Badger Basket Baby Changing Table with Six Baskets, Black

Badger Basket Baby Changing Table with Six Baskets, Black

Includes top pad and safety belt. Props and accessories shown with the table are for illustration only and not included. Sleigh style. Three large pull out baskets for clothes, diapers, blankets, and toys. Three small pull-out baskets are ideal for changing supplies, socks, shoes, hats, and toiletries. Hardboard top shelf. Non-toxic finish. Card holders on each basket. Changing area has safety rails on all four sides. For use up to 30 lbs (13.6 kg). Wipe clean with a damp cloth. Manufacturer Warranty: 30 days parts. Assembly required. Large Size Basket: 20.25 in. L x 17.25 in. W x 7 in. H. Small Size Basket: 9.5 in. L x 17.25 in. W x 7 in. H. Overall Dimensions: 37.5 in. W x 19 in. D x 37.5 in. H. Assembly Instructions. This attractive and functional Baby Changing Table keeps everything tidy and concealed for a clean look in the nursery. Card Holders on basket makes easy to sort and identify Babys things! Metal support bar beneath the changing surface provides additional stability. Table is reversible so the large/small baskets can be either on the left or right. All measurements approximate.Product may vary slightly from shown

Main features

  • Wood, Metal, Canvas
  • Made in USA or Imported
  • Six baskets for organizing all of baby’s clothes, diapers, and toiletries
  • Safety rails enclose the changing area
  • Includes safety belt and mattress pad

Verified reviews


made of thin plywood

the top where the baby will be placed is very thin plywood and makes me nervousi wouldn’t buy it again if i knew it’s so thin. Also the finish is bad and has bald spots. I gave it 3 stars for the good design.

Melisa Hazlet, NJ

A little small

It looks nice in our daughter’s room but:I wish I had bought a changing pad to place on top of this table- there is one on there already, but a raised one would prevent our little girl from banging her head/limbs against the sides.It just seems so small for me, we have a wipe warmer and once that is on the table, and it’s pretty squishyThe quality seems good, sturdy enough.

Joy Pelzer, SC

Looks good- But STINKS and is HARD to put together

If I could I would have returned it.First issue- it stinks! We opened the box and set-up the table 14 days ago and my son still can’t sleep in his room with that table. It must be the spray paint they use.Second Issue- Hard to put together. Beginning assembly was easy but the actual rows for holding the baskets were horrible. Holes weren’t big enough, screws weren’t securing. My husband and I were very frustrated. We are very experienced Ikea furniture assemblers and this was worse.The unit looks nice, but we should have spent the extra money for better quality.

Ruth Monmouth, IL

It’ll do!

This changing table has a lot of storage and it assembled quickly and easily. My only complaint is that the drawers will sometimes fall off of their slats… however… They hold soooooo much. Our baby isn’t here yet… but it is assembled, packed, and ready to go. I feel that it will work very well for our needs. Plus… for the price… it was a no brainer.

Cristina Nephi, UT

great changing table

really good table , kindof a pain to put together but after that its cake cant put really heavy stuff n the drawers tho

Stacey Stow, NY

A good purchase

Bought this four months ago and it has been a great space-saver. The shelves are very spacious (particularly on the right side). I am 5’7" and the changing table is at the perfect height for changing diapers, not too short as I originally thought it might be. The fabric is durable, and–though I haven’t tried sitting on it–the frame seems to be as well. Once baby grows out of the need for a changing table I could see myself placing stuffed toys or something else on top and keeping it as a dresser (it beats heavy wooden dressers that could fall over on the child when all the drawers are pulled out). I assembled it the month of my girl’s due date and it was pretty easy.

Geri Langley, OK

Love this changing table

This changing table is the perfect height (I’m 5’4″) and has tons of room for storage! It looks great and is very practical for nurseries that are short on storage space.

Dona Prairie City, IA

Sturdy, Functional, and Attractive

I bought this as a second changing table to keep in my living room for my first child.What I like:- Attractive- Easy to assemble- Lots of storage: Drawers are able to be labeled for more organization- After you’re done with diapers, can be used as a storage area for toys/clothes etc.It comes with some little, thin changing pad for the top but I would recommend buying a thick contoured changing pad to put in it.

Libby Clifton, IL

Two Stars

the drawers are flimsy

Adeline Manassa, CO

Great value, looks nice

This changing table has been a nice surprise. I wasn’t sure what the quality would be like, if the white color would match the white crib, or if the baskets would hold up. So far after 5 months of constant use, it’s been great. It is sturdy, though you get what you pay for, it’s inexpensive for changing tables, so the quality of the wood is not high end. But the baskets fill all my baby’s clothes, diapers, accessories, etc. with room to spare! This is the perfect way to store all your baby’s things without needing a separate dresser. Perfect for apartments, it blends right in with all the other furniture and looks very modern. I highly recommend it, you cannot beat the price.

