Baby’s My First Photo Album of Family & Friends

Baby’s My First Photo Album of Family & Friends

Baby’s My First Photo Album – of Family and Friends. Infant Development Photo Album – by Genius Baby Toys. Babies love looking at photos of their family and friends! This bright, contrasting album has wipeable vinyl pages and helps baby’s developing visual skills. Generous size, holds 15, 4 x 6 photos of baby’s favorite family and friends. Baby’s photo album offers plenty of room for pictures of Grandma , Grandpa, Aunts, Uncles, Cousins.. friends, pets and more… Fill baby’s first album with all the people who love baby. Includes loop for hanging on stroller crib, car seat, or play pen. Bonus: Baby-safe full page see me mirror on the final page of the album, to surprise and delight baby. Perfect newborn toy and gift idea. Newborn and up

Main features

  • Generous size!
  • Holds 15 – 4 x 6 photos!
  • Fill baby’s first album with all the people who LOVE baby!
  • Infant Development Toy.
  • Babies love looking at photos of their family and friends!

Verified reviews


good nights calming lights and song

The sleep turtle is a wonderful thing. My son knows that when he hears the song it is time to go to bed. I did not give 5 stars because the volume button never worked but it is at a good volume. It does eat through batteries also. It will play the song but the light will flash on and off. That is not soothing at all. I would recomend it as it is a great way to help train your baby for night time. It is also great to turn on for night feedings and diaper changes. It helps my son to know it is still time to sleep.

Andrea Manheim, PA

Cheaply made for the price

The idea of this is fantastic- but the actual item is poorly made with really cheap materials. I read the reviews and decided I didn’t care- the plastic the holds the photos is really shotty and sticks to every picture- like you put in in a hot car and let it melt- but it did not- it’s just cheap. I think the idea of this and the number of photo pages is amazing- it’s too bad they charge $14.95 for something that clearly cost .$50 or less to be made in some third world country. I am using it anyway- but wish I had paid 1/10th of what I did.

Lorie Lake Bluff, IL

Does the job, but quality wasn’t as expected

I liked the idea of the last page being a “mirror” for our babies to look at. That feature is nice, but the rest of the book is lower quality than I had hoped for. The plastic makes the pictures look somewhat cloudy.

Chelsey Harlem Springs, OH

Really adorable

I thought that it would be a good addition to our home for baby-to-be due in four months. I think it’s absolutely adorable and a great way to have the baby enjoy family photos without getting into the nice albums when she’s too young to treat them properly. I’m going to take someone’s suggestion from these reviews to just print the photos myself–not because of the toxic chemicals as much as it seems like an easier more baby-friendly way to keep the album updated. I like that the insert spot for the photos is on the inside of the album near the spine to help keep the photos in place. While I don’t normally comment about things like chemical smell, this has a pretty strong smell in between the pages, so I think I’m going to try and air it out. I’ve never had an album stink like this before so I’m guessing it has to do with the type of plastic that they use for the pages. The only reason I didn’t give this five stars is because the mirror on the last page (which I had really high hopes for) is really a piece of junk. It’s a piece of plastic that’s you can barely see yourself in, and what you can see is more of a vague outline. When I hear the word ‘mirror’, I picture something that allows me to actually see myself to the point of being able to tell my own eye color. This is more like a piece of plastic with mild reflective properties. I definitely think this was false advertising in that regard. However, I like this enough (and the concept enough) that I’m not going to return this. I just think that others should be aware of this–and that it would be nice for the manufacturer to either be more accurate with the description or else actually provide something mirrored on the last page.UPDATED 6/6/13: I just received an e-mail from the makers of the Album as well as a comment in response to my review. The mirror is actually a regular mirror! Yay! The customer service department mentioned that there is a film on top of the mirror. I checked and there is. However, buyers should be aware that the film is very solidly attached to the mirror. I had to dig my nail under it (and assume it really was a film with my fingers crossed!) before it started to peel off. So, I take back what I said about the mirror since it works just fine. Maybe the company should add a note that there is a film on the mirror and/or make it easier to take off? It is attached under the seam of the book fabric, so there was no way of knowing otherwise that there was a film attached. I give kudos to the customer service department and the makers of this Album for paying attention to reviews and trying their best to make things right. Customer service counts for a lot in my book and I am upping the star rating from four to five now! Thank you!

Dee Ozone Park, NY

Decent for the price

Pros: nice that it holds so many photosCloth cover is nicePages are secure, so baby can chew on them without harming photosCons: very difficult to insert photosSee plastic around edges of 4×6 photo — so doesn’t look terrificPlastic bubbles around picturesKind of cheap lookingSo, overall, this does the trick, but is not terrific.

