Balboa Baby Shopping Cart Cover, Diamond

Balboa Baby Shopping Cart Cover, Diamond

The soft, quilted balboa baby shopping cart cover provides a clean and secure environment for babies. The balboa baby shopping cart cover creates a comfortable “nest” for baby with a 360 degree germ free zone. Combining simplicity and convenience, the shopping cart cover features four elastic corners that secure cover to the cart while providing easy one-hand installation. Toy loops allow you to attach baby’s favorite playthings, and an extra wide safety strap comfortably keeps baby secure while attaching cover to shopping cart or high chair. And unlike other bulky covers, the ultra soft quilted material of the balboa baby shopping cart cover folds up so small that it can fit into your diaper bag so you will always have it with you. It also doubles as a highchair cover when dining at your favorite restaurants.

Main features

  • 65% Polyester/35% Cotton
  • Imported
  • Provides a 360 degree germ-free zone
  • Folds into itself to a compact, convenient size that can be easily stored in diaper bag
  • Safety strap comfortably keeps baby secure while attaching cover to shopping cart or high chair
  • Toy loops to attach baby’s favorite playthings
  • Doubles as highchair cover

Verified reviews


Too small for most shopping carts

I really wanted to like this cover, especially since it was more expensive than most…Pros:- Nice fabric- well made- holds up well with washing- love that it can be used over high chairsCon:- It doesn’t fit over most shopping carts (ex. Target, Costco). When I was sold the product, I was told it would fit, even the costco double carts. We pretty much use it as a high chair cover only now.I recommend going with a different brand.

Luisa West Lebanon, IN

A clean cart and best of all – a strap that holds baby to any cart securely

I feel like I must have read every shopping cart cover review available on Amazon before finally deciding on the Balboa baby shopping cart cover. Sure they all cover the shopping cart, the differentiating factor I kept looking for was how well they strap baby in to the cart. We have an Eddie Bauer shopping cart cover with a 5 point harness that looks great. The problem is the harness attaches only to the cover and not securely to the cart. After watching the little guy slump over (@5 months old) repeatedly I gave up on it. It certainly wouldn’t have been safe once he reached climbing phase.Enter the Balboa Baby Shopping Cart Cover and I love it. I was immediately impressed with the quality of the fabric. The material is a heavy duty, quilted fabric yet it is very soft. It looks like it will hold up to years of baby wear and washings. My favorite part of the Balboa cover is the strap. It is a T strap that attaches between the leg holes of the cover and then has 2 long sides. Each end of the strap feeds thru a reinforced slit in the back of the cover, thru the bars at the back of the cart seat and then the ends velcro together. The strap itself is about 3″ thick so it won’t cut into baby’s skin. The velcro is that high quality, newer velcro (I have no idea what it is called) that doesn’t fuzz up with repeated use.As some other reviewers have mentioned the elastic banding around the edge is pretty tight and it can even slightly collapse an empty shopping cart seat, but I’m happy with it because that means the little one can’t pull the edges off.Overall, great shopping cart cover. Extremely high quality materials and the safest way to strap baby into the cart that I came across. It has fit every cart I have used so far – Target, Walmart, grocery stores and even those stores that put an advertisement on the back of the seat.

Cortney Long Lake, MI

A Must Have

I just got this cover last week and already I have used it nearly everyday! It is wonderful and I consider it a must have. My son is 7 1/2 months old and we recently switched him from his infant carrier seat to a convertible car seat because of this I no longer had a clean place to keep him while we are at the store or out to eat. I am a germaphobe so when I saw this product I knew I had to have it. It is great, it covers the shopping cart 360 degrees making it a germ-free, clean place to put my son while we shop. I have also used it twice on highchairs in restaurants within the past week and again I am so happy I have it. I like that it has it’s own strap so you don’t have to use the dirty ones attached to the shopping cart or highchair. It’s pretty easy to put on but I think I still need some practice doing it one-handed, so far I haven’t been alone when I’ve used it so I have had someone who could hold my son while I cover the cart/highchair. My only complaint about the product is that the strap is a bit awkward to tighten, it’s really long and there is a lot of excess material just hanging in the back after you tighten it but overall it’s not really that big of a deal. Oh and contrary to what Balboa baby says, I don’t think it fits nicely in a diaper bag, I think it’s a bit too bulky for that, so I just leave it in the car and grab it when we need it. I would definitely recommend this, you need it and will use it way more than you think!!!!

