Badger Basket Natural Moses Basket

Badger Basket Natural Moses Basket

Dating back to the days of the ancient Egyptians, the Moses basket remains a popular place for newborns to sleep. You’ll love the easy portability of this charming Badger Basket Natural Moses Basket With Gingham Bedding, and your baby will love the snug, cocoon-like feeling it creates. This basket provides a comfy space for Baby anywhere in the house, and it’s a safe place for your baby to sleep at home or when visiting friends. It’s woven from natural fibers with sturdy handles woven right into and under the basket.Your baby will snuggle up to the luxurious bedding set made of gingham fabric in your choice of pink, beige, or blue. The bedding set includes a soft bumper liner trimmed with a white ruffle and filled with soft polyester fill. Also included are a sheet and foam mattress pad. The gingham material and the sheet are made of 80 percent polyester and 20 percent cotton for your baby’s comfort. And the bedding is machine washable and dryable, adding ease to a busy mom’s life.This Moses basket is designed for babies up to 15 lbs. or until Baby can push up or roll over unassisted. Wash bedding in cold water and tumble dry on low. Basket should always be placed on a firm, flat surface. Never place it near a fireplace or open flames. Although this basket includes handles, we do not recommend carrying the basket with your baby in it for safety reasons. No assembly required. Dimensions: 30.5L x 17W x 9H inches. Basket depth: 6 inches.Badger Basket Company For more than 65 years, Badger Basket Company has been a premier manufacturer of baskets, bassinets, bassinet bedding, changing tables, doll furniture, hampers, toy boxes, and more for infants, babies, and children. Badger Basket Company creates beautiful and comfortable products that are continually updated and refreshed, bringing you exciting new styles and fashions that complement the nostalgic and traditional products in the Badger Basket line. Dimensions: 30.5L x 17W x 9H inches.

Main features

  • Dimensions: 30.5L x 17W x 9H inches
  • Keep Baby close wherever you are
  • Always carry baby and basket separately
  • Sturdy woven basket made of natural fibers
  • Sturdy handles are woven into and under the basket

Verified reviews



I ordered this basket because my 6 week old daughter does not like to sleep in her crib and I thought a basket like this would make her feel more secure. When I opened the package my first thought was – this thing can’t be safe for babies. The lining and foam pad seem to be cheaply made. The lining was too loose around the sides of the basket for my taste, and the foam pad was not a snug fit into the basket either, creating the risk of the baby getting their face stuck between the pad and the side of the basket. There was probably a one-inch space between the pad and the sides of the basket. I put my baby in it to test it out and she immidiately rolled to one side where her face ended up against the side of the basket (obviously at 6 weeks, she is not capable of rolling over herself, must be something about the level/grade of the basket that makes them roll). I would not feel comfortable leaving my baby in here unattended for fear she would roll into the space on the sides or up against the side and not be able to breathe. It also didn’t look that comfortable anyway and the overall appearance of the basket was not appealing. I sent it back to Amazon the next day. I do not recommend this basket for anyone. I ended up getting a Nap Nanny and absolutely love it.

Ladonna Thelma, KY

Stylist and great space saver

I love this because i can take it anywhere and have somewhere for baby to sleep. I comes with me when i go clean homes and I love that I can set My baby anywhere without having to put it together like the pak n play that we have. Doesn’t take up very much room in our tiny bedroom. It seems very sturdy still after 3 moths of everyday use. I would recommend getting 2 sets of sheets for it.

Margaret Michigan Center, MI

Love it

Love it! I had one for my babies 29 years ago and loved using it, it’s practical and portable to carry baby all around the house do you have them near

Suzette Bryce, UT

Very cute

I am happy with this. I wanted a moses basket but did not want to spend a lot since you can only use them for such a short time. I got this since it was inexpensive. It obviously is not the highest quality out there but it is good for the price!

Tasha Bertram, TX

WOW. This thing is HUGE!

This thing is MUCH bigger than I expected and I am still on the fence as to whether I will keep it…

Clare Indian Mound, TN

cute basket, decently made

This basket is made well enough – not exceptional, but fine. Bedding is kind of thin.

Vonda Luna, NM

Good for only one baby.

This tore up too quickly. My daughter had to throw it out after my grandson got too big for it.

Tabatha Beetown, WI

Just what I expected!

If you are looking for an inexpensive Moses Basket, this is perfect! The only problem I had was the basket was a little "bent" from shipping. It’s been out of the box for a couple weeks now and looks just fine. It’s actually bigger than I expected.

Doris Riverview, FL

So cute but flimsy

This is my fourth kid and I had gotten rid of my bassinet. This was a cute and inexpensive option, but it’s not big, it’s not sturdy, and it’s not as adorable as you imagine it will be. I bought the base that holds the bassinet, also cheap-looking.

Tonia Panorama City, CA


Good value but a little flimsy. I bought this and shipped it to meet me at my destination. Great for temporary use but I have a sturdier basket from Trendlab for home/regular use.

Ramona Charlotteville, NY

great portable bed for baby

Great moses basket, and a great price! I love it because I can move my baby from room to room with me while she is sleeping. I did purchase different sheets and mattress pads for it though.

Kelli Rhame, ND

Cheap and crooked

This is my one baby purchase that I really regret on Amazon. If I didn’t have a two week old, I’d take the time to return it. It just feels dangerously cheap. It’s hard to get it to sit level, and it’s hard to get the mattress inside to sit perfectly level. The bows that hold up the liner are also made of that slippery material that unties easily, I’ve already caught and had to retie two of them. That was scary because those ties are holding up liner that could have fallen on his face.I bought it to go with the Jolly Jumper stand because I wanted something reasonably priced that I could keep next to the couch in the living room, but I really wouldn’t recommend this. Don’t know what I would recommend instead – still think the stand is great – but definitely avoid this basket if you can (it also doesn’t fit the Jolly Jumper perfectly, it’s a little short).

Johanna Blencoe, IA

Was expecting it to be more sturdy

Love the basket wand it was perfect for what we used it for. I just thought it would be a bit more sturdy. Not that I think it’s going to fall apart or anything. It was dedinitely a good buy

Margie Old Bethpage, NY