Bamboobies Super Soft Washable Nursing Pads – 3 Pair Ultra-Thin Regulars

Bamboobies Super Soft Washable Nursing Pads – 3 Pair Ultra-Thin Regulars

Pale Pink Multi-Pack Nursing Pads – 3 Pair Ultra-Thin Regular and 1 Pair Thick, Super Absorbant Overnight Pads – – – – Breastfeeding is beautiful Ð but leaks and lines are not! Bamboobies ultra-soft nursing pads are unique because they don’t leak through like other washable pads. Washable Bamboobies save $$$ over disposables and are far more soft and comfortable than the disposable pads. – – – – Ultra-Thin Regular Nursing Pads: Unlike circular cotton pads, Regular Bamboobies heart-shaped pads are less visible through your shirt and don’t feel cold and clammy when wet. These are made for light leaking and less visibility, with a milk-proof backing to stop embarrassing leaks. – – – – Ultra-Absorbant Overnight Nursing Pads: These are made for heavy leaking and newborn nursing and don’t feel cold and clammy when wet. Absorbs overnight to prevent leaks. Made of ultra-soft and soothing cotton and bamboo rayon velour with an inner layer of hemp and cotton, Bamboobies Nursing Pads are ultra-absorbent and ultra-eco. – – – – Nursing mothers deserve simple luxuries like Bamboobies… Check out Boob-ease Therapy Pillows, Organic Nipple Balm and the Bamboobies Chic Nursing Shawl – Bamboobies’ other great unique, mom-invented breastfeeding accessories

Main features

  • THE SOFTEST, MOST EFFECTIVE NURSING PADS AVAILABLE! Included in this multi pack are 3 PAIRS of Ultra-Thin Regular pads (heartshaped to prevent wrinkles) and 1 PAIR Thick, Super Absorbant Overnight pads
  • SOOTHE CHAFED NIPPLES from breastfeeding with these super-soft bamboo rayon velour pads, all while absorbing better than other materials – Don’t be caught off guard when it comes time to nurse
  • Made of ULTRA-SOFT AND SOOTHING rayon bamboo velour, cotton, and hemp fabrics – This mixture creates a super soft, super absorbant material, leaving your clothes dry and you feeling comfortable, and is completely sustainable
  • MILK-PROOF BACKING PREVENTS LEAKS – Don’t suffer an embarrassing moment by having your shirt leak through. All of Bamboobies Nursing Pads have Milk-proof backing to prevent leak-throughs!
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee! “Add to Cart” Now to return to comfort while breastfeeding! Also, check out our OTHER NURSING AND PREGNANCY PRODUCTS – Boob-ease Nipple Balm to improve comfort of breast feeding, Nursing Bras, Nursing Shawls, and Disposable Nursing Pads – All by Bamboobies!

Verified reviews


Awesome Nursing Pads

Could not have survived my first month of nursing without these!! They are so soft and easy to care for. I tried the disposable Lansinoh disposable ones but they were just too scratchy.

Serena Dassel, MN

Awesome nursing pads!

I used disposable pads first–bulky, showed, and expensive. I have another brand of cotton pads without waterproof backing–also bulky, and leaked through overnight. These are super soft, and I haven’t had any trouble with leaking through. They don’t show under a bra with a little padding, but you can see them in just a ank or a sleep bra–but they show less than the others I have used. I would not consider myself a heavy leaker. I have also used Lillypadz, and would still recommend those to wear under a thin dress–especially if you are able to get away and won’t be nursing for a bit. Bamboobies are currently a necessity for me! My baby is 2.5 months, so he nurses several times a day. I have several pairs of both the overnight and regular so I don’t freak if I forget to put them in the laundry 🙂

Jodie Apopka, FL


I bought these less for leaking and more for a soft barrier between my nipples and clothes. The material is great and helpful in preventing that uncomfortable sticking that can sometimes happen. It’s nice to be able to toss these in the wash too.

Erica Muddy, IL

A must for any mom!