Maura Cleaton, KY

New Larger Size

I watched this item for several months and hesitated ordering it because of the reviews stating that it was to small for Target shopping carts. In March 2012 I noticed some new colors were available so I decided to give it a try. When I received the box it had a sticker on it that read – “New & Improved Larger Size.” I brought it to Target and it fit the cart with plenty of room to spare. So far I’m very happy with it.I’ve posted photos of the box and the cover on a Target shopping cart in the customer photos section.

Hope Beaufort, MO

Balboa Shopping Cart Cover

Love how small this product folds into so it’s not such a huge ball to carry around. Would definitely recommend.

Shelly Mason, TN

Great quality, nice color options

The color of this is so much better than the others out there. I use it all the time and the quality is great. I don’t recommend drying it, it can shrink a little. It fits very well on costco carts and every other cart except Target. It tends to slip off on those but they are really huge. Easy to use and doesn’t look ridiculous when carrying it into the store. Would have given it five stars but it is really expensive. Worth it for the style and quality, but pricey.

Nadia Mount Vernon, ME

Pricey and doesn’t fit Target carts

This cover did not fit the Target carts well. The back of the cover was stretched pretty tight, and one corner kept popping off, which of course my baby decided he needed to investigate. There also isn’t very much padding so there’s a lot of empty space in the seat area. Fortunately, since my son is only 8mos old and still a little unstable while sitting on his own, my husband and I just take off our coats and nestle him in the center, allowing him to be propped up and not able to reach the exposed cart area. Other than Target, it seems to fit other area store shopping carts well. We haven’t used it as a high chair cover yet, but we don’t eat out very often. We bought this mostly because our son is still putting everything in his mouth and we didn’t want him getting any unnecessary illnesses with this flu epidemic going around. It’s still easier to place him in his bucket seat into the shopping cart rather than using the cart cover, but this will come in handy when he’s bigger, so we decided to try it out. The most ANNOYING aspect of this product is the crazy way it folds into itself. You will NEVER be able to fold it back the way it was when purchased. Sorry. It’s a fact. We’ve resorted to semi-folding then STUFFING it in and by then, it doesn’t make a very small pouch at all. Overall, not bad, I wouldn’t pay full retail price for it though.

Janice Dahlgren, VA

Great size, great material, great item to have!

I love this cover. I’ve used it at Target, Publix, and in several high chairs. It has been fabulous for all of them. The material washes really well. I love the loops on which I can hang my son’s toys too. The Brown Berry is a perfect gender neutral fabric. I was going to get a Boppy cart cover and couldn’t find one that looked non-girly.

Gladys Reesville, OH

Great cover, easy to use…

This is a perfect shopping cart cover. Easy to use, awesome, sturdy built in seat belt that will grow well with her. The TOY LOOPS are the best part!! Honestly, the only thing I would add would be a teensy extra padding. Although, that would likely make it far to bulky to take to stores and restaurants.

