Babyletto Play and Toddler Blanket, Tranquil Woods

Babyletto Play and Toddler Blanket, Tranquil Woods

Designed for tummy time and active play, the reversible tranquil woods play blanket is perfect for cuddling up. Finished with fog grey piping, the facing side features a tranquil woodland scene while the reverse displays a kaleidoscope of petit flora and fauna.

Main features

  • 100% cotton poplin with colorfast ink, 100% polyester fiber filling
  • Imported
  • Exclusive design: unique prints for your modern nursery
  • Multifunctional design: perfect for snuggling or play
  • Safety: tested to voluntary ASTM standards
  • Care: wash before first use; cold water with like colors; Do not use bleach; Tumble dry low (remove promptly) or hang dry for freshness

Verified reviews


Good, no problem drying on low, but…

This blanket is beautiful – neutral without being boring. I love the print and color. It goes very well with the Classic Pooh colors I have in our nursery. It’s a nice extra layer for a nap or chilly night for the toddler. She also likes to haul it around.It washes up well – I think I’ve washed it on cool and warm now. I also threw it in the dryer on low because… well, who wants a blanket you can’t put in the dryer. I had no problem with shrinkage. (I use those nubby dryer balls so the fill stayed fluffy too.)However, it only gets 3 stars for value. The outside is cotton and it’s just not that amazing a cotton for $60. I expected softer, finer or something special. Maybe it’s not so great because it meets safety standards?

Angel Woodman, WI

Attractive but pricey

I love the looks of this blanket. The pink and dark blue is such a cute color scheme, and the flowers are so adorable. I have theDwellStudio Meadow Powder Fitted Crib Sheet, Pink, Whiteand I think they look so cute together!The fabric is not particularly soft. It is a play blanket, and the fabric reminds me of a play mat. It is perfect for this purpose but is not that type of blanket you’d want to wrap your baby in, for example.So yes, it is very cute and a lovely blanket to add some color to your baby’s nursery and good for baby to play on. I don’t, however, think it is worth the ridiculous price.

Darlene Satsop, WA

Good Blanket but not $60 Good

I know you’re not supposed to use blankets these days (everyone is afraid of SIDS) but I use this as a blanket inside the crib for my 5 month old. She still enjoys being swaddled tightly in her muslin swaddle wraps. I lay her on her back with head in a donut pillow so it doesn’t get flat. She can’t really move or roll around yet so I feel safe using this blanket for now. I rather use a blanket than crank up the heater because it gets so dry and uncomfortable for everyone. The cotton soften up with the initial wash as it was hard and crinkly as poplin is when new. The outside is cotton. The print is delicate and gender neutral. So is the pale green color. The inside is poly fill. Overall it’s a pretty light blanket. Perfect for southern Californian winters…it has been mid 70’s in the day time here in December/January. Baby probably has to sleep naked in the summer.Why only 3 stars? Well, I just don’t know why this blanket is $60 for something so small and normal in looks, quality, construction. It’s beautifully packaged and comes in a clear zippered plastic bag. A nice gift? Maybe. As a mom, I would buy other mom’s to be presents that are more useful and practical.

Marcella Harrison, SD


This blanket it cute but let’s be a little realistic here, 59 for a floor blanket? I was hoping this would be thicker as my daughters room is cold, but this is thinner that the blankets I received as shower gifts, all of which were handmade.It’s a decent size but there’s nothing about it that would make me want buy this.Also I’m positive my daughters playmat was thicker than this as well.

Stefanie Van Wert, OH

Just enough cushion.

Designed for tummy time and active play, and it is very soft and comfortable. But, my baby is too old for tummy time on a blanket, so I thought I could use this as almost like a comforter in his crib that i just recently converted to a toddler bed. It will simi work for that, but it is about a foot to short to go from end to end in the crib. But if he lays in bed it will reach his chest and cover his feet.It is very cushioned, and I wish I had something like this for him when he was doing tummy time. It would also probably work for going outside as well and using it in the park.The galaxy side is very pretty purple. Overall it is a nice play blanket

Chelsea Brooks, ME

Great floor blanket… though pricey

My initial opinion, one that largely remains, is that this is a great blanket for young infants’ playtime. The patterns are attractive in the way of baby fashion, the material cuddly. What makes this stand out beyond other blankets is its stiffer mat-like quality, similar to floor activity centers. In many ways this reminds me of a mattress pad. While the smile size makes this rather useless for babies in motion, I could see it as a great floor time addition for younger babies needing something soft and padded to lie on.What does get me is the price. This is a rather expensive blanket and I fail to see what anyone would be paying for. Brand name?That aside, I love the blanket as does my daughter. It’s cuddly and sturdy and pretty.

Hannah Melrose Park, IL

Perfect blanket for tummy time

This baby blanket is incredibly soft and just the right thickness to be used for tummy time on the floor without being like a mat. It is also not too soft so it will stay in place when your child moves around. I really like the design as it is a nice shade of dark blue on one side, white on the other with a delicate star pattern. Put this on your baby register – it makes a great gift for any new mom!

Robert Dawson, ND