Barn Yard – 6 Piece Set

Barn Yard – 6 Piece Set

You wouldn’t expect a barnyard to be an especially restful place. It’s always a moo moo here, after all, as well as a moo moo there. But this charming six piece bedding set, with its whimsical portrayal of farm critters and gentle muted colors, should keep kids happy even as they get some much-needed shuteye. Included is a comforter, bumper, fitted sheet, dust ruffle, valance, and diaper stacker. The ensemble has a patchwork feel to it as an assortment of colors and patterns provide variety to kids and fit the existing décor of almost any child’s bedroom. The featured cows, horses, sheep, dogs, pigs, and ducks all look pleasant and vaguely quizzical. –Charlie Williams

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Great bedding

We love this bedding. Great quality and washes very nicely. I also like that it is VERY easy to find coordinating Jersey knit crib sheets. A yellow crib sheet with this set really looks nice & bright. My husband and I could not be happier.

Marci Fairfax, IA

My Sister Love this bedding set!

My Sister who is 7 months pregnant again with her second child has this bedding set for her son (11months old) with the green hamper… she loves it because its a unisex bed set (she is not going to find out the sex of the baby…which most people find out (pink or blue) we wanted something that can fit both boy or girl! over all we love this set and will use it for baby #2 crib!! over all the other crib sets some are too girly or more boy looking this is unisex!!! and its A GOOD SET!

Justina Harristown, IL

We LOVE our Barn Yard Nursery!

I registered for the barnyard items because they are cute, whimsical, and neutral, suitable for a boy or girl.I have received the crib set and it is wonderful. Additionally, I have received the pillows, the mobile, and the fleece blanket. All products are well-made, withstood washing, and are made of quality fabrics. I also like the variety of colors which make it match almost any carpet/paint color one might have going on in their home. The animals are cute and fun, and there is a variety of textures on the fabric such as quilting, waffle-weave, and fleece. Feels nice to the touch.If you like the looks of this, I would highly recommend it-this set is serving us well with our daughter and if our next baby is a boy, then our nursery is all decorated already.

Annmarie Universal City, CA

Excellent Bedding with awesome colors

We bought this bedding for our son prior to his arrival (06-07-2004). We thought our son would love the barnyard animals as they were so colorful. We also live on a farm so it fit our theme perfectly. Well the bedding has proven itself. Our son, Zachary, is now 2 1/2 months old and he loves it. He likes looking at the the animals and all the pretty colors. He loves the mobile also. We bought the bedding at Babies r Us and it was the cheapest place for the money and the number of items you get in the package. Jcpenneys was very high considering that you only got 3 or 4 pieces. If you like this bedding you need to buy at Babies r Us as it is the most reasonable place. Anyway my son loves this theme and I would suggest this theme to anyone interested in barnyards. It is so colorful and I just love those cute animals. My son just stares at the animals for hours. Thanks and I hope I have helped some of you parents out.

Toni Shawnee Mission, KS

Cute and great quality

This pattern is adorable for a boy or girl! The colors really catch a babies eye – our daughter loved to look at her bumper with all the animals and bright colors when she was a newborn. We’ve since had to remove the bumper because she’s 4 months but still loves her sheets, etc. Words of advice…we registered for this at babiesrus but purchased many items from Burlington Coat Factory which was much cheaper.

Gloria Glen Rock, PA

Great Gender Neutral Bedding Set

I don’t beleive anyone will dispute that the barnyard bedding set is just beautiful, and can be used for a boy or a girl.I absolutely fell in love with it at babies r us, and kept going back to it over and over again. I found one place online “”, which has a wider selection that babies ‘r us, and unless the price has changed since my purchase, had a much reasonable prices for all items in this collection.If you love this line, try dreamtime first.

Jo Pawnee City, NE