James Lamar, MO

very cute but a little annoying to use

i started looking around for shopping cart/high chair covers as soon as my LO started sitting up well and decided to go with the balboa baby for the nice quality fabric and cute prints. i’ll start with the pros…1. the fabric is a really nice quality thick, quilted fabric with really rich colors. the quilting provides a little cushioning as well. i think they found the right balance so it’s thick enough to provide some padding but will fold up in a compact enough package.2. i love that it folds up into its own little pouch. it goes inside out so you keep the side that touches your baby away from the side that touches the gross carts. the pouch also has a little carry strap–really really useful when you’re carrying a baby and a million other things. i clip the strap of the cart cover onto my diaper bag bc the pouch itself is a bit big to fit inside the diaper bag.3. it has 2 little toy loops so when your LO throws his favorite toy or teether, it won’t fall on the dirty floor.4. let’s not forget the real reason we all love this cover… the prints are really really cute. i got the stripes–it looks very henri bendel–but the floral prints are very pretty too. they also hide stains pretty well.the cons:1. the wide waist strap is nice but it’s really annoying when taking your baby out of the high chair. even when i undid the velcro (which is a really nice quality velcro by the way), the whole cover came off along with my child bc the waist strap got stuck around his legs. my 6 month old can’t sit in one spot for a whole meal so i’m constantly picking him up and putting him back in the high chair, so this was a little annoying.2. it’s pricey for a shopping cart cover. but i haven’t seen any covers that are much less expensive and fold up into its own doesnt come with any instructions but it’s easy to fold neatly into the pouch:1. flip it inside out so the side touching your baby is inside and fold the cover in half so the 2 elastic ends are aligned. make sure the cover is flat, with the pouch side away from you.2. fold the sides in, a little past the pouch edge. this is going to give you a little extra room to flip the pouch part over the cover.3. the cover should look tall and skinny now. start from the bottom and fold up into thirds (2 folds going up).4. flip inside out into the pouch and close with the velcro.

Whitney Coudersport, PA

Must Have!

I love this cover! We use this cover in shopping carts everywhere and high chairs when out to eat. It doesn’t really pad anything. So when my son throws himself around the shopping cart seat when he gets sick of sitting, he may bump his head on the cart. But it at least gives a little cover to the metal or plastic germy cart. And for me the seat belt on it is useless, but it sometimes gives my son something to play with or chew on. It’s easy to fit on carts and washes up well.

Judith New Blaine, AR

Nice product

The shopping cart cover works well and is well made. It does slip off the larger carts but works well on carts at Walmart, etc.

Jacklyn North, SC

well made!

I’m glad I got this color in suri. The color is more aqua than blue which I love because its more gender neutral. I also have Balboa Baby nursing cover and really love the quality that I decided to get the cart cover as well. I got this more for high chairs than for cart and its awesome! The stitching is sturdy, the fabric is great quality, washes well, and all folds into a compact pocket. I use it daily and couldnt be happier with the choice.

Jocelyn Manitou, KY

Great purchase

Great product. It will take some time to be able to use it with one hand, but it covers the whole seat, and is super cute.

Chelsea Roscommon, MI

folds into a bag!

I love this gender neutral print and it works great. I also like that this folds into a bag when you are not using it.

Paula Stump Creek, PA

Reasonably ok, but not ideal

There is no perfect shopping cart cover out there. I’ve tried a few now. This one works reasonably well for most of the places we shop at. It works best on the traditional wire grocery carts- the fit is good and the belt can be threaded through the back of the seat. It’s also well suited for plastic carts that have a wire seat back- like the ones at Buy Buy Baby or Bed Bath & Beyond.It’s ok for the big plastic carts at Target. It’s a tight fit, and the elastic on the cover pulls the seat back forward. That said, when my daughter is in a Target cart without the cover, she pulls the seat back forward on her own. I strap her in fairly snug, and she leans forward, pulling the seat back with her. Since this seems to be her preferred way of sitting in the cart she doesn’t seem to mind or notice when the elastic on the cover pulls the seat back forward. You can’t really use the cover’s strap with the Target carts- the velcro is too stiff to let you thread the strap through the plastic mesh of the seat back.I haven’t tried it on the Costco carts, but I highly doubt it could stretch that much. Conversely, I haven’t tried it as a high chair cover for restaurant high chairs because it will be way too baggy.The biggest feature it has in its favor is that it is relatively easy (compared to other cart covers I’ve tried) to slip it on the cart with one hand while hanging onto the baby with the other arm. It also washes well and doesn’t show dirt very easily- we live in California where the shopping carts are often stored outside the stores, so they can get a bit dusty. This cover does the job of keeping baby’s clothes clean and free of that dust.Overall it’s not my favorite baby product, but it does its job reasonably well.

