Bambu Baby’s Feeding Spoons, 2 Count

Bambu Baby’s Feeding Spoons, 2 Count

The award-winning bambu KIDS collection offers the benefits of bamboo in a range of safe feeding products, free from dyes and chemicals, designed and sized for small hands and mouths. The handle is designed for parents while the feeding end is designed for baby-sized mouths. These feeding spoons smooth natural surface come in a set of 2. This way you can throw a few in your purse, a few in your drawer, and probably a few behind the couch. Made by ‘bambu’, a values-driven company focused on renewable materials and sustainable business practices. The principles foster a close, fair-trade relationship with the workers at the source. Their products and practices have earned bambu Green America’s Green Business Network Seal of Approval. This recognizes bambu’s commitments toward fair treatment of workers, promoting healthy communities, preserving the environment and providing quality products; also evidenced by their IMO certification. bambu’s ‘Certified Organic Bamboo’ is grown without chemicals, pesticides or fertilizers and is sustainably harvested every 3-5 years. Bambu is the only company using Certified Organic bamboo sources for their products. And naturally, they only use water-based formaldehyde-free adhesives. bambu’s products are a testament to fair-trade, sustainable harvesting and inspirational food-safe design. These feeding spoons are 6 1/2″ or 16.5 cm.

Main features

  • Finished with a USDA Organic oil from the flax seed
  • Food safe; phthalate free and BPA free Baby Feeding Spoons
  • Tested and approved; meets US code CFR Title 16
  • Hand wash with warm soapy water and rinse thoroughly
  • Designed and size for small hands and mouths

Verified reviews


Love them

I bought these before my baby was even ready for solids and gave it to him to play with, he used to put it in his mouth so he got familiar with it. Once he started solids he was happy with these spoons and so am I. They are smooth and don’t bother his gums. I prefer bamboo over silicone although I also bought a silicone spoon I haven’t even tried yet. For the price you get 2, not 4.

Sydney Bartonsville, PA

Love these spoons!

I love using these bamboo spoons to feed my baby. they are nice and soft and I don’t have to worry about using plastic that may still have BPA or other chemicals in/on it. I’m going to order more to keep at grandparents houses.

Karyn Winnie, TX

Good alternative to plastic

I’m on a plastic reduction kick. These spoons are really good – took my son a little time to get used to them because they were too big for his mouth when we started using them (when he was about 5 months). Now, at 7 months, he doesn’t mind them. I do always check to make sure they’re completely smooth before use. So far we haven’t had any problem.

Vickie Stoneville, NC

Perfect for intro to solids / description inaccurate

These little spoons are lovely and have been perfect for our 6 month old who is transitioning to solids. The spoon isn’t too deep or wide. They have also held up through multiple hand washings. No warping, staining, splintering or cracking so far.When I ordered these, the price was a bit lower. The current shipping rate seems really steep for 2 little spoons. Also, the picture and description is deceiving. You only get 2 spoons. Just something to keep in mind.Overall, love these spoons, and plan to buy more bamboo products for baby!

Bernadette Darlington, SC

Cute and practical

For initial feeding spoons, I have a set of these bamboo spoons and a set of Beaba First Stage spoons (silicone). Both get the job done and I switch back and forth without a problem. I think the curve of these spoons is just right for scooping food. I also like how the food “clings” to the spoon a bit. My daughter seems to grab at the colorful Beaba First Stage spoons a bit more (easy to solve by giving her a short handle spoon to practice feeding herself).I handwash the spoons and they have been holding up just fine.

Lily Celina, TX

Misleading Picture

These are great spoons however, you only receive a set of 2. The picture shows 4 spoons. The product description does say a set of 2. I’m surprised I missed that because I usually read the description to see the actual number of items. I don’t always trust the picture. If I had known I would only receive a set of 2 I would have purchased a different set so I could avoid shipping charges.Anyway these look smoother and sturdier than the Bambu brand of wooden spoons I’ve been using. They are bigger than the Bambu brand so they’re better for a toddler. It does state that in the product description.

Deanne Craigville, IN

Great spoon…. Really fast delivery!!!!

I ordered the spoons and got them in the mail within two days, so I purchased another set and same awesome experience!!! I left one at a restaurant the other day so will be ordering more very soon:) great quality all natural spoon!!!

Lorrie Templeton, IN

Love these little wood spoons!

We are trying to reduce our dependency on plastics, especially in regards to baby products. I bought one set to see what the quality and size were like. Nice spoons! I plan on buying more in a couple of months when my youngest starts solids. You have to remember to handwash (and occasionally oil) these because they are wood, but if you take proper care they should last a long time.

Adela Mountain Village, AK

pretty nice.

they were good, big for my son to grab, good for him to chew on, but one cracked in half the long way. not sure if it was something we did wrong, or because we had let it sit in the sink for a bit and it soaked up too much water, but either way, one broke. we still love the one remaining. And i had to give it 4 stars, because it was kinda big and bulky to try to give my small kids some food. maybe if it were thinner i’d give it 5 awesome stars.

Roberta Rosharon, TX

Best baby spoon ever.

This small spoon is an excellent alternative to plastic or plastic coated metal spoons. It is smooth, nicely shaped, easy to clean, and the perfect size for babies to practice feeding themselves too. We had one of these in the diaper bag at all times, and when my hubby left one (and eventually another) at a restaurant I was completely bummed. I had to get another set. We used them to feed our son, and his older sister before him, and then they learned how to feed themselves with this great little spoon. The handle is a nice shape that is easy for small hands to grasp, and I think it is nice to touch and feel this spoon because it is made of very smooth bamboo. I also didn’t worry about my son hurting himself with this spoon when he chose to use it for teething, rather than eating! Worth every penny. They will last for years if hand washed and oiled occasionally (we used olive oil)… Especially if you don’t leave them behind in restaurants!

Juana Pennington, MN