Rebekah Morrison, MO


This is the album I didn’t buy. I bought a more expensive heavy baby blue cardboard album that I do like, but my daughter bought this one and I have to say, I prefer it. She put in photos of all the baby’s cousins and he loves “reading” it.These are things I love about this album:
• Holds fifteen 4 by 6 photos.
• Price is very reasonable.
• It’s made of fabric. I didn’t think this would be a good idea for photos. Boy – was I wrong.
• Flipping pages is easy, because it’s fabric. No trying to separate the cardboard pages.
• Popular with everyone who sees it.
• The photos are slid in through a side slit on the binder side of the album. It’s not noticeable so the kids are not likely to try to remove them.
• Photos slide in easily.
• Tag on the top corner so you can attach it to a stroller or car seat.Didn’t like:
• The cover is white, but so far it’s still clean.
• That it has “genius babies” stamped on the back. I know that Genius Baby Toys makes the album but I don’t really like their name. Why the pressure? Are all babies going to grow up to be geniuses?

Teresa Hollytree, AL

Baby’s Photo Album

This book was just what I was looking for- the pages allow you to easily change out the pictures, but the pages covers are deep enough that my explorative and destructive toddler hasn’t tried to pull the pictures out. I agree that the plastic picture covers are a little "wrinkly" but that doesn’t seem to keep my toddler from enjoying looking at the pictures or identifying who/what is in them. The mirror on the back is horrible, but that is not why I purchased this book. Yes, it would be nice if he could see himself, but other than putting a breakable mirror on the back, I am not sure how it could be improved.

Lina Prole, IA

Pretty nice

I bought five of these to give as 1st birthday gifts. I love that they can hold so many photos. The plastic sleeves were great and I like that you insert the photos near the binding rather than the outside edges. Less of a chance of photos falling out or kids pulling them out. I like the mirror on the back cover too.Cons: Not a fan of the GIANT company logo on the back cover. And why does it have to be white? Don’t they know babies and toddlers will be playing with it??

Rosalyn Laclede, MO

Great fun for baby

My daughter loves this book and reviewing all the pictures of her friends and family. It’s great way to keep faces of far away people familiar.

Kayla Milfay, OK

My baby loves this!

What I did was to print red, black and white textures on 4×6 photos and baby just loves to look at them. Now that she’s about 8 months old, I am now planning to change the pictures to colorful things and put some pictures of the family. 🙂

Jeanette West Enfield, ME

Just what I was looling for

Most of my relatives and all of my in laws live out of town. I was worried that my daughter would be overwhelmed when we had family gatherings because she would just see it as a big group of strangers bothering her. She has some other family pictures to look at in the house, but I needed a baby proof album to bring in the car so that on the way to visit relatives we can look at the people she will be seeing. It is a little hard to get the pictures in but that also means it is hard for her to take them out, so I don’t mind. There are plenty of pages and she loves looking at the pictures (so I don’t think the wrinkles in the plastic bother her). I have also noticed that she is much less fearful of her grandfathers since we started using this photo album. We have been very happy with this purchase.

Mable Beech Bottom, WV


Turned out to be an excellent gift to a friends with two little girls. I wanted the girls , especially the one year old, to have a book of people they knew! The mom LOVED the idea! Win /win 🙂

Jeannie South Fallsburg, NY

Fun for the bigger family

I loved putting together this little book for my grandchildren. It holds mounted 4×6, that is you can use photo pages cut down. I could have cut down 5×7’s. There are a lot of pages for a big family. The boys liked it. I would order it again. I agree it isn’t the prettiest, but it is fun and durable and the shipping was very prompt.

Sheri Gilbert, MN

Perfect for my almost 2 year old

I ordered this for my son to have in his crib. There are a lot of pages which are great, so I was able to fill it with photos of family and friends that live far away. The pages stick together a bit because of the plastic coverings, but I think that will get better with time. I will be ordering one for my friend’s daughter as well.

Tina Orem, UT

Very smart product – one minor complaint

We bought this book for my young son (when he was around 8 months old), and filled every page with pictures of his mom and I, his grandparents, aunts, uncles, and all of his favorite people on earth. Something for him to have and look at when his mom and I are at work and he is missing his family. This book is worth every single penny it costs a million times over each time he opens it and points to the pictures and laughs and smiles when he sees the people who love him.The book is well designed. The material for the covers is easy to wipe clean if anything gets on it. The pages are very secure and it would be nearly impossible for our son (who is now currently 14 months old) to ever be able to get into it and remove the pictures from the pages himself. My one and only complaint is that the clear plastic material used for each page doesn’t remain perfectly flat, and also reflects back a lot of glare, making it hard to see under very bright direct light at times. But it doesn’t seem to stop my son from being able to recognize and get excited by the people he sees in the pictures inside. It was a tough choice but I had to remove a star for this, since I feel like it is a problem that could easily be solved by the manufacturer if they so choose.Overall though, this is one of those products where I find myself constantly recommending it to all of the other parents we know. It’s worth it for a unique product; it offers a lot of improvements that make it more suitable for a young child above and beyond anything I’ve found in any other commercially available photo album.

