connection with your cloth diapering laundry, you have to make sure these are washed SEVERAL times and prepped, so that the oils from the natural fibers don’t get onto your diapers and cause them to repel moisture. I wish BabyKicks would send these pre-prepped and then I would whole-heartedly give these 5 stars!

Arline Millwood, GA

great wipes but the tag is annoying

Small problem – these wipes work great but there is a rather large tag on each wipe that I find annoying. The tag always seems to be in the way. I tried cutting one off but then I have that abrasive edge. Other than the tag I agree with all the above – launder great, wipe swell, soft (except that darn tag). some of the other wipes I order did not have a tag on each wipe.

Vera Great Barrington, MA