Francine Independence, KY

Beautiful and functional

LOVE this table. I was nervous about ordering it after reading some of the reviews, but I couldn’t be happier. On carpet the table doesn’t seem too sturdy, but on our hardwood floors it is perfect. It did come in a lot of pieces, but my husband was able to put it together without much trouble. The baskets are large and perfect for organizing diapers, blankets, and toys. We are using this as a secondary changing station on the main floor of our home. The style of the table is beautiful and fits in nicely with other living room furniture. I definitely recommend this table!

Monique Elkland, PA

Sturdy and Functional

The assembly for the changing table was relatively quick and easy. I’ve built a lot of furniture like this in the past, and this assembly was no more difficult than most others. Once assembled, the changing table seemed sturdy and looked exactly like the picture. Obviously the “drawers” are just a canvas material with a few cardboard inserts, but they look OK and are easy to access. There’s lots of room for storage, and I like that everything isn’t sitting out on a shelf, which could be both unsightly and a hazard once baby starts crawling/walking. (Not that the drawers couldn’t be pulled out, but with things tucked away there’s less chance that they’ll be found.)Long story short: It’s a baby changing table. I’ll use it for a few years and then get rid of it. It does the job.

Eula Schuyler Falls, NY

Great for organizing the baby explosion!

Our house looked like it exploded baby items. This changing table was able to organize it all. It went together pretty easily and is sturdy. It only get’s four starts since it is made of particle board. But, it looks great and I really like it!

Tania Richards, TX

Just right!

I really wanted this table for my sons nursery but wasn’t able to get it at babie R’us. I was elated to find it on amazon and it meets all of my expectations. It’s very sturdy, good quality and I love the style of it. It fits perfect in the nursery. Well worth the money as well.

Rowena Gradyville, PA

Nice for the money

Cute changing table! Surprisingly strudy. I like the look of it. Good pricing for the product. I would think that you would have to get a better changing pad. The one provided isn’t that great. The color is a very dark brown. I still have to return it though, it doesn’t match my “espresso” crib. If your looking for a changing table to match the Delta Canton 4-In-1 Convertible Crib, Espresso, this isn’t it.

Concepcion Dolph, AR

Compact and helpful

Love the height. Perfect for me (5’6″) and for hubby (6’2″). Easy to move around the room because it is light.

Callie Marshall, MI

for how inexpensive it is…its very cute and easy to put together

So we ordered it and received it within about 4 days of each other, quick shipping. husband put it together in under an hour and its very cute. i wouldnt say it looks expensive by any means i mean the baskets are canvas but its VERY cute and will def be fine for our first baby. we are in nyc and dont have tons of space so this changing table is so perfect for our needs right now- overall i am pleased. plenty of storage for diapers and clothes and bibs and swaddles which was really the goal.

Coleen Little Rock Air Force Base, AR

Beautiful and worth every penny

I am freaking in love w/ this changer. It is super cute and easy to assemble too. When i took it out the package immediately I noticed how beautiful the finish was. I didnt have any broken pieces at all and automatically was able to understand the directions. The directions are very simple which I love and that is good b/c assembling isnt hard at all. The only thing i wish was that they labeled every single piece b/c there is one part where pieces are able to get confused. But other than that I LOVE IT and the finished product is just beautiful.

Ruthie Marblehead, MA

Love this piece of beautiful furniture

I love this changing table. Its sturdy and has plenty of space to place items. I wouldn’t put anything super heavy in the drawers, just regular baby things should be fine. I like that its easy to clean – changing pad and all which is very helpful when you have a baby boy. It looks beautiful with the rest of the baby furniture and was easy to put together.

Jordan Jackson, KY

For the price this is a great changing table…

I didn’t feel this was too difficult to assemble. It’s been sturdy and is a very attractive unit. Sure the drawers are not as sturdy as an all wood unit but I can’t complain heavily about it. I was looking for something to store diapers, clothes, towels, etc. that didnt’ take up much space and didn’t cost $400 and this fit the bill.

Lolita Zephyr Cove, NV

Good product

Good product. Lots of pieces. Decent construction and quality. After ordering I realized there are other items better made with a better price. It used to be that Amazon had the lowest prices, but now when i do a price check amazon now doe not have the lowest prices.

