BabyZoo Alarm Clock for children, teach your child when to stay in bed!

BabyZoo Alarm Clock for children, teach your child when to stay in bed!

This unique and cute Sleep Trainer shows in an intuitive way when your child is allowed to get out of bed or still needs to catch some sleep: Eyes Closed – “I should be sleeping”, Eyes Open -“Rise and shine!”: The solution for early rising children!! How does it work? At bedtime, show your child that Momo is going to sleep. With one push on the button you close Momo’s eyes. You whisper: “Ssst, Momo is sleeping. Be quiet now otherwise you wake him up.” Then you explain that as long as Momo is sleeping he/she needs to stay quiet and try to catch some more sleep. Only when Momo opens his eyes, it is time to wake up!

Main features

  • children’s Alarmclock
  • Sleep Trainer, teaching children when to stay in bed by opening and closing of the monkey’s eyes
  • The solution for early risers, children who wake up before the crack of dawn
  • Giving both parents and children their so much needed sleep

Verified reviews


Babyzoo Monkey SleepTrainer

So far so good. My daughter is an early riser but this sleeptrainer really seems to help. I’m teaching her that not until the monkey’s eyes are open is it morningtime. The only thing I don’t love is the nightlight button. She won’t leave it alone and will run the batteries down in no time.

Phoebe Tennille, GA

Does not work

when I bought this clock, I had 2 wishes, that my kids would stay in bed at least until the monkey opened his eyes, and secondly, that if they wanted to sleep longer, they would. Well, when this thing works, it is so loud when he opens his eyes that it wakes them up. The clock also has an really annoying habit of advancing itself in time by several hours. We even put fresh batteries in and it still did this. So the kids don’t trust it and won’t abide by it because they are so confused as to why his eyes won’t open until 3PM (set for 7A) or why I am upset when they are coming into my room at 4A (“mom, his eyes are open!” clock was set for 7A). Get a different clock that works and is quieter.

Gwen Hanover, MN

Not the best option!

We loved our monkey, despite the loud ticking sound he makes, until winter came along. Now that it stays dark late, my daughter can’t see whether monkey’s eyes are opened or closed (his little night light only stays on for about 30 seconds after pushing the button, and if we let her get close enough to push the button, she’ll just go ahead and push the button that opens his eyes as well). As a result, she wakes up a 4 a.m., AND EITHER TURNS ON THE LIGHT in her room in order to see whether his eyes are open or COMES OUT TO WAKE US UP AND ASK WHETHER HIS EYES ARE OPEN. I’m trying a different model and suggest that you do too.

Patrice Saint Martin, MN

Scary Effective!

I had planned on just using this item as an alarm clock for my son so we can get him up on time without making him mad at me for waking him ~ a bit of a crank when woken, if you know what I mean! He has never gotten out of bed and run wild (knocking on wood), so I just liked the fact that “Mo Mo” is jungle themed like his room. However, this item is SO intutitive that he now stays in bed quietly waiting for Mo Mo to tell him its time to wake up rather than calling me as soon as he wakes. This has not helped in the potty training department, but certainly makes my life more predictable!!!Only downside I see is that the eyes, as mentioned in other reviews, make a loud sound when opening. This has startled my little guy, but he likes the music and kisses Mo Mo so I think he is adjusting to it. However, I wouldn’t recommend it for children who are overly noise sensitive.The volumne control for the music is nice. I also like the use of military time, as it is less confusing than the AM/FM on my personal alarm clock! All in all, very happy with my purchase!

Veronica Dixfield, ME

Cute clock – usefulness remains to be seen…

We bought this sleeptrainer clock for our 20 month old son. We’ve been using it religiously now for about a month or so. Whether he “gets” it or not remains to be seen. I think he’s a bit young to understand the concept of it, but we’re sticking with it as many friends have tried this and said it works, but you have to keep at it.I will say that the monkey is cute and my son loves saying goodnight to it and watching his eyes close. Some of the previous reviews say that when the eyes open and close it’s really loud. It does make noise, but isn’t as loud as the reviews say. On the occasion that my son sleeps past the time we’ve set it for, it doesn’t wake him up at all. The ticking of the clock is also not that loud either.We already have a nightlight so we don’t use the nightlight feature, so I can’t say what affect is has on the battery. So far, we’ve had it a couple months and the battery hasn’t died yet.The size of the clock is good – small enough to fit on the shelf, but big enough that my son can see it from his crib.I really like the clock and hoping that it will help to teach him that 5am is just too early for us all to get up. My fingers are crossed!

Candace Jemison, AL

Magic Mo Mo – don’t read old reviews

Amazing! We moved our 20 month old to a toddler bed, and she started waking up at 5:30 everyday. The first night we used this We had to wake her up at 8am! She would not nap at home for more than 30 minutes… she is now 65 minutes into her nap and allowing me to write this review.I was highly doubtful that it would work, but I so extremely happy right now.We don’t have a problem with load ticking at all nor the sound of the eyes opening, the monkey is big enough so that we can place him on a shelf so she can’t reach, and I try not to let her see me setting it, because of previous reviews that said the kids learn it very quickly.I bought this from Amazon and it has AM/PM clock and very clear instructions. Took me 3 minutes to do the initial set upPro: 1. The look is very appealing to the little ones2. Use of batteries (3 AAA – not included) allows to move around without having to reset3. AM/PM clock4. You can close the back so that the child doesn’t play with the buttonsCons:1. Only one alarm setting – would love to have a morning setting, and a naptime setting

Winifred Copan, OK