Badger Basket 3 Pack Polka Dot Nesting Trapezoid Shape Folding Baskets, Pink

Badger Basket 3 Pack Polka Dot Nesting Trapezoid Shape Folding Baskets, Pink

Badger Basket Nesting Trapezoid 3 Basket Set in Polka Dots: These handy baskets are lightweight, easy to carry around, won’t scratch your furniture, and fold flat for storage! Set includes one large, one medium and one small baskets. Each basket includes a poly/cotton liner. These are perfect for storing clothes, diapering supplies, lotions, towels, toys, socks, hats and mittens. Particularly handy when used on or near your changing table in the nursery. Remove the bottom insert panels and the baskets fold flat. Covered inside and out in polka dot fabric with reinforced binding around all edges. Helpful handles on the sides for lifting and carrying.

Main features

  • Three baskets per set
  • Particularly handy when used on or near your changing table in the nursery
  • Helpful handles on the sides
  • Soft, fabric covered bottom is gentle on furniture

Verified reviews


Not the right color

I ordered two sets of the sage, I was so happy to get them today bc the baby’s room would finally be done with theses. To my surprise when I opened the box they were brown, the order papers even say sage nothing in my order say brown so how can someone confuse sage with brown they are two very different colors. Going to return them and hope they get it right. I spend $40 on them so I don’t think wanting the right color for my baby’s room is too much to ask.

Betsy Trenton, TX

poor material

I ordered this because it was relatively highly reviewed, but it is made of low quality materials. It looks cheap. I was disappoineted and decided to return. Not recommended.

Abigail Palmer Lake, CO

Sturdy but definitly NOT sage

These were what I was expecting quality wise for the price but the color was NOT sage and more of a lime. I returned as it totally clashed with our nursery.

Krystal Kingston, RI

Ordered two more sets

These baskets are great, fit very well under my changing table to keep things organized. I even use one of the large ones as a toy bin and a small one to hold my daughter’s bows and headbands on her dresser. Love the polka dots!

Eileen Santa Fe, MO


Pretty, sturdy, and 3 different sizes. I use it around the house for clothes, kid’s toys and kitchen items. I like this product very much and recommend it.

Janine Benzonia, MI


Cute little girl baskets – these really help clear the clutter of toys – books – bottles. Bigger than I imagined but not the best quality looks wise. Not sure how long they’ll last but so far so good. The price seems fair. If my children play with these in the future I’m sure they’ll not survive!

Bridgette Latham, KS

Okay for the price, but the look a lot nicer online

I bought these for my bedroom closet. I am happy with the size of these and the price, but I am disappointed in the fabric and the overall appearance.The fabric is more like canvas (versus a smooth fabric) than the picture appears. It just looks kind of ruddy. The seams run down the middle of the front and back of the boxes, which makes them look cheap. The dots are much darker than they look in the picture – a dark cream or light tan.

Effie Angus, MN

Badger Basket 3 Pack Polka Dot Nesting Trapezoid Folding Baskets/Sage

The baskets were great for my new grandson’s socks,bootiies, toiletries, and such. They fit nicely on the changing table in his shelve.They also went well with his Safari Theme in his room.

Lupe Hiram, GA

Good for storing odds and ends

I purchased these for our nursery since we needed a couple bins to store toys/blankets on a bookshelf. I like that this set comes with three sizes (one of which I am currently using in a drawer to keep hats/socks from getting lost in other things) and that they are collapsible down to flat for storage. I wish they were a brighter lime green, but I think they accurately match the picture — our nursery just has fairly strong lime green and aqua going on, so a little brighter would have matched better, but for the price and what I needed them for, they are great.

Gina Oakwood, IL

Agree with other reviews

This product got mostly great reviews for a child’s room. I received them and am satisfied with the quality and size of the baskets. For the price it is a good deal and from what other people say, they will last.

Shannon Caledonia, ND

Good for baby boy nursery

They do the job for the nursery of my newborn baby and the price is good., I put diapers in the medium one, in the big one I put all the blankets and moby wrap and on the small one burpcloths, also the medium one and small one fit the changing table, the big one doesn’t fit so it goes on top of the dresser. Color is just like in the picture, fabric is not that good but again, the price is good and they are sturdy.