I have tried about every disposable pad & a few main stream cloth. I also went through the trouble of ordering some custom pads on Etsy. None of them worked. I love these!!! I am on my 3rd baby & have a heavy let down & also have issues from time to time with lipase (a protein that makes your milk stink). These work great!! You can’t see them, they hold the milk & any smells. I wish I would have bought thees first! Oh, and they are made in the USA!!

Roberta New Hill, NC

Noticeable and not absorbent

I have tried several nursing pads both disposable and reusable. Bamboobies have been my least favorite. They are fairly noticeable under clothing with an unlined nursing/maternity bra. The pink ones are not very absorbent at all, while the blue ones do offer some protection. I am also a heavy leaker, so that may be my problem there. Also, i found that they stick to my nipples with or without lanolin on them, and is painful to “tear” off. If you are looking for cotton, reusable nursing pads, I’d recommend the Dappi organic pads or the Medela cotton nursing pads- with the Dappi being the most absorbent, soft, and discreet.

Merle Jameson, MO

Leak worse than my cheap cotton pads

These are very soft and comfortable and are great because they don’t show through your shirt. They get soaked through in just a few hours though. They really aren’t absorbent at all. I wouldn’t recommend for anybody with heavy milk flow.The night time ones are great though! Very absorbent and just as soft. They are big and pretty thick which wouldn’t make them good for daytime use, but perfect for bed!I usually use the $5 or $6 pack with several pairs from Walmart. They show more but rarely get soaked through.

Catherine Kapolei, HI

SO much better than disposables

With my first baby, I spent a lot of money on disposable pads because I changed them every day, so I had to buy a box per month. However, I didn’t really need them (I never leaked very much; I just wanted the security of knowing I had an extra layer in case I ever did). I bought these Bamboobies thinking that they wouldn’t form well enough around me (I was told about these by a friend who is much larger than me) but they do lie flat and form around me pretty well. It takes a slight bit more effort to make them lie flat and not bunch up because of the shape and the fact that they are cloth, but I think they’re going to work very well for me!

Sonia Gila Bend, AZ

Best pads I own

I have tried many reusable pads, and the thin heart shaped ones are my favorite. They rarely show through clothes and hold a lot of fluid- plus the backing means they don’t leak through to my clothes. The overnight ones don’t have a backing and sometimes soak through, but that doesn’t bother me much since no one sees it but me.

Wendy Duncan, OK

Comforable and “invisible”

Love these! They don’t show under clothes like some other nursing pads and they’re waterproof which is great. The nighttime pads are wonderful too. They are both soft and comfortable! Since they are so thin they get soaked easily, so If you leak a lot you’ll probably want the night time ones.

Charlotte Greeleyville, SC


These are so incredibly soft to the touch and extremely absorbant. I bought these at a natural parenting store when I was pregnant. I read several online reviews and went to the store specifically to buy these breast pads. However, when I got there, the store was stocked with several nice looking brands so I asked two of the workers what they liked the most when they had their own babies. Both had used samples of all of the breast pads carried in the store and both women suggested these were the best by far. One of them saying if I bought these I wouldn’t want any other kind. The other saying if she had another baby she would only use this brand.I had my son around the same time several of my friends had their childen. I never experienced some of the issues my friends had with breast feeding such as cracked nipples or extreem soreness. As far as I know me using these pads was the only difference in how I breast feed compared to my friends.I generally hand washed these with dove soap and hung to dry. Occasionally I threw them in the washing machine, but did not use fabric softener. They have held up very well, and I plan to use them again with my next baby due in May.The overnights are VERY thick and you won’t want to wear them when you go out into public However, they are for over night and need to be that thick. The heart shaped, lighter flow pads are still very absorbant, but much thinner. Even with thin bras and thin white shirts, they couldn’t be seen. They molded to the shape of my breast very well which I think was a big reason why they couldn’t be seen.

Antionette Irondale, MO

discreet and comfy

Love love love it! One set may not get you through the week, but as a promotional they sent me one more heart pair and now I’m not hand washing any! Rarely use the overnight ones, myself, but baby eats frequently at night. I have no idea why anyone would bother with disposable pads when these are so discreet and comfy!

