Bambino Mio Nappy Bucket and Lid, White

Bambino Mio Nappy Bucket and Lid, White

The simple and practical Nappy Bucket and Lid provide a perfect place to store soiled diapers until time for laundry. Concealed internal hooks attach the Laundry Bag (sold separately) to the Nappy Bucket and the tight fitting and lockable lid stops odor from escaping. Laundry Bag makes laundry time simple. Just lift the whole bag of soiled diapers out of the Bucket and place into the washing machine. No need to remove the diapers or handle them at all. Compact pail perfect for holding about three days of soiled diapers. Durable plastic does not absorb odors. Easy to clean. Four gallon capacity.

Main features

  • Plastic
  • Imported
  • Simple and practical diaper pail provides a perfect place to store soiled cloth diapers
  • Concealed internal hooks attach the Laundry Bag (sold separately) to the bucket
  • Tight fitting lid helps conceal odors in the pail
  • Durable plastic does not absorb odors and is easy to clean
  • Capacity about 4 gallons

Verified reviews


Great Diaper Bucket

I haven’t actually had to put dirty diapers in the pail yet, but I can tell it is going to do the job just fine. I like that the bucket is wide and not too deep, this will make it easy to clean. It appears that it will hold about 10 dirty diapers, and I bought the liners for it so that I could just pull them out and use them to transfer all the diapers easily to the wash.I’ll post an update for the item after it is in use for a while, but I would be willing to recommend it even before using it. Another bonus: it is made of thick sturdy plastic and the handle is super high quality, it should last forever.

Loraine Hubert, NC

Small and not the best handle lock

I registered for this because I was living in Europe when pregnant with our son and though that (with the size of our TINY European washers) this would be perfect. It is SMALL – even by European washer standards. I use bumGenius diapers and I could only fit a few in here. I did wash every day, but it still filled up fast. Also, the handle lock was awkward (or maybe it was me?). I would recommend a pail that has a step-open feature for those moments when you can’t bend over and use two hands to open the bucket (where are your hands for holding down the baby on the changing table?).

Kathryn Lynx, OH

Use as stain soaking bucket

I do not use this product for reusable nappy/diapers.I use it for soaking baby clothes that has been soiled.This is a great for what I needed, a bucket with a lid.Would of given it 5 stars if it was cheaper but use if frequently

Audra Barlow, KY

Great bucket for my needs

I bought two of these buckets as I’m handwashing my prefold diapers in a small NY city apartment. I use one to store dirty diapers after changing and another to wash/soak. Since I wash daily, I never have more than 12 diapers in the pail, which is about all the bucket can take. The bucket does do a great job keeping smells in.

Valerie Avoca, WI

Yes, it works.

I was skeptical about purchasing this diaper pail. I thought, surely just any diaper pail will do. WRONG! This diaper pail does a fantastic job of holding odor out. I also bought the laundry bag liner. Doing the wash is super easy. I just throw the whole bag in the washer. Then I thought it would really suck to clean it. WRONG! I set it outside for a few hours after washing it out in the sink with water and it is good as new. Great buy. Using cloth diapers creates more work. Using the right tools this one make it easier.

Eliza Nocatee, FL

Compact and Portable

This works really well as the secondary nappy pail. We keep this one downstairs in the bathroom (the nursery & laundry area is upstairs). It fits in the small space between the toilet and the sink. We empty it into the main pail or into the laundry on a daily basis- it is small but more than adequate for a days work. It’s nice and light to pack up to laundry, especially post C Section when bending and lifting is difficult. So far I haven’t even really used the locking mechanism, but I can see how with any older child it would be more or less useless since it is only a movement of the handle. This doesn’t concern me in the least and I would still highly recommend this product if you are looking for small, light, and compact.

Rachael Carbon, IN

Flimsy Lid

I ordered this bucket because I wanted something small and minimalist. I’m planning to use cloth diapers, and planning to do laundry very frequently, so I don’t need a fancy diaper pail system. This nappy bucket is somewhat larger and flimsier than what I expected. I could have sworn that I looked at the product measurements and compared them to the measurements of the shelf on my changing table before purchasing. I also remember one commenter saying that the bucket came much smaller than expected, and would only hold a few diapers at a time–which was what I wanted. But the bucket is definitely too big to fit on my shelf, and would hold about a dozen diapers at a time.The lid is supposed to latch, but the latching mechanism is very minimal, very ineffective. If someone accidentally knocked the bucket over, the lid could come off even when latched. My husband was not impressed with this purchase at all. He said we might as well re-use an empty bucket of cat litter to store dirty diapers until laundry time. There’s nothing really special about this bucket, in his opinion.At this point in my pregnancy I’m too fat and swollen to be picky, so I’m planning to keep the bucket. But I’m open to alternatives, for sure.

Amy Oceola, OH

I was expecting more

I don’t know what I was really expecting from this diaper pail, but I wish it was nicer. The size is great. It holds a day or two worth of diapers, but after 2 days I worry that the handle can’t take the weight so I try and keep it to one days worth. It has a locking handle so if you rest the handle on one side of the pail you can’t take off the lid, which would be nice if I had a pet or older baby who might knock the lid off… however, what would be really nice is if the lid was a tighter fit!!! I mean it’s fine, I kept it, I use it, but for the price I guess I expected something a little nicer…

Theresa Charlemont, MA

Too Flimsy for the Price

It’s an OK bucket (a little on the small side) but the handle just folds over to keep the lid on; the lid is not tight even in the “locked” position which would allow smells to seep out. My son isn’t mobile yet but I can see him getting into this SUPER easily. I can flip the handlebar out of the “locked” position with my pinky. The handle also wiggles, leaving the impression that if filled with pre-soak water it might break or come loose (it just snaps under the rim)on the way to the washing machine. It is attractive and if you are going for style over utility this is a very nice bucket. I am returning the product and getting a five gallon bucket with a Gamma Seal, it will cost me about half as much and hold twice as much.

Leola Ernul, NC

Works Great

I love this product. We put cloth diapers in here and the bin keeps the smell down big time — even though we rinse diapers out before putting in pail. This was a good buy and I would recommend it to other parents who use cloth diapers.

Fannie Landers, CA

wow this thing is tiny

I haven’t gotten the chance to put this diaper pail to use as of yet since my little one isn’t due for a few more months but just off basic looks I think it will work out for us. It is pretty small. I have two Bummis size large tote bags that I’ll be using as pail liners and they seem to fit pretty well. The “locking” mechanism is basically a joke but I didn’t buy it for that feature. I love that it is small enough to not be cumbersome. I love that the handle will make toting this thing downstairs on laundry days pretty easy. I don’t love how much something so small costs so much but that seems to be par for the course with most baby items.

Alfreda Danvers, MA