Bamboobies Ultra Soft and Thin Washable Nursing Pads, Wrinkle Free, 2 Pair

Bamboobies Ultra Soft and Thin Washable Nursing Pads, Wrinkle Free, 2 Pair

Breastfeeding is beautiful – but leaks and lines are not! Bamboobies ultra-soft nursing pads are unique because they don’t leak through like other washable pads. Overnights are made for heavy leaking and newborn nursing and are made with a unique milk-proof backing to stop embarrassing leaks. Washable Bamboobies save $$$ over disposables. Made of ultra-soft and soothing organic cotton and bamboo rayon velour with an inner layer of hemp and organic cotton, these pads are ultra-absorbent and ultra-eco. Unlike cotton pads, Overnight Bamboobies don’t feel cold and clammy when wet and don’t leak through. Nursing mothers deserve simple luxuries like Bamboobies. Check out Boob-ease Therapy Pillows, Organic Nipple Balm and the Bamboobies Chic Nursing Shawl, Bamboobies’ other great unique, mom-invented breastfeeding accessories. **If you’re looking for an ultra-thin, less visible pad for light leaking, try Regular Bamboobies pads or a multi-pack with some of each!

Main features

  • SOFT AND EFFECTIVE – Bamboobies Nursing Pads are made with super-soft Bamboo Rayon, Cotton, and Hemp fabrics. This makes them highly absorbant without sacrificing comfort!
  • SOOTHES CHAFED NIPPLES – Designed by one mom to many others, these are made to be soft and soothing for those months spent breastfeeding. Don’t be caught off guard when it comes time to nurse
  • SUSTAINABLE – Made primarily from Bamboo Rayon, these products are good on the environment as Bamboo is one of the most environmentally friendly materials available!
  • BAMBOOBIES MEANS QUALITY – Check out our other nursing and pregnancy products! Thick and Soft Overnight Nursing Pads, Boob-ease Nipple Balm to improve comfort of breast feeding, Nursing Bras, Nursing Shawls, and Disposable Nursing Pads – All by Bamboobies!
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee! “Add to Cart” Now to return to comfort while breastfeeding!

Verified reviews


Great and soft!

These are amazing! I was astonished at how incredibly soft they feel. They remind me of the softest cashmere sweater or soft pussy willows! In addition to how comfortable these are to wear they are also very absorbent and wick away from the skin leaving no leaks behind. Since they are made of organic, sustainable fabrics, Bamboobies are a great eco-friendly and economical alternative to disposable pads. The Bamboobies regular nursing pads are a unique heart shape which hugs the breast, protecting it and your clothing from breast milk leakage. Since they contour to the shape of your breast they also don’t show outlines or wrinkles through your clothing. The heart shape is the best part of these and I think they would be wonderful gifts for Valentine’s for a nursing mom or nursing mom to be!! DISCLOSURE/DISCLAIMER: Thanks to Bamboobies for sending me products for free to review. My thoughts are mine and my family’s own opinion and have not been altered by anyone else. I did not receive any other compensation for doing this review.

Bobbi Spout Spring, VA

Soft and just what I have been looking for.

I have been looking at various washable nursing pads and was looking at cheaper ones. I saw the reviews for these and decided it might be worth it. I find the disposable pads to be itchy and they don’t stick well after they have been flipped down during a feeding. The bamboobies do contour to your body. I have to wear the hearts sideways. I found upside right and down were lumpy on me under my clothing. They are soft and don’t itch once washed. They haven’t leaked, but I am also not a heavy leaker. Despite the company asking for reviews to get a free pair I still give then my 5 stars. I will probably purchase more if I don’t continue to do laundry everyday.

Agnes South Beach, OR

Excellent, discrete nursing pads!

Bamboobies are much better than those bulky throw-away pads. Thin but very absorbent. I leak a decent amount and they contained it all. Throw in washing machine in a delicates laundry bag. Definitely recommend.

Kelli Pendleton, OR

Good washable nursing pad.

These are really soft and comfy, but I can see them through my nursing bra unless I really adjust them for a while (but my nursing bra is pretty thin material). I do wish they had darker colors because sometimes they peek out the top and it’s very visible since they are so light. They do the job though no leaks after using these! I wish I had bought these earlier!

Irene Pedro Bay, AK

Super soft and thin

These are great for when you have light leakage. They are super soft and comfy, and thin enough that they don’t show through my shirt. They also stay put better than some of the other reusable pads that I have.

