Bambino Mio Mioliners, White, Newborn and Up

Bambino Mio Mioliners, White, Newborn and Up

Mioliners allow moisture to pass through to the diaper while preventing it from seeping back to your child’s skin. The liners retain the solids to reduce the soiling of the diaper itself. Mioliners are biodegradable and safe to flush too – making diaper changes easier than ever. Great for use with any style of cloth diapers. Super soft feel – 100% natural. Each roll contains 160 liners.

Main features

  • 100% PLA derived from cornstarch
  • Imported
  • Biodegradable flushable cloth diaper liners
  • Super soft – all natural – derived from cornstarch
  • Retain solids – so diaper changes are a snap
  • Suitable for all types of cloth diapers
  • Simply remove the liner with the solids and flush away

Verified reviews


No so hot

Cloth diapers don’t hold back much. I was sent the wrong items by this seller and it was frustrating to deal with. However, they did refund me.

Allyson Danbury, WI

great product

I used these while CDing my daughter and they made things so much easier. I hand washed the wet ones and hung them over the shower rod to dry and could get about 5 uses out of one before it started getting to thin.The 160 sheet pack lasted us almost 18 months this way,

Aisha Lockhart, TX

Used these with my cloth diapers

I used these with my FuzziBunz and they work just fine. I actually tore them all away from one another to form a stack. When you’re tired and trying to change a diaper, getting one from the roll with one hand starts to become a hassle. After I made a little stack of them it was much easier. Creates a nice barrier and it didn’t irritate the baby’s skin at all. I will order these again.

Abby Granville, WV

Stiff, don’t really work at all

I had high hopes for these diaper liners after reading the reviews, but found them to be the worst of the ones we’ve used. They are stiff so don’t work very well if you like to prepare your cloth inserts all at once ahead of time to make the diaper changes quicker/easier. The stiffness also prevent them from being tucked around the cloth inserts so there is a lot of staining on the edges that we didn’t have with the softer, larger, stickier bummies….maybe if you’re using the pocket type or more traditional one piece cloth diapers, these may work fine. But we use g-diapers with the cloth inserts and these are awful

Judi Jeffers, MN

Can’t really tell if they work

They resemble dryer sheets and I think they work but it’s hard to say because our newborn’s poo is very liquid as we breastfeed. In concept though, I think it helps keep him more comfortable with his wet diapers so maybe it works better for #1.

Lidia Charles City, VA

Love these liners!

I didn’t need these liners while my daughter was exclusively breastfed since that poo just dissolves, but once we started her on formula and solids these were a must to help protect the investment we made in our cloth diapers PLUS I have never wanted to mess with a diaper sprayer. With two older kiddos having a sprayer in their bathroom just seemed like an invitation for some wort of water disaster in the future. But I digress.These liners have been wonderful, if she has only peed on them then i toss them in the wash with our diapers and they go through the washer with no problem- in fact, they come out still strong but SUPER soft! So for anyone that stresses about the fact that they aren’t soft to begin with- just tear a bunch of them apart and run them through the washer with your diapers. I’ve never bothered since my daughter does just fine with them a lil on the stiff side but you could if you want. DO NOT run them through your dryer though! They are not usable after that- I learned that the hard way!We’ve never had any problem flushing them and they have pretty much stayed put and been where they needed to be to catch the majority of the poo. Sometimes they wiggle a bit and some poo stays on the diaper- but really, they’re in a diaper with a wriggly little 9 month old- some movement is to be expected.Overall these have been a great. They protect the diapers a little, catch the poo, don’t irritate my daughter’s skin, are flushable, are reusable if only peed on, and are a great price. We will continue to re-order.

Grace Ruth, NV