Badger Basket Sleigh Style Changing Table with Hamper/Three Baskets, Espresso

Badger Basket Sleigh Style Changing Table with Hamper/Three Baskets, Espresso

Say goodbye to the look of a cluttered changing table! The Badger Basket Sleigh Changing Table with Hamper and Drawers keeps everything perfectly organized and tucked neatly out of sight. Use the large pull-out hamper for baby’s dirty duds, or for storing bulk items. The convenient drawers keep diapers, wipes, clothing, and other changing necessities within easy reach. This changing table is as attractive as it is functional. The convenient changing table includes a vinyl covered foam changing pad and safety strap. The table top is surrounded by a softly edged rail and supported by a metal bar beneath the changing surface for extra security and stability. Wipes clean with mild soap and damp cloth. Hamper bag can be removed for washing. Illustrated step-by-step guide makes assembly a snap. Dimensions 37.5L x 19W x 37.5H inches.Badger Basket Company For over 65 years, Badger Basket Company has been a premier manufacturer of baskets, bassinets, bassinet bedding, changing tables, doll furniture, hampers, toy boxes, and more for infants, babies, and children. Badger Basket Company creates beautiful and comfortable products that are continually updated and refreshed, bringing you exciting new styles and fashions that complement the nostalgic and traditional products in the Badger Basket line. Dimensions 37.5L x 19W x 37.5H inches. Lovely Sleigh Changing Table with unlimited storage options. Makes organizing your changing supplies a breeze. Softly sculpted legs gives an elegant look. Includes hamper, three baskets, changing pad with safety straps. Constructed of wood and wood composite, hardboard top shelf. Safety rails and metal support bar provide extra security. Available in a variety of finishes. Assembly required.

Main features

  • Canvas, Wood, Metal
  • Ample storage for sorting and organizing nursery supplies
  • Hamper bin can be used for clothes, or bulky items like diapers and blankets
  • Made primarily with solid wood

Verified reviews


I wish it had a side table attached

The changing table looks great and is pretty functional. There was a slight hicccup putting it together, but my bff and I figured out where my husband got stuck. If it had a little table attached it would be perfect! Its kind of a pain to have to pull out all the things you need each time you change a diaper.

Alyson Manchester Center, VT

Great changing table

We’ve been using this table for 2 years now. It’s very sturdy and holds our now 30lbs, wiggly toddler with ease. I like having the drawer to hold the diapers and other changing essentials close at hand. The drawers and hamper slide in and out easily one the rails. I like that the hamper is right underneath them so I can just throw their dirty clothes in while I’m still changing them.

Monique Colfax, IN

Love this changing table!!

I’ve had this for almost 3 years and it is still in awesome shape. I bought it when I had my 2nd child and it is one of the best pieces of furniture I have ever bought. We’ve moved a few times and it has held up during those moves. My kids climb on it daily and I have never felt like it would fall apart. We are expecting our 3rd child soon and am very glad I have this to store a lot of the babies stuff in.

Janell Chefornak, AK


This item just wasn’t very sturdy and eventually just fell apart. I couldn’t even figure out how to get it back together. I think if you keep it stationary it might be okay. It supports a baby’s weight and all that, but… don’t move with it. It’ll let you down.

Valeria Vaughnsville, OH


Table came in on time as promised and I was really excited to put it together. As soon as I opened the box, I saw scratches right away. I didn’t even bother to unwrap the rest of the parts as I couldn’t deal with the scratches. In addition, the espresso color didn’t match another espresso color of the baby crib that I had ordered before that was already assembled. The table was supposed to be exact same color and style. Style was the same, but color of the table was much darker – beautiful color, but not the same. So, I closed the box and returned it the exact same day. I won’t recommend ordering this product online – too high of a risk of scratches and color mismatch. I am going to go find a changing table in the actual store now.

Dolores Venice, FL

Great looking table!

After searching online for a table and not seeing much that looked durable yet inexpensive, we decided to try this one even though it had 3.5 stars at the time of purchase. Most people were annoyed with the directions and deducted a few stars here and there.We didn’t have any problems putting this together. Nothing was broken/chipped/cracked as others mentioned – I suggest having a word with your delivery person. Mine was shipped overseas and didn’t have any issues!I’ll concede that the directions aren’t great. The photos are OK and you really do need to read ahead to make sure you don’t mess anything up. Otherwise, it’s relatively straight forward. After all the bad reviews, I expected a Mensa puzzle (genius IQ required), but didn’t find it too difficult if you paid attention to the step ahead of what you were doing.It seems pretty sturdy right now but we haven’t had any use out of it just yet. Wife is due this week! If it lasts 9-12 months, I’ll come back and add a star!We hung the Dexbaby Nursery Organizer from the side and it looks great!

Johnnie Savannah, TN

Love it!!

We bought this table for our second child and I’m really not sure what other people are complaining about. I put this table together by myself, while pregnant in under an hour. The pad is not super thick but it is more than sufficient. One person commented that their child was getting too long for the table. This table is a standard size so if your kid is outgrowing it they will outgrow any table and that is not a fault with this product.This table is sturdy, looks great, has storage and saves space. It’s an all around winner.

Young Montezuma, OH

Overall good – had a couple of issues

The only reason this is getting 4 stars is for 2 reasons:1) Upon receiving & opening – one of the legs was damaged. I had to place an online order for the part. To their credit, the Badger co was very prompt in processing and shipping back out to me. Note: you will need to have an address available that supports shipping via all 3 carriers (USPS, FedEx, or UPS) since they can’t tell you how they will be sending up front. Also, for QA – they did ask me to send a picture of the damaged part but that did not hinder my replacement reorder. Overall, I realize furniture is always risky to ship but being 8 mo pregnant, the inconvenience was there since it was just one more thing to deal with. I did not have to ship the damaged part back, though.2) It took about 2 weeks to get the stink of the polyurethane (sp?) coating out of the nursery. Thankfully I had plenty of time before my baby comes. I opened up the window a few times and that helped.The assembly is straightforward, it does help to have 2 people. It is a nice color and very functional for what you need to do with it.

Christy East Chicago, IN