BabySteps Feeding Dish

BabySteps Feeding Dish

This original, sectioned dish offers convenience and flexibility for feeding meals both at home and away. It is perfect for single meals on-the-go! And because the dish is designed in tandem with the Freezer Trays (sold separately), they make a great team for easy transfer of frozen foods.

Main features

  • Section sizes (3) match BabySteps Freezer Trays for easy transfer
  • Each section is approx 2 oz. serving
  • Specially designed locking lid seals each section
  • Prevents food mixing
  • Spoon with storage case locsk the lid and creates complete serving unit

Verified reviews


Just ok

I bought the KidCo baby food processor and ice cube trays so this dish is nice in that you can dump the frozen food right into it and it fits perfectly. But $7? I don’t know…it seems a little overrated for what it is. My baby has also recently gone on a homemade food strike so it’s not getting a lot of use. Hopefully this is just a phase she is going through. I’m a stay at home mom, but if you took your baby to day care it would probably be pretty handy if you use the KidCo system to leave food with them during the day.

Staci Easley, SC

convienent, durable, travel-friendly and easy to clean

we own one of these dishes and the corresponding baby food mill. the frozen food cubes created by the food mill fit right into the bowl, we microwave the food for about 30/40 seconds and his meal is ready. it’s easy to clean, divides different foods nicely, and is just about the only bowl we use. the only other bowls we own are the take and toss. the lid and clip-on spoon also make the dish good for travel.

Lucia Glendora, NJ

Excellent product.

I make my own baby food and I got both the freezer trays and the travel dish, so that I can pack food for my little guy to take to daycare. It worked out great. The food fits from the freezer trays right into this dish, so every night I popped them out of the trays and into the travel dish and put them in the refrigerator. They defrosted overnight and my little one had food for daycare the next day. Having the spoon right there was great too.

Jeannette Elwell, MI

Way too small

This dish is very small. I was looking for something I could send to grandma’s house with my 10 month old to include pieces of cantalope, avocado, or banana, etc. The sections would fit about two pieces of each. Way too small for my hungry little one.

Laura Wendell, MN

Great but……

I have been looking for a sectioned bowls for my infant son to send to his daycare and to have his dinner made in case I can’t get home in time to feed so all dad would have to do (cause we all know how great they are at following directions) would have to do would be just pull it out and pop it in the microwave to warm it up and feed. This is a great idea but the compartments are way to small. I use regular ice cube trays when I make my own food so the size of the frozen cube is too big to fit into this dish making the lid not fit. If you were to buy this feeding dish you would also need to get the trays that you use to freeze the food or else anything else wouldn’t work.

Letha De Witt, MO