Babymoon Pod – For Flat Head Syndrome & Neck Support

Babymoon Pod – For Flat Head Syndrome & Neck Support

Uniquely designed for multiple uses, the Babymoon Pod provides head support for infants 0-6 months and adjusts into a neck support for 6-12 months

Main features

  • Head and Neck Support – can be used laying down on changing pad, nursing, playtime, in the bouncer, stroller & car seat
  • 100% Plush Polyester
  • Machine Washable & Machine Dry
  • Made in USA
  • Designed and Approved by Moms!

Verified reviews



Got this for our little baby boy at 5 mos. He has a little flat spot on his head, so I figured why not? Little one is completely obsessed with this pillow – absolutely loves it! Started sleeping more soundly and for longer periods of time as soon as we started using it! Coincidence? You never know with babies… but I will tell you we NEVER travel without it 🙂

Luann Millfield, OH

Works great under babies soft head

I really worry about flat head syndrome for my newborn…. so I bought this product. I feel a lot better about resting the back of his head on this than a flat hard surface. It says not to leave in a bassinet or a crib… but I do anyway. It stabilizes him and offers head support, and I find it highly unlikely it’s going to cause any problems.

Pam Blakely, GA

A must have

Only wish we ordered this sooner! Started using it when my baby was around 4 months old, and we were worried about her head looking flat from always being on her back. After 2 weeks of use (in car seat, in stroller, on activity mat) we saw an improvement, and now at 5 months she has a perfectly shaped round head. We dont go anywhere without this pillow and it is always behind her head during any activity or travel except for when she is sleeping at night or during a nap in the crib. We should probably have bought 2 since we go back and forth to grandma’s everyday and sometimes forget it there – but it absolutely worked at getting rid of flat head.

May Robbins, CA

A little bulky, but good idea

My baby was alright using it for short periods of time but after about 10 minutes she would get fussy. It is a little bulky to fit behind her neck. The quality of the product is very nice and it can grow with the baby.

Wendy Potsdam, NY

Momma’s Peace of Mind

I have had this for a few weeks and I think it puts my mind at ease more than anything! I have noticed my 4 month old’s head is not as flat but he’s also up off of his back more now in his bumbo or jumperoo so I’m not convinced that the pillow alone has done the work but has probably helped. We use it whenever he is on his back playing on his gym or sleeping in his crib, playard or sleep n play rocker. I highly recommend it for using in the sleep n play rocker from day one if you are using it as a bassinet because even in the deluxe versions there is still a hard plastic piece behind their heads and I think that’s what mostly contributed to his flat head. The cost is a little much for what it is. They should be more like $15 each. We had to buy 2, one for our house and one for his grandmother’s. The price is why I’m giving it 3 instead of 4 stars.

Doretha Koosharem, UT

Bought but not near as good or approved like the Mimos pillow

We tried this one but our doctor highly recommended the Mimos pillow, we bought it immediately. Our son was 3 months old when we noticed a flat spot on his head, we noticed improvements within 1 week with this pillow. Keep in mind they were small, but the Mimos pillow is completely breathable and it is approved for overnight sleeping. Something this one is not. Considering that our little one is sleeping 10 hours a night we would not put the baby moon pillow in his crib, but with the Mimos, absolutely. Hope that you find this useful and buy appropriately.

Rae Hewitt, NJ

Hope it works!

My baby is 11 weeks old and I noticed the back of her head had a flat appearance, so I researched available options and bought this pillow. I am trying to use it anytime my baby is resting her head but it’s too thick to go into a car seat (Chicco Keyfit 30)so I also bought the boppy version. This pillow is priced ridiculously for what it is but I will say it’s worth it if it works. We’ve only had it a week. My baby doesn’t seem to stay centered on it for long, I have to keep adjusting her every few minutes. It cannot be used during sleep so that is a bummer also. I would give 4 stars if it were priced closer to $15 vs $30!

Raquel Saginaw, MI

Worked for my baby girl

My 5 month old was premature so her skull was softer and would be more susceptible to flattening in the back when she slept on her back. The doctor was nothing but useless when we asked him about how to fix it. He said the typical answer about turning their head or putting things on the sides so she turns her head. This did not work for her, and I did not want to let her use a helmet.So I went on Amazon and looked for something that others have used. I saw this and gave it a try. We started it when she was 3 months old, so she has been using it for 2 months and the severe flat head she had is not so noticeable anymore. I think in time, it will be completely gone, but as it is, it looks ok already.Thanks Babymoon!!!