Colette Llewellyn, PA

the smallest cover I could find (of good quality)

The design is as pictured. It fits well over all carts I’ve used so far. Also, it’s small enough to shove in a diaper bag/purse. Only issue is that when I washed it ran onto white onsies and turned them a little pink, so wash seperatly. Washes well. Best part is the velcro. ALL velcro should be like this. It’s not scratchy. I encourage you to watch the video or read the instructions about how to use the velcro belt. It’s not really self-explanatory.

Keri Chinle, AZ

A major relief

The seat belt in this cover is half the reason I like it. It seems so much more secure than the ones that come with carts or high chairs because I can fasten it around his lower back instead of down on his thighs. It has fit into every cart and high chair I’ve tried, although, I will do more shopping (for science!) to test it out. The internal harness is key, it anchors the baby’s core to the cart/chair very well. Yes, the fabric cover is nice because those things are filthy and with this, at least it’s just our own germs (I’m not going to wash it every day.) For now the velcro seems secure, but the hooks are itty bitty (like a cat tongue) and I have no idea how they manage to hold (but they do)! Magic! I think the fabric looks much nicer in person. The only real bummer is that there’s not any padding – and basically you’re still dealing with a metal shopping cart covered by a pillowcase… so, when little guy bonks his head on the cart, it’s still pretty hard. I shall cram stuffed animals in around him for the time being. I see this being big enough to grow with us. I would buy this for a mom-to-be, even though she won’t need it until like 7-8 months. Once you have it, you’re glad. It was a relief to find this among the bazillion choices, and for all my research and worrying to be over.

Kasey Orrington, ME

Very pleased

I did some research when looking for a cart cover since there were so many pros and cons on this type of item. I wanted one that would hold up in washing and also fit a lot of different store carts. This one came in a wonderful selection of fabrics; other reviews for the Balboa were very favorable and the clincher for me was that it fit the larger carts at a lot of the stores I frequent. I even managed (with some work) to get it to fit a Sam’s Club cart. I’ve used it several times now in restaurant high chairs and in shopping carts and I am very pleased. It’s easy to use and easy to pack back in it’s storage pocket. I’ve only washed it once but it appears to hold up well after being washed and dried. Time will tell.

Dorothea New Richmond, WI

Excellent product and a must have item for us

After looking at so many different shopping cart/high chair covers, we decided to go with the Balboa cover. Excellent choice! The cover is really well made, very easy to put on, stays put and comfortable enough for baby to sit on. There is no padding but the fabric is thick enough to provide adequate comfort while shopping. We also use the cover at restaurants which has made life so much easier for us. No need to use a ton of antibacterial wipes to clean high chairs first. Just put on cover and that’s it. We use it a few times and machine wash it. The cover folds into a small purse-like shape which is very convenient for storing. We just keep it in our trunk and use it as needed.

Gina Indian Head, PA

nice quality cart cover

I am very pleased thus far with this cart cover. It is nice construction and seems to fit snug and secure. My little one was very happy to be riding in the card. I received many compliments. I have had this all folded up with a couple of loops on the toy loops with no problem. It makes securing a few toys that much easier as we are on the go. He has loved sitting in the carts and having toys to play with. The only con to this cover in my eyes are the inability to put this on one handed. I have tried several times. Because it will fit so snug and secure, you really need both hands. So this makes it impossible to put on and hold your kiddo. If you are able to grab a cart outside and put it on at your car, then no problems…but if you have to go inside and put it on by yourself…good luck. But all in and all, I really would recommend this cover. I can live with needing the help to get it on….

Nettie Carbon, TX

Love it! Use it all the time.

Way more durable, padded, and attractive than others I have seen. Great purchase for a girl or boy. Also doesn’t show dirt or spills.

Corina Bingham Canyon, UT

I go shopping just to use this!