Dana Lingle, WY


They look cheap but very comfortable and can be folded if not at use. So I guess pretty good product. I use it to keep my babies toys in it.

Edith Slidell, TX

Perfect for changing table!

I ordered two sets of these and they fit perfectly under the diaper/changing table. I also want to point out that the green is a tad lighter that it appears online. Looks very cute in my son’s room and would be perfect for a boy or girls’ room! Love these!! The small bins are perfect for holding diaper creme, hair brush, etc. The middle size holds two rows of diapers perfectly and the larger bin holds a case of diapers and also our diaper bag perfectly. I would suggest these to anyone.

Amie Defiance, PA

Love these so much I bought two sets!

These are absolutely perfect for my daughters nursery. I used the two medium baskets to go under her changing table. I used the two big ones in the closet. And I used one small one on top of the changing table for wipes, ointment, etc. and the other small one in the closet. They are so cute and very sturdy for being collapsible.

Dessie Eleva, WI

Badger Basket 3 pack chocolate

I love these so much I bought 3 sets of them. I use them in my sons nursery. We have them on the changing table for diapers, towels, pjs, and then on a book case full of toys, blankets, stuffed animals. They are easy to put together, and have held up to my son pulling toys out and putting them back in. I think they are worth the price.

Luann Pomona, MO


These not only look great, but work for everything in my nursery! I love that they came in different sizes and the fabric they are made of! I bought 2 packs and I’m completely happy with them

Bettye New Richmond, WV

Perfect for toys

When I needed a container to keep my baby’s toys handy in the kitchen, I was looking for two main things: 1) Soft-sided and lightweight, so that she could dump the toys in the floor like she expects to, rather than get stuck head-first inside it; and 2) a muted color that would harmonize with her room decor and not take over. I hit the jackpot with these Badger Baskets. The big one is exactly the right size to hold all those toys, sturdy enough that I can easily shove it out of the way with my foot when I’m working in the kitchen, and light enough that my baby can move it around herself. The medium one is a handy size for anything, and the little one served as a great mini toy box when I wanted to tote a few playthings along to a friend’s house.Color: I first tried the green, but I don’t think “sage” is a very good name for that color. It was not exactly bold, but a tad too bright, especially when contrasted with the old PBK green gingham that my girl has inherited in her room. So I ordered the pink instead, which is turns out to be a nice, cheerful, “watermelon sorbet” kind of color on the outside, with a paler pink lining. The dots are classy, but I do wish they made a stripe.Bottom line: These feel very well-made. The fold-flat feature is nifty. And it’s a nice price for three. They work so well for us, I am considering a second set.Update: I have had these for three solid months of daily use. When I say daily use, I mean that two kids and a 1yo baby are constantly shoving them around, throwing items in and out of them, removing the bottom inserts and stomping on them, folding the baskets down and sitting on them… you get the picture. They still look nice, hold together just fine, and do what I need them to do. I’m on a budget, which is the only reason I am making myself hold off on buying more. But part of me really wants to snatch up another set at the amazon price, b/c I know my girl will use them for years, if only to hold stuff in her closet.

Lilly Hebron, IN

Cute and functional!

Bought 2 sets of these for my son’s changing table and they are very cute. They fit perfectly underneath and hold a bunch of stuff. They are pretty soft-sided, but that’s not an issue for me. I’m sure we’ll be able to use these for years to come for toy storage as well.

Sierra Searsport, ME

Very cute, nice sizes

We are using these on a changing table shelf and they are great for that use. They fit the description in the picture precisely. What you see is what you get. Nice fabric, sturdy, worth purchasing as storage.

