BabyKicks Premium Cloth Diaper Snap Closure, White

BabyKicks Premium Cloth Diaper Snap Closure, White

The ultimate cloth diaper featuring our most innovative designs. An incredibly thin and trim one size cloth diaper with a luxurious velour inner lining that ensures only the softest fibers touch baby’s most sensitive areas. A microfleece barrier and special fleece leg gussets stop leaks and hold messes in while allowing airflow to help prevent diaper rash. The front stuffing pocket helps you avoid messes and the waterproof cover makes this diaper easy and convenient to use. Long lasting Side Snaps are easily customized for the perfect fit, are harder for toddlers to undo, and ultimate wing droop. Also available with easy to use Hook and Loop, this diaper is loved by beginners and experts alike.

Main features

  • One size diaper fits 7 to 40 pounds, unbeatable quality and value
  • One size JoeyBunz hemp insert and separate stay dry liner included
  • Air Gussets allow air flow to combat rashes
  • Extra Wing snap keeps the diaper in place when used on a newborn and doubles up as a closure when the diaper is soiled
  • Easy to clean (rinse, soak, hot wash, double rinse); Daddy and daycare friendly

Verified reviews


Great Improvements!

BabyKicks cloth diapers are some of the trimmest pocket diapers I have found. The Premium cloth diaper is just as trim as their previous version, the 3G, but it has some great upgrades. They changed the inner fabric to a super soft velour which doesn’t pill up the same way the fabric in the 3G did. So far this diaper has held up really well for me. The BabyKicks 3G premium diaper also comes with a removable stay dry liner, which I really like because I prefer to use stay dry diapers at night. The fleece gussets are nice and soft and they are a feature that I haven’t seen on any other brands. I think this is a great diaper, especially if you are looking for a diaper made out of natural materials (it comes with a very absorbent hemp insert).

Letitia Waimanalo, HI

Super trim and absorbent

This diaper is amazing. I has the softest PUL I have ever felt. The bamboo velour inner has got to be the most luxurious fabric ever made. If you prefer a stay dry diaper they do include a fleece liner, we have never used it but it does feel very soft. The side snaps make getting a great fit really easy and make it hard for our little girl to undo the snaps herself. This is one of the few diapers we use for overnight. The hemp insert is super absorbent and we do not have to add a doubler. We have never had a leak. I love that it is front stuffing, it makes unstuffing a messy diaper super easy. This diaper is also very trim and fits under all our daughters clothes. I was sent this diaper for review.

Rosa Orgas, WV

Trim, absorbent diaper with added reusable liner.

Good pocket diaper. Currently I use three types of pocket diapers – bumgenius 4.0 (microfiber inserts), fuzzibunz pockets (microfiber inserts), and these.Pros:Very trim, sleek fit. Adjustable. Even when I double the inserts, it is still pretty trim.The hemp inserts are extremely absorbent and become more absorbent over time (as opposed tomicrofiber, which lose absorbency over time).They throw in a reusable fleece liner – which is a nice touch.Lovely vibrant colors. Soft exterior. My favorite diapers to look at.Will eventually become a training pant (my favorite things about pockets).Cons:After several washings, the interior lining is a bit rough. I imagine it won’t be too comfortable for baby – but the included liner mitigates the situation. Need to call Babykicks to see if this is a laundry issue – which it should not be, since I use liquid detergent).Rise seems a little on the low size for my baby – who started using these diapers at 18 months. They seem a little tight on his chunky thighs. I am not sure how much use I will get out of them for this baby … but it will get used for the next one.If you use diaper cream, liner needs to be washed separately. Bit of a pain to manage. But you kind of have to use cloth liners if the interior gets a little rough.

Tamera Fredonia, PA

Great **Updated** BabyKicks Pocket Diaper!

