Bambinos Tidy Table Tray, Green

Bambinos Tidy Table Tray, Green

The Bambinos Tidy Table Tray plus Flexi-Diner is an innovative way to bring babies, toddlers, and little kids to the table, making meal time more fun for children, and easier for mom and dad. It clips easily to tables, features an easy on/off insert, and has an extending lip to catch spills. The Tidy Table Tray + Flexi-Diner is BPA free, and has a spill catch lip which ergonomically molds to a baby’s body, while catching lap spills that fall between the child and the table. It protects tables, floors, clothes and reduces laundry loads (and need for bibs) too. The Bambinos tray invites young children to eat with parents and other family members, while giving them a special place at the big table just for them. The tray also has interactive locations for cups, spoons and forks, so that as your child grows she can learn that different things go in different places. The base tray allows for meal time to become craft or play time after eating is over. Parents can make one trip to the table instead of setting of several, setting up everything in the kitchen for meal time on the Flexi-Diner. When the meal is over, the insert tray is simply lifted out and brought back to the kitchen for easy clean up. The tray is held onto the table with a firm clip that fastens in seconds to the rim of tables (up to 2″ thick), and was engineered with baby in mind. 18+ months.

Main features

  • Clips easily to dining tables in seconds
  • Keep tables, laps and floors clean
  • Grow with me tray system for ages 18 months – 5 years
  • Makes set-up and clean-up a breeze
  • Adapted for use with booster seats, table high chairs, and kids tables

Verified reviews


we love it

we already have different table tray that never work for us, but when we found that one, I was sold. I love that it’s very easy to clip on the table, and stays on the table when used. My toddler loves to place her fork, plate, and cup on the drawingand I love how it pick up the food that fell from her mouth, the bib made for that never worked, so she will always have food mostly liquid going all the way down to the floor, passing by her pantsit s great product and we are very happy with it

Olivia Island Park, NY

would have been awesome

My friend recommended it to me. I was excited to get it but on arrival I couldn’t attach it to my table because it’s too thick. My daughter still likes it but would have loved to be able to use the clamp function.

Glenda Walker, KY

Green tray on top has really tall lip

This tray functions okay for my 2 year old. I wanted her to be able to sit at the table, so we could put away her bulky high chair. I mostly use it without the little snap on tray that goes on top, though. The little lip on it is so tall that it almost hits my daughter’s chin when she sits at the table, even in a booster chair. I think it’s designed to catch crumbs and spills, but it just gets in the way. It’s also really hard to snap in and out of the base, too. Good idea, but it just hasn’t been very practical.

Raquel Castalia, IA

Saves your table top

I purchased the Tidy Table Tray after having borrowed one from a neighbor to use at my aunt’s house (she has a glass table). It worked quite well, so I decided to use one at home. We use a high chair that doesn’t have a built in tray, the child pulls right up to the table, and despite my efforts, the table top where my daughter sits was becoming a complete mess. Enter the tray. It clips on well to all tables we have tried (n=3), one of them being glass, as previously stated. It contains most messes. Further, the tray doesn’t seem to mark any of the table tops we have tried. One reason I didn’t give it four stars, is that the clip used to attach the tray to the table is quite large, and my child cannot quite scoot up to the table without bumping into the tray clip. I think with older and bigger children this probably isn’t a problem, but my daughter is quite small for her age, and the clip does get in the way. Also, if you have a smaller child, the drop catching part of the tray impedes their movement a little bit, but I think this will resolve as my child gets older. The tray is recommended for children 18 months and older, and while my daughter is almost 20 months, she is quite small for her age. Just for reference, she’s 31 inches and 18 pounds, and the top of the tray lip hits right about her mid-chest, as opposed to nearer her waist, which seems to be the desired position (according to product pictures). So, if you have a smaller child, just beware that the tray is definitely designed for bigger children. I would assume that an average size 18 month old child would do fine. One other complaint, the flexi-diner removable part of the tray is slightly difficult to remove, but after practice it gets easier. The key is to push on the bottom edge of the tray with the heel of your hand, instead of lifting like the directions suggest. We take this tray with us whenever we go out anywhere, as it is so useful. My daughter even likes to put her sippy cup in the cup holder. Washing the flexi-diner (green part) in the sink is quite easy, and, although it is dishwasher safe, I haven’t tried that yet, since sink washing is quick. I imagine we will be using this tray after my daughter is beyond toddler age, as it works well as an art surface and for “fancy” tables, should you encounter those while visiting other houses. I am planning to purchase another one for our next baby.

