Basic Comfort Body Support Pillow Beige

Basic Comfort Body Support Pillow Beige

The Ultimate Comfort Body Pillow is a soft, supportive body-length pillow designed to comfort mom during and after pregnancy. The patented shape contours mom?s body to support her tummy, back and hips. Soft cotton cover is cool and breathable to keep mom comfortable. The patented zipper insert makes this a versatile body pillow for mom and baby. Roll into a pillow for baby?s tummy time, a toddler?s reading chair, or mom?s feeding pillow. Orginely by Basic Comfort

Main features

  • Provides back and tummy support for mom while keeping hips in a comfortable position
  • Unique, multi-purpose “hook” shape has removable, zippered support insert
  • Cradles baby when zipped, unzips for easy sitting
  • Wraps around mom providing back support and positions baby during breastfeeding

Verified reviews


comfortable, but…

Its pretty comfy, but it was a while before I could actually use it, the smell of chemicals where so strong when I first got it, I had to take off the cover and let it off-gas for at least 2 weeks before I felt comfortable sleeping with it. I also had to wash the cover a couple of times to get the smell off the cover, and it was a little difficult getting it back on. I don’t think I would actually use this as a cushion for my baby just because its so clear that its either full of formaldehyde or other some kind of flame retardant chemicals.

Luann Arthur, ND

My Wife Loves This Pillow Whether Pregnant Or Not!

I bought this brand of the “pregnancy pillow” because it seemed to allow the most flexibility in shape. My wife tells me that she would give this item 5 stars primarily because it is flexible, firm but soft. She has no complaints and sleeps better with this than without.ADDENDUM: It’s now been 7 weeks after my wife has given birth to our son, and my wife still prefers this pillow to our Tempurpedic $200 pillow! In fact, I actually have stolen it from her and find that it’s pretty comfortable for anybody, pregnant or not!

Rosetta Bethpage, TN

Overall good pillow for pregnancy

I like this pregnancy pillow better than any other I’ve seen or read reviews on. It has been great for me, and I recommend it.Pros:- Soft and comfortable- Good belly and back support; it works laying on either side even though it’s not symmetrical- Only takes up half of a queen size bed, whereas some other pregnancy pillows take up the entire bedCons:- I’m 5’7″ and if I were any taller, it would be too short for me. Would be nice if it came in two sizes.- The bottom loop/hook shaped part could stand to have more padding, for better support between knees, but it does the job.

Laurel Fort Riley, KS

At least the baby can use it…

It was nice at first. Not anymore. It is cumbersome, and makes me sweat. It is a pain in the butt to flip it over during the night, just if I want to roll over.We have a queen sized bed, and with me trying to snuggle the pillow, I take up half the bed! I am not a very large person (even with my growing belly).Some reviewers have said they had problems with the length because they are taller, I’m average height at 5’7 and I don’t have an issue. Typically you would be in the fetal position to use this thing comfortably, so I dont see how height could be an issue anyway.Frankly, I feel stupid for thinking I need a special pillow to sleep well. But this is my first pregnancy and I was trying to suck in all the perks I could. A special pillow sounded awesome! In hindsight a regular body pillow would work just as well, even better, it would be lighter, cooler, and pillowcases are not hard to find…well I think I just convinced myself to go buy one.The neat thing about this Body Support Pillow, is that your baby will be able to use it. So to make myself feel better about this purchase, I am now telling myself that I “bought it for the baby”.

Anita Oconomowoc, WI

Definitely Helps

Since early in my pregnancy, I had been sleeping hugging one pillow to rest my belly on with a second pillow in back of me to keep me from rolling onto my back in my sleep. When I hit week 30, this was not enough support.I just bought this pillow at a local store and used it for the first time last night. First impression: very comfortable. I set aside all of my normal pillows and used only this, similarly to the picture shown here, only I had the top part (that the woman is hugging) shorter, and a longer bottom part on which I rested my tummy. I am 5’5″ with a long torso. It fit me fine. When I turned over in the middle of the night, I just extricated my legs, turned over, and hugged the long part instead. Both directions worked for me, and I didn’t wake up on my back with dead legs! I give this product four stars because it really, truly gave me the support I needed to help me rest. It is very comfortable, support-wise, and it takes up far less room in the bed than my previous double-pillow arrangement.On the down side, I do have some complaints. The cover is 100% cotton, which sounds great, but it is extremely coarse and rough. I tossed an empty pillow case over the part I rested my head on, but I wish that I had the whole thing covered in a higher-quality, smoother, softer, gentler pillowcase. It chafed my thighs a bit. I also hate that the interior is 100% polyester. I can really tell. It made me sweat a lot. It’s not hot because it’s a big pillow, it’s hot because it’s polyester. Fortunately we’re heading into autumn, but I don’t think that I could use it if it were high summer. Of course, we don’t have air conditioning or anything, so we just suffer it out in the heat. If we had AC it might be okay. Just something to consider if you are thinking of buying this in the summer. Considering the low quality of materials that go into this pillow, I would have expected it to be less expensive.I thought about giving a three-star rating, but decided that I couldn’t rate the pillow that low if I wouldn’t be without it. It really did improve the quality of my comfort, rest, and sleep. I just wish it were made of higher-quality materials.

Elba La Porte City, IA

Can’t live without

I bought this while pregnant, and 19 months later still use it. During a really hot spell I had to put it aside or I’d sweat to death, and I FELT it. Very excited when the weather cooled and I could use it again. Only complaint is the zipper being exposed, but it’s never actually caused me pain, it’s just kind of annoying. SO GOOD.

Christian Garden City, MO