BambinOz Anywhere Chair Travel High Chair

BambinOz Anywhere Chair Travel High Chair

The all new Anywhere Chair from BambinOz is the perfect solution for feeding and sitting on the go. The Anywhere Chair secures to all types of adult chairs to create a truly portable and safe high chair alternative that is handy for travel, dining out and visiting friends and family. The Anywhere Chair has fully adjustable straps to fit all types of chairs and can also be used on an adult lap for hands-free sitting. Great for air travel – in the airport and on the plane. The Anywhere Chair has been independently safety tested and meets leading international safety standards and guidelines.

Main features

  • 5-point harness with adjustable shoulder straps for maximum support
  • Suitable from 6 months – 2 1/2 years of age
  • Fits a wide range of chairs (both wide and tall), or use on lap for hands-free dining
  • Eco-conscious – AZO dye, phthalate and formaldehyde-free; durable, machine washable fabric that’s easy to clean
  • Lightweight and folds compactly into it’s own carry bag

Verified reviews


Great for travel and parents that enjoy eating out with their babies

I travel with the anywhere chair and use it on the plane, airports, restaurants and even at my family’s house. Any place that does not have a high chair or place for our 6 month old to sit (now 8 month old). People at the airport come up to me and ask me about this device. Small and compact and virtually fits any chair. I have even used it on the plane where an empty seat was available next to me. Our daughter is just learning to sit up without support, so on long plane rides she would trade between sitting up and laying in the empty chair. I would use the anywhere chair to strap her in so she could lay there and would not roll over (probably not intended to use this way, but I kept an eye on her). LOVE this product and recommend over all the others!

Kris Fairfield, IL

Very handy!

I recently used this on a trip to Fort Bliss, Texas. It worked great on the planes to allow for secure seating on my lap for my one-year-old son, as well as on a chair at the dinner table with mom and dad. The little pouch it comes with fits nicely in the diaper bag or in my purse, and makes traveling and dinning out more hassle-free. I would suggest this to anyone who plans to travel with a toddler or who likes to dine out with one and doesn’t want to worry about high chairs being available!

Jami Sussex, WI

Awesome portable high chair

Awesome portable high chair. I took my baby to Europe when he was about 10 months old and this was so nice to have since a lot of places didn’t have high chairs.

Jackie Bonifay, FL

A good seat

It will fit everywhere, I just wish the shoulder straps were a bit longer. My 9 month old is big for his age, and he will soon have outgrown the ability to use the shoulder straps.

Dianne Martin, ND

I use this all the time!

I purchase mainly for a trip so that I could attach my son to me on the plane and the train and be hands free. HUGE bonus – many of the high chairs overseas did not have any harness, so baby could easily just slip out. This created a harness for the places that didn’t have high chairs, we used this. I was at the outlets the other day and wanted to sit outside to feed him. I attached this to the lattices in the bench and was able to feed him right there. It bunches up small to shove in your purse/diaper bag and also washed it and came out great. fits all different chairs and could attach to pretty much anything (grocery cart/high chair, etc.).

Catherine Union, IL

Essential Baby Product for Travel

Very easily turns any chair into a highchair. Very easy to clean. Must have for travel. You never know when a restaurant won’t have a highchair! We even used it to turn the B&B desk chair into a highchair.

Iva Tustin, MI

sent back

The back of this seat would always slide down the back of the chair so I wasn’t able to sit my baby in it securely. After a few futile attempts I decided to send this back and I ordered a Fischer Price booster seat that we love. Easier to secure, very portable also and my baby is so much safer in it.

Tanisha Orient, WA

Great help for holding her still

While our baby is growing we felt it important to have her in our lap while we are eating or working. This keeps her stable and safe and the best part is she can feel calm while she’s being held. Works in chairs and laps.

Sondra Thaxton, VA