Badger Basket Company Sleigh Style Changing Table with Hamper/3 Baskets in White

Badger Basket Company Sleigh Style Changing Table with Hamper/3 Baskets in White

DELIVERY ALERT: This item ships in its original packaging and may be visible upon delivery!Badger Basket Sleigh Style Changing Table with Hamper/3 Baskets Badger Basket Sleigh Style Changing Table with Hamper/3 Baskets is an ideal way to lend a great look to the nursery. The changing table keeps everything clean and the 3 pull-out baskets are great for changing supplies, clothes, socks, shoes and toiletries. This set comes with a top pad and safety belt. The changing area is equipped with safety rails on all sides and the metal support bar underneath provides additional stability. It can be used to store clothes and toys when children outgrow this table. Features Good storage for bulk packs of diapers, blankets, and toys Three pull-out baskets store changing supplies, clothes, socks, shoes and toiletries Includes top pad and safety belt Changing area with safety rails on all four sides Metal support bar under the changing surface to provide extra stability Table with a non-toxic finish and hardboard top shelf 80% polyester and 20% cotton fabric on the baskets and hampers Meets all current, applicable ASTM and CARB ATCM safety standards

Main features

  • Metal, Wood, Canvas
  • Baby changing table with ample storage
  • Pull out hamper and three drawers hold oodles of baby’s things
  • Safety rails enclose the changing area and includes safety belt too
  • Pad on top also included
  • For children up to 30 pounds
  • There might be a slight differnce in shades and brightness of white

Verified reviews



This is singlehandedly the worst piece of furniture I have ever purchased. It is beyond cheap. I would never put my baby on it. As I tried assembling it ( a million screws and parts) the wood split from the dowels immediately. In more than one place. The quality of the fabric on the drawers was horrible as well. The whole thing was a mess. I am returning it.

Gayle El Indio, TX

perfect changer & storage center

I put this item together myself in about an hour with no help and I’m 9 months pregnant. It probably would have gone by faster if i had a little help holding up the sides though. Anyway, i love this changing table. You will probably want to purchase a thicker changing pad but the one that comes with it works too. The drawers slide in and out easily (they’re made of cloth type material) and the hamper is very spacious. I hung a diaper depot thingy (i purchased separately) on the side that holds diapers and creams and things, which is very handy. It doesn’t take up a huge amount of space either.. .and unlike the previous review i read, there is no smell whatsoever to my changing table. It smelled “new” for about a day or so which wasn’t unpleasant at all. And i have a terribly sensitive nose, pregnant or not.I rate this product 5 stars because it’s really cool, inexpensive, extremely useful… and stylish!

Florine Cannelburg, IN


The two end pieces come pre-assembled- there were visible gaps where the cross bars joined the legs. The large side cross bars are joined by a screw and a plastic dowel. I had two of the plastic dowels snap before I gave up.

Becky Montezuma, NM

Great Table

Assembly is a little tricky, front and back of some segments is unclear. I got about 3/4 done then had to go back and reverse the vertical dividers between the hamper and the drawers. But once the Table was put together it’s been great.

Kathryn Conesville, OH

Needed a little help….

This was REALLY cute and my husband likes it but I had to play with it a little bit because the picture is NOT 100% accurate. The hamper and baskets are NOT white. They’re a natural (tan) cotton color that didn’t work for my nursery. I simply replaced the baskets with some actual wicker baskets and the hamper with a wicker hamper that I’d gotten from our local dollar store and customized it to fit our nursery design. It goes together easy, but make sure you slide the board that supports the changing pad in place before putting the other end on (it’s a little obscure in the instruction booklet and I missed it. I would definitely recommend it….just be aware that the white one comes with tan baskets and hamper, NOT white like the picture shows!!!

Socorro Exeter, RI

Very useful but time consuming to put together.

I really like all the baskets and the hamper. It is something that will be used for quite a while at my house. The bad part is that it takes a while to put together. My husband put it together in an hour or so. He is a very capable builder and it took him a little while and made him frustrated. There was a staple that went through the packaging and messed up one of the hinges so he fixed it himself. Our new baby is coming soon so we didn’t want to have to wait for a new part. Really hoping that it lasts.

Noreen Lexington, NE

Great changing table but don’t wash the laundry bag

My sister in law has this changing table and I really liked it because it is small enough to fit in our apartment and has space saving drawers and hamper. I think it looks great in the darker color. My husband put it together and like most furniture you have to put together there will be glitches. However, I don’t think the assembly was too bad. My biggest complaint is the laundry bag. One reason I liked this changing table was it came with a machine washable laundry bag. When I washed the bag, though, it shrank badly and just didn’t look as nice (came out very wrinkly). The laundry bag has a cardboard bottom piece that goes inside the bag to make that nice square shape and after I washed it, that piece no longer fits in the bag. Also some of the seams ripped right around where the velcro attaches the bag. I am guessing I will have to buy a new bag to fit that spot but I would still recommend this changing table. It’s very sturdy even though my baby rolls around quite a bit and I feel really comfortable with him in there.