Madge Paradise, MT


I wish I had known about this pillow BEFORE my baby was born. At her 4 month checkup the doctorr noticed a (tiny) flat spot on the back of her head but made enough of a fuss about it to freak me out. He wanted to send us to get her a DOC band but I thought her spot was too minor for that and did not follow through. I immediately bought this that night and she was on it anytime she was on her back, except sleeping. I think parents should be told about this in the hospital before they are sent home so that more can be done to prevent flat spots. My daughter’s flat spot did go away relatively quickly when she started sitting, so that was a relief, but I wish the doctor had not scared us so much. Please, if you are pregnant or have a newborn, be proactive and use this or something similar so you aren’t pressured into a band like we were.

Laverne Cumming, GA

Great when baby is supervised.

The pillow is great, but I never felt safe leaving my baby alone with it. One time when I looked away my son had rolled over on his belly and had his face planted right in the middle of the pillow. This made me really nervous, so I make sure that I am right there with him when he uses it. It’s nice that it also turns into a neck pillow for toddlers.

Trudy Ashland, WI

It really works. Just try it.

My baby was born with a cone shaped head(all normally born banies have somewat cone shape) after coming home my mom was very concerned about my baby getting a flat head and she would turn him to different positions while he sleeps. It helped a bit , but starting at 3 months my doctor said he had statred to get a flat head and asked to give him more tummy time and hold him as much as we can. Eventhough we did it, he started developing a flat head because he spends almost 15-18hrs sleeping and lying flat.. Its no surprise. On his fourth month check up doctor asked us again if we were giving him tummy time coz he got some flat spots.. Not really flat but not round either… I started to worry and i wanted to stop tem from developing. I researched online but there were really nothing helpful except some tips that would say.. Change babies head position n give tummy time. Because i did all of em and nothing worked.. I wanted something else. I found this product and wanted to give it a try. Guess what.. After using for ONE DAY my babys head was becoming round .. So clearly. So today i am writing this review.. I used it yesterday.. What a difference! Please do your baby a favor by using this. Use it while he sleeps in th crib.., bassinet, crib, swing, rocker or whatever.. I also use while changing his diaper!! It is a very simple concept and a normal pillow. I would rate four stars because of very high pricing. But nothing is better than finding a remedy for your problems!! I will update after using for a couple of weeks.On another note, it works for babies in their early days because once they start crawling they wont stay on the pillow. My son now rolls onto his tummy but cannot roll back on to his back. So it was perfect for him.. He either sleeps on it or he is on his stomach.. So it worked for him. So use it from day one if possible or better late than never.. Start using whenever possible for up to five months.

Georgina Boqueron, PR

Expensive for what it is

This product is ok. There’s nothing wrong with it, just expensive for what it is. My son slept fine with it. He’d only wake-up or cry at night when his head fell off it (or was only half on it). It made his hair knotty, but that’s not such a big thing.

Jocelyn San Angelo, TX

Comparison with boppy noggin

Before I bought this, I tried the boppy noggin;=1 and that really helped but it eventually left a double ring dent. the babymoon is thick, so it is better for older babies who can accommodate a higher pillow height, while the boppy noggin is better for younger babies because it does not elevate the head & neck so high.The other things I like about babymoon:This has a soft fabric that is not as sweat inducing as the boppy noggin.this is adjustable with velcro so you change the size of the hole in the middle.The babymoon is very soft & squishy so the pillow itself did not leave an impression like the boppy noggin did.The only thing I don’t like is:The pillow is very thick so it gives too much of a head elevation for a baby under 6 months so, it appears higher than looks comfortable for the baby.

Brandy Vader, WA

Works…Expensive For What It Is

BabyMoon…you must think parents of babies are either stupid or complete suckers.This is a simple, mini-sized neck pillow. Adult neck pillows go for about $10. Why is this thing $30? I don’t understand. Sure it works…but for what you get, it’s just way too expensive. Don’t get me wrong, I’d happily spend $$$ on my baby if I think what I’m getting is worth it and I have spent $$$$ on baby products already just on my first child and she is only 4 months old. But this is not worth the money.Furthermore, consider how many of these you really need. For me, I like having multiple of everything…just out of convenience (for instance, I have several nursing pillows because I like having one in every room I nurse in so I don’t have to carry them around the house). So that would mean that I’d need one for every place my baby lies down in: changing table, swing, play mat, crib, my bed, couch, grandma’s hourse, etc. at $30 per pillow, that is just not feasible.When I got this product, I scoffed at how simple and expensive it was. I took measurements, and made my own. Then sent this thing back. The ones I made are just as good. I made 4 of these from cutting up an unused king sized pillow I had laying around the house. Easy. And I don’t even have a sewing maching. I did it by hand with just scissors, needle, thread, and an existing pillow. It went very fast.Anyway, if you don’t sew AT ALL and don’t have anyone who does and you need this pillow…know that it works. Meaning it helps with preventing flat head and correcting of mild flat head in babies below 6 months. My baby’s head is almost round now at 4 months after being diagnosed with mild flat head at 2 months. This is just from having her sleep on her sides and using flat head preventing pillows. For that, I’d say 5 starts. But for price, I’d say 1 star. So I’m giving this 3…right down the middle. Hope this helps!P.S. After doing this, I decided I could make the nursing pillows myself as well and just buy the boppy pillow covers. In case anyone is thinking of trying.