Christie Valles Mines, MO

Great, but arrived broken

I LOVE this changing table. It is sturdy and beautiful and low priced and holds TONS of stuff. I use it as my baby’s dresser. The changing pad is cheap, but works fine. The only complaint is that it arrived with a broken piece, which seems to be an issue with this company. The company did replace the piece, though, and I’ve had no further problems.

Cynthia Milford, IL

cheap and adorable!

I absolutely love this changing table! It was easy to put together, cheap, and it looks amazing! I highly recommend this product!

Jean Little Falls, NY

Functional, but missing hardware and horrible smell

This product is ok I guess for the price. You get what you pay for. It is a frame, with no sides or bottom or back. The drawers are fabric with a cardboard (fabric covered) bottom. There are just laying on the frame, but there is no stop that will impede them to be completely pulled off the frame – either front or back.Our dresser came with two screws that were too short for their intended use – happily we had enough hardware at home to finish assembly.It also came woth a horrible smell. We put it i. The garage to offgas, but after a week, it was still smelling. After it stopped raining, we started putting the different parts outside one by one – this is when we diacovered that the smelly part was actually the flimsy plastic changing mattress. Given that we have no use for it (we already have a changing pad that we purchased separately and intend to use in the dresser), we just discarded it.

Alejandra Perrysville, IN

Badger Basket great company to work with.

I ordered this, shipped by amazon, and it came with a broken part. I was so frustrated, because I didn’t want to deal with the hassle of sending things back and waiting for a new piece. It was an instant regret and I considered just sending back the whole table. Fortunately, Badger Basket has a nearly automated system for making a claim and sending the piece online. It was super convenient and easy, I was extremely happy to not have to waste my time make phone calls and sending the part back.As for the changing table, I am very pleased. It is sturdy and the baskets provide tons of storage.Overall, I love a company with good customer service and quality products. I would highly recommend this changing table or other Badger Basket products.

Dominique Boswell, IN

Simple and works for me

If your looking for something simple and affordable then this table is for you. Now its not perfect but I knew this going in when I made the purchase and I am still very satisfied. The drawers are made out of a cloth canvas material with a cardboard insert in each to make the bases and its quite sturdy despite its fragile appearance. If you pull out the drawers too far, it will fall out which annoys me.The table comes with its own changing pad but its completely flat like a bed mattress and too thin for my taste. Thoughtful but useless. I highly, highly recommend buying your own changing mattress. There are many decent and affordable changing pads like this one I boughtSummer Infant Contoured Changing Pad(which fits perfectly onto the table) and your baby will thank you for it.Bottom line: it looks beautiful, its simple, and it does what it needs to do.

Cristina Magnolia, IA

I really like the idea of fabric drawers but these are flimsy and fall of the tracks

My best friend got this changer and it looks ok, not the most sleek looking product for the nursery, but it works and I love the number of drawers it features. The problem is that the drawers are flimsy and don’t slide smoothly in and out of the shelves. I would recommend getting one with real drawers even if it costs a little bit more.If you want more reviews on baby products, check out the website for a must have baby registry list (vs. what you don’t need), what to expect at the hospital delivery, a full stroller shopping guide, and even how to navigate the first year of parenthood.

Stacy Cleveland, ND

Functional but messy

We got this changing table a couple years ago for Baby #1 – and now it’s been passed down to Baby #2. It was easy to assemble and is pretty stable. It has survived two large moves to different houses.My biggest complaint is the drawers. They tend to stick out a lot if you don’t take the time to line them up correctly. If you push too hard, they can push out the back. Clothes and blankets tend to stick out the top of the drawers, giving it a very messy look. I realize this is all stuff I can correct by slowing down and folding/tucking stuff in nicely. But when you have a toddler running around while the baby is crying, it’s a little hard to do. It always makes the changing table seem very chaotic looking. If I were to buy another changing table, it would have hard wood drawers!

Cecilia Spanish Fork, UT

Best changing table out there!

It’s so hard to find a decent changing table, nevermind a great one! All of them seem so flimsy! I can’t see how they support a baby.I originally received a Badger Basket changing table with hamper/drawers as a gift and loved it so much I also bought this one.It is so well made and is extremely sturdy. It supports my baby without a problem and I never feel like it may tip over. Having the baskets is such a plus as I can store all baby accessories in there, such as nail clippers, wipes, etc. This one is a beautiful color and matches my crib perfectly. You won’t be disappointed and the price is impossible to beat!

Wilda Trimble, OH

such a different type of changing table

This table is great. Great price, and very useful. I bought this because I knew I could still use it after she outgrows the changing table. My plan is to turn it into a toy organizer with a small light on top with books. 🙂

Kathy North Benton, OH