Badger Basket Barrel Top Toy Box, Natural

Badger Basket Barrel Top Toy Box, Natural

With its treasure chest styling, the Barrel Top Toy Chest is an inviting place to store favorite blankets and toys. Designed expressly for child’s play, this roomy toy chest features a safety support hinge to hold the lid in the open position. The natural finish is non-toxic, and the lid is crafted of solid hardwoods with Baltic birch veneers. The bottom panel boasts clean detailing and is made with engineered wood hardboard. Great for a bedroom or playroom. Imported. 19-1/2Hx33Lx17-1/2D”.

Main features

  • Nice size for holding lots of toys or for linens
  • Safety hinge prevents slamming
  • Easy assembly

Verified reviews


Nice trunk

I was very impressed on how fast it was delivered, in less than a week – product was well packed.It doesn’t look excatly like the picture, there are some visible “bolts” and the finish is alright, the bolts look ok with the style – the greatest feature is the fact it doesn’t close automatically so it is safe for children, which is what I need.It’s good for a kid room but I would not put this in a living room as again the finish is not great but for the price, I can’t complain – overall I would recommend it for a kid room.

Helena Canovanas, PR

Perfect size for one child.

Was easy for my husband to assemble and was in good shape when it arrived which really surprised us because a lot of packages coming overseas to APO get damaged. Fit all of our two year olds toys. We will definitely need to get another one when the second comes. Our son closes the lid and climbs on top of it all the time. He even jumps on it. Now we don’t accept this behavior, but the chest is proving to hold up just fine.

Rachael Ava, OH

Very cheaply made

It looks nice for the moment after it’s assembled. Within a short amount of time you will realize it is very cheaply made,the nice dark paint will chip off & the hinge (which they claim will make it safer) will break. It looks nice if it is not touched or used, but don’t count on it lasting AT ALL when the kids start using it!!!! Return time is short as well FYI, huge waste of money

Ginger Creighton, NE

Best toy box EVER!!

This toy box is everything I was hoping for. Its roomy, light weight and easy to assemble. Also I love that the top doesn’t just slam shut, that way when my daughter puts her toys away she won’t smash her fingers.

Kirsten Amherst, SD

Toy Box

Nice construction/hinge. A couple of scratches, but not worth sending back for. A previous review said the Walnut color was more cherry. I wanted more cherry so I ordered the Walnut. Walnut IS dark Walnut, not a cherry color (fyi).

Pamela Johnson City, NY

Great the 2nd time around!!!!

Purchased this less than 1 month ago and had my husband put it together. He spent a bit of time and one of the last steps was screwing in the hinge but it just would not go through! The problem seemed to be the pre-drilled holes were not lined up and the screws were very cheap that he ended up stripping them easily. We sent it back without a fuss from Amazon and decided I wanted to give it one more go because I loooooooooved the look so much.2nd time around:B-E-A-UTIFUL!!!!!!!!! It is simply gorgeous and went so well with our living room decor you wouldn’t realize it has toys in it. It’s big enough for all the living room toys and my 1 year old son can fit in it so I hope one day he’ll enjoy playing IN it too! The hinge works fine although the top does not come down all the way (maybe 1 inch gap, you can push it down but it will pop back up if that makes any sense)…but this is not a big issue for me. It just means my son won’t ever be trapped and it’s quite unlikely he’ll ever crush his fingers in closing it.OVERALL:Attractive looking piece at an attractive price.Not the finest quality but better than a plastic look (for me)(although durable) and it’s not particle board either so I would expect it to hold up for quite some time.

Autumn Merton, WI

Missing pieces but turned out nice…

I ordered this through Amazon and recieved it quickly (thank you Prime shipping!) but we were missing one of the hinges to put it together. All of the paperwork that came with it said NOT to contact Amazon for replacement parts but to instead contact the company directly. I went to their website and there was a page dedicated solely to ordering replacement parts. (Makes me think it happens quite a bit?!) I filled out the necessary information, found the piece that I needed to order and within two days it arrived at my door free of charge. Excellent! The only bummer is that the original hinge that came with the toy box was bronze and the spare that they sent me in the mail was silver. Not a big deal since the hinges are located inside the box, but still. Overall I love the box – we got it for our 18-month-old to hold the toys in his room. It’s perfect because it won’t slam his fingers (the lid stops in any position) and it’s big enough to hold all of his obnoxiously large toys without taking up too much space in his room or being too big for him to get things out of. I would’ve given it 5 starts had it come with all of the correct pieces right off the bat and will probably be buying one for our baby once he’s in need of his own toy box as well!

Verna Glasco, NY

Great product owned for a bit now

Had to put it together and it was not complicated took about 30 minutes. I was alone. The beauty speaks for itself. There is a lot of room for my twins toys. I really love the safety feature on the lid so it will not slam down on little hands their safe.. We really LOVE this toy box. This will last them until they’re grown. It is a deep dark espresso and has a measurement of 31 ” L by 17-” D by19-” H .Has a very nice shine on it. We are very happy with our toy box!!!! My daughters LOVE their toy box of course their the one who picked it out!

Geri Sweet Home, AR

Perfect size, matches our living room!

This toy box ended up being a perfect match for our living room. I like that I can just throw all his toys in, close the lid, and you can’t tell it’s a toy box! The lid has a special hinge that doesn’t allow the lid to slam, so my son (now 17mo old) can open and close it and I never have to worry about him smashing his finger. The lid is also strong, my husband has sat on it a few times and it shows no signs of wear. Excellent product.

Helga Kingston Springs, TN

Good quality

This was very easy to put together and is good quality for the price. It feels sturdy and heavy and I’m sure it will serve its purpose for many years. The lid does not shut all the way but I believe it’s because the spring needs to settle in over a little time. No big deal and not noticeable. There were no scuffs scratches or dents in the paint/wood which I find to be a common issue with theses types of products.

Abigail Lansing, MI

Great toybox

This is a great toybox. However, 3 pieces came damaged. replacement of the pieces was easy – you order it online. The pieces came damaged because not enough protective packaging was used. Nonetheless, once all the replacement pieces arrived, it was easy to assemble.

Jan Happy, TX