I LOVE this cover!!! I got it in Suri and its beautiful! It fits really well (although, I am still learning how to use it and can’t imagine being able to put it one one handed. Maybe after I’m a pro with it?) and is of good quality. Fits shopping carts really well. I’ve used it on the smaller carts at Whole Foods and the standard size carts at Safeway (curious if it fits the really large carts at Costco??). I’ve also tried to use it on high chairs at a couple restaurants but they were the plastic ones and didn’t have an open/slotted back so I couldn’t fasten the seat strap. I’m so happy I have this because there have been some recent articles about how there is more fecal matter found on the grocery cart and public high chair than in their bathroom! Gross!! Makes sense though. They never clean them or the straps!! This is a definite MUST HAVE!

Louise Blossom, TX

Love the Balboa Baby cover

I am glad that we paid a little more for this cart cover, the Balboa Baby is exactly what we were looking for. So far it fits all carts including Target, HEB grocery, Wal Mart and Costco. It fits a bit snug on larger carts but still works well. We also used it on a restaurant high chair and it worked wonderfully. I love the design and it definitely lives up to our standards. Tried and true, baby does not touch the cart at all.I definitely recommend this cover to anyone who is willing to pay a little more for a cart cover. We love it!

Eva Oxbow, NY

Good product

So far, so good. We just got this and have used it a couple of times. It goes on a cart very easily. The strap took me a minute to figure out but once I figured it out it works great…our baby isn’t exactly sitting up on his own yet but this props him up nicely. Fabric is cute. I wish there had been some instructions that came with it…like how to fold it back up in it’s neat little pouch or how to operate the strap. It would have helped me and saved me some time.

Melinda Philo, CA

Wonderfully stylish and compact storage

I bought this brand of cart cover specifically for how small it folds up into itself. It is small enough to put in our large diaper bag. The only complaint I have is that there were no instructions on how to fold it up for storage. I looked online and couldn’t find anything there either. I would highly recommend that when you receive this, open it up carefully and study the way the manufacturer had it folded up. It fits on all the high chairs in restaurants I have been to and it fits over the shopping carts at Kroger. I am very happy I opted for this cover.

Lorraine Powder Springs, GA

exactly what i needed!

now that baby girl is sitting up, this is exactly what we needed! she is so much happier at the grocery store and in restaurants now that she has a place to sit and can see everything. and the shopping cart cover makes me happy since it covers up all the germy surfaces. the toy loops are also genius! i highly recommend this cover. (note, i haven’t tried it at Costco yet, but it’s fit my grocery store (publix) & target carts perfectly so far) great product!UPDATE: fit the cart at costco 🙂

Kelsey Macdoel, CA

Nice fit for high chair or smaller shopping carts

This is a nice quality material that fits nicely on high chairs and standard shopping carts. If the maker added a stretchy band of material (in the back maybe?) so it would fit the huge shopping carts of the world it would definitely earn 5 stars. The ‘seatbelt’ is very substantial and toy loops and pockets are great additions. Not sure if it is really worth paying twice as much as other covers but I am happy with it overall.

Hillary Delaware City, DE

Can’t say enough great things about this!!!

My son is not happy unless he can see what is going on around him. Normally, he is pretty fussy during our shopping trips because he has to lay in his car seat. The BALBOA BABY shopping cart cover solved that problem for us. He just learned to sit up, so he is still a bit wobbly, but with the extra wide safety strap he was able to sit in the cart. He had a great time & didn’t make a peep, I was able to get all my shopping done, and the best part is that it was all GERM-FREE!!!!Not only does this product keep your shopping cart germ-free, it also works as a Restaurant High Chair Cover. It is a must have, especially during flu-season, because let’s be honest….how many restaurants actually wipe down their high chairs? I don’t leave my house without this!! I use it EVERY day. And I get so many compliments on it.I LOVE LOVE LOVE this Cover!!! It is a necessity for anyone who has a baby or toddler!

Minnie Letart, WV

best cover out there!

I LOVE this cover. I take it with me everywhere I go with my son. I was given an Eddie Bauer cover for my shower but it didn’t work at all! This one will fit al shopping carts including target and publix. It’s also really really great for putting over high chairs. It’s not complicated AT ALL. Highly recommended. Best on the market. Worth the extra money.

Marlene Ardmore, PA