Rosalind Saint Paul, IN

LOVE Bamboobies! – softest & thinnest ever, work awesome

I’ve tried a several brands of washable nursing pads….including Fuzzibunz and a super-duper absorbent pad with no waterproof backing. The one without waterproof backing was awesome because it conformed to the shape of the breast; not so awesome because if you are a super-soaker like me, it eventually did leak through. The fabric also was very stiff once milk dried on it, and Ouch! it would stick to my nipples during early nursing days. And, although it was supposed to become "softer" with each washing, it didn’t, and never again were they as soft as the day purchased. So I moved on to Fuzzibunz, thinking these would be super soft and leak-proof. They were supersoft at purchase, but with each subsequent washing, the were less so until they became kind of ‘felted’. It was still relatively soft, but not luxury. They did improve the leaking issue, but on the downside, it seemed that I could never get them completely clean, no matter the number of rinses, washings, different soaps, non-soaps, etc. And as soon as I would leak into a ‘non-clean’ nursing pad, a slightly sour milk smell would immediately appear, and of course would then be on my skin. Another downside is that the Fuzzibunz didn’t conform to my shape as much. And I could see the outline of both of these types of pads thru clothing.So now I’m trying Bamboobies. First, they are made primarily from bamboo, which is cool. So far, I really like them and wish I had more. You wash before wearing the first time, and they are super super soft! Softer than before washing! And they have remained soft. I’ve worn the pink hearts during early nursing days when I really needed more thickness…so needless to say I leaked. These are super thin, like a thick T-shirt and will be sufficient when I’m no longer a super-soaker. But even when wet (and then dried on skin because I didn’t have extra pads with me), the fabric remained soft, no sticking to nipples, the waterproof lining worked 100%, and then after rinsing/washing, there has been no residual odor, no recurring odor when they get wet again when worn, and they have remained soft thru multiple washing, not changing from the softness after the first washing. My only complaint is that they don’t totally conform to the shape of my breast, so sometimes there are a couple of bumps under my clothing. However, the Bamboobies hearts are the thinnest I’ve encountered, so other than that, they don’t show thru. Also, I haven’t yet figured out the best position to place the heart. It’s recommended up or down, but that’s not really the best position for best leakage coverage for me.On the blue circle Bamboobies, which are the thicker version… I prefer the round version since that’s what I’m used to, there is uniform coverage / space around the areola, there aren’t the occasional bumps showing thru and they are thicker which is what I typically need. And although they are thicker, they are still thinner than the Fuzzibunz and other brand. So, this ‘thicker’ version, which is thinner than others, works just as effectively during my super-soaker moments, if not better. And of course, they have remained super soft. We’re talking bunny-ear soft.It would be ideal if Bamboozies came out with a third option, for thin and round.

Shauna Bath, NH

Love these.

Much better and way more comfortable than disposable pads. Heat shape is odd but works.

Bettie Mc Lean, NY

Perfect choice for nursing mothers

I came across these nursing pads after using another product from this company, Boob-ease. I was very happy with the nipple balm and found it soothing and excellent in quality. When looking for nursing pads, I was happy to see they had their own. I have been very happy with both the quality and feel of the pads. They are soft and comfortable, with excellent coverage in terms of size. They are not visible through a bra or clothing. I was able to easily hand wash and let them air dry with no detriment to the product. These washable nursing pads are a great value and much better option than the disposable kind. I highly recommend these nursing pads as well as their Boob-ease nipple balm to any nursing mothers.

Nora Lebanon, NH

Must Have!!

I will admit these did seem costly at first but are worth every penny!! My daughter is 6 months old and I’ve only had to order this one pack. They are super comfortable and aren’t noticeable under shirts. I’ve only leaked a handful of times and that’s when my milk first came in and I have a very large milk supply so I expected they would. They wash up perfect in the washing machine and dryer! They’re so much better than disposable!!

Avis Cyril, OK

Soft, comfy, and thin!

These are so wonderful. They’re comfortable because they’re so soft. Barely noticeable because they are thin and large enough to cover everything nicely. I especially love the nighttime pads!

Peggy Port Allen, LA