BambinOz Instant Heat Travel Bottle Warmer Pack

BambinOz Instant Heat Travel Bottle Warmer Pack

Take the stress out of warming bottles on-the-go. The Instant Bottle Warmer Pack from BambinOz safely warms bottles to breast milk temperature, aiding in digestion. The pack consists of a re-usable heating pad which wraps around all bottle sizes. The pack also comes with a fully insulated carrier that fastens with a handy strap and snap closure to any diaper bag or stroller. The carrier is great for carrying expressed breast or formula milk as is keeps liquids cold for up to a couple of hours. The Instant Bottle Warmer Bonus Pack is easy to use and is completely safe, non-toxic and BPA-free. Between uses, simply place the heating pad in boiling water for 5 minutes and let cool.

Main features

  • Contains 1 heating pad and a fully insulated carrier to keep liquids colder for longer
  • Warms milk faster on-the-go (10-15 minutes)
  • One step click and heat – no batteries, cords or electricity required
  • A must have for car, plane, train travel, shopping trips and family outings
  • Simple to use and re-use

Verified reviews


great for the diaper bag, not so much for flights

So this heating pack works great, it does reset after boiling without issue (though you cannot expedite the cooling process (via cool water bath or otherwise) I think the quick change in temp makes the metal disk release just enough current that again the heating process starts). We had gotten this for a trip where we would be in the car and on an aircraft. TSA rules prohibit this type of device (because its a gel and over the volume limit for US aircraft). We use this when we are out and away from anywhere with hot water (otherwise its still quicker to just heat the bottle in a mug of hot water). If you are out on a hiking trail or on a long drive this works very well for heating up a bottle from chilled bottled water/milk to warm enough for a picky infant in about 15-20 minutes provided you use the accompanying insulated pack to keep the heat in. If you don’t you will likely end up with a tepid bottle at best. Overall its a good product, I just wish they had a version that came in a smaller sections that Velcro together so you could use it on aircraft.

Chris Tatitlek, AK

GREAT product if you have the right expectations!

This is a great product if you are wanting to heat “room temp” formula. It is not very effective at heating fridge cold formula in a timely fashion. Room temp liquids will be heated to body temp in 8 – 12 minutes and become warmer the longer you leave it in. Fridge chilled formula takes a while, like 20 minutes, if not longer and if you want it warm rather that aired. At the end of the day it depends how warm your baby takes it’s formula as to how long it takes to do the job. Personally I love this product. My baby prefers warm formula, a bit over aired so a heating device of some description is required. As I have a 3.5 years old boy I don’t like having to use boiling water (which was what I was having to carry around in a flask) as I worry about him knocking it over. This has solved that problem. Boiling the bags after use is a minor pain but mine liquidise very fast, 5 mins, so it’s not a big deal. (Remember to place a tea towel at the bottom of your pain to prevent the insert accidentally sticking to the bottom!) I had initially bought a Dex Grab and Go bottle warmer but was unhappy with the neoprene cover. It didn’t seem to grip very well around the insert & bottle (I use Dr Browns Short fat bottles) and seemed to leach heat. I then decided to buy this model as it has a fully surrounded cover. It was worth buying and in my opinion way superior to the Dex for holding in the heat. FYI:- If you use tall skinny bottles this warmer case will not work as it is not tall enough. You would need to look at DEX or Prince Lion Heart Models.

Misty Loretto, TN

Works great, but you need a patient baby

I was looking for something that didn’t require batteries or a car charger. This bottle warmer acts exactly as described. I use it to heat my daughter’s refrigerated breastmilk on the go. It takes about 12 minutes to heat a 2 oz, wide style, bottle to a little warmer than room temperature if you just set the bag down. If you use a skinnier container, it will heat up faster (the more surface area of the milk next to the pad the faster it will change temperature). It will also speed the process if you shake or swirl the bag while you want it to heat up (this is basically how a convection oven works). I have never had any problems with boiling the pad to “reset” it. I have used it probably 5-7 times.

Dora Elkport, IA


Works as described. No need to bother the waiter for hot water while out, or have some silly plug in item in the car to warm bottle. Simple design – the heating unit could work with a number of different containers.

Brandy Richland, MS

Good idea- poor execution

This is a good idea. I like that it doesn’t need to be plugged in. However it barely took the chill off a cold bottle even after 15 min. Recharging wasn’t very challenging- but my red hand towel turned the plastic red. Okay in a pinch.

Dona Highland, IN

Useful but not great

It works but if your baby like the bottle on the hotter side its not great, It doesn’t heat a full bottle to much more than room temperature

Jillian Lacona, IA