Badger Basket Lightweight Three Drawer Hamper/Storage Unit, Brown Dot

Badger Basket Lightweight Three Drawer Hamper/Storage Unit, Brown Dot

Warm cocoa and a chic pattern converge in this Badger Basket White Three Drawer Hamper/Storage Unit – Brown Polka Dots The clean lines, simple white wood frame, and convenient storage baskets – in a gender-neutral shade of brown and complimentary white polka dots – are among the many features you’ll like about this hamper/storage unit. Lightweight yet durable, this storage unit will fit right into a nursery or child’s room. The smartly designed Badger Basket White Three Drawer Hamper/Storage Unit – Brown Polka Dots will grow with your children, as they’ll stash their books, toys, and other items in the three pull-out drawers. And you’ll applaud the fact that the storage baskets can be removed and used for multiple purposes in your home, such as holding crafts, tools, and other supplies. Some assembly is required; easy-to-follow illustrated instructions are included. You can trust products created by the Badger Basket Company, a business that continues to grow – along with America’s families – based upon its dedication to quality. About Badger Basket CompanyFor over 65 years, Badger Basket Company has been a premier manufacturer of baskets, bassinets, bassinet bedding, changing tables, doll furniture, hampers, toy boxes, and more for infants, babies, and children. Badger Basket Company creates beautiful and comfortable products that are continually updated and refreshed, bringing you exciting new styles and fashions that complement the nostalgic and traditional products in the Badger Basket line. Solid, non-toxic painted wood frame. Sturdy canvas drawers 80% cotton, 20% polyester. Spot-clean as needed. Frame is 15.25L x 14.25W x 29.5H inches. Drawers measure 13.75L x 13.5W x 7H inches.

Main features

  • Polyester, Cotton
  • Made in USA
  • Convenient storage for small spaces or small items
  • Lightweight and easy to assemble
  • Three drawers for separating and categorizing items

Verified reviews


I got what I paid for…

I needed something to store some of our baby’s things, and this does the job. Based on the price of this item, I wasn’t expecting it to be the most solid piece, yet I was still surprised when the screws on one side wouldn’t go in all the way. The holes were just a hair off, making it possible for the wood to split if I forced the screws in. Also due to this misalignment, the whole piece is a bit wobbly. After putting it together, I decided that it does indeed look cheap, so I ended up hiding it in the closet. It’s still functional, but I wouldn’t show it off to anyone and I won’t ever buy another.

Rebekah Cortez, FL

Cheap storage

This little hamper is great for its price tag! It comes with 10 screws and is very easily assembled. It’s not the most durable piece and can’t – for instance – take kids climbing around on it, but as a simple and cheap storage solution it is excellent. We’re using this in our nursery for a little added room to stuff things and for that it’s perfect!

Lily Kittredge, CO

ok for toddler toy storage

We bought this so my daughter could store her toys. The pros are it is attractive and was not bad to put together. It is also about the right size for her. But the drawers stick – slightly annoying for an adult, super annoying for my toddler who gets frustrated and either gives up or tries to pull really hard (sometimes almost topping the unit over). If you are using it for craft supplies or something (not for a little kid) it is probably a good option.

Jerry Copperas Cove, TX

Cute design but cheaply made

I bought this for my kids kitchen toys and just built it and was going to put the play items in their and my 17 month daughter broke it just by pulling out the canvas drawer. I couldn’t believe how easily it broke all she was trying to do was pull out the drawer and it splintered so bad that I will not be able to use 🙁 Also it is very wobbly very concerned it was going to fall apart soon and it wasn’t the fault of the person putting it together its cheap!

Anna Chateaugay, NY

Perfect for nursery

I was looking for some extra storage for my daughters nursery to store diapers, wipes, lotions and other various things. I didn’t have a ton of space so I wanted something small. This little unit is perfect! It is really cute and looks great in the nursery. I got the brown color because everything else in her nursery is pink so I wanted something to contrast everything else. The brown looks great. It was very easy to put together. I love that the drawers are so easy to open and my daughter can go get me a burp cloth if I need her to. It feels a tiny bit flimsy but that is kind of what I expected from something with cloth drawers. You also aren’t paying very much so I feel like the quality is what can be expected in this price range. The drawers don’t hold a ton but they are great for odds and ends that you want to keep hidden away.

Noelle Mapleton, ND

cute, easy, but stained?