Queen Norton, WV

Easy one person set up

My husband has been away on a work trip and I decided to try building this changing table alone. The directions given in the package were easy to read once I set everything out on the floor before attempting to assemble. There were some scratches already on some of the pieces but that’s to be expected since I ordered it in white and it came from a warehouse. Nothing a little paint can’t fix! The table is sturdy and took me under an hour to assemble (while pregnant). I would definitely recommend this to anyone looking for a stylish changing table.

Tia Circle Pines, MN

Convenient and Looks Nice Too

I received this item off my Amazon baby registry, and it has held up to my expectations. We do use this with theSummer Infant Contoured Changing Pad, and it fits well. There is little room on top to keep extra things (wipes, etc), so we have those on top of her dresser next to it. The drawers are great, and we keep cloth diapers, covers, and burp cloths there, where it’s very convenient. I love having the hamper right there as well, as it is super convenient when baby has a blow-out or just changing into pajamas at night. The only problem I have is that the hamper is starting to get a little harder to pull out, like it’s not moving smoothly on the track, but that is it. I would definitely buy it again and recommend it to others.

Shanna Walhonding, OH

Great changing table and storage

I did a lot of research on changing tables and I am very happy with this table! I keep all my extras in the 3 draws. Diapers & wipes along with all of my nursing items.. The convienance and space saver of the hamper is amazing. As others reviewed the directions stink!! but still well worth it

Ruby Bennett, CO

Good for extra storage

Being in a small apartment, I wanted a changing table with some extra storage space and having closed off drawers (as opposed to open shelves found in many other tables) was preferable to me. Needed a hamper for her anyway so this worked out well. Since she’s large for her age, she’ll soon outgrow this (she’s 10 months old now), but this is a standard size changing table. The padding isn’t super soft, but for the short amount of time she’s there it’s fine. Got an extra caddy to hang off the side to hold diapers and wipes and that’s been useful.

Jana South Bend, NE

Wonderful Customer Service

I recently bought this item in cherry and I love it. It’s very very pretty and not too difficult to put together. My husband noticed that one of the parts was cracked (the wood), so I contacted customer service online and with no questions asked they sent us a replacement part within days. I haven’t yet used the changing table (baby #1 due in a couple months), but it seems sturdy. I went with the advice of other reviewers and boughtSummer Infant Contoured Changing Pad, which is much nicer than the one that comes with this changing table.

Tammi Perrysville, OH

Good buy for the money

I purchased the Bonavita Hudson Collection crib and dresser for my baby girl. I didn’t want to spend a lot on a changing table due to its limited use so I ordered this one. The color matches perfectly to the nursery set and the hamper and drawers gives me the extra storage needed. I like it.

Grace Eden, UT

Great changing table

I got this changing table for my sister. She absolutely loves the look of it. She hasn’t had her kid yet but thinks it will be perfect with the storage and whatnot. Mine came with all the pieces and was fairly easy to assemble. I’m not sure what other reviewers had troubles with before but maybe they’ve just made it better recently. I didn’t notice any strong smells, although they aren’t using the pad since they got a bigger one.

Noemi Robinson Creek, KY

Not quite what we expected

The picture is not accurate in what we received. We ordered the white table to match our white crib. Some of the pieces are white, others are more of an off-white shade. It’s very noticeable to me. In addition, the photo of the white table shows white baskets and hamper. The baskets and hamper we received are a tan shade, almost like a hemp looking material. They stand out horribly with the rest of the decor in her room and I’m not too pleased about it.As far as assembly goes, NONE of the pieces were labeled and it took me quite a while to figure out which pieces were which based on their crude sketches in the instructions booklet. Some of the screw holes didn’t line up perfectly, making it difficult to screw in. Getting the basic frame together was the most difficult part though, as one end would be tightly in and the other would look loose. I did, however, successfully put it together without assistance and I’m nearly 40 weeks pregnant.**Edited to add: after more research I discovered that another style by the same company is supposed to have the tan baskets and it was a mistake in my shipment. I contacted the company and they sent replacement baskets and hampers in the correct color, no questions asked.**

Michell Death Valley, CA

Pretty Great

The box arrived a little smashed – I believe the delivery man used the packing straps as a handle for carrying. Everything inside was just fine. It was fairly easy to assemble, however I wish the shelving rails were marked better because identifying them took the most time. I feel that it’s a sturdy changing table but the changing pad is thin. You could use the changing pad if you wanted to just cover it with a sheet or a bath towel. The normal changing pad covers will not fit, and will cause the pad to bunch up due to the elastic in the changing pad cover. I think my only con is the weight of the baskets. I wish they were a bit heavier… or hooked to the back somehow because sometimes they pop right out when you pull open the drawer.

Cleo Walnut, MS

Great product

This has been a good product for us. It was a good price and it works well. I am currenlty using it for my second child.

