BambinOz Instant Heat Travel Bottle Warmer Bonus Pack

BambinOz Instant Heat Travel Bottle Warmer Bonus Pack

Take the stress out of warming bottles on-the-go. The Instant Bottle Warmer Bonus Pack from BambinOz safely warms bottles to breast milk temperature, aiding in digestion. The pack consists of a re-usable heating pad which wraps around all bottle sizes. The pack also comes with a fully insulated carrier that fastens with a handy strap and snap closure to any diaper bag or stroller. The carrier is great for carrying expressed breast or formula milk as is keeps liquids cold for up to a couple of hours. The Instant Bottle Warmer Bonus Pack is easy to use and is completely safe, non-toxic and BPA-free. Between uses, simply place the heating pad in boiling water for 5 minutes and let cool.

Main features

  • Set contains 2 heating pads and a fully insulated carry case to keep liquids colder for longer
  • Warms milk faster on-the-go (10-15 minutes)
  • One step click and heat – no batteries, cords or electricity required
  • A must have for car, plane, train travel, shopping trips and family outings
  • Simple to use and re-use

Verified reviews


Terrific product

I just can’t say enough about this product. What a great and convenient way to have breast milk ready on the go. Our baby is on a feeding schedule so we just start the process about 5 minutes before feeding and its always ready. If the baby doesn’t finish, then the thermal bag keeps the milk at a child pleasing, ready to eat temperature for hours. I even managed to break my original heat pack (as a result of my own misuse) and the company stands behind there product 100%! They sent me out replacement product within 2 days (the longest 2 days ever for my picky baby). I love this item and so does my baby…….. what else can a proud papa ask for? As a note to all those people that will try to find an issue with this product. Its a warmer and not intended to make the baby’s food supper hot! It’s gentle enough to preserve all the delicate probiotics and vitamins and give your child the nutrition that only a mother can provide. I highly recommend this to everyone!

Helene Estell Manor, NJ

Neat and works great, takes forever though!

I bought this item for my daughter because she is breastfed and refuses to drink cold/room temp milk. This product is really cool how it works It is portable and the inserts heat up very hot. Even though the inserts are hot it takes a good 15 minutes for a 4 oz bottle to be warm. It was incredibly hard to wait that long with a screaming baby. You also have a little metal tab in the inserts you have to bend to start the reaction that keeps the heat. The metal piece in one of my inserts was very hard to bend. In fact, I had to have my husband to bend it. You can use these over and over, you simply boil them for a few minutes and then let them cool. I would recommend this product to a friend if they needed heating ability with no power. This product was not great for me

Trina Whitmore, CA

Great Idea

Use it all the time. Takes the chill off. I use the second pack if I want to make the bottle even warmer.

Adriana Ridge Farm, IL

It works well if you plan ahead

It says it will heat up between 15 to 20 minutes but thats a little fuzzy. I always have to inticapate when my LO will be hungry so i can heat it a half an hour or so before she needs it. Its not a fast warmer so intisaption is key.

Leona Falmouth, ME


This product works incredibly well and is very handy. It does take longer if you’re trying to heat refrigerated breast milk though so plan accordingly, approximately 20+ minutes.

Irene Center City, MN