Badger Basket Diaper Corner Changing Table, Natural

Badger Basket Diaper Corner Changing Table, Natural

Maximize your nursery space with the Badger Basket Diaper Corner. This handy unit nestles into the corner of babys room and makes changing time fast and easy. While resting baby securely on the included mattress pad (with a safety strap), two compartmentalized shelving units will hold all of the diaper changing gear you need.Crafted from wood and available in cherry, natural, or white finishes, this piece is styled to complement any nursery. Once your diaper days are done, use the Diaper Corner as a display shelf or bookcase in your child’s room.Badger Basket Company For over 65 years, Badger Basket Company has been a premier manufacturer of baskets, bassinets, bassinet bedding, changing tables, doll furniture, hampers, toy boxes, and more for infants, babies, and children. Badger Basket Company creates beautiful and comfortable products that are continually updated and refreshed, bringing you exciting new styles and fashions that complement the nostalgic and traditional products in the Badger Basket line. Dimensions: 30W x 30D x 36H inches. Changing table with convenient corner configuration. Variety of finish options. Includes mattress changing pad and safety strap. 2 storage shelves. Easy to assemble.

Main features

  • Wood, Veneer
  • Made in USA
  • Plenty of storage
  • Contoured changing pad with terry fabric cover included
  • Safety belt included

Verified reviews


I Love it!!

I love this changing table! SO much more efficient than a regular side-lying changing table. It’s beautiful, sturdy if put together and used properly, and has more than enough space for commonly-used items.

Raquel West Stockbridge, MA

Great design makes diapering less of a chore, needs improvement in quality

This is easy to assemble (I did it myself 9 months pregnant!) and I have really enjoyed having it for my second son. Having your baby face you during diaper changing makes a HUGE difference. It allows you to have quality interaction time with your baby to the point that you barely mind that you are diaper changing. I can’t overemphasize this point. I didn’t have this table for my first son and I have to say that diaper changing has not been as nearly as much of a drag with my second kid (no joke). The shelves allow for convenient storage of all diapering items needed plus storage of other baby items – helps keep a thousand items and gadgets off the floor in the nursery! My complaint about this product is it is very cheaply made. I disagree with the other reviews here that is good value for the money. For $100+ it should be better quality. My husband had to re-glue one of the wooden trims because it was detached when I opened the package. We also probably spent at least an hour trying to get the table sufficiently stable — had to optimize how tightly each screw was tightened and put cardboard shimmies under some of the table arms. In summary, great design but poor quality. I don’t understand why there are not more diaper changing tables made with the baby facing you.

Valerie Columbus, PA

Great table, wonderful customer service

Yes, it was flat-packed to the extreme, which meant one of the pieces arrived broken. So why am I giving it 5 stars?Pros:- great price (we paid about $130 for it) and free shipping- the instructions came with info of how to order (for free) any unsatisfactory pieces – the whole process was automated (online), hassle-free and fast; the replacement piece arrived within a week;- assembly was easy (but then, I have a lot of IKEA experience ;)- the shape means there’s room for essentials on the same level as the changing pad, which means no reaching underneath or around during diaper changes- comes with safety strap (yes, yes – one hand on the child at all times, but we’re first-time parents and appreciate any help)- the pad screws to the table (through the straps), so it doesn’t slide around at all- easy product registration (mail or online)- compact (we have a very small nursery and that really matters)- accessible (easy to just walk up to, diaper pail can be placed right next to it without being in the way, great to be face-to-face with the kiddo while dealing with the “business” end from the easiest angle)- color matches other brands (perfect with birch cribs from IKEA – and the size matches their Gulliver better than the Gulliver table itself!)Cons:- flimsy side shelves (but then, they were so easy to just drop into slots, and don’t really need to be any sturdier; and we can always glue them down later on)- flimsy, rectangular pad cover (it just doesn’t fit a pointed pad, though at a push it can be stretched over it; I just made my own covers and don’t consider that a drawback at all)Somebody’s mentioned that already, but it was really good advice: assemble in the nursery. Otherwise, you may not be able to get it through the door.Overall, super happy with the purchase.EDIT: after 3 months of actually using the table and having compared it to others (while visiting with our baby), I’d like to add:- the height seems more comfortable than others (I’m 5’7″ and find most top-of-a-chest-of-drawers changing tables too high to access easily)- the side areas make it not only more comfortable for storing wipes and creams, but also provide extra safety buffer zone – I feel much more comfortable changing my baby facing me with extra shelving around him, than sideways on friends’ tables having to press myself against the table to make sure he doesn’t accidentally slip off with one sudden movement- con: side inserts are not moisture-resistant – any water left to dry will make the laminate bubble up, and oil seeps underneath and stains – if that kind of thing bothers you, consider sticking some self-adhesive vinyl over the side inserts before use

Olive Rockfield, KY

Absolutely love it!!!

Absolutely love it!!! this changing table has the perfect height for me. The assembly was very easy! i think its so much more efficient than a regular side lying changing table. This is just more natural to me having the feed first and not needing to change a diaper from the side! It’s beautiful and sturdy if put together and used properly. there is enough space for all the diaper related items. I am very happy with the purchase!

