Baby’s Quiet Sounds Video Monitor

Baby’s Quiet Sounds Video Monitor

View and hear Baby from anywhere in the home with the Summer Infant Baby’s Quiet Sounds Video Monitor with 900-MHz technology for clearer reception and less interference. The dual-channel, directional-sound microphone self-filters background noise and minimizes interference, letting you hear and see Baby’s every sound clearly and easily. The nighttime LED even lets you view Baby in a dark room, with brightness, contrast and vertical control, plus a snooze-type on/off button for convenience. It’s easy to set up the tabletop camera, and the monitor has a handy carrying handle. Both monitor and camera have power-on indicators and include A/C adapters. Imported. Main unit: 6-1/2Hx5-3/4Wx8-3/4D”.

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The purpose of a baby monitor is to free you up for household chores while still allowing you to know that junior is safe and sound. Audio does this nicely. Video only works if you sit there and watch it (which defeats the purpose of freeing you up for chores), and if it has audio, as this one does, then why even HAVE video?? Video is an unnecessary expense, because just what is there to SEE inside a baby’s crib anyway? There shouldn’t be anything dangerous in there anyway!!!! Save the $ and get an audio. As someone else pointed out, reception isn’t always good on this model either. Video monitors are a ploy to get well-meaning parents, eager to protect their children (“if you don’t get this, you’re an irresponsible parent!”), to spend more money. Look at the price tag on this compared to a simple audio. Sell yours on ebay, spend ten bucks for a good audio monitor, and put the rest in baby’s college fund where you’ll get much more use out of it.

Irma Purdon, TX

big monitor black and white screen

I bought this product before my daughter was born. I took it out to play with it to see how it worked in light and dark rooms. The picture was clear enough to see the baby move around and the sound worked great (I experimented with my 6 month old nephew) The monitor was large and heavy, not something you would want to carry around. I believe it did have options for battery or a/c power. I finally decided I wanted something that was smaller and in color that you could plug into the TV. So I took it back and upgraded to the Summer’s color baby monitor which also very well and I am very happy with. The sound had very little to no static in it for my house, which I do not have anything else that works on 900mhz here.

Ellen Williamsburg, MA

So far, so good!

We first had another monitor from a different company, it went dead. We love this monitor so far (knock on wood.) You never know how these things will go. We could not live without one of these monitors though. If it broke, I would buy another one. We use it that much. In fact, we have a tele. monitor in our bedroom, and bought another monitor for the livingroom. We love it!

Maricela Ellendale, MN


We couldn’t live without this monitor. I have used this monitor every day since I brought my son home in March of 2005. It has been an essential tool in looking after our son. He’s 2 1/2 years old now and recently made the switch to a twin bed. With a minor adjustment to the camera angle, we are able to observe him in his big bed. When he slept on his tummy at 3.5 moz, this monitor gave me peace as it was necessary to watch him very closely when he couldn’t roll over. I’ve kept it on my desk and night stand, carrying it from room to room, and I plan on purchasing the portable monitor for our new baby who is arriving shortly. I have not experienced any technical difficulties with the monitor with the exception of periodic static if I stand several feet away at a particular angle to it, most likely interferring with the signal somehow. I have never experienced any compromise of the clear picture when it sits near my head on the night stand. I spoke with Summer Infant customer support today at (800) 268-6237, to determine if it is compatible with the new hand held color monitor I will be purchasing for our new baby, and they are very helpful. They encouraged me to call them with the number on my original unit, which would allow them to determine compatibility. I purchased the portable monitor for my best friend and she has found it extremely useful over the past 4 months since her daughter was born.

Caryn Wabash, IN

Rest Easy!

WOW! We love our video monitor! This has really helped our transition to getting our son into his own room at night! Our son was perfectly fine when we transitioned him to his own room, but my husband and I were a nervous wreck! This monitor helps us keep peace of mind and be able to rest. We have had minimal problems with static and the sound/picture quality is great – even the night vision feature! We can check to see his position (I am always nervous about him smooshing his face into the mattress when he rolls around), his breathing and the geographic locale of his pacifier! We get a kick out of seeing our son exploring in his crib and not even knowing he has an audience!Also, when he is napping, it makes it easy to check on him without actually entering his room – which always used to wake him up.I understand from the other reviews that durability and longevity may be an issue with this item. I can’t comment on that because we have only had it for 2 months. But for us, 2 months of sleep has been worth the investment already even if it tanks later…

Camille Yaphank, NY

Very Impressed Best One Yet!!

I am one of those “psycho” first moms that just held on till the bitter end with the basinett. I was the only one not sleeping well my sons first night in his crib. So we went out and got this monitor and I am VERY happy with it. I keep the tv on it’s side so I can see my son laying upright and not sideways and I keep it right by my bed. If I want to see him I just push the button and there he is. It is so clear I can see his smiles and depending on what color his pjs are I can see his chest move when he breathes. 🙂 The monitor is SO good I can hear him breathing!! If I were to be nit-picky I would have to say it picks up a little to much. If someone is to loud outside you can hear it on the monitor OR if a car drives by. BUT all I wanted was to hear him breathe and see what he was doing if he cried. I think this item is worth EVERY penny for the piece of mind it gives me. Now he can sleep comfortably in his bed and even through I can’t roll over and touch him in the middle of the night I have the next best thing. Buy it and you will not be sorry.Oh and fyi we have two cordless phones in our house and 8 million other gagdets and nothing interfers with the reception.TOTALLY IMPRESSED. Couldn’t live without it.HERE I AM A YEAR LATER ADDING TO MY REVIEW…We still LOVE this monitor and we are about to have baby number two and when I called the company for 60 dollars more we can add another camera and I can see both my boys on the same monitor… really great product and company.

Kaitlyn Lowry City, MO

Best purchase I’ve Made!

After reading the other reviews, I was apprehensive to spend $100 on something that wouldn’t work properly. To my surprise, it exceeded my expectations. After moving our 4 month old from our room to hers to sleep in her crib, we found that the monitor had excellent range. Our room is on the opposite side of the house, across the kitchen and living room, and we were still able to get excellent sound and picture. THe picture is so clear you can see her chest rise and fall, and the sound is so good you can hear her shift in the night. I am not sure why some reviewers couldn’t get reception 5 feet from their baby’s room. Maybe they didn’t know the monitor had 2 channels?I recommend this to anyone. I was nervous about being so far away all night, but this monitor gives me peace of mind. In addition, it is lightweight and portable. I take it to the bathroom while I get ready for work and to the computer room while I do work, to the kitchen while I cook, etc….A must have for new parents – well worth the money!!

Tamera Donalsonville, GA

Did not work but might work in other homes.

I read the reviews on this product before buying it. It seems it worked for some wonderfully and not so great for others or not at all. The sound worked great but I could never get a picture at all. I took it back to the store and they said certain brands dont work in certain homes. I thought about exchanging it for another just like it but figured it wouldnt work. I saw the safety first one and it was slightly higher in price but i knew my other regular monitor was safety first and it worked so I bought it and got it home and it worked fine. If you want this monitor I suggest trying it out for yourself in your home instead of just reading these reviews because it does depend on how your house is set up just dont get your hopes up and be prepared to run back to the store to exchange just in case.

Kathie Hopedale, IL