BabySmart Cooshee Booster Seat Classicwith Travel Bag, Onyx

BabySmart Cooshee Booster Seat Classicwith Travel Bag, Onyx

A perfect booster seat for when your child outgrows a conventional booster, but is not big enough for a full size chair. With its non tip base, it

Main features

  • Sleek, low back cozy design for comfort and stability
  • Doesn’t slip, slide or tip
  • Unique molded foam stays put with weight of child
  • Soft, ribbed seat pattern is skid-resistant
  • For indoor and outdoor use

Verified reviews


Love, Love, Love the Cooshee

We purchased the blue cooshee when my dauther was 20 months old and 36″. While the manufacturer warns the chair isn’t for children under 2, I wanted her to sit with us during meal time instead of on the high chair. I researched every single booster on the market and was ready to settle on a plastic seat. But the plastic ones looked cheap and ugly and the idea of “strapping” an object to my wooden chairs, and possibly scraping them did not sound appealing. Finally, I wanted something that was easy to clean and comfortable.I found the Cooshee on sale at a local retailer and was a bit nervous because of the age warning. While my daughter is never left unsupervised, she is a toddler and the slightest move can spell trouble. However, when I got home, she immediately ran toward the the booster and took her seat at the table like a big girl. I actually feel she is safer sitting on the Cooshee than on a plastic booster strapped to the chair because it “sticks” to the chair and she can’t slip off the seat. The Cooshee easily fits under the table, and doesn’t look like an eyesore; actually, you can’t even tell it’s on the chair unless you really look for it.My daughter is constantly carrying her cooshee around the house and has used it to sit on the floor, jump/stand on, and as a bed for her “babies.” Talk about versitile! 🙂 With all that wear and tear, the cooshee still looks great and is super easy to clean. We are all very pleased with this purchase and have recommended the booster to all our friends with toddlers.

Sara Reinbeck, IA

Good, but I’m fine with my ‘traditional one’

I bought this for my nephew. He’s about 2.5 years old and on the top of the growth chart. He likes using it, and it’s really nice if you like modern looking devices. I have heard these do wear out, so longevity may be an issue if you are passing them on from child to child.Personally, I like my traditonal Fisher Price Bosster seat. Well not for me, for my son. He likes it, and my wife likes it because it’s easy to clean. M<ost likely it will alst through a couple of kids better than this one.If looks or having something your friends don’t have is more important, this will be fine.

Isabel West Ossipee, NH

Really stays put, but foam does not withstand squirmy kids or biters

We got this for our daughter, who is 5 but small for her age. It is very comfortable, and stays put on any non-upholstered chair. In fact, it stuck to our wood chair so tightly that when we finally pried it off, it took some of the finish with it. It was an old chair, but I would have been upset otherwise.The main issue I have with this seat is that the foam is just a bit too soft to hold up to heavy use. Our daughter leans and wriggles around a lot when she’s in her chair, and within a month, her leaning had caused a large rip in the foam on both sides. She weighs less than 40 pounds, so this is not good product performance in my book. A bigger problem is that our teething son, age 10 months, managed to bite off entire chunks of the foam and would have choked had I not been nearby! If he can do that with six teeth, I imagine this seat would be a real issue for kids who like to bite and chew.We tossed our Cooshee after only a few months’ use, and this time bought the Prince Lionheart versionPrince Lionheart – Soft Booster Seat – Mint. It works much better for us, at a lower cost. It is not as “sticky” on chairs, and the foam is denser and harder.

Martha Pilot Grove, MO


My daughter has used it for 3 years and I’m about to buy another one for my two year old. Easy to clean, squishy enough to be comfy, and just the right amount of grip on the bottom so it doesn’t slide around on the chair.

Shana New Market, MN

Great chair!

Great seat! It fits well without slipping. Our son seems comfortable in it. Been using it for about 6 months now, with no complaints!

Kathleen Sunray, TX

Awesome booster seat

This is a great booster seat for the next step out of a high chair. It is soft and comfortable. It is foam with a latex-type covering that cleans up very easily. The seat itself just rests on a standard chair and is low enough to actually fit under the edge of the table – this is an issue with many seats that prevent your ability to push the child in all the way. The only very minor drawback is that my daughter tends to lean back to use the backrest of the chair, and – because the booster has its own low backrest – she ends op leaning back from the table ackwardly. This isn’t nearly as bad as it sounds and I can’t think of any design change to prevent it, so I didn’t deduct any stars.Owners should note that there are no straps to secure the booster to the chair or your child to the booster. We don’t have any problem with that since it stays put quite securely and – once pushed into the table – my daughter’s legs are pinned in place between the seat and the table edge.We have one at our house, and bought two others for the grandparents on each side.

Shauna Wooldridge, MO

Seat cracked after little use.

Nice seat but mine cracked after little use. I had 3 of these but preferred the Keekaroo. I called the owner/designer and was promised a new replacement seat but it never arrived. Very disappointed with the customer service and lack of follow through.

Josefina Coal City, WV

Meets our needs perfectly.

This is a nice booster seat. My grandson was resisting using his high chair, even without the tray, but he kept falling off the chair. He is willing to sit in this and I think he is much more comfortable as well as safer. I like that it doesn’t need to be strapped onto the chair so it will be easier to move from kitchen to dining room. The hardest part was in deciding what color to get!

Caroline Lake Wales, FL