Rosemary North Bangor, NY

Ok for what it is

Cute on the outside but the inside is just plain clear filmsy pages like a normal cheap photo album you get at a drug store. From the photo is seemed it might be more plush inside like pages from a true baby’s book.I bought two as gifts to fill with pics and give as baby shower gifts to a close friend and family member. But now will have to rethink since the album isn’t as nice as I was expecting.

Cathleen Big Bend, CA

Wish it wasn’t white!

Love the design, number of pages, & quality of this book. Cloth book much nicer than the all plastic one my older granddaughter had, but certainly wish it came in a different color. The black & white edging is great, but really don’t like the white color of the book. Red perhaps?

Lakisha Fordland, MO

Great product

Just what I needed. My son loves this item and I can change pics if need be. The only drawback is that it seems that the plastic sticks to the pics in a way that makes the pictures difficult to see at times, but I don’t know how this could be corrected.

Isabelle North, SC

Toddler getting to know his family

I purchased this book for my son’s first birthday and filled it full of pictures of his cousins grandparents siblings etc. you can put pics on the front and back of the page and there are quite a few pages (10 I think??). The exterior is durable and cute. Overall it has held its form really well. The plastic pages haven’t gotten crinkled and he’s had it for a year and looks at it all the time. The mirror page in the back is terrible quality but its not a big deal. Thinking of buying another book for more pics of friends and playmates. Happy with this purchase!

Doreen Zenia, CA

My baby loved it!

This permits baby to have photos of the important people in their life at their finger tips. The photo album can be chewed on and drooled on and the pictures hold up behind soft plastic pages and cloth cover/edges.

Cathy Denver, CO

Nice Gift for Baby

Good quality and cute product. It is sturdy and easy to use and resists destruction by little hands and mouths.

Caryn Frannie, WY

Great photo book.

A must have, perfect gift for a new baby. I like that the photos go in on the inside panel VS. the outside – my daughter still hasn’t figured out how to get them out and she’s 3. Minus one star because it’s white and the fabric gets dirty and discolored fairly easily.

Leila Mount Gilead, OH

Just what I was expecting

Lots of picture slots, my son loves it and the plastic goes down nice and tight so the pictures don’t come out of the slots

Callie Christiansburg, VA

Brilliant idea

I wanted this photo album as we live in the US and our relatives are all in the UK, so I want our 3 month-old baby to see photos of his relatives, hopefully he’ll then recognize them when he meets them! This album holds many more pics than all the other options. It’s a nice big size too, good for baby’s hands. I filled it with lots of bright, close-up photos. There are lots of photos of mummy & daddy too, which he likes. I leave it in the car & open it at a new page everytime, so he can look at it on car journeys. Very pleased with this album.

Thelma Paradise, KS

Best album for little ones

Great album for my baby. I like he can look at family an friends that are not around on a daily basis. And when his daddy deploys we can fill it with pictures of him. We can clean it up after he’s drooled all over it.

Iva Paradise, KS

So cute

My daughter loves to look at the pictures of our family members and in the mirror. This is a great little album with plenty of pages. It is made so that the little ones can’t get the pictures out which is nice. It does kind of bubble where it sticks to the pics, but is otherwise great!

Valerie Garland, NC

Four Stars


Jean Carlotta, CA

Exactly as pictured

I am very excited for our little one to play with this book. The inside is a durable plastic that appears fairly durable and drool proof. The book is exactly as pictures. It also doesn’t cost so much that if it doesn’t last forever, I won’t be heart-broken, but for now keeping fingers crossed we will get a few years out of the book.

Lizzie Clarkedale, AR

plastic sleeves are weird

This is a nice photo album for young toddlers, but the plastic sleeves are odd. It’s hard to get the pictures into them and the photos stick them, so I’m not thrilled with this product. That being said, my 16 month old on can look through it, bend the pages, and basically cause little to no damage to the photos. He also cannot pull them out of the plastic sleeves, so I’m pleased with that part.

Ines Catawba, VA

All kids should have a photo album!

My daughter loves looking at pictures of her family and friends…she has loved this since she was about 9 or 10 months and continues to enjoy it. I switch out the pictures and it becomes fascinating all over again. Great baby shower gift!

Frieda North Brunswick, NJ