Badger Basket Natural Moses Basket with Hood, Pink Waffle Bedding

Badger Basket Natural Moses Basket with Hood, Pink Waffle Bedding

This pretty Moses Basket creates a space for Baby anywhere in the house. A safe place for your baby to sleep at home or when visiting friends. Keep Baby close by wherever you are. Overall unit measures 30 ” L by 17 ” W by 18 ” H. Basket is 6 ” deep in the middle. Soft polyester fill pads the bumper for comfort. Liner is removable and can be machine washed and tumbled dry. Includes a foam mattress pad and a sheet. Basket hood shades your baby, or it can be removed completely. Hood attaches with Velcro. Basket can be used until baby is approximately 15 pounds. (6.8 kg) or until baby can push up or roll over unassisted. Basket should always be placed on a firm, flat surface. Never place it near the fireplace or open flames. Sturdy handles are woven onto the basket. The handle is actually “one piece” that goes down both sides and under the bottom. Although this basket includes handles, we do not recommend carrying the basket with your baby in it for safety reasons. When Baby outgrows the Moses Basket, use it as a place for storing stuffed animals or linens, or as a bed for dolls or pets. Soft bumper/liner is made with 100% cotton Waffle fabric trimmed with white satin piping.

Main features

  • Cotton ( 100 %)
  • Helpful bed for baby to use anywhere in the house
  • Removable hood included
  • Removable, washable liner
  • Includes the mattress pad and one sheet

Verified reviews



Our baby slept in our room in this moses basket until he outgrew it at 2.5 months old. I set the basket on my bedside table, so I could just reach over and pick up our son when he needed to be fed without ever having to get out of bed. The basket with the gingham bumber looks really nice, and now I use it in the nursery as a cute place to keep stuffed animals. Because of the low price compared to most other moses baskets, I honestly thought the build of this basket would be quite cheap, but it surpassed all of my expectations. It is sturdy and durable, and even the quality of the little mattress is just fine for a newborn. Although, I never did use the hood on this moses basket because it didn’t seem to fit quite right the first time I used it. Five stars for this moses basket by Badger Basket- it made life much easier with a price we could afford!

Harriet Coventry, VT

Pros: Size and Price; Cons: Smell and Sheet Quality

I like the size, price and lightweight aspect of the Badger Basket. However, I regret purchasing it because the natural material it is made of has a strong smell that I didn’t want my baby to have to sleep with and the gingham bedding fell apart after the FIRST wash and dry. It came out in stringy shreds. I recommend that you do NOT tumble dry the bedding, and possibly you’ll have more success with it. I wish the company would make higher quality bedding.

Christy Alpine, AL


I bought this when my daughter was a couple weeks old. I had a hard time getting her to nap/sleep anywhere except my arms, but she did nap many times in this adorable basket. The only con I would say is that the handles are pointless, and I never used the hood. Now at 4 months old she’s probably too big for it but we’ve been using it as a one-stop place for toys, diapers, ointments, burp cloths, etc. etc. It is VERY cute no matter how you use it!

Ofelia Mount Dora, NM

cant beat the price

we bought this to use over at my grandparents house, since our 4 week old daughter is used to sleeping in the moses basket at our house. It’s a great value, solid product and defintely worth it for the price.yes, it’s only used for a short ammount of time, but we plan to keep it in our daughters room and let her use it for her baby dolls when she grows up :o)

Lou Monticello, FL

Perfect for napping baby

Im glad I purchased this. It’s a perfect mobile bed for a baby when you don’t want baby in a huge crib or far away from you. My Booba can sleep comfortably right next to me on the couch with this basket.

Krista Englewood, FL

Great Basket with Hood

When shopping for a moses basket, I wanted one with the hood. This one is great for the price. I got mine for $45 at the store with the red bullseye. You will only use this for the first 3 months or so and this one is sturdy enough and well made for that purpose. The hood can be removed as it attaches with velcro and holds in place really well. Overall this is a great buy. If you want something more posh, you will have to spend $100-200, which is not really worth it since you will only use this basket for the first couple of months. It looks beautiful in pictures as well.

Mina Kiana, AK


good for traveling but not very strong when you carry it. You have to be careful when you carry your baby in it cause it could tip over.

Crystal Gause, TX

Just arrived…it’s cute!

We just received this moses basket yesterday. The bedding is a bit different than I expected – the sides are actually an embroidered polkadot with the waffle just on the bottom of the insert. Basic mattress pad. I am planning to make my own bedding from an easy tutorial I found online in addition to what we received.We are planning to use this with the Jolly Jumper stand which has not arrived yet!

Winifred Turner, ME