BabyKicks Set of 3 Nursing Pads, Fleece

BabyKicks Set of 3 Nursing Pads, Fleece

The BabyKicks Hemparoo Fleece Nursing Pads are made with our signature hemp fleece/certified organic cotton blend to provide you with great leak protection and comfort.

Main features

  • natural hemp 55%/certified organic cotton 45%
  • Made in US
  • Handmade in the USA
  • Prevent leaking with our super absorbent, thin and luxurious hemp fleece nursing pads
  • 45 ” in diameter (will shrink a bit after initial wash), made out of 3 layers of Hemp Fleece, our most absorbent hemp material, for great protection
  • Each 3 pack features 6 individual nursing pads
  • Hand Made in the USA with Certified Organic Cotton

Verified reviews


soft and comfy but leak through when used over night

These are very soft and although they show through , I don’t care because I just wear them at night. I have been lucky that I don’t have much of a leaking problem except for over night. So if you are someone that produces a lot of milk and leak all the time you may want to find something more absorbent.

Janet Felt, OK

ok for use at home

I like to use reusable washable nursing pads at home, since they are softer than disposables & more comfortable. Like other reusable pads, I won’t wear them away from home because they could leak through, and they are more bulky and so can be seen through my clothing. These are soft, but the fleece tended to leave lint stuck onto my skin if it wasn’t completely dry–yuck for baby! For that reason I prefer the jersey version of these pads.

Dena Shermans Dale, PA


I ordered these as my nipples were sore and I wanted a soft breast pad. After washing, these are not soft. I prefer my cotton breast pads. Also, the care for these involve many steps and not worth the effort. I bought more cotton pads to replace these. They also can stick to your nipple if your nipple is slightly damp and can leave fuzz.

Victoria Natural Bridge, VA

very absorbent, super soft

ive tried other cloth pads and these are my favorite! you have to put them through the wash a few times to get the ‘lint’ off and natural oils out so that it absorbs properly. they do shrink a little bit (to be expected with wool) but they were still a good size for me (a C cup). they do take a long time to dry, and i find after i run my whites, the rest of the clothes are dry but these are still slightly damp. i lay them out to finish drying and that does the trick.

Marie Manito, IL

Pretty good

These work really well for me. They are soft, a good size, and have never leaked for me. I don’t typically go longer than about 3 hours to nurse or pump, and I’m not a heavy leaker.I do have a few complaints though. First they do shrink to ovals… not so much of an issue but odd. They get bunched up in the wash. It is fairly simple to fix by laying them out flat and placing something heavy on them. I also find that they tend to shed, and I almost always have to remove fibers from my nipples before feeding. You also need to wash them a few times to achieve peak absorbency.Overall I prefer the BabyKicks jersey pads. Though these are more absorbent, I find those are more comfortable and are absorbent enough for my needs.

Eula Dulac, LA

Decent nursing pads

Like another reviewer said, these nursing pads change from circles to ovals after washed & dried a few times. I haven’t found that it affects their performance, but it is interesting.They are definitely more absorbant than the cotton/jersey pads I have. And, similar to cloth diapers, they need to be washed and dried a few times to remove natural oils from the fabric and reach maximum absorbancy.

Hattie Noble, IL

Best washable nursing pads I’ve found.

These are by far the best washable nursing pads I’ve found so far. I am a rather heavy leaker, so it’s been a challenge to find washable pads that work, but I can’t stand the idea of throwing away all those disposable nursing pads. These aren’t perfect (they definitely aren’t invisible under a thin bra or nursing tank, but I have yet to find anything that is), but they contain leaks very well and feel nice against the skin. I like them enough that I’m planning to order a few more sets.

Brianna Navarre, FL

thick, leak easily

these pads are very thick and tend to leak easily. all moisture leaks right through once the pad is saturated, it acts more like a sponge. i still use them at night, but have to change them often, they are my last resort for washable pads.

Loretta Colchester, IL