Babyletto Stroller Blanket, Alphabets

Babyletto Stroller Blanket, Alphabets

Stroll securely with the bold print of the alphabets stroller blanket. With a soft flannel backing and signature ties that attach to stroller or baby carrier, the alphabets stroller blanket the perfect companion piece, for the mom on the go.

Main features

  • 100% cotton single jersey, cotton flannel, and cotton poplin
  • Imported
  • Exclusive design: unique prints for your modern nursery
  • Material: 100% cotton single jersey, cotton flannel, and cotton poplin
  • Multifunctional design: ties securely to stroller or baby carrier
  • Safety: tested to voluntary ASTM standards
  • Care: wash before first use; cold water with like colors; Do not use bleach; Tumble dry low (remove promptly) or hang dry for freshness

Verified reviews


Rough fabric doesn’t feel comfortable or snugly

I love that this stroller blanket has ties at the side so the blanket doesn’t slip down or fall out and get lost. However, I think about a blanket as something that I would like to snuggle up in, and that will feel warm. The fabric on this is sort of a rough cotton, and while it has some padding in there, it does not feel comfortable or snugly in any way.While I like the design, which feels sleek and modern, it also faded after its first wash. I was disappointed in the quality of this, because I’ve liked other items from this brand that I’ve tried, such as a crib skirt and a diaper change pad cover. However, I would not recommend this blanket in cooler climates where you actually need something to keep the baby warm, because all it does is keep the wind off of the baby; I don’t think it really keeps much heat in or feels comforting in any way.

Christina Neapolis, OH

no more dropped blankets!

This is a great idea for babies and toddlers to be able to have a blanket that attaches to the stroller or car seat so that they can’t throw it on the ground a d get it all dirty or possibly lose it. Its soft and seems pretty warm also. Great addition to any babies needs.

Shauna Wayland, MO

The simplest changes make all the difference

The addition of the string ties on the sides of the blanket make all the difference. Easy to "install" on a carrier or stroller by just tying it to the side bars or handles and your blanket stays put. I like the print on this one (Alphabets) because it is unisex and will make future baby shower gift giving easy. The material itself is soft, launders nicely and is holding up well after 4 washes. The only downfall is the price, but now that the idea is there I could see sewing on my own ties to blankets we already have.

Frankie Woburn, MA


I really love this Babyletto stroller blanket. It has a nice weight – not too thick but blocks out wind on a chilly (but not cold) day. The outside is cotton and the inside is a thicker cotton flannel. It attaches to our different strollers with ease (we have a Britax B-Ready, a MacLaren lightweight stroller, and a CityMini). It provides good coverage for my 18 month old. We plan to use this on our upcoming cruise for out on deck. It will be a great weight for when it’s windy or slightly chilly, but you don’t want a fleece or heavy blanket. The ties are great because my son has a habit of dropping his blankets out of the stroller, and the ties also keep it from sliding down and dragging under the wheels.

Jami Carson, VA

Soft, cute and ingenious

After months of trying to keep blankets tucked around or over my kiddos in the stroller, I received this blanket and I really love it! It is simply a soft, lightweight blanket with ties on each side to secure it to your stroller, but I think it’s genius. It is perfect for a cool-ish day. The galaxy print is really adorable and unique. Love it! 4 stars simply because I believe it is overpriced…you could sew your own for a fraction of the cost.

Ophelia Swords Creek, VA

Soft and secure but not for winter

The blanket is a beautiful purple star pattern and is substantial for like spring or fall weather. I wouldn’t use it without extra layers in the winter. It isn’t thin or see through but it’s not what I’d consider a thick winter warm blanket.It can be secured to your stroller with the ties and then just tuck it under and around your child. I think it’s a nice stroller accessory to block both wind and cold.

Patrica Smithtown, NY

Multipurpose blanket

Features and Advantages:1)The stroller blanket is made up of soft cotton with flannel material2) It is safe to use on babies as it has been tested through ASTM standards.3) It is a multipurpose blanket and so can be attached either to the stroller or baby carrier.4) The blanket looks very colorful with spring bloomsCons:The blanket is made up of thin cotton material and so not suitable for extreme cold weather.It can be used only during the spring and summer months

Edith Millersview, TX

Soft and warm

The blanket came in a plastic pouch (which will be use to store diapers (to keep them dry… just in case of a spill). The blanket is a soft beautiful green color with a very small design (trees, leaves and bunnies) so it can be used for either sex.The blanket is made of two layer: one is jersey and the other is flannel. It also has a nice gray poplin piping around the entire blanket. The ties are also the gray poplin. The ties are great to tie down the blanket to the stroller so it will help keep the baby warm and prevent losing it.It is a good size for use in a stroller.Care instructions are to wash before using it for the first time. It says it is washable with light colors and tumble dry.I really liked and would recommend it.

Joan Bono, AR