Elena Bovey, MN

Good tray, table saver

This tray is excellent for the toddler who throws around his/her place mat.It is held in place by a spring-hinged clip. The tray ‘pops’ off for washing.The usefulness of the removable tray is limited because the tray itself clips on/off and takes about 1 second to remove. I am a bit worried that my 20 month old son will learn this trick soon. I would suggest this improvement:Have a screw clamp instead of clip for the tray. This would be useful for several reasons (1) a toddler would not be able to remove it from the table, (2) pinched fingers would be less likely from the clip snapping shut, (3) the back side (against the toddler stomach) could be ‘flat’ instead of having a ledge where food accumulates in difficult to clean places.

Randi Plymouth, NY

This is the greatest!

Great for vacation too. We’ve used it everyday for all her meals. Easy to clean. The ONLY downside which I will not deduct a star for is, the clamp protrudes far and you can push your littles into it too tightly so be mindful of it and them. Also some chairs or boosters may lift them too high that they touch the bottom of the clamp, so be mindful of that too. I simple put one hand on her chest as I push her in to know when to stop and also have her put her legs straight out until she’s positioned so that her knees dont bump it. Small precautions for comfort. LOVE IT! 🙂

Jodie Lansford, ND

Great tray for the Tripp Trapp high chair

We bought this to go with the Stokke Tripp Trapp high chair (which is terrific, by the way, and well worth the cost. The Tripp Trapp tray is sold separately, however, and ridiculously expensive for a piece of plastic). This tray is also very useful for travel. I love that the top part detaches so you can easily wash it. We have used it since my baby was 6 months old.

Carlene Jonesboro, LA

So far so good!

It’s doing as it is supposed to, which is all I can hope for. My 11mos old LO is currently not strong enough to pull it off the lip of the table, but I imagine in time she will be. I’m hoping by then she won’t be interested in pulling it off and will simply focus on the food {fingers crossed}. Our table has a narrow lip to clamp this onto so I imagine without that this would be excellent. But since there’s little table to clamp onto, the clamp strength is weakened. Regardless, I’m happy with the product. It is super easy to clean (you could literally just use a warm, damp paper towel and it’s as good as new – but I sanitize with soap and disinfectant wipes), easy to snap on and take off the green tray from the white base, and it’s not conspicuous. Very tastefully designed with a gender neutral color palette. I, nor my LOL, is bothered by the raised lip on the green tray that others have taken issue with. It actually helps her keep her sleeves out of her food. I’m considering buying a Kaboost Chair Booster so she sits a little taller, but I may not since it’s not a necessity.

Kathi Dana, IN

Much more sanitary when out to eat

This is an awesome idea. I used to cringe when going out to restaurants and watching the tables get wiped down with a germy rag and then having baby pick up dropped food or tap his little hands on the table and then stick them in his mouth. This is much more sanitary. At 12 months and 31 inches tall, it is still a little to high for him but we make it work.

Brandi Gays, IL

A Must Have

This product is great. Can be used with the green lipped inset, or for older ones, just the white tray. Connects safely and sturdily. Never had a problem. Cleans up fantastic. Toddler feels close to the rest of the family at meal time. Nice secure place for a cup, and plenty of room for toddler plate. A must have.

