Badger Basket Folding Storage Seat, Sage

Badger Basket Folding Storage Seat, Sage

Seating storage. Great for kids, handy playrooms, dens, basements, apartments, summer homes. Light weighted handy cube. Easy to carry around. Won’t scratch floors. Folds almost flat for storage. Ideal for storing and organizing toys, playsets, books, magazines. Great for storing video game equipment. Instant seating. Internal support panels. Soft, fabric covered bottom. Spot clean with a damp cloth and mild soap. Reinforced binding around all edges. Wood panel supports 0.5 in. thick foam-padding in the seat. Manufacturer Warranty: 30 days parts. Made from 65% Polyester, 35% Cotton fabric and Heavy-duty chipboard. Assembly required. Weight Capacity: 150 lbs. (68 kg.). 12.5 in. L x 12 in. W x 13 in. H (11.5 in. H when lid is removed). Makes it easy to buy a few to keep on hand for occasional use without taking up too much space when they are empty. Do not immerse in water.

Main features

  • Use for storage and extra seating
  • Folds flat for storage so it can be put in the closet when not needed and easily pulled out for occasional use
  • Padded top surface

Verified reviews


Fraying when received

The price should’ve tipped me off but the corners of fabric totally frayed and torn looking upon opening and the pink was more of a mauve color than what pictured. Returned item

Cristina March Air Force Base, CA

Good product, good price!

These are small but sturdy cloth covered ‘mini ottomans’/footstools/toyboxes/ occasional table(used with a tray on top). They are actually versatile.The cloth fits tightly and securely, does not look bad in any way. The price is certainly good. Just make sure you understand the measurements, it isn’t a large overstuffed ottoman.I am glad I purchased these. With 5 grandkids in the house at times they certainly come in handy! You can or you can allow your grandkids to decorate them if they so choose…for my living room they look great as they are.Are not hard to open or get the lids on and off. And it’s extra seating. A person over 200 lbs and one over 150 sat on them, no problem. probably would not do that daily or often, but they are that sturdy.

Rosella La Cygne, KS


Small but nice. Great dark brown color and helps add extra storage to my tiny living room. Would reccommend to a frie d

Maureen Lincoln Park, MI

A little flimsy but serves purpose

I have this and a similar one by different maker. Use them to store my toddlers toys in our livingroom. She can easily open/close it and I don’t worry about jammed fingers. They are not super attractive but are better than piles of blocks everywhere. Wish they came in more colors.

Elisha Florence, OR

Pretty good…

I have only one complaint about these and that is that they have a very flimsy cardboard type bottom. My curious 2 year old has bent them up pretty well. I’m going to have to have my husband make a bottom out of wood. Other than that, they’re great! They hold toys in our house, so they’re great to have some toys in the living room, but not a ton. We have three of them. My kids love to sit on them, and we like the extra sitting space should we need it for someone that small.

Irene Princeton, LA

Great toy box

I have bought two of these for my eight month old son to use as toy boxes. They are attractive and affordable. I love that I can use them to store toys, but can also use them to sit on or put my feet up on. My son loves to climb on them as well. Since they are inexpensive, I don’t have to worry about him messing them up because I can always get another.

Ida Fall River, KS

Great for baby’s room!

My friend had something like this for her kid, and I knew I needed to get one for my daughter’s room. It’s a great place to throw all of her toys in, and she loves using it to pull herself up. It was also responsible for getting her to walk!! She could see all of her toys in it, stood up, and took four steps towards it, until she could reach it and grab her toys.We got two more in the brown colour for her toys in the living room/basement.Oh, and my husband sat on it (160 lbs) and it didn’t break–maybe he got lucky, maybe it was because it was full of toys–who knows. I’d rather him not sit on it, but I think it makes a perfectly acceptable footstool.

Ethel New Augusta, MS