Jayne Mccall, ID

Disappointed given all the great ratings.. still leaked and shows through clothes

i was excited to try these with all the great reviews. At first were great – I put them on and so soft. Awesome. I can get rid of my lansinoh disposables. Noticed when I leaked a bit, the pad turns wet and when I take them out to pump or feed baby putting them back on is cold and uncomfortable. So you have to change them. This means you definitely need more than 2 pairs. Then I leaked – I am not a heavy leaker at all – sometimes I let down when the other breast is being nursed. Not much.. but it soaked through right to my shirt. My mom says, um you are leaking. Then I go the heck do I get these not to bunch up.. turn them upside down, still bunches – these are a no go with my shirt so I put my disposables back on. Maybe these are the best reusables but not great. I use theses with my disposables still but there is room for improvement. Also, don’t hand dry these – you have to put them through the dryer to keep them soft.

Casandra Glenwood, MN


Bamboobies encompasses the 3 most important factors in a breast pad- they DO NOT LEAK, they DO NOT SHOW THROUGH YOUR SHIRT, and they are SOFT. When I first started breastfeeding I tried out the typical disposable breastpads. No joke, they stuck to me and it was like ripping off a scab each time, even if I put cream on first. Never an issue with Bamboobies. And you couldn’t tell that I was wearing them either – which is a big deal for a brand new mama who is already self conscious about her chest.What else is awesome? They are reusable! So you just throw them in the wash and don’t ever have to worry about running to the store. Even wash them in the sink by hand in a pinch.Read my full review here: […]

Ethel Hemphill, WV

Good quality, they do shift and stay wet though

I used disposable pads for the first 6 months to handle heavy leaking, and have only minor leaking to control now.These do seem to be of good quality but as other reviewers have stated, they do tend to shift a bit, sometimes poking out of the top of my bra. I have noticed that it really makes a difference what kind of bra I’m wearing; I have more of a problem with bras that have molded cups, since they aren’t as tight to hold things in place. If only the outer fabric wasn’t as slick I don’t think it would be as much of a problem. My other issue is that when I do have a small amount of leakage, the pad stays wet–there is no wicking action in the fabric, so wetness will stay wet and you need to change it as soon as possible. This is a little inconvenient when wearing these and nursing outside the house. I used a different brand in the past that had microfleece that allowed me to stay dry even after leaking a small amount.My favorite thing about these pads, however is that they do not show through my bra and shirt, due to the design and fabric. I have had other pads that looked like giant pancakes and these are a big improvement.

Carly Portersville, PA

Super soft!

I love these because they are so soft! The softness really helped when I had sore nipples those first couple weeks! I’m not a heavy leaker so these thin ones work great for me! I’m a C/D cup so they fit fine, didn’t bunch up in my bra.

Summer Farina, IL

Super absorbent and undetectable!

These are great the lining is soft and stays soft after several washes ( air dried) when inserted they are undetectable unlike disposables that leave a nipple sized circle. They are super absorbent, I was worried at first that they would not be enough (I leak pretty heavy) but they were able to contain my leaks and keep a wet spot from showing on my shirts.

Fay Mayhill, NM

The Best Nursing Pads

I love these nursing pads. They are soft and comfortable. I feel good about not using wasteful disposable pads every day. These are cute, and I love that they use organic cotton since they are literally touching my baby’s food source all day long. I have never leaked though these pads, and they rarely stick to my breast (only right after feedings). They dry quickly, and I have never felt like I have damp pads against my breasts all day.

Therese Mc Allister, MT

Soft, cute and awesome

Second time mom here, using these from week 2-7 so far. Love them!I’m an average milk producer and love these and the overnight ones. So much nicer than the mass market disposables and the expensive organic disposables-plus you just throw them in the washer and dryer!In five weeks, I’ve had one leak-when I was traveling and waited too long to nurse. They fit much better and are less noticeable than any other pads I’ve tried. Plus they’re cute to look at!

Sally White Cloud, KS

Not so much

They absorbed well but I didn’t like the shape (could see lines under shirt – perhaps because I’m small breasted it did not "wrap" well) and when wet it had an odd smell. It wasn’t my milk with the oder because my organic pads did not smell. Strange

Nola Mulga, AL

Amazingly soft against the skin–highly recommend

I tried several types of the disposable nursing pads and even the "extra soft" ones caused my skin to flake and chafe, even when dry. The Bamboobies are SOOOO soft! No more dry skin and they do a great job of absorbing leaks, too. After I tried my first set, I immediately ordered a variety pack and also emailed a pregnant friend to tell her to get some. I can’t imagine nursing without them.

Marilyn Fayetteville, GA

Don’t show through clothes!

I’ve tried a few other reusable nursing bads and these are the only one’s that don’t show through my clothes. I was a little worried they’d be too big based on other reviews but they fit perfectly and I’m a B cup. I leak pretty regularly and if I change them with each nursing I don’t have any problems. I haven’t found any reusable nursing pads that I don’t have to change often so this is normal for me. I highly recommend them if you want a reusable nursing pad that doesn’t show through your clothing.