Kristina Woodbury, NY

worked well for our baby’s flat head

Our baby had a flat part on his right side when he was 3-month old, and we tried this pillow. It is well made, and I like the pattern (blue dot) a lot. So far, his flat head has gotten much better. It sits well under our baby’s head. We do not know whether we want to continue to use it after our baby starts rolling-over, but so far so good.

Pauline Heidrick, KY

Great for trying to manage and prevent flat head for a newborn.

My newborn had a noticeable flat spot on one side of his head when he was born. We were worried because he was consistently resting his head on that side. I did some research on Amazon and found this pillow. It’s expensive, but I bought it when he was a month old. We started using it – on the play mat, in the rock and play, and in the crib during the day. It keeps his head looking straightforward with minimal turning. I did also use it while sleeping at night – but stopped after seeing that he can rock his head off of it one night.After using it consistently during the day for 2 months, our pediatrician said that his flat spot isn’t as noticeable and his head is looking good.It’s expensive yes, but cheaper than a custom made helmet! Also, you need to flip over the pillow to avoid scratching your little one’s neck with the edge of the velcro.

Adrienne Carney, MI

maybe i waited too long

to try this, but after the initial week, during which I did see a slight improvement in the flatness of my 6 month’s old very flat noggin, i didn’t see much difference. We used it during sleep (I know you aren’t supposed to but I made sure her airway was open while sleeping on it and we watched her closely for the first few nights and she did fine) because she slept so deeply on her back. I think it made us feel better that we were trying everything but overall it maybe only kept it from getting worse, didn’t see much improvement. Now she is way more mobile and sleeps on her side & tummy and I think that will do more for her head!update: this is an excellent neck support for the carseat! I tried it out when her torticollis came back with crawling; I was worried it was too thick and her head would fall forward like with other head supports but this one is so soft that it worked fine. Her pediatric chiropractor liked it a lot. It does restrict her lateral movement but it’s great for long drives when I know she will be sleeping.

Pearl Sikes, LA

Wish it would have worked for my son

My son is 8 months old and has developed a flat spot, I have tried everything out there for prevention and or correction and was hoping since this is also a neck support this would help from it getting any worse. Too bad it didn’t, my son hated to sleep on this it raised his neck up high since the arms overlap and he would fuss when he was on it. It’s a small pillow and since my son is not a small boy it didn’t really seem to fit his head well. As a neck support it choked him, he would pull at it and try to get it off so I returned it. It’s a soft pillow and the concept makes sense but didn’t work my son, instead I purchased and love the Clevamoma Baby Pillow he loves sleeping on it and I wish I had one it’s so soft and since it’s memory foam it can help his flat spot from getting worse, in fact its helped since now he’ll sleep on the sides of his head.

Twila Bonanza, OR

really works, very glad to have it

My baby was starting to appear like she had a sloped, flat plane in the back of her head. I really believe this pillow helped to round out her head. She is 7 months now and no longer uses it. I used it on her around 4-6 months and that was enough time. I could see the difference it made after about 1+ week.

Lauri Mount Lemmon, AZ

Not yet

We haven’t used it yet because new baby is not due until May…..but we don’t want a flat head on this baby

Virginia Fox Lake, IL

good baby pillow

I never felt like this was a hazard in anyway to my son. he is a back sleeper only. I know weirdo. lol. anyway. you can adjust the size of it smaller or bigger… not much but some. washable on gentle cycle air dry. kept him from having a flat spot. nice and soft too.

Lacy Doylestown, WI

I wish I got it before delivery!

As a first time mom – there’s so much you don’t know about until after the fact. I got this when baby was 3.5 mos AFTER I noticed baby was getting a slightly flat spot on his back right side, b/c he favored sleeping with his head turned toward his right. AND he also napped so well in his car seat and his rocker, etc etc…. (yes I still did tummy time regularly). I had NO idea about the whole world of plagiocephaly at all!!anyways, since we got it, I have him use it whenever he is laying on his back, on the crib, on his activity mat, on the sofa etc….. I basically bring this pillow everywhere w/ him. So far, after 6 weeks of daiy use, his head has not gotten worse, maybe slightly better. The doc will see how it is at 6 mos old (he’s 5 mos old now), and if it’s no worse, says he’s good to go since it’s very minimal flatness. I think the fact that my baby is on the heavier and bigger end for his age, it is even more pressure on his head when lying down.I didn’t give it 5 stars, b/c I have yet to see a drastic improvement w/ daily use. But it definitely PREVENTED any worsening, so if I had this from the getco, it would have been great. Again, at 5 mos, he’s 19lbs (!) so it’s a lot of weight to support. For lighter babies, maybe this would be even more effective.I think a definite must have to ALL babies to use from birth!

