Bandana Wonder Bib 3-pack Teal/red/navy

Bandana Wonder Bib 3-pack Teal/red/navy

The perfect solution for droolers, teethers, eczema and reflux! These smaller sized bibs look good with any outfit and really help keep baby dry. The bandana bib is the must-have accessory for active babies. Practical and fashion forward!

Main features

  • Super-absorbent cotton upper with water resistant nylon backing
  • Double snap, adjustable neckline
  • Machine wash and dryer safe
  • Colorfast – looks like new long after purchase
  • The perfect solution for droolers, teethers and reflux

Verified reviews


Great product!

Best bibs ever for teething droolers. My son had a terrible drool rash and these bibs are perfect for him to wear during the day to protect his neck from getting wet. Not really for feeding, but perfect for this. I bought several more in different colors to go with all his outfits. They are pricey, I know, but they wash very well and are very high quality.

Colleen Tuscarora, NV

no good

These look cute for two seconds, but this is why I don’t like them.They bunch up like a little bandana, so they hit babies chin and face and then when he spits up or drools it lands on the bib and then gets mushed back into his face. I need something that lies flat.

Eleanor Alameda, CA


I really wanted to love these bibs! They were so cute and they don’t completely hide her outfits… Have to keep them on her for drooling. The downside is the placement of the snaps… They are too tight on her already and she’s only 4.5 months old and that’s using the snaps that are furtherest apart. My daughter doesn’t have some huge neck either:)

Abby Dunnville, KY

Great for teething babies

These bibs are super absorbent it keeps my sons clothes dry during teething and they are also very cute in colour and very fashionable

Patrica Oak Ridge, MO

Stays on!

We love these bibs. They are a little thick, so my son doesn’t wear them out and about on warm days, but we love them for around the house. He has always been a big drooler, so when you add in bad teething days…heaven help us! The boy is a little faucet. He wouldn’t keep bibs on (pulled them off)and didn’t need a long bib, just something under his chin/collar area. So, we gave these a try. LOVE that they are soft, not too big and bulky, and stay on! He doesn’t mind wearing them either, and it doesn’t get in his way.

Ashleigh Grant, AL

No more neck rash!

I have a seriously drooly baby. After a couple months of applying barrier cream to his neck to keep down his neck rash, I finally decided to buy these bibs. They are now part of his everyday wardrobe. Unlike some of the other drool bibs, these are lined underneath with nylon, so no amount of drool is getting through to his skin. Our 9mo old is also SUPER active and I didn’t want a bib to drag on the ground and become a hazard. This bandana bib manages to be just the right length and never bothers him. Also – not my intention – but little ladies stop us all of the time now and tell me how nice his little "ascot" is, which is a plus since it makes me laugh;-)

Priscilla Point Comfort, TX

Best bibs ever!

Love these bibs! They keep all the drool from soaking through his shirt and they look super cute. Perfect shape for catching all that teething drool.

Aida Lakewood, OH

I wanted to LOVE These Bibs…

My 5 month old is a heavy drooler, as he just started solids last month. He would go through 2 regular bibs a day with the amount of slobber that was coming out of his mouth. These bibs just don’t fit him well; granite he is 20 pounds at 5 months 🙂 I feel as though they are too tight around the neck and when they bunch up, they go over his chin and creep up towards his mouth…..that makes me nervous. In order for the bibs to lay perfectly on baby, like in the pictures…he can’t move. Which is impossible, because this kid moves all the time!The fabric is incredibly absorbent and super soft on the front. The fabric on the back of the bib is like a windbreaker jacket. I love the fact that it has snaps and not velcro, because velcro can get really scratchy. If I can find snap extenders I will buy them and extend the bib a little more, so they can be used.

Charmaine Vandergrift, PA

Perfect for catching drool during teething

We have a million different bibs, it seems, but these always get used first. They really soak up the drool, and they’re so stylish. I like how my daughter looks like a little cowboy with these bibs.

