Balboa Baby Nursing Cover, Blue Plaid

Balboa Baby Nursing Cover, Blue Plaid

The innovative Balboa Baby nursing cover allows you to feel comfortable and confident nursing your baby anywhere. The nursing cover is contoured to fit around you and your baby – keeping the fabric securely in place so you can nurse at ease. Baby is nestled close to mom while nursing in their private cocoon. This helps babies focus on nursing by eliminating outside stimulation. The structured, reinforced neckline holds the fabric away from mom and baby, permitting eye contact which is essential between mothers and nursing babies. The easily accessible pocket is just the right size to hold your nursing pads and burp clothe. Available in fashion prints to coordinate with your diaper bag, baby carrier or just to help you and your baby make a statement.

Main features

  • 100 % Cotton
  • Imported
  • Structured reinforced neckline holds fabric away from mom, permitting easy eye contact
  • Developed, tested and recommended by “America’s pediatrician” Dr William Sears
  • Generously sized to give nursing mothers full coverage while providing baby room to move
  • Contoured design with fashionable details and convenient pocket
  • Doubles as a sunshade for the stroller or car seat

Verified reviews


A must for modest mamas!

This is a fantastic nursing cover!Things I like about the nursing cover:-There is plenty of fabric to cover me, the baby, and to wrap around my sides so that nothing is exposed while I nurse baby.-The “boning” in the neck area stays put so I can see baby while I nurse.-Can be used as a blanket to cover the car seat when we go for sunny car rides.-Very neutral and doesn’t scream “MY BOOBS ARE OUT FOR NURSING”. I have the black cover with geo print accents.Things I don’t like about the nursing cover:-If you sweat easily like me, this cover can be a bit warm.-Fabric isn’t the softest but you only wear this a few minutes at a time.-The boning in the neck area can be bent if you aggressively fold the nursing cover to fit into a diaper bag. I fold the cover in half and roll the bottom up to the top and this seems to prevent any bending of the boning on the nursing cover.-Once I got the strap adjusted so that the nursing cover hung correctly on me it would mess up my hair each time I took it off over my head. Yes, I could unhook the strap but each time I needed to nurse I’d have to readjust and if I have a hungry baby on my hands I don’t have time to do that.

Wilma Middleton, ID

Baby hates it

I bought this to use on a plane ride across country. My 8-month-old absolutely hated it and would not nurse if I was using it. I ended up just using a blanket. It is a pretty cover, but the top was very awkward and I felt like it stuck out too far. Disappointing.

Fay Belle Plaine, KS

Just OK.

I’m sure that this is just as good as other nursing covers. I am just not a fan of them in general. My son gets too hot underneith it and it is difficult to see him even with the wire binding. I much prefer a muslin blanket to cover myself. He doesn’t get too hot and I can see him just as well.

Tara Osterburg, PA

Very Handy

This has worked really well for me. It’s nice and wide at the bottom, so it really covers well. I recommend practicing using this early on because I didn’t use this until about 3-months, and my child was so distracted by the design, she kept pulling it and moving it around. Not sure if she was used to seeing it, if that would make a difference. Otherwise, it’s come in handy for me! I had to use it as a burp cloth and have even swaddled my baby in it (because I didn’t do a good enough job packing my bag)!

Addie Waelder, TX

Not as modest as I thought

I bought this because it looked like it was a full body nursing cover. However, I learned that it was not when I received it. It is a nice cover other than that.

Lucinda Rozel, KS

Worth The Money

I am so glad I purchased this nuring cover. I tried a cheaper one first that was smaller and didn’t have the reinforced opening at the top to see the baby. It was easily blown around by the wind and it was a pain getting my son to latch on cause I couldn’t see him. My breast are bigger and my baby cannot feed properly without a bit of support from one of my hands. The cheaper cover definately did not free up any hands to help and the cover became a nuisence. I got this one and loved it. After a couple practice runs I was able to feed my baby in public without worrying if my business was going to be flashed to everyone around. It wraps around my body very well and I don’t have to always worry about pumping a bottle before I go to the mall.

