Badger Basket Three Basket Set with Liners, Painted Pink Baskets

Badger Basket Three Basket Set with Liners, Painted Pink Baskets

These beautiful rattan baskets with decorative fabric liners nest inside each other for storage.

Main features

  • Set includes three baskets in three different sizes for use in closets or on shelves or anywhere in the house
  • Each painted basket has a fabric liner
  • Fits into many rooms of the house for organizing all types of items
  • Spot clean baskets and hand or machine wash the removable liners
  • Limited 30 Day Manufacturer’s Warranty

Verified reviews


Excellent Baskets, Great Quality – For Changing Table

My wife and I are expecting next spring and we’ve gone ahead and started getting the nursery room prepped for our child. We ended up buying this as a changing table:Delta Eclipse Changing Table. As most pictures of changing tables go, they show wicker baskets as a part of a “changing table” ensemble. Because of this, my wife
• had
• to have wicker baskets that had to be white (match our baby’s furniture).She ended up finding these and asked me to order them. I was a little apprehensive because of the various reviews were all over the place for these baskets, but for the price how can you say no?Upon receiving the baskets, my wife and I couldn’t be more thrilled with them. These are very sturdy baskets (not flimsy whatsoever) and the white paint is solid (no flaking, dust, or easy to rub off). The “lace cloth” is a very nice touch and makes the baskets look “elegant”. Despite other reviewers, the cloth wasn’t “dirty” or “stained”. Again… we were
• thrilled
• with the quality of the baskets.As for the white color, another review mentioned that this was antique white. I highly disagree unless I have a wrong perception of what antique white is. To me, antique white is a yellow-ish white (aka a sun-faded white over the years) and various paint palettes agree with my perception. The white that came on the baskets is more of a white with a splash of gray. Our furniture is a pure white and this goes wonderfully with it (you can barely tell the difference).Highly pleased with these baskets.

Roseann Swisshome, OR

Sticky Paint with Strong Odor

I purchased these baskets to use in my new baby’s nursery. When I opened the box I instantly smelled a strong chemical paint odor. Not what you would want in a no VOC nursery. As I touched the baskets the paint was tacky like it wasn’t dry or melted in transit. I was horrified with the product. I was very pleased with Amazons return policy & that UPS picked them up at our door. Kuddos for Amazon but think twice before ordering these baskets.

Adriana Eureka, WI

Too deep and paint scratches changing table!

I searched for baskets for my baby’s changing table for HOURS!!! (I was on bed rest, so I had the time to kill) I finally decided to go with these because they seemed so popular. I was very excited for them to arrive but when I opened the box they smelled pretty strongly of paint – not good for a baby nursery, or for a pregnant woman for that matter! I wanted to give them a chance though and I figured they’d air out, so I put them up on the changing table shelves. They are so tall and deep that it was actually a pain because I have to pull them out to see in them and get the items out. At first I figured I could live with that even if it was annoying, but the white paint is scratching all over my beautiful cherry wood changing table that I just bought! So frustrating!! I’m returning these baskets. I found some beautiful soft wicker ones for half off at a local store to replace them. Thank goodness I’m off bed rest now so I can shop in store! Normally I’m an online shopper, but for baskets I recommend finding something in a physical store. These might be okay if you have a REALLY tall space to put them in and the shelf you’re putting them on is already white, because the white paint transposes if you move the basket it on it at all. Otherwise, you should pass on these.

Alyssa Tenafly, NJ

Love them and do not at all regret my purchase!!

I was a little skeptical when ordering these because of some of the negative reviews but I’m glad I went with my instinct and got them. My baby’s nursery currently has all cherry furniture with green/pink decorations and I wanted something that would make it pop so we decided to get white wicker baskets that would fit on her changing table and make it stand out. I was a bit concerned about the “sticky and smelly paint” that a few reviews mentioned but fortunately/lucky for us, mine did not have that problem. Mine came packaged nicely with no broken pieces and as white as can be and without any messy sticky/smelly paint. The sizes are perfect to put diapers, wipes, lotions or whatever you need at hand for baby and all three fit on the same shelf. (I’ve uploaded a pic) I think I may eventually decide to change the liners but for now we’re going to use the ones that came with it.

Alisa Craig, NE

Good Product!

They are really good sized and they are really handy and useful in my daughters nursery. However, I knew I was ordering the pink ones but I did not know the baskets were also pink. I thought just the fabric was a light pink but the baskets themselves are also a light pink color. I don’t mind it at all since it still matches the nursery great!