May Lindenhurst, NY

No more disposable nursing pads ever again!!

Those bulky, itchy, wrinkly disposable nursing pads are gone forever in my house! These are great. They are comfortable and discreet even under the thinest bras. My baby is now 9 months old, so I don’t leak as much as I used to, but in the beginning, I wore these all day everyday. After buying and loving his smaller pack of pads, I splurged and bought the larger pack so I had more of these nursing pads available. I still wear these every night to bed.I don’t totally love the heart shape design, I think these would work slightly better in a circular shape personally. Sometimes the heart will slip down, and the crease of the heart is perfectly lined up for your nipple to pop out of the pad. As this is the part that needs the pad the most, I don’t love that about this design. This especially happens to me when I wear these to bed. If I wake up in the middle of the night, I sometimes need to readjust them slightly. With that being said though, they are still 100% better than any disposable nursing pad I ever used

Penelope Calvin, LA

So Much Better than Disposables!

I was running through disposable nursing pads like it was nobody’s business…then came across Bamboobies and thought I’d give them a try. They are quite large, but fit well in each my nursing bras and do not show through clothing as I thought they would. They are also soft, pretty, and easy to throw into the wash. Most importantly, they do the job and are so much more comfortable than the disposables!

Emily Franktown, VA

Wish I’d started using these sooner

I love these. They are much more comfortable than the disposable nursing pads. I wish I had started using these sooner… it would have saved me money. At first I wasn’t sure about how to position them because of the heart shape, but I found a way that works for me. They’ve been getting softer each time I wash them. I bought some of the overnight pads as well and those are also great.

Maureen Marion Center, PA

Nice and thin!

Purchased these for obvious reasons, work great nice and thin so I can wear them in any bra. The heart shape is cute too and does not show through bras or clothing. I’ve washed them a few time and still going strong. I wish they dried a little quicker. Better than using disposable ones!

Claudia Macclenny, FL

Plush Touch worth the Price Tag!

I hesitated …. And hesitated … And hesitated to buy these because the price tag is such a deterrent – in the end I still bought a smaller pack than I really wanted just in case I they didn’t live up to the hype. I am so glad I finally bit the bullet and placed my order. Bamboobies are SO soft – and I would not have thought texture mattered so much until I picked up a box of NUK reusables (I loved NUK ultra dry disposables). The NUK reusables are worn textured side to breast (as are Bamboobies) which was fine for the first two days but after a while the rough textured fabric rubs too much – ouch! Bamboobies’ textured side is velour so it does not hurt- I fact, it’s soothing! Love it! Totally woth the money!

Holly Kurten, TX

Discreet and comfortable

These are thin comfy nursing pads. I am so glad Bamboobies thought of making discreet attractive nursing pads so nursing mommies don’t feel like we are wearing maxi pads on our boobs all the time! Some small chested women commented that they might not work for them. Well I am a large chested woman and they work for me! The design is cute and is not really visible under clothing. If you are a super heavy leaker they might be a little thin for you but if you have the occasional oops like I do they work great!

Patsy Santa Rosa, TX

Love these!

With my first baby, I used the disposable leak pads because I hadn’t even known that reusable ones existed. Even with the coupons, they were expensive to keep stocked and made a lot of trash. I started cloth diapering my little one at three months old and when she was nine months old I heard about cloth leak pads. I tried a the cheapest pair I could find at Target, but they were kind of bulky and didn’t conform to my breast very well so they looked lumpy under shirts. So I went back to the expensive and not-so green disposables. Along comes baby number two and I did some research for the cloth leak pads with the best reviews to see if they made some better. Bamboobies had the best reviews by far so I had to try them. They are soooo nice. The conform so well that you can’t even tell they’re there, are extremely absorbant, and I love that they’re made of a renewable resource. Plus, it’s just really fun too say "bamboobies!" 😀

Mitzi What Cheer, IA

Love these super comfortable and efficient!

These have been wonderful! I have also tried the synthetic disposable ones and it is a HUGE difference. First of all there is no icky glue residue left behind with these and secondly they are so much more comfortable! I have had to deal with breastmilk leaking and these have been more than fine in allowing me to feel secure. Definitely recommend this!

Fay Taneyville, MO

Can’t see them through a thin tank top!

I like these nursing pads a lot more than the circular white cotton ones that I bought previously because they don’t show through my nursing tank tops like other other ones did. They are a bit pricey, but worth it because the other type show through and are embarrassing – so what’s worse nipple outlines or actual leaking? These are soft too, very comfortable! I will get more.

Augusta Peru, IL