Stefanie Warsaw, KY

Very nice look, great color

Loved it when I saw the picture online. It’s color matched with my bed and my boy’s crib. It is strong and has plenty of rooms for storage. I am short, but it’s heigh is perfect, I can play with my boy while changing him and he loves it when he lays on it. The only thing was I didn’t use the changing pad that came with it cuz the changing pad was too thin.

Vilma Larimore, ND

Good for the price

I ordered this as opposed to a typical rectangular changing table because we are extremely short on space and this has a much smaller footprint. I really like the orientation to the baby, makes so much sense once you start changing him that way. I find this changing table quite sturdy, as I often find myself leaning on it and play peek-a-boo games with my son after I’m done changing him. The unit doesn’t shift or creak or anything, even with the added weight of my upper body leaning on it. The storage is great, but a bit awkward for baskets and things on the sides. My wipes warmer fits well in one of the triangle areas, which was a pleasant surprise.Is the actual changing pad thin and sad? Yes, but it’s not like he’s sleeping on the changing table. It does its job.Am I finding my son to be outgrowing the length of the changing pad? Yup, he’s only got a few more inches of room at 5 months old. Again, he only lays there to be changed, so I’m not losing sleep over it.The cover for the pad is thin and not particularly soft, and I also had a hard time fitting it on there. Mine seems to be a regular rectangular shape without a pointed end, which is not the way the pad is shaped. Weird. My soft minky cover fits better anyway, just tuck the extra fabric underneath the pad.This was fairly easy to put together, it came with no damage whatsoever. I would like it if the stickers telling you which piece was A piece, B piece, C piece, etc. were in a bit more of a conspicuous place so you wouldn’t see them or the remnants of them that are hard to get off once the thing is assembled.Overall, would I buy this again? In a heartbeat. It’s exactly the shape I needed, in the color I needed, for a reasonable price. I do wish that either another company would make one that fixes all the common complaints, or that Badger Basket would redesign it, fixing at least some of the complaints.

Chelsea Hamilton, IL

Why spend more?

Only spent $40 after shipping versus $120 from other places. For the price, you can’t go wrong. It is a middle of the road product, but to avoid going between floors, this serves its purposes well and can be used as a bookshelf when no longer needed as a changing station.

Eve Waveland, IN

side shelves a bit flimsy and cushion is useless…

When my unit arrived, many of the side shelf pieces had damage to them from shipping. Chips, scratches…mainly unsightly issues. However, the company is very good about and makes it very easy to replace damaged pieces on their website. The side shelves also would not really hold things well as is. But, I discovered if I took the old (bad looking) shelves that I replaced with the newly delivered nice looking ones, and stacked them, it gave me a much, much firmer shelf that I felt then could hold my items. So don’t throw away damaged side shelves, tuck them up under your replacements for sturdier shelving.The changing pad cushion is absolutely awful and not usable. It’s very thin…almost non-existent and there is no way to safely secure it to the unit. The company has designed it to be screwed onto the top shelf..which sounds ok until you realize they give you washers and screws that pull right through the weave of the straps without the slightest bit of pressure. It’s akin to pushing a tennis ball through a fishing net. It might stick for a moment..but if you thump it, it pops out. This is not secure enough for a child.

Sara Lilly, GA

Great even when bought used!

I bought this table used at a resale children’s shop and was able to bring it home in the back on my Saturn Outlook (back row folded down). Then I carried it through the front door of my house and into the back bedroom where its home it. We have standard sized door openings. I can fit both of my baskets full of cloth diapers on the large shelves and there is more room on the sides & top. LOVE this table! We’re expecting twins (babies 5 & 6 for us). We have a 2 year old and changing him on this is MUCH better then the traditional changing table or on your lap! Love it!

Lela Beechmont, KY

Low quality, not worth the money of the trouble

Low quality work, the finish is not as nice as it looks in the website photo. The changing pad shape is non standard so you better take this into account because buying another pad or a cover is very hard (if not impossible). The pad that comes with the table is very cheap, I would not recommend using it. We ended up returning it.

Freda Bryant, IA

This table is GREAT!

I asked for this table at my shower. I selected it because it is a real space saver and that it had plenty of room for storage. It seemed to make sense to have the baby butt facing me. As a first time mom I wasn’t sure what to expect. This table is a dream. I couldn’t imagine changing my baby any other way. Not only do I have a good view of his bottom, but we get to have one on one time face to face. My baby is 4 months old now, and everyday I use this table I love it even more. The table it have some minor factory imperfections but for the price I had no issues with them. I strongly recommend this for first time moms.

Adele Tolland, CT

the table great…pad not so much…

The table itself is great…sturdy and matches all the other furniture we bought. The changing pad is not the best and has torn thru the screw down mechanism to keep it in place. There is a lot of storage room for diapers and other essentials which I love. Now that my son is 8 months old I still use it to change his diapers (his feet hang off the edge though) but the bottom has become a bookshelf which is great. I also like how my son faces me instead of laying sideways while I change his diaper (however I have been peed on…lol). If there was a better pad and cover to go with this I would have given it 5 stars.

Ursula Palmyra, TN