Badger Basket Shelf Storage Cubby with Three Baskets, White

Badger Basket Shelf Storage Cubby with Three Baskets, White

Badger Basket’s Shelf Storage Cubby with Three Baskets is a sturdy, modular storage solution for keeping all sorts of items tidy and out of sight. Can be stacked with other bins to expand your storage capacity. Shelves are handy for books, magazines, toys, clothes, linens, shoes, VHS/DVDs, video games, and more. The three baskets are ideal for sorting and separating small items.

Main features

  • Two open shelf areas and three pull out baskets
  • Handy for books, toys, crafts, and more
  • Multiple units can be stacked

Verified reviews


Cheap, cheap, cheap!

I ordered this knowing it was probably more expensive than it is worth, but it was the only product that was exactly what I was looking for in regards to function.I have put together many many furniture items, including items made of this cheaper, particle board material, and have been pretty happy with them. But, those generally cost around $20 for a small bookshelf, not the $85 I paid for this.Reasons I hate this:1. You are better off throwing out the instructions and using common sense to put this together. The order of how the parts should be put together is terrible in the instructions.2. About half of the screws didn’t tighten all the way, as if the pre-drilled holes were too big or stripped, leaving the whole thing wobbly.3. 2 of the screws broke off completely, leaving half in the hole, and those aren’t even the ones I had to mess with.4. Unstable! it says on the item not to use it as a bench, only for decoration, and they mean it. I bought this as a bookshelf for my daughter’s room, but would never let her sit or stand on it (and she’s not even 2). You can’t lift it by the top to move it or it will come off, stripping the screws again.5. They supply tiny little brown stickers to cover the screw holes in the top. Those lasted about 30 seconds. They were the first thing my kid pulled off. They wouldn’t have lasted long anyway. Now there are 4 big silver screws showing in the top that I find ugly, but they may not matter to you.If you manage to find this item for less than $20, it may still be worth buying. For me, this is a complete waste of money, and if it wasn’t already assembled, I would returned it.

Jocelyn Garards Fort, PA

Bought 2!

We bought two of these for my daughters closet and we love them!! We don’t need all the storage at the moment but it will be perfect for her to grow into. we got 2 to stack on top of each other and were surprised to see that they include screws to attach them together to make them more sturdy.

Minerva Lenoir City, TN

Arrived damaged 🙁

The paint was slightly chipped on the base of this cubby. Kind of annoying to return so we kept it. We purchased the 3 bin cubby (also had chipped paint) and placed this one on top. My husband came up with a brilliant idea to use it as a temporary changing table and it’s awesome for that. A 30″ pad fits perfect. The diapers are stacked in the cubbies and extra stuff goes in the drawers.

Paige Greene, IA

Put your junk in there

We bought this to go on top of their 3 bin model. It makes for a great place to put the kids toys and books. I wouldn’t go calling it super strong, it’s just particle board and the "drawers" are more of a basket really. It wasn’t too hard to put together, and look nice. It would be better looking if they had something better than super cheap stickers to cover the screws.

Connie Weston, CO

Great Addition!

I stacked this unit on top of the three cubby version of the toy bin also from Badger Basket and it looks GREAT! Yes the silly screws are covered with stickers but I would rather have that then the plastic inserts that I am pretty sure kiddo would have pulled off and tried to eat.It’s held up well, and while I wouldn’t say it is safe for an adult to climb on, our toddler has repeatedly and it has suffered no damage or instability from it. When it arrived I did have to put the cloth baskets outside in direct sunlight for the entire day to get rid of the off gassing smell, but once I did that they were fine. FYI I have had to do that with many many items, at this point I just expect it to be part of the assembly process.

Sydney Gilbertsville, PA

So far been great for storing

Ordered two of these. Decent quality- first one was missing a part and company sent new one immediately. So far been great for storing toys

Viola Bennet, NE

great value!

i ordered the basket shelf storage cubby with three baskets in espresso, along with the three bin storage cubby, for my toddler’s room (to replace a set of six cubes she pulled down on top of herself–oops!). these are sturdy, roomy, and look adorable in her room. the reviews complaining about the quality and color of the “wood” should have more reasonable expectations…you don’t pay Ikea prices to get Pottery Barn quality. for the price paid, these are great quality, came well-packaged, were super easy to assemble (i assembled both pieces by myself within an hour) and do the job of storing books and toys in a kids’ room. and it looks great to boot!

Hope Somerset, PA

Smaller than I expected

We purchased two of these for our kids play area which is in the living room. We wanted something reasonably priced that didn’t look like children’s furniture. This fits the bill and holds more toys that I thought it would. We bought two and they were very easy to put together. I did both by myself in about 20 minutes. It was so easy, in part, because they are much smaller than I thought they would be. That being said, they do hold a lot of toys. They don’t hold books that well because the shelves are not the best dimension for the books we have. We stacked two and because they are so small, they seem sturdy and safe. As other reviewers have said, they do have cheap brown stickers to cover the screw holes but so far my one and two year old have not found and pulled them off.

Ashley Lincoln, RI


Love this! My son throws all his random toys in the drawers, books in the shelving. We stack puzzles and other toys on top it’s great.

Lydia Pine City, NY