I love my BabyKicks diapers. I agree with other reviewers and say that like all other diapers, they may not work for every baby. If your baby is on the average size, or in my sons case, tall and skinny, they work beautifully. With all cloth diapers (and clothes, etc.) it takes a little trial and error to find which styles fit your child best. I also believe that you can have different diapers for different uses (bedtime only diapers, out and about diapers, diapers for daddy only, etc.). You do not have to have a stash of only one brand! I think this completely limits you! The BabyKicks diaper deserves a place in your stash.I am a huge fan of the original BabyKicks pocket and love the premium version. The difference is that the premium version comes with a stay-dry liner that you place into the diaper between the baby and the shell. The liner helps keep baby dry and makes removing poops easier! While I like the addition, it is not completely necessary in my opinion. The fabric on the inside of the diaper is also different and an improvement. It’s very soft.Here is some general information on why I love BabyKicks diapers and highly recommend there to be at least a few in your stash. My son is very active, was an early mover in general, and needed a diaper that was not bulky or constraining. We have Bum Genius and Fuzzibunz (amongst many others) in hour stash, and while we like them, they do tend to be bulky and fit rather “boxy.” If you have to add absorbancy (which I did around the 9 month mark), they just get bulkier and boxier. I found that they stopped fitting well under some of his clothes, especially since he was starting to wear more “real clothes” and less one-piece layette items. I also didn’t like that many of my other diapers came with junky microfiber inserts that are less absorbent, more likely to leak, made out of country, and prone to stink.Babykicks diapers come with amazing hemp inserts that get more and more absorbent the more you wash them. The combination of trim fit, hemp inserts, and fleece gussets, means that my baby is getting plenty of air on his bum and he is able to wear even the trimmest jeans with no problems. The BabyKicks pocket was a perfect fit for my son in that they are just as absorbent as other diapers in a much trimmer package. He does leak occasionally (but this happened in all his diapers, not just BK’s), especially when he is sitting for an extended period of time (in carseat, restaurant, stroller, etc)– but this does not mean that the diaper is faulty, but simply means it was time for me to add a little absorbancy by putting in a doubler (Joey Bunz). The BabyKicks pockets take a little practice stuffing, but are worth it in my opinion since they enable my toddler more comfort under his clothes. The bright colors are great. My only wish is that they had some fun, vibrant prints to choose from! This is a great go-to diaper. If you generally purchase liners in addition to your diapers, than this diaper is for you– if you do not use liners, than the original BabyKicks pocket will suit your needs best.

Bertie Stillwater, NY

A Standout Pocket Diaper

I have been using the BabyKicks Basic Pocket Diaper for a while now and just recently have tried the Premium diaper.What I love about both the premium and basic is that they are super absorbent and super trim. These diapers fit my chunky legged baby great – they don’t leave any red marks and are not bulky under her clothes. While I do like the basic diaper, this one really does feel like it’s a “premium” diaper.Here are the things that make the premium diaper premium: It’s all about the materials.All natural fibers – the lining is organic bamboo velour. It is so soft! I have washed the diaper about 6 times so far and it always comes out of the dryer soft.It comes with a fleece liner, but I don’t feel the need to use it with this diaper. (I do use the liner with other diapers I have though, like the Babykicks fitted diaper which is not as soft of material and I leave her in it longer). This diaper has a hemp insert vs hemp/microfiber blend.The fleece gussets I like because they are extra soft around my baby’s chubby thighs and I do like that it makes for a more breathable diaper. She doesn’t get diaper rash anymore, but I still like the idea. We have not had any leaks from the gussets at all, even with a really wet diaper.Overall I really love this diaper and find myself excited to use this one in my stash.

Hallie Salton City, CA

Great diaper

This is a nice diaper. Very trim..and organic. Cute colors (though limited which is part of why it gets 4 stars). I have the older version and this version. The new version is easier to stuff and has an interior that dties faste than the old version. I would get more of these but they are made in China and I prefer to support companies who manufacter in the USA. To this companies credit, they do make most of their other products in the US. The wings are backwards from most diapers.

Dolly Waukomis, OK

Not as absorbent as I hoped

I bought these diapers for my toddler (35 lbs) because I was looking for a trim diaper that did not fit too tight on her chubby legs. The design is great and they are much trimmer than my other diapers but the absorbency is just not there. I followed the prep instructions and used them with the included insert during the day. After only 2-3 hours, they were wet all the way through, onto her clothes. My other pocket diapers hold an average of 5 hours, if she hasn’t pooped. The next day I decided to try them at night and added my trusted g-diaper hemp insert as a doubler. Within 6 hours, the diapers leaked throughout the cover and I had to change her, the pajamas and the bed sheets. I don’t have this issue with my Charlie Bananas or my trusted nighttime routine of a Kissaluv fitted with a Flip cover. Both last from 10-12 hours (her usual sleep time). SO, overall, the diapers are trim, they fit nicely on a chunky toddler, but they just don’t hold as long as my other pocket diapers. Disappointing!

Andrea San Miguel, CA

leaky diaper

when I first saw these I thought great a nice trim diaper and it was very cute and trim but what’s the point when it leaks after one pee? this became the last diaper I go to and only use it at home. I originally thought it would be nice to have it when we go out since it’s not bulky under clothes but that didn’t work my baby ends up soaked though before we ever get anywhere and it’s very hard to add any doubler because of the size of the pocket. and the size isn’t great either my baby is 8 months old and he is on the last set of snaps he is about 23lbs and it says diaper will fit up to 35lbs which isn’t true. when I first saw these I added a bunch of them to my baby registry and now I removed all of I would not recommend these to anyone.

Janelle Mc Graw, NY