Balboa Baby Nursing Pillow, Suri

Balboa Baby Nursing Pillow, Suri

Developed with lactation consultants and medical professionals, the Balboa Baby nursing pillow makes nursing easier and more comfortable. The innovative nursing pillow is contoured to fit around the mother easily without the use of complicated buckles or straps. Designed to help ease stress on your back, neck, and shoulders, the nursing pillow lifts baby up to the proper level for more relaxed feeding. The unique contoured design encourages correct feeding position by naturally rolling baby towards mother. Pillow is soft, comfortable and just firm enough to support your baby while nursing. The nursing pillow features a removable, 100% cotton cover for easy cleaning and comes in prints to coordinate with your nursery and home.

Main features

  • 100% Cotton
  • Imported
  • Contoured design, unique contoured design encourages correct feeding position by naturally rolling baby towards mother
  • Helps relieve back, neck, and shoulder stress, lifts baby up to the proper level for stress-free nursing
  • Easy Care, removable, 100% cotton, machine washable cover
  • Just right, pillow is soft, comfortable, and just firm enough to support your baby while nursing

Verified reviews


Terrible nursing pillow!

I bought this pillow because it was one of the tallest ones out there and I am a very high-waisted person with a very tiny baby. The problem is that it’s tall only on one side (6″ or so) and on the other side (the one closest to your body) it is very short (about 3.5″). This means the baby just rolls off and then in between the pillow and my body, pushing it out of the way. There is no way to keep baby on the pillow. This is the WORST design of any pillow I have tried, including the Boppy, and trust me, I have tried them all!

April Tamms, IL

Awful nursing pillow

This nursing pillow is a waste of money. It may be pretty and look good, but that is as far as the compliments go. The pillow smells terrible–like chemicals. And even washing the cover didn’t help, I don’t want to smell it, so I’m surely not going to lay my baby’s face on it. It doesn’t work for breastfeeding at all. It only works if you sit completely upright, otherwise the pillow slides out from underneath the baby and the baby ends up in a hole between you and the pillow. It would have been great if this pillow functioned as well as it looks, but it didn’t. I ended up using the boppy again.

Barbra Wingett Run, OH

Love it!

First of all I have to commend the packaging job this company did to ship out my nursing pillow. They had it packaged very well so my pillow was not squished or damaged – it arrived in perfect condition as if you would find it on a store shelf. Not to mention it arrived quickly as well.Moving on to the pillow itself, I received the Lola pillow for a review and I absolutely love it. Although we do not have our bundle of joy here yet I definitely intend on using this whenever he or she comes into our family. The pillow features a Contoured design, Lactation Consultant approved, Helps relieve back, neck and shoulder stress, Removable cover and best of all is machine washable. I found my pillow to be made of high quality materials and built to last. I found that supporting the pillow in my lap felt natural and comfortable. The pillow itself is soft and comfortable as well. As you may notice for the time being I had to use a Mr. Bear for photo purposes, but I noticed that it’s made to help moms nurse so the design is fully functional and does serve its purpose well.Needless to say I highly recommend the Balboa Baby products. They have tons of colors and styles to choose from to match your personality. The customer service was wonderful and the shipping was outstanding. This should definitely be on the must have list for moms to be!Full review here: […]

Martha Gainesville, FL


Okay – the picture is TOTALLY incorrect! If you’re after something with a damask-type design, and want something that’s simply black & white, this isn’t it. I returned mine because it wasn’t ANYTHING like the picture. It is NOT a plush fabric like the picture shows, and the fabric actually is more of a tan striped or textured color background and has LIME GREEN floral designs mixed in with the black pattern. I was REALLY disappointed with it and am STILL shopping for a nursing pillow that I like. Epic fail.

Gussie Rancho Santa Fe, CA

Not functional at all

This pillow is not functional at all. I had to add blankets below my baby to prop her up so she could actually reach my breast, and I am very short waisted. The Boppy pillow is much more functional.

Emilie Danville, CA

Best pillow ever for larger women

This was the best nursing pillow when I was nursing my newborn. I carried it with me everywhere! Everyone said to get a Boppy but I found this to be both less expensive, trendy, and to work better than the boppy but everyone is different. If you are overweight or have a big chest this is perfect for you, it really helped make it comfortable for both me and my son.

Helene Mount Cory, OH

Mixed review

Pros: it sits higher than Boppy and My Brest Friend (I have all 3 pillows).The print is stylish.It has these contours on the pillow, where baby fits.Cons:There’s nothing securing the pillow to your body. The Boppy curves around you and you can use the ends to "clamp" it on t least one side of your waist. The first few days postpartum, still with a very round belly, this Balboa pillow would not stay put close to me. You’d have to be really skinny or wait until a few weeks postpartum to use it. Would be nice if they added a Velcro strap like My Brest Friend. Would be the perfect recombination of body fit and height.All that said, I do use it while on the glider chair. I prop the sides up with blankets to "incline"/angle it a few degrees towards me, and nurse baby this way. I do always have the feeling it’s going to slip away down my thighs.Boppy is more adjustable precisely because it isn’t as firm or tall, although you will have to also prop it up to nurse baby without straining your back leaning forward. My bottom line: there is no perfect nursing pillow yet (for me, at least), you’ll have to experiment and see what fits your needs. Different pillows seem to fit different nursing situations: sitting in bed, on a recliner or glider chair, etc.

Vera Fowlerville, MI

I don’t get it…

Just not sure what the advantage of this pillow is over a regular one. It is incredibly stiff, and doesn’t seem to allow for flexibililty or size of baby. My daughter is still quite small, so she fits well for now, but I can’t imagine that larger babies do. I wish I would have the saved the $, and just used a plain pillow.

Teri Zimmerman, MN

Like this pillow

I have enjoyed this pillow with no problems, I like how it positions my baby for nursing. I would buy this again.

Anita Townsend, VA

works perfectly for me!

This nursing pillow is great! It’s firm but still soft. The fabric is really nice. The prints are gorgeous. And the shape makes nursing really comfortable. I would totally buy this product again!

Lina Fish Camp, CA