Marion Mc Carr, KY


These baskets are great for my infant’s clothing and bath items. They are different from the picture, though, because the color of the baskets themselves is pink, not white.

Olivia Keyesport, IL

Good baskets for nursery

Overall, I am very pleased with these baskets. The basket is white and the liner is more cream. The sizes are great. Now let’s see how long they last before breaking. My 2yr old has already sat in the biggest one and it held her (28lbs).

Esther Menifee, AR

the colors are not clear in picture

I got a pinkmone and it was barely pink. It as a light light dirty white color. Totaly reconmended if you dont care about getting the exact color shown.

Jane Point Arena, CA

Super adorable!

These baskets are amazing! They are much bigger than I thought they would be, especially the largest basket. The only thing is that the color was a bit of a brighter blue than I had thought but that’s honestly ok with me! These look great on my cherry wood changing table. Would buy again for sure!

Luisa Warren, TX

Pretty Baskets

Originally bought to go with the baby changing table I purchased from Amazon. They were actually recommended to go with it. Well they didn’t fit in the cubby holes, grrr!! I kept them anyway as they came in useful in the nursery and they look good.

Althea Mc Grath, AK

best price online for these baskets

I bought them after reading reviews on line so I knew what I was getting. I got them at a fair price, anywhere else those baskets where $50 and up. They are really pretty, but chunks of wood easily break if you move them too much. I bought them in white and baby blue and they are pretty similar. I bought them for the aesthetic of it really but if you plan on moving them a lot, I don’t really know how long they will last.

Courtney Custer, KY

Nice baskets, good price & sizes

I ordered these for our nursery to put on the changing table shelves. I plan to dye the liner & paint the basket to go with the decor of the room. When they arrived, they were in great condition (a worry of mine since they are wicker which tends to break easily). I love the size of all 3 baskets. The largest will hold diapers, the medium size will probably hold wipes & the smallest will probably hold any lotions, powders, creams or anything else we need for diaper changes.

Willie Destin, FL

Perfect for Baby room

I ordered these and they are perfect for a baby room. I use one of them for diapers, another for laundry, and the third one holds all of the headbands for my daughter.

Graciela Jarrell, TX

Roomy lined baskets

These baskets are a nice addition to my Boori changing table. They are quite large but nice looking. The biggest one I use for blankets and my burpy bibs. The medium basket holds undershirts and regular bibs. The smallest one holds spare diapers since I use a diaper organizer. I really like that they hold so much and are fabric lined. Just be mindful that they are large which is perfect for my needs but may not work for everyone.

Gilda Davidson, NC

Badger Baskets

The baskets arrived very quickly and were much larger than I expected – both a plus. The only downside is the liners – very poorly made, already fraying.

Traci Hedgesville, WV

Leaves a mess

These are super cute, but paint chips or little wicker chips fall off regularly. There is always white residue under the baskets for me to clean up.

Abigail Wallace, MI

Nice and good value!

These 3 baskets are great sizes and perfect for under my changing table in the baby’s room. Good quality and good value.

Alisha Nallen, WV


these things have such a strong ridiculous smell, that we left them outside for days before having to return them. theres no way I’m having this poison in my house.

Whitney Boyce, LA

Great baskets

I bought these for our nursery. I love the size and color. It is just like the picture. Very cute.

Marianne Morrisonville, WI

Great Baskets for Nursery

These arrived in terrific shape and were a great purchase for our nursery! They are pretty good sized (especially the large and medium) and will hold a lot of items! I have one just for shoes at the moment, one for small toys and books to keep baby entertained at the changing station, and am still getting organized so am not completely sure what the third will be for – probably other miscellaneous small items in need of a home; maybe socks and booties.

Erma Hawkins, WI

Lovely, but not very strong

These baskets are beautiful. Be careful when handling or loading to heavy. The cane cracks off when handling. The sizes are great and allow for a lot of flexibilty.

Elma Linden, IA

bridal shower gifts

I was recently invited to a few bridal showers and I needed something to put the gifts in and baskets work good because they are easily reusable!

Bobby Mount Victoria, MD

nice baskets

i liked the color and the material really nice for my baby boy stuff when he get to be born

Benita Arverne, NY

They are not white like the picture

They are not white like the picture. They are pink with pink fabric. They are slightly cheap looking but they are still very cute in the nursery and I am glad I got them. I use one for toys, one for diapers and the other one is on display on the top shelf.

Jerri Snoqualmie, WA