Loraine Carter Lake, IA

Beautiful when it is finished

This changing table really does turn out wonderfully when all is said and done. The finish is nice, and the color is exactly what I wanted. The changing pad is a little flimsy, and I will be using my own, but overall a very nice piece of furniture for the price.The reason I am giving this 4 stars instead of 5 is because of the assembly. I put this together by myself at 7 months pregnant. While completely possible to do by yourself, I would recommend having someone else to help hold the pieces in place. The directions are not too bad to follow, though I will recommend reading them VERY carefully before completing each step. I had to re-do some of the steps because a piece was on backwards.Also, one on of the end pieces, the slot for the bolt was warped so I could not get the bolt to stay in place (no I did not over-tighten, or cause this problem myself). I was not about to deal with calling the company for a replacement part because the piece was still structurally sound. I ended up using wood glue to get it to stay in place (which did work). Overall, very nice looking and worth the money spent.

Carolina Valley Falls, NY

Sturdy and very useful

Sturdy and well made. Pretty easy to assemble and works as a dresser/shelf even after you don’t use the changing table part any more. The changing table pad that came with it is lousy thin, but the ones you buy at the baby big box store fits just fine instead.

Eula Gusher, UT

Don’t ignore the negative reviews. Looks great but the shelf panel is a 0.5 cm composite wood!!!

I ignored the negative reviews here and depended on all the positive reviews as that’s the majority. What a big mistake!The most important part of a changing table is the shelf panel which holds the baby ( on top of that panel you put the pad). But that’s like a card board, only 0.5 cm thick ( believe me it’s 0.5 cm and not inches). How can you be sure that it won’t crack and break when you put the baby on it? Mine already came cracked in the mail. Also you have to just slide through the shelf panel on parts D that’s the rails which has only a 0.75 cm groove to hold the shelf.I bought this to use for my baby to be born. I have a toddler who is 2/12 Year and 25lb who is not yet fully potty trained. I cannot definitely put him on this though it has a capacity of 30 lb. at least there should have been a cross bar to hold this board.The left side panel came without an insert. I don’t have a driller.I have ordered for these two parts with the Badger basket company. Let’s see how long it takes for me to receive the.I cannot return this product as my husband hates to return things which I bought without properly known the materials. Therefore I have none to help me with repacking. He has told me to put this in the garbage. I can make use of it as an organizer which I could have bought it for $30. extremely disappointed of wasting $110.00 on it. Could have managed it on bathroom counter top with a changing pad as I am doing it now.Height could have been a little taller. Though it says 37.5 inches height it actually 30 inches up to the shelf from the ground level, that’s where you’ll keep the baby. If you are more than 5′ 3" don’t buy this. You’ll get a backache soon by bending every two hours for diaper change. My husband is 5′ 11" and not at all comfortable for him. For my 1st baby we tried on a 28" height night stand with a 4" thick changing pad and it didn’t work.Two star is only for the look and the organizer. The changing pad is also just 2 centimeter thick. The pad which I bought for my 1st baby is 4" thick which is the standard size that can fit any changing pad cover.Overall very disappointing as a changing table. If someone take a chance of putting a 28 lb baby and the board ( shelf panel) breaks definitely this product need to be recalled.If you are like me who doesn’t want to spend much just try other options and don’t waste on it.

Gwendolyn Hailesboro, NY

Difficult assembly, broken parts…but once complete, pretty nice

My husband and I knew the table would be a pain to assemble the minute we opened the box. There are MANY pieces, very few labels to identify pieces, and the two side pieces were each broken where their base support bars connect to the legs. One of the Phillips screws was also messed up so you couldn’t use it – thankfully we had a similar screw in our toolbox to use as a replacement.NOTE: Make sure you have two people to assemble this table – not a one person job.The sides are “pre-assembled” using little wooden pegs to connect the edges – that’s what was broke. We used two nails on either side of each side piece to fix them. The directions were not clear when combined with the bad part labeling. Due to the bad instructions we had to disassemble and then reassemble most of the table after we were about 70% complete.The parts were a little banged up from being shipped so we used a touch up marker to make the table look better.Now that the table is complete we are pretty happy with it. Our modification with the nails seems to have made the base stronger and the table is nice and stable. It looks very nice and there is ample storage – overall happy with the table.

Deidra Ferrisburg, VT

I love this changing table!

This changing table is the perfect piece of furniture for our nursery. All your supplies are easily within reach. The canvas and wood design is a really nice, soft touch…no clattering drawers or loud sounds while changing in the middle of the night.When assembling the table, you will definitely want two adults to help hold the pieces in line while you attach everything. Once you get it assembled, it works like a dream.

Tonya Hydeville, VT

Beautiful change Table

I absolutley LOVE this change table! It is beautifully made, and the laundry hamer is awesome to have within the table, its so handy! I have noticed that the drawers i use most often are getting slightly dented in from being pushed back in all the time but no big deal, still looks great! Im so glad i decided to buy this change table!

Gayla Pleasanton, KS