Badger Basket Elegance Round Baby Bassinet, White with Ecru Waffle

Badger Basket Elegance Round Baby Bassinet, White with Ecru Waffle

The Elegance Bassinet is the most charming and unique place for your newborn to sleep. This special round bassinet is comfortable for Baby and stylish for your home. Generously sized interior measures 29.5 ” in diameter and is 8.5 ” deep. Bedding set includes a lovely skirt, soft bumper, fitted sheet, and drape canopy. Includes a custom fitted, vinyl covered foam mattress pad (in order to comply with current safety standards, the mattress does not exceed 1 ” in thickness). Graceful canopy shades the interior to keep out harsh light while Baby is snoozing. Canopy is height adjustable. Bassinet also includes caster wheels. Bumper attaches with grip tape and ribbon ties and is padded with polyester fill. Storage shelf beneath the bassinet creates a storage area for feeding and changing necessities and toys. Overall unit measures 32 ” L by 32 ” W by 49 ” H, measures 31 ” from the rim of the bassinet to the floor. Bedding set is poly/cotton and machine washable. Tumble dry medium, warm iron if needed. Bassinet is for use up to 20 pounds. (9.09 kg), 3 4 months, or until Baby can push up, roll over, or sit unassisted (whichever age, weight, or activity limit comes first). Assembles with a screwdriver. Illustrated instructions included. Additional poly/cotton sheets sold separately in packages of two. Please assemble this bassinet in the room where you intend to use it unless your doorways are wider than 32 “. Toys/accessories shown with the bassinet are not included except as mentioned above. Made with wood, engineered wood, and powder coated steel.

Main features

  • Polyester ( 65 %) , Cotton ( 35 %)
  • Made in USA
  • Full bedding set and mattress pad included
  • Caster wheels and storage shelf on the base
  • Generously sized sleeping area for baby
  • Graceful canopy

Verified reviews


It’s beautiful

I got this as a gift at my shower.. Itis beautiful, and if you have the money to spend, then go right ahead and get one. I personally would not have purchased it, because before my baby reached three months she had already outgrown it. Thank heavens she was starting to sleep in her room, else she would be in bed with us every night, which I am not too keen on.Yes, it is beautiful, but I guess I wouldn’t pay so much for something which will be outgrown so fast.

Trina Nankin, OH

White Waffle and Pink Round Badger Bassinet

*** update *** The little one has out grown the bassinet. We now have broken spindles. We have a climate controlled home. No rough treatment. I can only assume they use wood that has not been fully cured. They split along the grain lines.1. ugly screws & screw holes.2. at some point the spindles are very likely to develop cracks.3. The crease lines in the fabric are hard to remove. (from being folded in the box.)4. the legs are a bit shaky. Don’t move it around with your baby in it.Pros1. price point.2. looks good(after you do a few finishing touches) = Paint the holes the crews go in. I painted the screws as well.*dipped the heads in phosphoric acid then sprayed them with Krylon spray paint. Push the screws in the foam that came in the box.This make it easy to just paint the heads.*** Original review bellow ***Huge deal breaker. The picture is out of date. It no longer represents current product correctly. When they assembled these in house they used white screws. This is no longer the case. If you look at the spindles you will see two sizes used. The larger ones such as the front center one in the picture get screws. The smaller one are secure, but use no hardware attachment. (no screws) The screws are a metal alloy. The color varies gold-ish tones. They do not even use stainless or brass screws! The new look is “UGLY” / “VERY cheap” looking.When I called Badger Basket (1-800-236-1310) with concerns about the misrepresentation of the product by the pictures I was told “they are old. You can not paint the screw because the may chip / peel and pose a health risk to the child. I will tell (management) about the pictures. The only thing I can do is send you a white marker, but I do not know if they are toxic or not. The box does not say” I asked them to send the marker so I could determine if it was safe and would work or if I was going to return the bassinet. The customer service representative asked for my phone number so she could consult the manager on what they could do. I received the call back within an hours time. She apologized that they could not send the maker as it was not safe, but if I could not accept the appearance “I guess we could process the return for you”. She did mention that I was the only customer to complain about the screws. I asked why they could not use stainless steel or brass screws that could compliment the color. She answered that they are gold color screws. This is almost true. The screws are a metal alloy that have a varied yellowish golden tone. This is not a finish it is the varied color tone from the composition of the metal combined with the manufacturing process. (cheap non-rust prone bolts)I recommended powder-coated screw as powder-coating is safe and used on some baby strollers. The screws are counter sunk and the bassinet is only to be used till the baby starts to roll over. In my opinion not coating the screws to match the bassinet is a cost saving issue not a safety issue.Unboxing:- The unit is fairly well packed, but should have some added padding at the perimeter of the box. Corners are padded but the middle sides are not.- The inside edge looked as though the paint was damaged, but this turned out to be adhesive residue. Rubbed off easly withGoo Gone – 8 Ounce.- The hidden shelf behind the skirt is square not round like the bassinet. Another cost saving “feature.” It’s behind the skirt so it does not really matter, but the skirt would hold its shape slightly better is it was matched the the bassinet shape and size. The downloadable assembly instructions show this very clearly. ([…] help menu right side. Just click “assembly instructions” Then enter model number 00836. My version is “ElegElite_6.0_0110TG” although version “830v2.0″ looks to have a sturdier base. *We are still pending assembly/Looking for screws with a white head.- The assembly instructions clearly state that disassembly of the base unit may affect the stability and safety of the reassembled product. *I feel this is an unacceptable quality issue. It assembles with screws. No adhesives listed or noted as being recommended. The unit does not fit through doorways. They are telling us to use it then throw it away as reassembly for future use is not safe.-/+ Mostly friendly customer service. Real live person. / Unable, willing, dismissive with regards to misrepresentation of product by advertised photographs. Some clearly show no screws other show colored screws.-/+ the white bassinet wood is painted MDF.+ The fabric is beautiful.+ The skirt attaches easily via pre-attached Velcro. This is stapled to the bassinet not glued. = very nice.+ The round bassinet portion is pre-assembled. You only need to assemble the base and attach the fabric portions.+ The price is fair for product quality. *except for the ugly top screws*+ Easy to read the directions and understand the diagrams. *This is often the overlooked item from manufacturers*+ They have a very easy system setup via web site to order replacement parts. **** ” Parts are free and shipped promptly within our 30 Day Warranty period. Proof of purchase may be requested.” ****Mixed feelings with regard to over all quality.