Mona Downers Grove, IL

Amazing Bibs!!

I must say that I am slightly obsessed with these bibs. Not only are they super cute but they are a great drool catcher. everyone loves the little bandanna bibs and thinks that my baby is just super cute in them. Love, love, love! I will be buying for all my drooly friend’s kids.

Isabelle Laings, OH

Looks like a crooked bib

I was so excited to get these and couldn’t wait to make my daughter look fashionable. She is teething and drools constantly, soaking her shirts. Regular bibs (green sprouts Waterproof Absorbent Terry Bibs are our fav) work great but they take away from her cute outfits. I thought these would be a great way to keep her dry but still allow her cute shirts to show and not be completely covered by a bib. Wrong. My husband hated it. He said it didn’t look like a bandana at all but instead looked like a regular bib was turned a bit. I agree. The snaps in the back were both pretty tight and so it made the bib really bunch up a lot right at her chin/neck. The result was the bib was rising up onto her face and covering her chin. It doesn’t sit under the chin and droop down like a bandana would do. Obviously this is a bib and not an actual bandana.. but this looked like a towel tied around her face and neck. I returned it.

Geri Plummers Landing, KY

Great for drool!

These are very absorbant and cute. Great purchase

Denise Gadsden, AZ

Good, but the originals are better

I have purchased three sets of the regular Wonder Bibs from this company, but wanted to try these out as my son crawls and climbs and regular bibs can get in the way. These have the same wonderful absorption, waterproof backing, snaps (two different neck sizes), and bold colors, but they are an awkward fit (at least on my son). Right below the neck, they puff up… so much so that my son will bat at it to get it away from his mouth. I have tried maneuvering them, but it always ends up as a big puffy mess. Don’t get me wrong, they are still good… catch all the drool for the entire day, but they seem to annoy my son a bit and look funny because they won’t lay right. Try them out if you can, but I would recommend the originals over these.

Helena Harrah, OK


Though I feel a little bad at the price of these, this is the third pack I have bought because they are super cute and made really well- we love them and I plan on getting more.

Shelly Oakley, KS

very cool looks, keep moisture away from chest… but not from chin

I love the looks that these bibs have, and they are very thick and effective at keeping baby’s chest dry. Unfortunately, they stay close to the chin and therefore have to be changed as often as a regular bib – to protect baby’s chin. I feel less bad though when baby has a rash on the chest rather than on her chin, so i think i will not use these as much as i intended to.

Krista Medora, IN

My Son Rock’n These Awesome Bibs !

Awesome in every way ! ” yes they are “I’m very happy with My purchase , these Bibs look Great and the colors are vibrant , The Fabric is So Soft yet absorbing .. look great on my 18M son 🙂

Maria Gardena, CA


We love our Mum 2 mum bibs no more drool soaked onesies and we look cute too when wearing them! Also seams to hold up pretty well with frequent washing.

Diane Roland, OK

Perfect Bib

I have an almost 3 year old with special needs. He drools constantly and needs a bib all the time. These are subtle, absorbent, and a nice size. I like that they don’t cover my son’s whole shirt, so if he’s wearing a nice shirt it isn’t dominated by a huge bib that does the same job of absorbing drool as these lovely ones do. I wish I had started my bib stash with these, I would buy one in every color. Snaps are a must too, if you have an older child they will get around that velcro fast, not to mention their life expectancy is so much shorter.

Savannah Arp, TX

Satisfied for DROOLER

Our 11 month old is CONSTANTLY teething/drooling and we go through 2-3 drool bibs a day. These are expensive but awesome b/c of the waterproof backing. A few of thme have started to fray (which sucks given the price), but overall we’re satisfied with them/

Alana Brinkley, AR


These bibs are great and don’t get in the way of my 9 month old’s activities! Excellent quality. I wouldn’t recommend them at the dinner table but between meals for catching drool is perfect. And they are fashionable! I only wish I would have known about them sooner.

Kathleen Coraopolis, PA