Ana Lansing, KS

“Lightweight” or cheap? Still for a 3-pc it’s affordable…

I guess you get what you pay for… The outer polka dot cloth that these are covered in is extremely cheap and thin as well as rough in texture (sorta burlap-ish), inside solid green fabric reminds me of those disposable blue paper-cloths that hospitals use (but not as soft)…exterior also looks a lot more faded in color than the pictures show. The piping on the edges was brighter; more lime green and doesn’t quite match the outer/main polka dot fabric. Inside seems to be cardboard pieces.Things I did like: they fold nicely, they have a stabilizing insert for the bottom, said insert had a tab/loop to make it easier to pull out and collapse again if needed, for a set of three the price was right!FYI: These are graduated in size. They match reasonably well with Summer Ultra plush changing pad color in green (#92330?) and with lighter green color in Skip Hop Tree Friends Crib Bedding.All of that said, I am waiting to see how they looks on the nursery changing table before sending them back. Also other similar looking cubes I’ve found online run $15-20 EACH…forget buying 3 pieces at those prices! Not sure how much better the quality of the more expensive ones are…I’d be interested to see one in person for comparison purposes.

Christa Valdez, NM

Cute and practical

I was looking for a laundry basket for my new baby, and the middle size of these boxes was perfect. The boxes collapse so they’re easy to store when not in use. The three sizes are convenient for a variety of uses. The boxes have held up well so far for regular use. Since I’m using it as a laundry basket, it’s getting a lot of use. The boxes are fairly sturdy, but I wouldn’t recommend them for something heavy like books.

Brigitte Amsterdam, NY

Meh. Good enough.

Nothing special… cheap fabric over cardboard. The color is pretty hideous, but it does the job of holding my baby’s toys.

Dayna Ossian, IN

Just Okay!

Okay…so I ordered these as an alternative to the popular "31" bins/baskets that cost like $35 dollars for one container for my hallway shelf to hold gloves, scarfs, and hats. I will share that I am a picky shopper (FYI). The bins are cheaply made and the fabric looks likes its been washed 30 times -faded/crappy appearance! They look like recycled fabric….LOL…if there is such a thing! They had a lot of frilly ends in lots of places so I took a candle light to sort of burn the loose ends off (as I have done many times with many of our clothing items) and the fabric disintegrated as if it was melting plastic! Anyhoo…they do the job…hold my gloves, scarfs and hats well and they are not visible to anyone but us. I wouldn’t buy them if I saw them on a shelf in a store because of the crappy appearance/quality of fabric but they were cheap and they do the job!

Kris Webbville, KY

i love this

They look great in my baby’s nursery. Good quality. I bought two of this set for the changing table and dresser. Adorable with the Nojo Dot changing table cover in brown with ivory dots.

Rita Bohemia, NY


Great organization for my son’s room. They help to keep his everyday items well organized and within reach. I use them on his changing table.

Sonya Glens Fork, KY

Good baskets, not so hot sage

I am happy that these baskets are the perfect size and I can dump a lot of stuff in them. They are definitely sturdy and fit my Graco Lauren Dressing Table well. I didn’t like the color – all the utilities in my nursery are sage with big white polka dots. The baskets are a very light shade of green and look almost faded. At first I thought I was sent a used product. The interiors are not the deep green shade you see in the picture. The reviewer uploaded pictures are more like it. I wouldn’t return them only because of the color; these baskets are definitely useful.

Carolina Hodgenville, KY


love these baskets, I bought in brown, pink, and green. I use them for diapers, cat toys, kid toys. As your child grows you can use them for socks, etc. if you are low on space, or when you are not using them the collapse down and store. These would make a great wedding or baby shower gift, you could stuff them full of goodies such as diapers, wipes, lotion, etc.

Edith Walworth, NY

Love them!

I bought these at the last minute, just 3 weeks before my due date when I realized I had a real storage need in my nursery. Waited until going on maternity leave to buy 90% of what I would need for my soon to arrive baby and once everything was purchased there was no where to put it all! I chose these baskets because of the price mainly but I must say I am very pleased with the color (they go perfectly with my changing table pad,NoJo 2 Pack Dot Changing Table Cover – Sage withIvory Dotssee customer pics) and they are very durable! I will definitely be purchasing more of these!

Berta Marquette, NE