BabySteps Basic Natural Feeding System

BabySteps Basic Natural Feeding System

Condensed Version of the BabySteps Guide. BabySteps Electric Food Mill: . 2 cup bowl. Non-skid bottom. Turbo button for pulsating rotations. Blending attachment for more thorough mixing. Dishwasher safe; except for motor/housing. BPA/PHTHALATE FREE . BabySteps Freezer Trays – 2 pack: . Each section is approximately a single, 1 oz. serving. Writing surface for date and meal prepared. Use dry erase marker only. Locking lid seals foods tightly inside. Section size matches BabySteps Feeding Dish for easy food transfer. Dishwasher safe. BPA/PHTHALATE FREE. BabySteps Basic Natural Feeding System address the first two steps in the BabySteps system; Preparation and Storage. ELECTRIC FOOD MILL: Developed by a pediatrician, the BabySteps Food Mill is simple to use anywhere. NO electricity or batteries needed. Blends and purees fresh foods while separating bone, seeds, skin and other undesirable food parts. Perfect for traveling, this model Food Mill includes a handy, lightweight carrying case to house the food mill and spoon after use.BabySteps Electric Food Mill User Guide FREEZER TRAYS: These uniquely designed freezer trays resemble ice cube trays, but are so much more. Seven sections in each tray allow you to prepare bulk servings of a particular food for seven individual meals or sides.Once frozen, the cubes can be popped out and placed in freezer bags for future use. Label the bags, pop the trays and lids into the dishwasher and you’re ready for more. The flared edges make labeling your prepared meals quick and easy. Just use a dry erase marker and wipe off when ready to reuse.

Main features

  • Condensed Version of the BabySteps Guide
  • BabySteps Electric Food Mill:
  • 2 cup bowl
  • Non-skid bottom
  • Turbo button for pulsating rotations

Verified reviews


Pretty strong for a little thing

I was impressed with the motor. It’s pretty strong and will chop up a lot of items into litlte pieces. The final product looks pretty minced in the end. It’s perfect for when the baby can eat more table foods and graduated from all the purees. If you’re looking for something to make purees, this is not the item for you.

Maryanne Worth, MO

Easy to use and to clean, but pretty LOUD ! Ears hurt during turbo speed.

This item is easy to set up. Bottom rubber like material is removable. Inside blade comes in two parts : stainless steel bottom (2 blades) and plastic stirrer at the top. I think it is use to stir the food and return it to the bottom. Some reviewers said the lid is a little difficult to snap on, and I agree. However it is not too bad. Previous reviewer(s) said there was no start button, and the only button is the turbo speed button (green color) at the top. Do not worry, this item won’t turn on right away after you plug in. To start it, you actually push the white plastic part down to turn it on. You have to keep holding it down to blend, and if you want to stop, just release it. It’s very easy to use. The turbo speed though, is way too loud for my ear. I have quite a few food processors and blenders at home (kitchenaid, cuisinart) but this one is the loudest!!! My ears hurt after few seconds of turbo speed processing. If you need to use the turbo speed, I recommend you to pause it every few seconds. So far I’ve used it on chicken, squash and peas. It won’t completely process the peas and break down the skins, so expect coarse texture. Cleaning is easy, I just rinse everything but the motor of course, in water.The accompanying plastic trays are good because the lid stays on, and you can easily pop them out like ice cubes.Overall I give the processor a 4 star because of the loud noise it makes.

Kitty Providence, KY


I LOVE this machine! It works just as I would expect and the turbo button helps with the harder foods or the ones with thick skin. I love the fact that the blade can be taken out after blending and you can scrape EVERYTHING out of the bowl without trying to work around a blade. It is very easy and simple to wash as well. It takes longer to cook the food than to blend it (which is a GREAT thing). I can not say enough good things about this product. I have not used the trays yet because I bought silicone ones and have been using those first.******WARNING/ADVICE****make sure you line the tabs on the lid to the bowl carefully. I got my lid stuck and couldn’t get it off so I came online looking for reviews with the same problem and they said if you aren’t careful it gets stuck and to gently/carefully twist the lid in the opposite way and it pops right off THANK GOSH for those reviews (I almost gave up and almost threw it away) it worked and lid came off and from there on i make sure I line the tabs up with the holes and haven’t had a problem since. (the reviews were on another site).

Kimberlee Patton, MO

Great Size, Easy To Clean, Happy With Purchase

I use this a few times a week to make quick meals or batches of baby food to freeze for my baby. Love this. The size is very nice, it will make you enough to fill a tray or so of baby food. Don’t fill it too high though or it could bubble over. It blends very well, and the best part is that it is sooo easy to clean, just rinse the parts off immediately before any food has time to dry and you will be all set. For larger batches or super chunky food like potatos, I still prefer my Vitamix, but sometimes you don’t want to mess with a big blender, you just want to chop and blend a few pears or strawberries or whatever it is, and this will do the job nicely, quickly, and with minimal clean up. Makes it easier to make baby food, so I highly recommend this item. Oh, the trays are nice too. Sometimes I prefer smaller size holes, but having options for portion size is great. These trays hold about twice the amount of normal ice cube tray hole, which is especially useful for older babies, or to fill with baby’s favorite foods.Also, I should note that I always microwave and soften my fruit and veggies first, per the Fresh Baby book, so that may contribute to the nice smooth results I get, the food has already been softened.

Ethel Worcester, PA

so hard to open

It is very hard to open the container part after I puree the food. I wish I had purchased the magic bullet.

Tamara Baldwin, MI

Great for Baby Food!

This mill really makes great baby food. we use it at least once a day and does a great job of blending any type of food and turns it into a really smooth puree.

Marina Firth, NE

Great quality for baby food processing.

Before having a baby, we did not own a food processor and I never cooked much, so this was perfect for me when my baby started eating solids. It works great and is very affordable. The tray is a nice bonus. Now that my baby is older and I am falling more in the the typical house wife roll, I realize that I need a normal food processor. If you already have one, you don’t really need to buy this one or any other “baby” one. They are all the same. I just wish it were bigger now so that I could use it on other things I have been making for our family recently like soups and sauces.

Helen Amenia, NY