This storage unit fits perfectly in my daughter’s bedroom next to the changing table. It was very easy to put together, and I was expecting plastic, so the wood was a good surprise. However, the pink baskets had some yellow staining on the material. Thankfully, the stains were on the inside of the baskets so it still looks okay although I wonder what the stains are and how they got there. Other than that, I love how lightweight and movable it is and it looks great. Without the mystery stains I’d give it a 5.

Lillie Irvington, AL

Great for cloth diapers

I bought this to hold my cloth diapers and it is really perfect for that purpose. The space on top is the perfect size to stack prefolds, and I keep the covers and all-in-ones/pockets in the drawers. It is sturdy and very cute.

Stefanie Port Monmouth, NJ

Excellent Storage, Sturdy and Cute too!

I purchased this in pink for my daughter’s nursery. I have it next to her changing table. There’s plenty of room on top for a small diaper caddy, and the 3 drawers hold a lot. This packs a lot of storage into a small space, and I was pleasantly surprised at the cuteness factor. It’s been a nice addition in my daughter’s nursery. This is something I can foresee using for years to come, possibly as a small nightstand when she transitions into a toddler bed.

Marla Olivehurst, CA

Great for anything

I bought two of these for my kid’s toys they were so easy to put together total ten minutes for both, color is not deep brown but it still looks very cute not very big but it can hold a lot. Can have multiple uses of storage from arts and crafts, sewing to a cute side table at your bed for a newborn dresser the possibilities are endless I will defiantly be purchasing more.

Gretchen Rochester, NY

Works Great for Changing Area

I purchased this for my nursery and it works great next to her changing table (also purchased on Amazon). The top fits her wipe warmer and such and I use the drawers for her pjs, onesies, and boppy covers/bibs. It actually holds a lot! It’s sturdy and looks cute. The drawers are cloth so can only hold so much weight but i have them filled and no issues. I also found a matching closet set here on Amazon that has storage bins and hangers.

Cassandra Fairgrove, MI

Wonderful Badger Storage Drawer Set

I have purchased 3 of these strong, Adorable Storage Drawer Sets for Grand Babies Rooms. You can never have enough storage in a baby room. They have come in so handy too. One of my daughters put a baby lamp on top of it, it is very strong & sturdy, and does not wobble at all. My son in law put 2 of them together very easily, without any special tools or frustration at all. It fits so nicely next to the changing table, no need to cross the room to get a onsie, a sleeper or even a wash cloth, it’s right at your finger tips. The drawers are cloth, and they slide so nice and quietly in and out.Badger makes so many different colors, theres one to match any decor. Badger even makes extra matching baskets to mix and match around the room. If you are in need of extra storage, that is sturdy & useful, this is the product for your needs, and it’s cute too.

Muriel Warrensville, NC

Very cute

Easy to assemble. Very lightweight. Cute looking. You can tell its not a "good" piece of furniture but its perfect for the baby’s room.

Dayna Manitou, KY

Super sweet piece for baby girl nursery!

I bought this small storage unit for my upcoming baby girl’s nursery to hold: onesies, pjs, etc… It arrived in excellent condition and it is SO pretty!! It looks much more expensive than the $40 I paid for it. Also, it has “white wood” for the frame which matches my white wood changing table/ dresser perfectly. I put it together by myself in 10 minutes- super easy! It seems very sturdy. I love the pink and white polka dots and it is a great addition to our nursery!

Alexandra Munford, TN

Pretty Cute~!

Like it! As others have mentioned, color is a little dull, but it’s very handy and adorable! I’d buy it again!

Kimberly Elderton, PA

Very cute & Useful

This is adorable.. Its pretty easy to put together.. Its no going to be a ‘long staying’ piece of furniture, but it certainly serves the purpose for my nursery.. Love it!

Lucille Rutland, MA

Nice storage organizer for small ‘stuff’

It was put together in about a half hour, that’s unpacking it, getting screwdriver, reading instructions, putting it together and cleaning up. Nice small size, looks good. Perfect for closet organizer. I wouldn’t put anything heavy in the baskets. Keep in mind this is NOT furniture, just a nice storage organizer for small ‘stuff’. It’s fairly priced at $30.

Nellie Yates City, IL

Serves its purpose

We bought two of these. Size is just right, doesnt take up too much space but can put so many stuff here. Wood is a bit soft, we had s part chipped off already.

Bertha Harwood, ND

Easy to Assemble!

Very easy to assemble, and its exactly what I was looking for. Needed some extra storage in my son’s closet for towels, washcloths, and blankets. This is perfect!!

Eugenia Waubay, SD


Cute and cheap, you get what you pay for. It’s perfect in our nursery and those loose items that just don’t have a home.

Judy Universal City, TX