Phoebe Delmita, TX

So far, so good…..

Although it’s still too early to really tell what difference this pillow will make in the long run thus far, I can say that it did arrive expeditiously and just as described (although I don’t know why everyone is complaining about the velcro…..I’ve had zero problems with it at all).The baby does seem to roll off of it pretty easily when he’s determined to do so, but it says on the label not to leave it in their crib overnight, anyway (but we DO!); so, of COURSE, over several hours’ period he’ll likely move off of it overnight.He is five months old, and we only just started using it due to him developing an EXTREMELY flat back of his head from the "Back to Sleep" campaign and from him having been a preemie. So far, after using it for the last week and a half, it does seem to already make slight difference in the rounding up of the back of his head. This is great, considering that he was born a month and a half early, making him more susceptible to flat head syndrome due to having a softer head at birth for a longer period of time than a full term baby.In any event, I’m pleased with what I see so far. Using it CONSISTENTLY will be key, I believe…..on the changing table, in their crib, during play time, while sitting somewhat upright in a high chair, during brief naps, ANYtime they put pressure on the back of their heads…….etc……CONSISTENTLY.Let’s hope it continues to work for my little guy……..otherwise, we’ll just hope and pray he never goes BALD when he’s older! 😉

Lucia Mapleton, UT


Using this to stop flat spot on my 6 week old. She loves to lay in crib and play so I hope this helps! She loves it and it fits her little head perfect. So soft! I wish I’d had it when she was born and problem may not have happened! This also changes into neck support in carseat when she’s older. Great product.

Melody Dana, IA

Great for positional plagiocephaly

Love this little pillow! My daughter has positional plagiocephaly, and this product is great for when she is playing on her playmat, or relaxing in her lounger on the couch. It keeps pressure off the back of her head, helping to round out the shape. She is doing much better since using this product! The fabric is soft, and the print is cute!

Brooke Forestport, NY

Still unsure about this item

I was the mom that was worried about flat head syndrome, especially for my little girl who I wanted to grow up with a perfectly shaped head. =)I purchased this pillow, after talking with my friend who recommended it. It’s quite pricey for what it is but I figured how could i put a price on having a nice shaped head for my baby.As a small infant, I bought this when she was about 2 months old, She didn’t like it very much and would wake up when we would put her on it. It took some time for her to get used to it. I only used it for about a month or two (until she could start rolling over) and I guess it helped the shape. I wasn’t that great with making her do tummy time as a newborn, but eventually they get better at it and because I thought I didn’t do enough tummy time, that probably added to me making the decision to get this pillow.The back of her head isn’t flat but my husband (who is very observant) thinks this pillow made a different shape to her head. The shape of a baby head that was in a donut shape… I can’t really describe what shape that is…. I see what he is saying but its better than a flat back of the head and I know now that she’s 6 months old and sleeping all over the crib in various positions, I think her head would have rounded out on its own anyway.This is NOT a must have item in my opinion. Its a good to have item if you are paranoid about the shape of your baby’s head, but I think what the books and dr’s say is true- unless the baby ONLY likes to sleep on his/her back even as older kids, they will eventually round out their head anyway. But if you talk to my friend she would tell you to buy two- but her baby’s head isn’t perfectly shaped either. I see the shape my husband refers to as “looks like its been in the donut” shape more prominently on my friends baby’s head…

Staci Ben Wheeler, TX

Minky cover is really soft

This pillow is really soft and cradles a baby’s head well. The minky cover also feels good. My baby can still freely move his head left and right while laying on this pillow (which is good for neck strength development), and he is not confined to looking straight up.

Shannon Plain City, OH

Not sure what it’s for

This pillow is too high for my 3-month old. You can’t leave the baby while he/she is on the pillow (easy to roll off). It doesn’t seem to be intended for sleep. Overall, I found it pretty useless.

Sheri Townsville, NC

Does not work well for the baby

It lifts the baby’s head up in an awkward position when lying down and my little one hated it. When trying to use in the car seat, stroller, swing or bouncer, it pushes the babies head too far forward. It also doesn’t tell you in the product information that it’s used for those items mentioned above and lying down from 0-6 months and then from 6-12 months as a neck support only. However, it states that information on the package when you receive the item. Very disappointed in the pillow!

Nikki Petersburg, PA

love it for my son!

he was getting a slightly flat side on his head so i bought this as well as a small memory foam pillow. he prefers lying on this to the other pillow and i think its helping!

Lindsay Upper Darby, PA