Dorothy Valdosta, GA

Seriously Disappointed – don’t buy!

This product looked so beautiful online. What a waste of money it was.- It was very annoying to put together and it doesn’t fit through doorways, so it needs to be assembled and disassembled in the room where it is used- It was cheap materials – the “mattress” was so thin the baby was basically laying on plywood.- The bedding fell apart when washed (ribbons frayed & they weren’t attached high enough to hold the bumper to the frame beacause after the wash, the bumper sagged over into the bassinet)- The way the canopy works is incredibly crappy – it’s like a coat hanger- I did find the round sheets but they were also threadbare and crappy- My daughter outgrew it way before the manufacter suggestions – she wasn’t very long, but always needed to be perfectly centered in the bassinet or else would touch a side

Marva Georgetown, TX

Just like in a fairy tale!

I wanted a round bassinet because it looks so adorable! On the practical side, the round shape also allows baby to have more space instead of the traditional oval shaped one. This Badger Basket bassinet fits the bill perfectly. The item was shipped in one large carton. I had no trouble assembling it even though I was 7 months pregnant at that time. I read through all the instructions and put the entire bassinet together within 2 hours. I did get my husband to tighten up the screws at the bottom to make sure that everything was secure. The bedding set that came with it was surprisingly well made. My only minor complain is that the quality of the ribbons used to trim the bedding could be of better quality. Instead of grosgrain, the trims were cheap polyester cream satin ribbons and doesn’t hold up well to repeated washings. Make sure you secure the velcro to each of the tabs before washing so that the ribbons would not “catch” and fray. Also, be advised that the round “mattress” that comes with it is a very thin one-inch foam. According to what I read, this is to prevent SIDS. The bassinet also comes with replacement dowels for the basket in case you need them. The area at the bottom of the bassinet can be used to store very light items. The particle board that covers the base of the item is not sturdy enough to hold heavier items. To solve this I use a bin that is slightly larger than the frame and lets it sit on top. I stash baby burp cloths and blankies in the bin which is very useful. The bassinet “skirt” conceals the bin which is great! The cream colored canopy is useful and keeps the light out of baby’s face. The bassinet also has 4 roller wheels which makes it a cinch to move. Overall, a great buy!

Lakisha Huntington Beach, CA

Bigger than expected

This arrived in perfect condition and was a lot bigger than we expected. good quality. Great price! We put it in the master bedroom for the first few months and it looks so elegant.

Della Mecca, IN

Victorian and gorgeous. Great mattress

The curtain serves as decoration only. New baby loves to look at the print. I like that it is on casters to be moved with you. You could put it in a corner and baby gets that secure feeling. He LOVES IT.

Jodi Meredithville, VA

very pretty but

where ever you put it together it has to stay there, will not travel thru doorways, and you can not take it apart once its put together the directions even tell you this tbh my son slept in it a hand full of times, and now it will just hold stuffed animals lol we got a cosleeper thing we used till he was ready for his crib around 5 mos

Erika Houghton Lake, MI