Meagan Scotts Mills, OR

Great Buy

I will start with the only downside, the table need to have a fairly deep lip for this tray to grab on properly. Upsides: the clamp is very strong but has a soft rubber trim to prevent damage to the table. I use it with our 22 mo on our very large coffee table when we eat breakfast while getting ready for the day, because she does not like to sit in the highchair in the morning. The detachable tray makes it easy to clean up without taking the base off. My daughter can not take it off herself (the point of the purchase) which is great because she likes to pick up dishes. this has made my clean up so much easier.

Peggy Rocheport, MO


We bring the baby out to eat a few times each weekend, and this is a lifesaver. At first we tried putting her food (cheerios, finger foods) on a silicone placemat, but she quickly learned to peel up the mat and put all the food on the floor. We spent so much energy trying to hold down the placemat that we could hardly eat ourselves. Our baby (12 months) hasn’t yet thought to move/flip this tray (yet), and it really contains the food well. It has also clipped on to every table we have tried. We haven’t used the green portion yet because it gets in the way of Baby trying to reach her food, at least while she is still small.SO happy we got one of these. We can finally spent more time eating our meals rather than trying to prevent our kid from dumping all of her food on the ground.

Pearlie Plains, MT

Cool but didnt work for us..

I got this and it looks great but would not fit on table. Had to send it back. Overall cool looking just only works on thin tables.

Freda Copen, WV

This is perfect for our toddler!

We used to use the Tiny Diner Mat but my 19 month old can easily pry it off the table and throw it which she does every single time. It was more of a pain to use. Then I saw this Bambinos tray on here and I ordered it right away. It clips right to the table and is very secure. Really easy for my husband or I to move it but too hard for my toddler to. Perfect! I love how it has the green removable tray on top. It’s also too hard for my toddler to pull it off, but easy for us too. It’s easy and quick to wash and I just throw it in the dish rack and it’s dry by next meal time. She also uses the cup holder too which is funny but I like how it teaches her where to put her cup.We’ve only had this a week so far but I think we will take it to restaurants with us as well. It will give her somewhere to put her food that is clean and it’s easy to unclip and take with us.

Maryanne Fajardo, PR

Great tray!

This tray is awesome. We use a booster seat for our 2 year old and when we starting using it at 1 1/2, there was always tons of food on the floor after meal time. The lip on this tray keeps the food from falling on the floor. I rarely have anything to clean up down there now! Also, the tray comes off easily for me to clean in the sink, but not so easily that he can remove it. He loves the little cup lip too! It was a great investment!

Audrey Patoka, IL

Exactly what we needed

I bought this along with the fisher price booster seat. My youngest likes to copy his big brother who sits in a booster at our table so I bought the booster seat and this try to "catch" his droppings and it works very well. I like the fact that the top is removable to wash quickly and that I can move the tray around to wherever we put our son at the table. He has figured out how to move it though, that’s the only down side…a clever 16 month old I suppose.

Nita Gagetown, MI

Exactly what I’ve been searching for

I am so glad we decided to purchase this. My son was getting cramped in his fisher price space saving high chair and this helped with that, as well as allowing him to eat at the table with us. We tried one of the placemats with suction cups, but it did not stick well to our table. This clamps right to the table and stays put.The tidy table tray is really great at controlling messes because it has an extra "lip" that keeps everything on the tray. Very easy to disassemble and clean. Honestly, I’m surprised there are not more products like this!Great purchase and great product!

Susana Northbridge, MA

Feeding twin toddlers!

I am in love with these feeding trays. Our toddler twin boys are able to sit at the table with us and feel like part of the family. I pair these trays with the plastic high chairs from IKEA ($20) and it has worked perfectly. I love that the tray snaps off for easy clean up. My kids actually like dinner time now. I would recommend these to all my mommy friends.

Rosella East Waterboro, ME

The green tray does not fit in our dishwasher, unfortunately.

We attach this to our kitchen table (actually two of them – since we have twins). The green tray does not fit easily in our dishwasher which makes it less useful. We have a standard size dishwasher. Also you need to not have too much of a lip around your table. We still use them despite these issues, just wish it had been a few inches smaller to be more useful for us.

Twila Billings, MO