Barin Toys Wooden Teether Sticks

Barin Toys Wooden Teether Sticks

Alder wood teething. We use only alder wood for teethers. Do you know why? Alder wood is used in food industry and in medicine. The alder is extensively used for throat, gum and tooth problems and also to cure injuries. Natural alder wood has a very pleasant taste, so it encourages exploring it again and again in different places and in different variations. Besides alder wood doesn’t have sharp grains. Our teethers don’t cause an allergic reaction. Wood is always warm on touch. It means that our wood is not green wood or refurbished from old cabinet. All our teethers made from high temperature treated wood. It means that wood is well dried and insects disinfected. So this wood can’t contain insects and other live microorganisms like in green wood. The other side: dried wood can shrink from the water and return to the original size when dried. The green wood is always full of water and can’t be dried by normal conditions like dried wood. That is why it can be very attractive to insects and other microorganisms.

Main features

  • Alder wood natural teether. Safe green teething toy from solid wood. Wood is high temperature treated.
  • Wood is high temperature treated
  • Hand carved and polished without any additives (only mechanical polishing); Allergy free; BPA free
  • Convenient size; Easy to hold; No removing parts
  • Wash with warm water after use; Can be rinsed with boiling water (but don’t boil it prolonged); Don’t use high reaction chemicals or detergents

Verified reviews


Sensitive Babies Read here first!

DISCLAIMER: My baby is HIGHLY sensitive to many hypoallergenic things…If this is your baby, read on. If not, you’re lucky and this toy gets 5 Stars!—My baby and I really love this toy. However, baby was very allergic to this toy. This is the only reason I can’t give it 5 stars. It’s only raw wood and rope but my baby was allergic. I want to because when she first got it handed to her she stayed entertained for 15 minutes. 15 Minutes!! That is gold to any parent. I sprayed it with vinegar (to kill bacteria). Then, washed it with soap and water. Sadly, after she played with it that first time, she had a rash around her mouth. Booo!So, I wrote to the seller and asked for explicit products, if any, were used (since it it only made of raw wood and rope). They wrote back immediately.This was the response AND it came with an authorization for a refund:"This is unfinished european wood specie – alder wood. It’s locally harvested. No chemicals and no wax used.Rope is pure cotton, unbleached.This toy doesn’t contain allergens.For proper handling try to rinse it every use when it’s not in use.You can quickly rinse it with bowling water to kill all dirt and bacteries (like pacifier)."THIS WORKED! I had no idea this would work but voila! it did! I boiled the water, added the toy. Let it boil for about 2 minutes and then, drained the water, took out the toy and rinsed it off. Let it dry and gave it to her under close supervision. Nothing happened! Whatever allergen was there was boiled out!Now my baby is as happy as a clam. Sometimes, I wet the toy first then put it in the freezer for her to teethe one. It helps!I wrote this to help other parents with sensitive children (*as allergies in the USA have risen by 600% in the last 20 years and doctors don’t know why). This is a great toy and would love for other parents to enjoy it too.The seller also offered this invaluable information to highly sensitive babies like mine: "P.S. Some wood species are allegric. For example, birch, maple and walnut has different strenght of allergy.Birch, maple has moderate allegric reaction. Pine and walnut has low reaction."Good luck with the baby’s teething!

Young Oak City, UT

Baby girl not interested!

Bought this for our teething 1 year old. She has no interest at all and never even put this in her mouth….

Ana Ingleside, MD

Baby loves these teethers!!!

My daughter is 5 months old and I have had these for roughly a month and she loves to gum these teethers. She also likes the light clacking sound they make when jingled above her head. One of her favorite teethers, a must have.

Deann Ullin, IL

beautifully made

beautifully crafted, with rounded edges which are safe for my baby’s mouth while allowing him to have fun training his grip!

Tamera Otisco, IN

LOVE, LOVE these

I gave these to my 4 month old who went crazy over these..I love the different shapes, the size and smoothness of these!I recommend these!

Valeria Mineral, CA


Our baby doesn’t seem to chew on any of the teething toys for very long. I was hoping he would like this one.

Marla Willow, OK

better than sophie

I am surprised at how much my daughter loves this toy. She even likes it (gasp!) more than sophie! She loves the rattling it makes, and she bites on it all the time. I just have to keep the dog away, because he seems to like it too!

Krystal Spinnerstown, PA

Baby got the teether stuck in her mouth

This is OK overall – the one I received doesn’t look quite as smooth and polished as the one in the picture. It looks like it was a rush job. The teether key with the hole in the end got stuck in my baby’s mouth as she was chewing on it – the bulbous end caught on her two little bottom teeth and against the roof of her mouth and she screamed and I had to help her get it unstuck by twisting it sideways to get it out. Scary!

Tonya Grasston, MN

Expensive- but useful.

My son seems to like these. They take a long time to receive though, as they are made in Latvia. But I prefer them to a plastic teether any day of the week.

Coleen Plymouth, NY

I like it a lot, but my son didn’t really use it a lot

My son is now 16 months, I got it for him at about 8 months or so. I like it a lot, since I like wooden toys and I thought it could help him when teething. But my son doesn’t really chew on anything but his hands when he’s teething so he didn’t use this much.

Minerva Robbins, IL

Gags my LO

I have several other wooded rattles/teethers and this is my least favorite. My LO constantly gags himself with them. I’d like this better if they were shorter or more round. They clean easy so maybe a little later they can be pretend keys??

Annette Hockley, TX