Alisa Langley, KY

Love it!

I’ve owned quite a few nursing cover and this is my favorite by far because its bigger than other covers. I’m a busty gal so I need more fabric for coverage. Definitely recommend.

Rosalia Eureka, NV

Best Nursing Cover!

I bought a cheap one, and it kept collapsing over my view of my little one while I breastfed. I find that this one is more durable and the opening for watching your baby is better. It also gives more coverage around you. I actually ended up buying a second one (because I misplaced the 1st one when my 1st child was done breastfeeding.) I would not have purchased any other one!

Georgia Baldwin, MI

Great product

No cons. Love the how easy it is to put on, the pocket it has, and the coverage it provides.

Marla Concord, IL

great cover

It is roomy so it actually keeps your baby covered. I have several covers and this is my favorite. The structured neckline is really nice.

Dorthy Elberta, UT

Does it’s job and looks cute while doing it.

The reality is using a cover to actually breast feed is a complete pain the the *ss. I quickly learned it was much easier to just wear nursing friendly clothing and do my business without a cover and as my son got older he wouldn’t nurse with a cover at all. However, what I have found this great for is pumping. I unfortunately work in an environment where I cannot reasonably take long breaks away from my desk (911 operator) so my only option is to pujmp where I am so having the cover for when I am pumping has been a lifesaver. It is cute enough and does what it is supposed to therefore I have no complains.

Juanita North Chatham, NY

Lots of coverage

I ordered this one and the cover by UdderCovers and this one is way better! It has a lot more coverage and higher quality material. Easy to adjust and still see baby.

Helga Tangipahoa, LA


I love this wrap, it covers well, is a breathable material, and I can see my little one’s face while she nurses.

Sheila Gloucester, MA

Those pleats!

I’ve been using this for almost two months, and recommend this brand above the others for one main design feature: the pleats. The pleats at the bottom make this cover wrap around, so you aren’t accidentally exposed on windy days or when baby flails his arms and legs. This also surrounds the car seat nicely if you need a car seat cover in a pinch.I like that this was large enough to make a first-timer feel reasonably covered while she fumbled around with her nursing tank. I also think the Swirl print was the prettiest one out there, which is a big plus in the beginning, when your nursing top is essentially part of your outfit :). Great quality cotton fabric to boot.

Kara Wilmette, IL

Well made & great coverage

It gathers at the bottom and contours around mom & baby. Was exactly what I was looking for. Thick high quality fabric that holds place well and is not translucent.

Jesse Whites Creek, TN

My favorite!

Okay, so this is my fourth nursing cover. XD This is the best! It’s so pretty and modern looking. It’s soft and covers well. The bottom corners have just a couple of pleats, enough to encourage the cover to wrap around you, without adding weight. I’ve tried covers around the arms, over the head, and around the neck. This one rocks!

Nichole Central Lake, MI

The Best

This is a great cover. It is very wide and long, keeps you covered even as your little one gets bigger and squirmy underneath.

Terra Mc Kenney, VA

Not as pictured

The cover in the picture is really cute. The one I got had a tan background with green/black designs. Basically, it looks like camouflage. Also, the boning is thin and doesn’t hold the material out, so I constantly have to lift it up in order to peek in at my nursing daughter. I like that it has a lot of material to cover me, I just wish it was more like the picture shown.

Valarie Kattskill Bay, NY

Very nice cover

This cover is large and easy to use. It’s lightweight though when it’s warm out it does get hot in there. I had to adjust the strap length a bit to get it to the right length for seeing my baby comfortably, so try that if that’s not working for you.

