BabyKicks Set of 3 Nursing Pads, Jersey

BabyKicks Set of 3 Nursing Pads, Jersey

The BabyKicks Hemparoo Jersey Nursing Pads offer discrete leak protection. They are thin and absorbent, so you can feel confident anywhere.

Main features

  • natural hemp 55%/certified organic cotton 45%
  • Made in US
  • Handmade in the USA
  • Prevent leaking with our super absorbent, super thin hemp jersey nursing pads
  • 45 ” in diameter (will shrink a bit after initial wash), made out of 5 layers of Hemp Jersey (less than 3/16″ thick)
  • Each 3 pack features 6 individual nursing pads
  • Hand Made in the USA with Certified Organic Cotton

Verified reviews


Big pads!

I am giving these as a gift, I hope they will like them. They are very large pads and very soft. I could even see smaller chested ladies folding them for double the protection. Loved that these are Organic/Eco Friendly!

Ashley Port Richey, FL

works great

these are excellent at their intended function, and comfortable to wear. They do tend to wad up in the washer or dryer so may need two cycles through the dryer to get them dry.

Jayne Woodruff, AZ


I like to use reusable washable nursing pads at home, since they are softer than disposables & more comfortable. Like other reusable pads, I won’t wear them away from home because they could leak through, and they are more bulky and so can be seen through my clothing. These are soft and I prefer the jersey version of these pads (the fleece version tended to leave lint on my skin if it wasn’t completely dry–yuck for baby!).

Katrina Deepwater, MO

My Favorite Pads

I hated the idea of disposable pads, and these are the best alternative I’ve found. People love the Lilz pads, but I thought those were too sticky and plastic-y — uncomfortable. The BabyKicks pads are plenty soft!!! I wash them on hot with whites in a little net laundry bag that was meant for lingerie. It’s not hard to uncurl them after they come out of the dryer.

Germaine Thornton, WA

Great organic nursing pads

I have used these for a month now and they are great. The quality is really good and they have held up to being washed and dried every other day. I would recommend these to anyone who does not have a lot of leakage. They would not hold a ton of milk.

Gabriela De Kalb, MO

Did the job

These pads served their purpose, but I only wore them at home as they were not smooth under clothing. They are easy to wash and dry. As an added bonus, my daughter used them as pancakes with her play food set when i put them in storage!

Benita Foster, WV

okay, but prefer their ‘fleece’ ones

these pads are okay for during the day, etc. but if you are a heavy leaker or go long throughout the night without nursing, they will leak. good news is, they make a fleece version that is much more absorbent that i am completely satisfied with.

Penelope Kimmell, IN

My favorite nursing pads

These are by far my favorite nursing pads. They are so soft and breathable. I struggled with cracked nipples and these did not cause further irritation like the disposable pads. I actually think I healed quicker because the hemp jersey is so breathable. They are also pretty thin so I don’t have trouble with them showing through my shirt. I will say when my milk first came in I did leak through these, but I leaked through all the pads I have including disposables and Bamboobies. Now these are one of the few pads I don’t leak through especially at night. I am a Babykicks Ambassador and received these free. All opinions are my own.

Gertrude Temple Bar Marina, AZ


I tried another set of cotton reusable nursing pads and hated them. I used disposable ones for the rest of the time nursing my first. With my second, I wantd to try reusable ones again. I tried these on the recommendation of a friend, and I love them! They are thin enough to remain mostly unnoticed under clothes (I don’t wear anything tight, but it might a problem under something like that), and they’re very absorbant. These work well, and I feel much better to wash them instead of throwing them away.

Fern Leisenring, PA

Soft and abosrbent

Soft and absorbent, not too thick. Doesn’t leave any lint on your breasts. I still prefer my bamboobies nursing pads.

Rebecca Grey Eagle, MN

They work, but I’ve used better

These nursing pads are fine; they do the job. But they are not soft enough and are too flat in my bra. I didn’t care so much what it looked like through my shirt. It was how they felt. I never leaked through these, but of course if you leak enough, any washable pad without some kind of waterproof backing is going to leak through. My recommendation there is to double up. That worked wonders for me. Also, I never had any trouble washing these pads, but I would recommend using a mesh lingerie bag so they don.t get lost. I prefer the Medela nursing pads–they are softer and contoured (they still show through a shirt, but they are much more comfortable).

Diana Mclean, TX

Work well for me!

These work really well for me. They are soft, a good size, not too thick and have never leaked for me. I don’t typically go longer than about 3 hours to nurse or pump, and I’m not a heavy leaker.My only complaint is that they do get all bunched up in the wash. However if you lay them out flat and let them sit (or put a book or something on them) they flatten out nicely. You also need to wash them a few times to achieve peak absorbency.

Regina Waterford Works, NJ

Not absorbent enough

Like many other reviewers, I found these pads leaked easily after only one feeding. Maybe I leak more than others as I have had an OALD and oversupply with my first, but now with my second I took pains to avoid it and have not had problems, so I tend to think its the pads, not me.I am editing this to add: I believe these are not absorbant enough due to the material. After researching and experimenting with several cloth diapers, I have discovered that hemp and bamboo are MUCH more absorbant than jersey, cotton or microfiber. If you are looking for nursing pads (or cloth diapers for that matter) that are highly absorbant, look for something made with those fabrics.

Saundra Collettsville, NC

no leaks, reasonably priced — no complaints!

I’ve been using these nursing pads for about 3 weeks now and I have no complaints. I really like the material, first of all (I love Babykicks hemp/cotton blend). They have not leaked at all, although my baby is 4 months old so I don’t have that crazy newborn leaking milk situation anymore. Some reviewers complain that the cloth pads show through clothing and the disposable kind don’t. This is more or less true because the pads are thicker (they’re actual cloth, so they have to be!). But to me, the “green” benefit of reusable pads, as well as the economic benefit of using them over and over outweighs the inconvenience of having to adjust them occasionally so they don’t show through my clothing. Besides, it’s only some shirts/sweaters, and only if I have a very thin bra on. Anyway, I like these pads very much and would recommend them to anyone. Cheers.

Dianna Gridley, KS

they leak. enough said.

After going through a box of Dr. Browns nursing pads the first month after my baby was born, I decided to go for the washable pads and wanted to use some organic cotton ones. After I bought these and followed the detailed washing instructions (three times separately in hot water) I tried them out and leaked right through them. Very disappointed. Now it’s back to the disposable pads.

Kelli Exeter, NE

Most absorbent, and stay the flattest after repeated washings

I love these breast pads, and have tried many brands! Others bunch up after washing, looking lumpy in my bra. Many have rough seams on the edges. These are great!

Marietta Thermal, CA


I used to use disposable nursing pads, but have now tried these for a month. I love these and highly recommend them. I investigated and looked at a few other brands, but I feel these are the best. I think they are soft, and fit well. I am somewhat large and they fit great. I am not a big “leaker” but do from time to time and I haven’t leaked through these. I really like how comfortable these are, especially when using at night. I also like that I got 3 pair for a good price, and these are much more environmentally friendly than disposables.

Kristine Quincy, OH

A must for nursing moms

I would recommend these for moderate leakage. Make sure to wash several times first to increase absorbancy. Although I never really found a way to wear these under really sleek tops because they do show, they are a 100% better choice than disposables, which can expose your child to ingesting those horrible gels that burst out of the pad once it’s soaked. So scary. Cloth is the best, safest choice for mom, baby AND our planet. (Plus, it’s cheaper overall!)You won’t go wrong with these.

Glenda Live Oak, CA