Emilia Saint Albans, WV

Balboa Baby: Nursing Cover for Fashionable moms nursing on the GO

he nursing cover does make you feel like you and your baby are protected in a cocoon while nursing. If you’re a baby wearing, breastfeeding mother who is also fashionable this is a must in the baby category. The fabric is 100% cotton and silky to the touch so it does not irritate you or baby’s skin. The fabric is very breathable so you don’t have to worry about baby while nursing. We liked the convenience of the pocket on the cover. It is easy to care for if anything spills on the cover just toss it in the wash. The product was developed, tested and Read more at […]

Lillie Ashburn, VA

buy this one!

If you’re looking at other nursing covers, BUY THIS ONE! I have tried a bunch of them and none are as nice as the Balboa. It covers more and is a better quality fabric than the “other” one that most moms use. High-quality fabric, well-made, washes well, covers everything that you need, and makes me feel confident to nurse anywhere we are. LOVE IT!

Vanessa Corning, AR

Great Material, Full Coverage

I really like this nursing cover. I’ve had others that are made of lighter fabrics that never seem to stay where they’re supposed to, and I’m never able to see my child to adjust a latch gone wrong as needed…. This cover stays put. I stay covered. My kid can wriggle and I can peek in as needed. It’s heavy enough not to blow around and the design is really nice. It’s made of a great material, and I’m a happy mama!

Cheri Portland, ND

Like it for what it is

So, what I really like about this brand is that it provides the most coverage when compared to other nursing covers out there. It is really wide and long and I don’t have to worry about exposing myself in public. Love it for that alone.It can be a hassle to constantly take on/off the cover via over the head (especially if you have long hair that is up in a ponytail, clipped, bunned up, etc. as you have to make sure that the apron doesn’t “catch” when you pull it off.) But I guess this is to be expected with any type of apron nursing cover.The color is nice and light and I can see my baby inside (even in low lighting). It does feel a bit warm (then again, I get hot easily). My husband calls it the shower curtain since the design is kinda funky. But for the print, I find it not as flashy as the other prints available… so I liked this one the most. The other one that I liked (the brown with blue trim) ended up being too dark (not good for summer time or low light); otherwise I would have kept that one as it was my favorite design.I also use it to cover the car seat when I am on walks. Works pretty good at shielding the sun out of my baby’s eyes.I think the price is a bit steep but I guess it is worth it if I am to nurse for 1 year or more and use it on a daily basis.

Selena Chicken, AK

Baby still gets hot underneath

Item claims to be breathable, but it still gets hot underneath. Also, it’s not very easy to look at your child through the opening around your neck. I always have to use my hand to get the fabric out of the way so I can look at my baby girl.

Marjorie Violet, LA

Love it

I looked at a ton of different covers and i’m happy I chose this one. Im a HH so I need good covrerage, and this works great. The fabric is soft and the design is very nice w/o being too flashy like other patterns. The pocket is very handy too!

Gertrude Logandale, NV

Perfect for it’s purpose

Great for nursing in public, beware if it’s to hot outside, can worsen the situation. The print is lovely.

Maryann Castanea, PA

Good one!

It is a good quality product and serves the purpose. However, it would have been perfect if it is more wide as it could cover the baby fully.

Clare Emporia, KS


I’ve tried a few cheaper nursing covers, and I have soft shawl-like ones (without the stiffened area to create a little window) and this Balboa cover is my favorite BY FAR! It covers a lot of space, it has the stitching to make it curve around you a bit, and the stiffened area works very well for very the baby. Absolutely phenomenal. I also adore how lightweight but opaque the fabric is. It feels breathable and cool enough for baby, even in summer, but you cannot see through it at all!Also, I bought the swirl design, and it’s really very pretty. It looks eerily similar to the My Brest Friend Fireworks style breastfeeding cushion, and I often use those together, though that was not intentional!

Tabatha Bloomingdale, IL

awesome coverage for nrusing

I had tried another cover previously, but this one provides way more coverage, has darts that keep it out and away from baby allowing more air flow, love the different designs. Best purchase for a new nursing mother!!

Marisa Crystal Springs, MS